Flyers Go 2-1

The Flyers had a solid week, winning two of three games, including a win against the best team in the league. Danny Briere had a great week, scoring eight points in the three games.

On Wednesday, the Flyers visited the Carolina Hurricanes. This is the teams’ second match-up of the season. The Flyers won previously in overtime at home. During this game, the Flyers let up a first period power-play goal before the Flyers got on the board. MikeKnuble and Kimmo Timonen scored in the second period, giving the Flyers the lead after the second period. A flurry of goals came in the third. It was Danny Briere, who scored two for the Flyers. Seconds later, Eric Staal scored before Briere added another one. Carolina came right back with their third power-play goal of the game. The scoring stopped when Scott Hartnell added his second empty-net goal of the season. The final score was 6 to 3.

On Friday, the Flyers played their annual Black Friday afternoon game against the Washington Capitals. The Capitals took the lead, 3 to 0, and the game looked like it was all, but over. The Flyers stormed back with goals from Briere, Jeff Carter, and Mike Richards. Richards continued his point streak with his 12th of the year, a career high. The Flyers had chances late in the third period, but nothing happened. Causing the game to go into overtime. The Capitals ended it almost two minutes into the extra session, after the Flyers defenseman got caught in the offensive zone. The Capitals won, with a final score of 4 to 3.

In Ottawa on Saturday, the Flyers played the Senators, the best team in the league. Antero Nittymaki got his third start, obviously his biggest test. It was a back-and-forth game. Danny Briere added his fifth goal of the week. The Flyers held on for a huge 4 to 3 win. Antero Nittymaki played well, stopping 26 of 29 shots.

Danny Briere commented on Mike Richards’ performance after the game. According to the team’s website, “He is amazing. Every single night he is all out. It is all the little things he does on top of scoring. A lot of people are noticing him because he is scoring all these goals right now, but at the same time if you pay attention to his game there are a lot of little things that he does really, really well.”

Danny Briere hopes to continue his hot streak this week when the Flyers face the Boston Bruins, the Hurricanes and a match-up against the Pacific Division’s Dallas Stars.

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Sixers: Week 4

Unlike last week, the 76ers couldn’t pull it together this week for a win. The week started off on the road, with the Sixers playing the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night. The Wizards were on fire, leading all of the game; our hometown players, however, didn’t quite look like they were there to play basketball.

Before the game had even started, one of the players was on the bench. Forward Kyle Korver had to sit out, due to an injury, which kept him out of all three games this week. By the third quarter, the Sixers were down by 37 points and playing horribly. The team never appeared to be playing on the same level as the competition during the entire game.

In an article on ESPN’s website, Sixers forward, Andre Iguodala said, It’s like mass confusion out there on the court early in the game for a few minutes. And then they just jumped out on us. I think the whole game we were just never really on the same page. They just played basic basketball and we were just awful.

The final score of the game was Wizards 116, 76ers 101. Lou Williams was the point leader of the night for the 76ers, having finished the game with 25 points.

The next game was a bit better for the Sixers. On Friday night, they faced off against the Detroit Pistons in Detroit. The 76ers came close a few times, even having the lead for a bit. At the start of the second quarter, the Pistons made six shots, to take the lead for the rest of the game.

Andre Iguodala was the point leader for this game, scoring 17 points. Andre Miller, Willie Green and Reggie Evans also helped to keep the game close, each scoring in the double digits. The final score was Pistons 83, 76ers 78.

Saturday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors was intense. By the half, the 76ers had the lead and it looked as if they kept up the pace, they would finally have a win this week.

After the half, both the Warriors and the Sixers stepped up their game. The lead was constantly alternating between the two teams. In the fourth quarter, the game kept spectators on the edge of their seats. In the last seconds of the game, the score was tied 90 all and the 76ers had control of the ball. At the final buzzer, Andre Iguodala missed a three-pointer that could have led the Philadelphia team to a win for the week.

