City Six: Week 3

After last year’s meeting with Temple, Bowling Green entered the game as 21 point favorites over the Owls. Bowling Green quarterback, Tyler Sheehan had a great game, throwing 351-yards passing and 4 touchdowns on 30-47 passing. Quarterback Adam DiMichele tried to keep Temple close for the whole game. He had a marvelous four touchdowns, rushing for one and no interceptions. Turnovers are what hurt the Owls this weekend.

After being tied 21-21 at halftime, the Owls fumbled twice, both being recovered by the Falcons for touchdowns. Another problem for the Owls seemed to be protection. Although DiMichele posted very good numbers, he was sacked six times. The Owls take their 0-4 record to Army next weekend.

La Salle took the field at home against the College of New Jersey. The Explorers expected a different outcome from this home game. The 28-yard field goal kicked by Matt Dalessio, with 42 seconds left, lifted New Jersey to a win and sent La Salle home with their third loss of the season. La Salle had trouble throughout trying to get the run game going. The College of New Jersey was outstanding in stopping the run, holding the Explorers to just 64 yards on 35 carries. La Salle looks to get their first win of the year when they face off against Geneva University next Saturday.

In the final game of the week, the University of Penn Quakers faced off against the Villanova Wildcats. Penn came out firing in the first quarter. They started out the game with a 14-7 lead and then Villanova woke up. After that first quarter, Villanova showed no mercy, wheeling off 27 unanswered points.

Villanova quarterback, Antwon Young threw four touchdowns and 241 yards in the Wildcats’ win over the Quakers. This wasn’t even Penn’s downfall though. The five interceptions thrown by Robert Irvin and two by Bryan Walker are what did the Quakers in on Saturday night. The 45 yards on the ground for the Quakers did not help out in opening up the passing game either.

Villanova takes their 3-1 record against James Madison on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. This should serve as a very good match-up, as one team will leave the weekend with a 3-2 record and the other with a 4-1 record. The University of Penn looks to get their first win of the season when they face off against Ivy League rival, Dartmouth University. Dartmouth also enters this game with a 0-2 record.

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Philly Fellows Involvement Fair

Campus Philly’s Kickoff will be taking place this Saturday on the Ben Franklin Parkway. While the free concert and museums attract many students to the event, these are not the only incentives to attend. The Philly Fellows Involvement Fair will be taking place at the Kickoff as well, providing a forum for students to check out Philly’s nonprofit sector.

Philly Fellows is a year-long service program intended for recent college graduates. Co-founded by Matt Joyce and Tim Ifill in 2004, the program recruits grads as Fellows, then matches them up to work with a local nonprofit agency. For the Fellows, the program provides housing, living and transportation stipends, health care, an education award and the opportunity to develop both leadership skills and a web of professional contacts.

Joyce says the year-long stint as a Philly Fellow provides recent grads with a “facilitated transition” from life as a college student to life as a working professional since being a Fellow provides “a network of connections and friends.”

Both Ifill and Joyce raved about working for a nonprofit. Ifill said nonprofit work gives students “a chance to connect with what’s happening in the community”; Joyce called volunteering “the best way to get to know a city” since, as a volunteer, you’ll be confronted with “real urban issues.”

Ifill called Philly’s nonprofit sector “tight-knit,” allowing workers to make a lot of connections and to do so relatively quickly. While nonprofit work won’t allow you to become filthy rich, Ifill notes that, in general, nonprofit workers have a strong tie to their work, since they’re working towards a goal rather than “just working for a paycheck” as is often the case in the for-profit sector.

Despite its many benefits, there are, of course, some drawbacks to nonprofit work. In this regard, Ifill notes the incremental nature of much of the work. “If you’re trying to make a change in society…you might not see the results of your work for years.” This, no doubt, is a source of frustration for nonprofit workers, yet overall both Joyce and Ifill insist that the work is incredibly rewarding.

The Philly Fellows Involvement Fair is a great way to familiarize yourself with nonprofit job opportunities. The Involvement Fair will be taking place at the Kickoff, with over 30 nonprofit agencies displaying informational booths on the Parkway. In general, the nonprofits of the Involvement Fair fall into three broad themes: those dealing with housing and homelessness, those dealing with animal rights and those dealing with issues regarding education.

