Fashion & Social Scenes Turn Green

Want to know the newest color of the season? GREEN! Not the color green, but the highly contagious, super popular, environmental epidemic GREEN! Look out guys and gals because the worlds of fashion and pop culture are becoming more and more eco-friendly everyday all in the hopes to save our Mother Earth. Today, Going green is not only the RIGHT thing to do, it is the IN thing to do! Now, everyone has gone green from the person that sits next to you in class, to the ridiculously famous celeb, all the way to the high-end couture fashion designer. Awareness of environmental issues has made a definite increase over the years in both the social and fashion scenes.

Recently, a large number of celebrities have been becoming Green with Generosity! Celebrities, everywhere, are now stepping up and becoming some of the biggest promoters and endorsers of the pandemonium that we all know simply as “Going Green.” Such celebs as mogul and fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons and actress Charlize Theron are both doing their part to help protect our planet by opting to use only EcoLimos or hybrid vehicles when they are being chauffeured around or present at red carpet events. Other actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz are both fully committed to eco-friendly causes that support saving trees and the ecological footprint. Actor Brad Pitt is also no stranger to the eco-scene because he is an active member of the organization Global Green USA.

But celebrities are not the only ones who are contributing to the cause, there are also the hottest names in fashion that have been using their fashion sense for good and creating garments that are not only just chic, but eco-chic. Spotted in recent runway shows of fashion designers such as Versace, Marc Jacob, Diane von Furstenburg and Heatherette are one-of-a-kind ensembles that are made up entirely of natural materials. Well-known British fashion designer, Stella McCartney, has also been one of the names to be highly-recognized for being environmentally-conscious and also for having done an entire collection of organic pieces.

Stella McCartney has received raved reviews (and a big number of sales) for her organic resort line sold exclusively at Barney’s retail department store. McCartney’s collection is not just organic, but it is also created from sustainable fabrics. She uses trims and recycled fabrics that are remnants of previous collections as well as a low impact process to dye the clothing. In order to complete her collection, McCartney had to invent new designs and add extra expenses to it. Her collection consists of the latest styles in fashion such as oversized belted coats, wide-leg trousers, ultra-feminine burlap sack and jersey dresses, long knit sweaters, and tunics all featuring McCartney’s world famous signature styles and silhouettes. McCartney’s collection starts off at around $500.

As you can see, everyone is doing their part, in one form or another, to help rescue our planet from destruction. Earth is our home and it is paramount that we all do what we can to conserve it for the generations to come. Although we as college students can not afford to buy eco-chic garments from Stella McCartney or drive around in the newest hybrid vehicles, we can help by doing something as small as spreading awareness or joining an organization. Today, our planet needs us and quite frankly, we can not afford to pay the consequences of letting it down.

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Macy’s 150th Birthday

Talk about a birthday extravaganza! Macy’s, the famous retail department store, is celebrating its 150th birthday on October 28th. Throughout the entire month, this historical and cultural icon has lined-up a number of memorable events to help commemorate this momentous occasion. Amongst these events are a national signature fashion show, a charity benefit, a grand opening, and a super customer appreciation shopping event. By the end of this month, everyone, if you have or haven’t already, will experience the true magic of Macy’s.

For those who have not yet grasped the greatness and the tremendousness of this extraordinary affair, I will help you by drawing you a small picture of Macy’s accomplishments over the years. Macy’s Inc. has grown from a local dry goods store in New York, to one of the most noted places to experience real shopping in America. It has been known for putting on legendary events such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Macy has also been branded for 150 years for its unparallel delivery of fantastic fashions, inexpensive opulence, and awesome customer service. Macy’s acquires over 800 locations in 45 states, including the District of Columbia, Guam, and the island of Puerto Rico. Macy’s Inc. operates from four regional based retail divisions and conducts their own web super-store on the internet (