The game went into overtime for five minutes and it was fast paced, back and forth. The Sixers came close but couldn’t come away with a win. The final score was Warriors 100, 76ers 98.

Both of the Andres managed to score over 20 points each, with Andre Miller making 23 and Andre Iguodala scoring 26.

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76ers Week 3

Sunday night’s game against the Hornets was the start of a disappointing week for 76ers fans. The game might have been at home, but that didn’t give the Sixers the advantage that they had hoped for. The final score of the game was 93 to 72.

The normal top-scorer for the Sixers, Andre Iquodala, could only manage to finish the game with 17 points; Samuel Dalembert finished Sunday night’s game with 15 points and 10 rebounds. This was the first time this season that the Sixers lost by a score of double digits.

On Tuesday night, the 76ers traveled to the American Airlines Center in Dallas to face off against the Dallas Mavericks. During the first half, the home court advantage wasn’t helping the Mavericks; the Sixers led 50-43 over the home team. When half time was over, the Mavericks stepped up their game, scoring the first seven points made in the third quarter. Those seven points tied the game, giving the Mavericks the energy to make a comeback.

The Mavericks put a strong lead over the Sixers early in the fourth quarter, which they were unable to bounce back from, getting no more than 12 points behind the home team. Samuel Dalembert scored the most for the Sixers on Tuesday night, ending the game with 18 points. This also was a season-high for Dalembert. Willie Green stepped up his game Tuesday as well, also having a season-best of 16 points. Andre Iguodala scored 15, had 12 rebounds and eight assists to finish the game. The final score was 99 to 84.

Wednesday night’s game was also a disappointment for Philadelphia fans. The 76ers lost to the Hornets— again. The final score was Hornets 95, 76ers 76. Lead scorers in Wednesday’s game were Willie Green (20 points) and Andre Miller, who scored 17.

The 76ers appeared to be tired from the long week of losses that they were experiencing. They played a careless game, having 21 turnovers to the Hornets. The Hornets also lacked their usual luster on Wednesday night, having 16 turnovers themselves. The game looked close until the fourth, when the Hornets exploded, having a 9-0 run over the Sixers, leading the Hornets to a win.

Friday night’s game started off to look like it was going to turn into another loss for the 76ers. During the first half of the game, the Portland Trail Blazers were leading over the 76ers with a 25-point lead. At the end of the third quarter, the Trail Blazers still held a significant point lead over the 76ers.

Then came the fourth quarter and the 76ers exploded, scoring a total of 36 points (which is more points than they had from the first half). The Sixers were making basket after basket, making 25 of the 33 shots. This was the highest-shooting percentage in a half in the 76ers history. Louis Williams came alive, making all of his 19 points in the second half. Andre Miller also had an impressive game with 13 points. The leader on the Sixers was Andre Iguodala, making 22 points, seven assists and four rebounds. With a minute left in the game, Iguodala sunk a pair of free throws to bring the distance between the Trail Blazers to one point. Then, Iguodala scored a three-point jumper to bring the score to 91-88. A free throw brought the final score to 76ers 92, Trail Blazers 88.

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Declining a Job Offer

You finally have a job offer after months of sending out resumés, ironing your interview suit and laughing at potential employers’ jokes. Now you have one less thing to worry about and maybe you can even start paying off your student loans. You’ve achieved every recent grad’s dream! Congratulations! You should be feeling great! Right?

However, what if the company isn’t somewhere you actually want to work? What if you’re waiting to hear back from a place you really want to go to everyday? What if that place has actually offered you a job as well? If you have more than one job offer (if this is the case, consider yourself lucky), how do you turn one down without burning bridges? This is no doubt a sticky situation, but it has to be done gracefully and quickly if you want to make yourself happy in the long run (which should always be your ultimate goal).