Having so many nonprofits at the same place and same time is a great way for students to find “one that’s a perfect match for them” says Joyce. He also notes that since nonprofits may have constraints regarding time and resources, they may not be able to make the rounds at all the local colleges. In that respect, attending the Involvement Fair is particularly important, since you may or may not come in contact with these agencies later on in the school year.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a Philly Fellow or plan on simply pursuing a nonprofit career independently, attending the Involvement Fair is a must. Even if you’re not sure about what path you’re going to choose after graduation, taking a look at the booths of the Involvement Fair will broaden your options.

The Kickoff, as always, is going to be a fun time and the Involvement Fair is an easy, convenient way to take a step towards your future. Who knew you could attend a concert and network at the same time?

To learn more about the Philly Fellows, check them out online.

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Eagles vs. Lions

Eagles’ fans breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday after the team beat the Lions, with a final score of 56-21. The win at Lincoln Financial Field was the first of the season and the fans were restless.

Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and Kevin Curtis sure did eat their Wheaties that morning because everyone could see that they dominated the field. McNabb threw for 381 yards, was 21-for-26 and had 4 touchdowns. Curtis had 221 yards and 3 touchdowns. Westbrook had 110 rushing and 111 receiving, before leaving in the third quarter with injured ribs. The x-rays were later revealed as negative.

The Eagles were amazing in their first 5 possessions, scoring a touchdown on every single one and had a franchise-record with 42 points in the first half of the game. The game was the most points in a regular-season victory since 1953.

The Lions may have lost, but don’t forget players like quarterback, Jon Kitna and running back, Roy Williams. Kitna threw for a new franchise-record of 446 yards, was 29-for-46 with 2 touchdowns in the loss for the Lions.

Back-up quarterback and rookie, Kevin Kolb made his NFL debut in the fourth quarter while McNabb sat on the bench resting after his spectacular game. At one point, McNabb has thrown 18 consecutive passes.

Detroit came into the game with a better record over the Eagles; however, their first 3-0 start in 27 years was put on hold. The Eagles led the game, with a score of 35-7, before the first 19 minutes of the game.

Correll Buckhalter and Tony Hunt also each had 1-yard touchdown runs in the second half of the game, helping the Eagles secure an even bigger league.

Are the Eagles finally getting back into regular form for next week against the New York Giants? Hopefully, the first two games were just flukes and those hideous throwback uniforms gave them the stamina they need to finish out the rest of the season strong.

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Skinny Water

A Bala Cynwyd bottled-water company has signed a deal that will expand its presence in Target stores on the eastern corridor. Skinny Nutritional Corp., maker of Skinny Water, will be in 408 stores by Sept. 17, up from the 182 originally included in a Target deal signed in June. The expansion gets the water into Florida as well as parts of the Northeast.

As a result, the company said its sales are expected to range between $20 million and $30 million next year, its first full year on the market, said President and CEO Don McDonald.

“We’re not going into onesies and twosies. We’re skipping right over that [stage],” McDonald said of the projected growth.

Skinny Water, whose stock is traded over the counter (OTCBB: SKNY), does not even have a year’s worth of sales under its belt. For the fourth quarter, it expects sales of $1 million to $2 million.

Skinny Water, which is available in raspberry or lemon and is sold in 6-packs for $5.99, hopes to take advantage of America’s appetite for so-called enhanced waters, which are outpacing soda for growth in the nonalcoholic-beverage industry. Beverages like SoBe, Fuse, Propel and Vitaminwater are surging while the old standby sodas are going flat.

Glaceau’s Vitaminwater, the largest in the genre with sales projected at $700 million this year, was acquired by Coca-Cola Co. in May for $4.1 billion. Its products are endorsed by Donovan McNabb and other celebrities.

The industry has blossomed in recent years, as people look for drinks with perceived health benefits.

In this case, Skinny Water’s battle for shelf space is based on its claim that the water contains natural appetite suppressants, Super CitriMax and ChromeMate, active ingredients produced by InterHealth Nutraceuticals in Benicia, Calif.

Skinny Nutritional was founded last year by Michael Salaman, the company’s chairman and a former executive at National Media Corp., an infomercial-marketing company. Skinny Water had its roots as Jana Skinny Water, which bottled Croatian water distributed by Salaman and sold through GNC stores.

When McDonald got involved late last year, the company changed nearly everything, from the contents of the enhanced water to the bottling and distribution.