For its 150th birthday, Macy’s has pulled off the biggest month-long birthday bash ever! Fashion shows and charity events were incredible, but they might not have been that big of a blow-out without the presence of big names in film, fashion, and entertainment. Stars from mostly every hit reality and television show on the NBC network were there to participate in Macy’s Celebrity Catwalk Challenge during the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show, which was viewed on NBC. Celebs like Bob Harber form “The Biggest Loser,” Nancy O’Dell from “Access Hollywood,” Jerry Springer from “America’s Got Talent,” and Jack Coleman from “Heroes” all join together to be trained as models and strut their stuff down the runway decked out in all of the fashions sold at Macy’s. There were performances by talented girl group, The Pussycat Dolls, R&B singer, Ne-Yo, and the rock group, Fall Out Boy.

Last weekend, Macy’s turned the show into a high definition cinematic experience, calling it “Macy’s Passport: Fashion Cinema.” It was viewed in over 27 major cities across the United States and a special screening was held with a pre-show reception that which all of the proceeds were donated to local HIV/AIDS organizations. The event rose over $1.45 million to help fight the fatal illness. All of Hollywood’s elite were there to eat, dance, intermingle, and donate the big bucks for the cause.

Also capping off this past weekend, were two more grand fiestas thrown by Macy’s in New Orleans to celebrate the grand opening of their two new stores with Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse hosting the events. Celebrities partied the night away at Macy’s Lakeside Shopping Center and Macy’s at The Esplanade. There was also a cocktail gala with a VIP reception that included a special meet-and-greet with Macy’s star-studded family such as designers Tommy Hilfiger, Russell Simmons, Steve Madden, Clinton Kelly, and more. The customer appreciation shopping event also kicked off during the weekend and provided Macy’s loving customers with fun festivities, special appearances by local celebrities, special savings discounts, and gift card giveaways. On the official birthday of Macy’s, which lands on October 28th, the biggest and most memorable extravaganza will occur in Manhattan, New York! Gotham Hall is the place where party-goers will come to celebrate the Macy’s Herald Square flagship store in a true New York-style fashion. There will be live entertainment, tasty gourmet dishes, as well as an exceptional finish to mark this historical occasion.

Macy’s is the only retail department store in the entire world that could pull off a birthday bash this enormous! With its historical backing, strong social standing and huge customer following, Macy’s has proven why they have survived over a decade and a half. Only a celebration this big would be suitable enough to satisfy this American icon. Happy Birthday, Macy’s!! And we look forward to see you last for another 150 years!

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Zenkaikon 2008

Menkalinan 2008 offered a time to gather and celebrate the world of annime. For many outside of the annime world, annime is considered something that is unusual and peculiar. From my personal experience, it is something that if you walk in with an open mind, the sky is the limit and soon you will find the peculiar interest to clearly be excitement to learn something new.

Zenkaikon 2008 returned to the Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel celebrating its third annual convention on Oct.17-18. The local Pennsylvania convention takes an in depth appearance at Japanese annime culture, comics and gaming. Programs throughout the convention enabled goers to enjoy the outlooks of annime providing a wide variety of panels, costumes, galas, dances, karaoke and so much more!

Zenkaikon is so different from other annime groups. Every individual involved in providing a feature to this group is completely volunteer work. Although Zenkaikon is ranged as a smaller annime group in the country, the passion in each worker and participant at the convention was very open, welcome and whole-hearted. It is clear that everyone enjoyed being a part of this organization.

This two-day convention was packed with activities. Almost too much to handle. There was definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Offering fun entertainment, contests and workshops there was no excuse to even leave the convention.

Zenkaikon offered workshops for all levels on annime. Whether you are new to the annime or an expert, there was something appealing to every audience. The one aspect that stood out was the friendship and community built throughout the hotel. Everyone welcomed each other in without any certain defiant groups. Zenkaikon was a time to gather and share your love for annime while making friends along the way.

Thanks to the Delaware Anime Society and many more contributors, it is clear to say that the 2008 Zenkaikon Annime Convention was a success. The convention was full of hundreds of attendees, so much that it is said a new location may need to be found for the upcoming 2009 convention. Zenkaikon is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the world of annime.