First off, you cannot just ignore a job offer. Doing this is not only rude, time-consuming and costly for the employer, but your actions affect others who interviewed for the position. Think about another person who is in the same situation as you are (having to pay for an apartment, food, car insurance, maybe even a family), and may actually want to take the job. Not responding means that the company is short a person and the runner-up candidate is going deeper into debt.

According to John M. O’Connor, President of Career Pro of NC, Inc., a career services organization dealing with Executive Outplacement, Corporate Outplacement, Federal/Military Career Transition and Consulting, there are a number of ways you can decline an offer, but you must remember to do it in a classy and unique way. In his article for, he says, “Even if you feel a job offer is beneath you or somewhat of an insult you must take the high road and respond properly and positively. How you say no does matter in job search.”

This is because you never know who you might run into in the future. Even though you are turning down this offer, he or she may wind up being your boss in a place you do decide to work.

A decline letter can be faxed, emailed or sent by snail mail to the company. No matter which method you decide, this letter and any other relevant documents should be sent as soon as possible. You do not need to state specific reasons as to why you are declining in your letter. The employer does not need a dissertation on why you are turning them down (you don’t want to pay me enough, you’re employees are rude, etc.).

Whatever the reason, just make sure that your letter comes of as thankful and courteous. Let him or her know that you are honored that they considered you, but you feel as if you need to continue your job search. You can look at a number of samples of letters on the internet, including one on

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World AIDS Week Preview

World AIDS Awareness Week occurs annually, but this year, Arcadia University is taking it a step further. From Monday, November 26 through Friday, November 30, the University will be hosting the “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” campaign in the hopes of making people more conscious of HIV/AIDS issues and gaining support and understanding towards those living with HIV/AIDS.

The Student Activities Office, Wellness Services and students from Professor Alex Otieno’s class, The Sociology of AIDS and HIV, joined together to create a week’s worth of events geared towards achieving this goal. The main attraction will be three panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which will be on display in Grey Towers Castle. The Castle will be open every night from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for anyone wishing to see them.

“Students and people in general don’t really realize the impact that AIDS has on people all over the world, you don’t have to have AIDS to be affected by it, and by us having three panels on display we are making a statement,” says Lauren Trager from Student Activities.

She said, “We are saying that if you don’t know about AIDS or what can happen come to these events and get the information that we will have available and learn something new. You put a face to a name of a person that has died and you make more of a statement and awareness than by just reading a name on a website or hearing a statistic on the evening news.”

Along with the panels, there will be a different event each night that will help to educate individuals about HIV/AIDS.

A frequent Arcadia visitor, Elaine Pasqua will give a speech on “Living and Loving in a World with AIDS” in the Castle Mirror Room at 5 p.m. on Monday. Group activities will follow her speech.

On Wednesday, Robb Reichard, a 1986 Arcadia graduate and Executive Director of the Philadelphia AIDS Fund, will speak at 5 p.m. in the Mirror Room. Reichard works to educate communities about HIV/AIDS, the prevention of the disease and services in the Delaware Valley Region. The Philadelphia AIDS Fund, which hosts the annual AIDS Walk Philly, raises money to help increase public awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on local communities.

Join The Van Goes, an Upper Dublin high school band on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Chat Performance Area. The band, which is popular on the local scene, plays classic rock and mainly performs at Battle of the Bands.

Wear red to the concert and all day Thursday to show your support for the cause. A ground picture will be taken to commemorate the campaign.

The week winds down with a screening of the film, Philadelphia, starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, on Friday at 8 p.m. in the Chat Performance Area. Students and visitors will also have the opportunity to write a message on the Signature Square panel on Friday.

Throughout the week students will be outside the Chat Performance Area from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., handing out red ribbons and AIDS-related literature. There will also be items on sale, including large chocolate pretzels. All proceeds will benefit the Philadelphia AIDS Fund.

The coordinators hope to reach a number of groups through their programs. “I feel that we are trying to reach Arcadia students of course, but also students in middle and high schools in the surrounding areas of Glenside,” says Trager. She went on to say, “The more information given to students of all ages, the more aware they will be of AIDS and the epidemic around the world and in the United States.”