Going forward, Skinny Water’s projected growth would be achieved with a tiny staff, just five people. Nearly everything is outsourced.

The bottling is done in upstate Scotia, N.Y., by Adirondack Beverages Inc. Crates of bottled Skinny Water are stored in a leased warehouse in New Jersey.

Sales are handled by Geltech Sales LLC, a company led by James Airaghi, an executive associated with Bohemia, N.Y.-based Rexall Sundown Inc.

Skinny executives often don’t see the final product, since it’s picked up directly by Target and delivered directly to stores.

In addition to Target, the company recently closed a deal to sell Skinny Water through beer distributors in the Miller Beer network. The sales force is also meeting with grocers and drug stores in an effort to find more shelf space.

This article is reprinted with permission from the Philadelphia Business Journal. You can visit the PBJ online.

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When it comes to healthy and delicious food, it’s hard to beat a simple Mexican restaurant. That’s what we found at Qdoba, a national chain with two Center City outlets.

We’ve had our eye on the Qdoba at 19th & Chestnut sts. since its recent opening because of its fresh, clean look and crowds of local office workers (easily visible through the wide windows) happily munching what appeared to be a colorful & large lunch. We decided to try dinner in hopes of avoiding some of the crowds and after two pleasant visits, intend to add it to our list of “regular” spots.

What do we like about Qdoba? The portions are large, the ingredients are fresh, the cost is low and for our health-conscious friends, it’s veggie-friendly. Service is cafeteria-style (no tip required) and the kids behind the counter are friendly and helpful.

We tried the quesadilla (which comes with two kinds of cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and salsa) and on a night when we weren’t ravenously hungry, it was enough for two of us to share. On a recent cold night, we didn’t share the Mexican gumbo- but we probably should have! This enormous one bowl meal consists of a bed of rice topped with black or pinto beans, tortilla soup, salsa, sour cream and tortilla strips. The three cheese nachos are also a great buy for hungry eaters, especially if you get them with grilled vegetables. We enjoyed the squash, zucchini, roasted red peppers, garlic sauce & beans and found it made an attractive looking dish as well.

As we munched away, we became aware of the Mexican artwork on the walls, some of which are limited edition constructions and prints of reasonable quality. We also noticed the patron mix; young and (like us) not so young. Our only complaint was the lack of a hot beverage. Qdoba serves only iced tea or soft drinks.

Prices for most items are in the $4 to $5 range, but you can get a taco for only $1.69! Other items include burritos, salads and chips & dips. If you play it right, you can get freebie extras like chips & salsa (on visit #2!) or free meals after 10 visits—just ask the pleasant staff. The hours are terrific (11am to 10pm) seven days a week. Delivery is available.

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City Six: Week 2

After a disappointing game last Saturday against Buffalo, Temple looked to rebound against the Huskies in Connecticut. The Owls looked strong, stumping the Las Vegas odds makers, who had Temple marked as 28-point underdogs. The Huskies jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, after Donald Brown rushed for one of his two touchdowns on the day. The Owls bounced back, though, when Bruce Francis caught a 59-yard touchdown pass from Adam DiMichele in the second quarter. Donald Brown then struck for his second rushing touchdown, but the Huskies missed the 2 point conversion, so they lead by 5.

Late in the fourth, the Huskies had the ball at the Temple 32 facing 4th and 1. They went for it and the Owls defense held strong, giving them one last shot to win this game. The Owls drove down to the 12-yard line of the Huskies. Facing a 4th and 7, the Owls faced their last play of the game and maybe one of the most controversial calls of the season. DiMichele pitched the ball to Harper, who than pitched it to Dy’Onne Crudup (wide receiver), who heaved it back to DiMichele. The ball was tipped and headed towards the back of the end zone, when Bruce Francis came out of nowhere to grab the ball and stomped his left foot in bounds. The call on the field was incomplete, and was reviewed by a Big East official who confirmed the call.

In other Philadelphia football, the University of Penn lost their season opener. Lafayette’s kicker, Davis Rodriguez kicked the ball 27-yards to win the game 8-7 over the Quakers. Penn made a very odd call with 5:15 to play in the 4th quarter. Facing a 4th and 10 from their own one yard line, the Quakers took an intentional safety to make the game 7-5 and give Lafayette the ball. From there, they pounded Mike DiPaola (quarterback) and Maurice White (running back) down the field to make the field goal with eight seconds left on the clock. Penn will look to rebound next week against Philly rival, Villanova.