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Flyers Come Home

On Saturday, the Flyers returned home from their eight-game road trip. They are in the midst of seven straight games against the Atlantic Division.

They began a four game home-stand with a visit from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Flyers wasted no time getting on the board early, as Kimmo Timonen scored his first goal as a Flyer. Midway through the first, Mike Knuble made it a 2-to-0 game. Joffrey Lupul scored a power-play goal in the second, before the Penguins finally got on the score sheet. The Penguins made it a game by scoring with one second left in the second period. It was 3-to-2 after two periods. The Flyers finished them off, as Danny Briere made it a 4-to-2 game. Scott Hartnell added his first goal as a Flyer, when he scored an empty-net goal in the last minute of the third. Kimmo Timonen ended up with four points on the night, while Danny Briere and Mike Richards added three points each.

On Monday, the Flyers hosted the New York Islanders for the second time this season. The Flyers and the Islanders traded goals the whole game. Scottie Upshall struck first with his second of the season. Former Flyer Mike Sillinger scored in the second to tie it up. Upshall then added his second of the game, before the Islanders tied it up again late in the second. Mike Richards scored another short-handed goal that ended up being the game winner. It was his tenth goal of the season and third short-handed. The final score was 3-to-2.

On Thursday, the Rangers came to the Wachovia Center for a big test for the Flyers. Jim Dowd got the team off to a quick start, with his second goal of the season. The Rangers got the next two before Danny Briere tied it up with a power-play goal in the second. The Rangers took back the lead in the third. Rookie Denis Tolpeko tied the game with his first career goal. He was just recalled from the Phantoms.

According to the team’s website, Coach John Stevens said about Tolpeko, “We thought we needed a little jump there in the third period. We put him out there several times and he was moving his feet with the puck, challenging with his speed and he was getting in on his fore-check. It seemed like it was justice that he was rewarded with a goal. He was a very good player tonight.”

The game ended in a shoot-out as the Rangers scored the only goal and won the game, 4-to-3. This was the Flyers’ first home loss of the season.

On Saturday, the Flyers hosted the New Jersey Devils. This was the third match-up of the season. The Flyers were out of it from the start, as the Devils got off to a 3-to-0 lead before Mike Richards scored his eleventh of the season. Scottie Upshall scored his third in a week after the Devils scored again. Upshall’s goal made the score 4-to-2.

The Devils added two more and won 6-to-2. This was the 500th win for Devil goalie, Martin Brodeur. Flyers goalie, Martin Biron was pulled again for the second time this season against the Devils.

The Flyers head to Carolina on Wednesday before their annual Black Friday game against the Washington Capitals.

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Nutter’s call on crime Employers must hire ex-offenders, he says

On his first day as mayor-elect, Michael Nutter called on the business community to hire ex-offenders as a way to break the cycle of violence that plagues Philadelphia.

“All of us — the private sector and the public sector — we have to change our mindset toward ex-offenders returning to society,” he said during an exclusive interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal.

While a bank may not want to hire a felon to be a teller, he said there are jobs that have little to do with direct handling of finances that ex-offenders can qualify for, depending on their crimes. He cited maintenance, landscaping and food service as examples. As he spoke amid the disarray of a sparsely populated campaign headquarters Wednesday morning, after having had only an hour of sleep, police officers were gathering for the funeral of Philadelphia Police Officer Chuck Cassidy.

John Lewis, 21, who this week publicly confessed to killing Cassidy on Oct. 31, shares the profile of many of the city’s violent criminals, Nutter said.

They are poorly educated and have a laundry list of crimes behind them. Businesses, and the city as an employer, must act to help break the deadly cycle that creates a revolving door from prison, to the street, and back to the prison by providing employment opportunities, he said.