Villanova was the final of Philadelphia’s teams to play this week with a win over the Maine Black Bears in overtime. The Wildcats tied the game in the fourth quarter on a 67-yard pass from Antwon Young to Matt Dicken. Dicken scored the go ahead touchdown in overtime, with the defense holding strong, forcing a 4 and out to win the game. When looking at the stats, the game should not have been this close, as Villanova dominated this game, holding the Black Bears to just 66 passing yards and 252 total yards.

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NFL Drama

One week into the regular season has brought all sorts of drama that players, coaches and fans are caught in. Bill Belichick is caught in a sideline spying scandal; Kevin Everett’s life-threatening injury; and Jets fans booing Chad Pennington when he was injured at their home stadium.

Let’s start with Belichick. In case you have not heard, during the game against the New York Jets last week, Belichick’s video assistant, Matt Estrella, had his camera confiscated.

Estrella was caught on the sidelines filming the defensive signals by Jets coaches. He was identified by both NBC and ESPN in their reports after the game. He has been with the Patriots for four seasons and is in his third year as the full-time video assistant.

According to the Associated Press, Belichick was fined $500,000 (the largest fine that a coach has had to pay) and instructed to forfeit a Patriot top draft choice. Roger Goodell also docked the team $250,000 in fines. This is the first time that a first-round selection would be taken away as a consequence of a punishment.

Over in Buffalo, tragedy struck the Bills on opening Sunday in more than just a lost to the Denver Broncos. Two players slammed into each other at top speed, and one didn’t get up right away…or at all. The stadium fell silent as the realization Kevin Everett’s lack of movement became real and the players dropped on their knee.

Everett leaned with his head as he tried to make a tackle on a kick-off return; at the last second, he ducked his head in, resulting in a devastating spinal-cord injury.

The first day or so, doctors believed he would never walk again and that his life was in danger. The whole NFL community and fans held their breath; as days went on, Everett showed signs of movement. His odds now have improved and it is believed he will lead a normal life again, even though his days in pads and a helmet are surely over.

In New York last Sunday, when the Jets battled the Patriots, Chad Pennington jogged off the field due to an injury and back-up Kellen Clemens came out. That’s normal, right? Well, not what came next—cheers came pouring down through the stadium and no one could tell whom exactly it was for.

Most critics seem to believe that the fans were cheering that Pennington was leaving the field and he believed they were cheering as Clemens came on the field.

According to an article on, Pennington said, “I would hope that our team would support anyone that’s out there. They gave him a cheer and I’m glad that they did.”

Fans cheered loudly at the Meadowlands when Pennington limped off the field, hurting his leg. The cheers got louder as Clemens trotted onto the field. It surprised most because Pennington went 16-for-21 passes, had 167 yards and two touchdowns. The jeers should have been saved for Clemens, who got slammed by Tom Brady and the Patriots for the rest of the game.

One week into the season and already so much to take in. If this is any indication of what is to come for the NFL, we all better hold on tight because there is no sign of where this bumpy ride of scandals and injuries is going to take us.

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Sports Celebs Prepare to Dance

Since the hit of “Dancing With the Stars’” taking over the reality circuit, you find more and more famous celebrities joining in on the dance.

With Emmitt Smith and Apolo Anton Ohno winning in previous years, it has become more obvious that not only can athletes excel in their sport, but on the dance floor as well.

This season, returning on Sept. 24 on ABC, will include some unlikely sports figures and is sure to make the season one unforgettable time.

The cast of 12 celebrities includes Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, welterweight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Indianapolis 500 champion, Helio Castroneves. Other notable celebs are Melanie Brown, a.k.a. “Scary Spice”, Marie Osmond and Jennie Garth from “Beverly Hills 90210.”

As the show goes, each celebrity is paired up with a professional dancer. Throughout the season, they train and compete against the other couples each week. After the performances, another couple is eliminated weekly until the final show, when the last two compete for the mirror-ball trophy.

What confuses some though is how do these sports athletes find the time to compete in such a time-consuming show? The biggest confusion is why Mayweather would agree to do the show when he is months away from the biggest fight in his career.