In assuming the reins as mayor Jan. 7, Nutter would seek to develop a matrix for matching ex-offenders with the types of jobs they could be eligible for upon release, based on their offense and sentence. A new program would begin working with prisoners about six months prior to their release. Whether an ex-offender lands a job within the first two months of leaving prison has a large impact on whether another crime is committed by the individual, Nutter said.

“The one thing that can break that cycle is work,” Nutter said.

In keeping with his goal, Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved Nutter’s Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program Nov. 1. The bill, sponsored by City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr., gives companies that hire ex-offenders a $10,000 per-job credit against the city’s business privilege taxes for three years in exchange for their providing tuition assistance.

“It is in your best interest that we solve this problem,” he later told a group of business leaders assembled at a breakfast event held by the government watchdog group Committee of 70. “We’re either going to redeem people with a second chance or we’re going to condemn people to a life of crime,” said Nutter, who won the election by a four-to-one margin.

While he praised the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce for increasing the number of summer interns hired by businesses from 440 in 2006 to more than 1,000 this year, he said that number needed to keep doubling each year for some time to come.

In his first public speech following the election win, Nutter also called upon businesses to lend their rising stars and leaders temporarily to the city to help improve operations. Such leaders’ expertise could be invaluable in mapping out new procedures to enhance city operations, Nutter said.

“There is a shared responsibility,” he told the group of 400. “There is a sense of partnership that is required in order to get things done.”

In the interview, he touched on his plans for a total overhaul of the city’s Licensing and Inspection department, changes to the Commerce Department and the roll out of technology to help make agencies and departments more accountable. L&I, he said, was in need of an “implosion.”

Tackling business taxes will also be at the forefront, said Nutter, who plans to introduce a schedule for eliminating the gross receipts portion of the city’s business privilege tax in his first year in office. The goal will be to eliminate the tax over the next five to seven years, as well as chip away at the net income tax, he said. But, how deep the cuts will be remains to be seen, Nutter said. Upon entering office, he faces contract negotiations with the city’s four major unions, skyrocketing health care costs and a severely underfunded pension fund, among other issues.

But he did pledge Wednesday to begin business tax cuts in his first budget as a way to send a message that his administration is committed to cuts.

The mayor-elect expressed optimism that the city could both stem the loss of population it has seen in recent decades, as well as the loss of jobs as employers have sought to expand operations in the region’s suburbs.

He called on people to see Philadelphia’s assets and said he would be personally involved in attracting businesses to the city.

Bernard Dagenais contributed to this report.

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Philadelphia 76ers: Week 2

Wednesday was a good day for the 76ers, thanks to their outstanding win against the Charlotte Bobcats. From the start of the game, the Sixers knew that they had the game in the bag. At the end of the first quarter, the Bobcats were down by nine and by the end of the third quarter, the Sixers were up by a 25-point lead.

The 76ers’ stand-out players on Wednesday’s game were Andre Iquodala (19 points), Willie Green (14 points) and Samuel Dalembert, who scored 13 points, adding to the 94-63 win against the Bobcats.

The high from the win on Wednesday carried over into the game that the Sixers played Saturday night against the Toronto Raptors. The 76ers played a good game against the Raptors, only losing the game by two points (Raptors 105, 76ers 103). The Sixers players were on fire in the second half, scoring most of their points in the fourth quarter.

Lou Williams and Andre Iquodala were the top point makers in the game on Saturday. Williams scored 21 points (19 of those in the fourth quarter), while Iquodala was on top for another game with 26 points, eight rebounds and seven assists. In the last 1.8 seconds of the game, Iquodala tried to make a basket to tie the game, but was shut-out by Bosh, helping the Raptors defeat the 76ers.

Let’s hope that next week, the Sixers step up and win their games against the New Orleans Hornets (on Sunday and Wednesday), Dallas Mavericks (on Tuesday) , and the Portland Trail Blazers (on Friday).

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After Work Events

While you may already be overwhelmed with even the thought of a 9-to-5, the sad truth is that most employers and colleagues expect you to contribute even more than just office time. Meetings, sales calls, and paper work are definitely part of almost every job, but so are after-work get togethers, the company’s sports teams, and the staff Christmas party. These kinds of encounters can get tricky, mixing business with pleasure. Bosses can look at these out-of-office relations as a way to build camaraderie and take notice of the employees that choose to participate.

The trick is being able to have fun while maintaining a “strictly-business” relationship with your colleagues. According to online surveys done by and, a majority of people have committed “workplace taboos” and feel as if their work environment has become more like NBC’s “The Office” than an actual serious place of business. Employees report that they and/or their colleagues are regularly kissing co-workers, spreading rumors about fellow employees, stealing from the office, falling asleep on the job and snooping around the office after hours.

These acts blur the lines between co-worker and friend; it is important that you attempt to keep that separation intact. It’s not a bad thing to hang out with the people that you work with, but it definitely becomes very difficult. When you party with your co-workers outside of the break room, situations occur that could easily get back to your boss and cause you to be the topic of chatter around the water cooler. When going out with colleagues, keep a few tips in mind.

Remember that it is still a work event, which means that you should wear something work appropriate. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear Manolo Blahnik’s and a Versace suit to the weekly bowling match, but you should make sure that your favorite halter and cut-offs are left at home. This isn’t the time to be accentuating body parts as if you were on a date. Just because the setting has changed slightly, doesn’t mean that your appearance should.

Feel free to get a little personal. You don’t have to be uptight, but you shouldn’t act as if you are out on the town with your college friends. Even though you shouldn’t let all your skeletons out of the closet, it is okay to take the conversation to a personal level. Learn more about your colleagues than just where they went to college and what they think about the new project your company is working on. Though you are with people from the office, you don’t have to treat the night as if it were a business meeting. There are, however, some topics you should avoid. These include your views on politics, religion and things like the tragic death of your hamster.

Many people have fantastic tales about how they met their best friend or spouse at their job, but you have to always keep in mind, “What if it doesn’t work out?” Don’t go into a new job looking to find your new shopping buddy. Keep your wits about you, because everyone has an angle. The receptionist, who seems like the sweetest woman in the world, could just as easily be waiting for you to slip up so she can swoop in and take your job.

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Personality Tests

More and more employers in every industry, from customer service to financial advising, are turning to personality assessments to help them decide which applicants deserve to be hired. Previously, many individuals turned to personality tests like Myers-Briggsto help them decide what type of career path they should take. Employers have taken matters into their own hands and made the job search even more competitive by adding another element that will help them sort through candidates.

After reading over dozens of resumés, cover letters and salary requirements, the ones left standing may or may not be brought in for an interview. Some employers contact these individuals and have them fill out an online test. This is the case for many customer service and retail positions. According to the Washington Post , Ruby Tuesdays, Target and Neiman Marcus are just a few of the companies out of the almost 30 percent who use personality tests in the hiring process. Employers state that they do this in order to help them find someone that they will get along with and won’t have to fire.

The work force has moved towards hiring people who have more than just great administrative skills and experience. They want people who will work well with their already-existing staff. Employers are looking to form a team that will be successful and productive. They want people who won’t steal from their company and who are going to be reliable when it comes to doing their work. They don’t want to spend the money on hiring someone and training them to only have to fire them because they don’t know how to “play nice.” Employers waste money when there is a quick turn-over rate for a position and they are forced to spend both time and resources, looking over resumés, conducting interviews and training someone else.

Some people feel that these aptitude tests are lacking in their ability to actually determine an individual’s future performance and are not reviewed heavily enough by experts and professionals in the industry.

Personality assessments don’t have to be nerve-racking. You just have to be prepared for them. According to , officially 40 percent of all companies use some sort of psychological test. Don’t be discouraged by them. Ultimately, if you pass them, you’re probably in a job that is a better fit for you in the long run.

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