On Dec. 8, he is scheduled to duke-it-out with Ricky Hatton and some look at his agreeing to dance, instead of train, as a blatant disrespect towards Hatton.

Only time will tell how this season goes as these athletes (and celebrities) try to follow Emmitt Smith and Apolo Anton Ohno to the championship. My guess is we all have to just watch this year’s season and watch the dancing unfold.

For more information on “Dancing with the Stars,” check out the official website.

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City Six: Week 1

Football season is in high gear and we want to keep you updated on the city’s teams. Tune into City Six each week for updates on your school’s football team.

The Temple Owls entered Saturday’s game against Buffalo as 3.5 point favorites. These two teams met last season and Temple lost it in overtime; the final score was 9-3.

Buffalo scored on the first play of the game on a 74-yard pass from Drew Willy to James Starks. Only minutes later, the Bulls struck again on a 40-yard interception returned for a touchdown by Mike Newton. Mario Henry then added on another touchdown with his 33-yard run.

From that point, the game looked out of reach. Although the Bulls’ are not a sound team defensively, 21 points is too much to make up for with Temple’s offense. Jason Harper put up the lonesome touchdown for the Owls in the second quarter, but other than that, the Owls couldn’t muster up any offense.

Temple finished the game with only 141 total yards and converted only 1 out of 12 third down conversions. This game was not what the Temple faithful expected. With how the Owls played last week against Navy, even if you weren’t expecting a win, you were expecting a game, not a route. Temple looks to rebound next week when they go to Connecticut to play the Huskies.

The La Salle Explorers also had similar troubles this weekend. One, they couldn’t stop anything on defense, and two, they couldn’t get anything on offense. When you put those two things together, it’s safe to say, you won’t come away with a win. Sacred Heart dominated this game, pulling off 501 total yards to La Salle’s 192. La Salle looks to rebound at home next week when they play the College of New Jersey.

Villanova got their first win of the year this weekend over Lehigh University. Villanova’s Antwon Young threw for 257 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Wildcats past Lehigh, 30-20. Villanova has been impressive in their two games thus far this year. Although they lost week one to Maryland, they only trailed by 3 points at halftime.

University of Penn gets set to kick off their season this Saturday against Lafayette University. Penn looks to be right in the mix this year for the Ivy League Title come November.

In other college football news, both Michigan and Notre Dame lost for the second week in a row. The remarkable thing about this statistic is that this is the first time in NCAA history that both Michigan and Notre Dame will start off their seasons 0-2.

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The Essential Dorm Food

On those cold and rainy days, the last thing you want to do is trek across campus to get food. For days like these, be prepared with the right foods to make simple meals in your dorm room.

Since most dormitories are equipped with microwave ovens, instant food packages would be a great buy from your local grocery store. A few good examples are instant oatmeal or instant rice, depending on the time of day.

If you make time in the morning for breakfast, cereal and fruit are a great start to your day. Having a cup of tea in the morning is easy to do from a dorm room and the caffeine can perk you up a little more for that early class. Don’t forget to stock your refrigerator with juices and milk for dining in your dorm. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of bottled water available. You’ll save money by buying in bulk instead of buying everyday on campus.

For healthy to-go foods, remember to get trail mix and individually packed snacks such as nutrition bars, yogurt and fruit. You can either grab some bananas from the dining hall and save them for later or buy fruit in little cans. However, if you are looking for fruit that can be stored, try to avoid any that is soaked in fattening corn syrup. Instead, search for the healthier option of fruit soaked in white grape juice.

For quick meals in your dorm between classes, look for Stouffer’s frozen food products. A few of the great selections include chicken breast with mashed potatoes and gravy sauce, as well as the traditional-style of macaroni and cheese. After putting them in a microwave, your simple meal is served! Another great food item for when the cold weather hits is canned soup. If your on a budget and don’t want to purchase a can opener, make sure to buy soup that you can pull open by using the tab on the top of the can. Don’t forget to serve those concession stand favorites when hosting movie nights in your room. Having popcorn around is a great way to meet everyone on your floor; they’ll all want to know where the smell is coming from and want a taste!

There are a variety of great foods that you can have in your dorm room for days when you just don’t want to venture outside. Even with the limitations of just a microwave and a refrigerator, the options for dining-in entrées and snacks are immense.

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