Zenkaikon will surely grace the Philadelphia region in the years to come!

To learn more about Zenkaikon visit

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World Series Game 4

After a long and exciting Game 3, the Phillies looked to put a stranglehold on the series and move to within a win of the first championship title for the city of Philadelphia in 25 years.

Joe Blanton got the call for Game 4. Blanton started the clinching game of the NLDS and also went in Game 4 of the NLCS.

The Phillies loaded the bases in the first but only managed to plate one run on a Pat Burrell walk as the offense continued to struggle with runners in scoring position. Pedro Feliz came through in the third inning when he was able to bring home Chase Utley with a base hit.

One of only two mistakes by Joe Blanton came in the fourth inning when he gave up a solo homerun to Carl Crawford to cut the lead to one, but Blanton would redeem himself later.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Phils put the first two runners on base before Utley struck out. Ryan Howard came to the plate and the crowd went ballistic when he crushed the ball to left field for a three-run homer to put the Phils up 5-1.

In the top of the fifth, Blanton gave up a homerun to centerfield that made it a 5-2 game. Eric Hinske was the man at the plate as he crushed the ball to the deepest part of the park in his first at-bat of the World Series after being added to the roster in place of Cliff Floyd prior to the game.

The bottom of the fifth was the time for Blanton to redeem himself. Coming over from the American League in a mid-season trade, Blanton had recorded just one hit in 16 at bats with the Phillies during the regular season. But that statistic proved worthless as he crushed a solo homerun to left field for a 6-2 lead. This seemed to signal that things were going the Phillies’ way.

Joe Blanton’s night was over after allowing a leadoff hit in the seventh inning but Chad Durbin, Scott Eyre and Ryan Madson halted the threat by the Rays offense.

The eighth inning for the Fightins was the end to it all. Werth hit a two-run homer for an 8-2 lead. Two batters later, Ryan Howard came up and absolutely crushed a Trevor Miller pitch to left field for a 10-2 lead. The two-run bomb was Howard’s second of the night.

J.C. Romero finished off the blowout and moved the Phillies to within one game of the World Series trophy. Cole Hamels will be on the mound against Scott Kazmir for Game 5.

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Interview with Gwen Stacy

Everyone in Philly knows South Street as store after tattoo parlor after thrift shop after restaurant of never ending entertainment and lights. There’s always the guarantee that there will be noise, there will be food and there will be traffic—no matter what!

Our beloved South Street didn’t let up its insane personality, not even for a second as Campus Philly chatted outside the TLA with melodic hardcore band Gwen Stacy after their successful opening performance for Unearth and Protest the Hero.

It didn’t seem to faze bassist Brent Schindler, drummer T.J. Sego and guitarist Chris Suter as they discussed the origin of the band name, their new record, touring, their faith and why Philly is better than New York City.

Campus Philly: How did you guys feel about the show tonight?

Brent Schindler: I thought it was awesome. For being on tour with Unearth and a bunch of metal, really heavy bands, that really isn’t our genre, I thought it was awesome. Our fans came out and supported. I saw a lot people singing along and dancing.

CP: How did you get on this bill?

BS: I really don’t know. I think Unearth had something to do with it. Our management had a lot to do with it [also]. There’s a lot of history between the dudes in Unearth and our management.

CP: You guys are from Indianapolis, Indiana. What’s the music scene like out there? Do you guys represent it pretty well?

BS: No, actually. It’s kind of a big punk/hardcore scene right now. There‘s definitely some metalcore bands, some straight up metal bands and some melodic bands. It’s pretty versatile from what I’ve seen from when we’re home, which isn’t much. But it’s a pretty punk and hardcore scene. But people are into a lot of stuff.

CP: So you guys tour a lot then?

BS: Yeah, we toured from Jan. 10 to June 13 at the beginning of this year. Then we had some time off in July. We toured in August. And we had most of September off, but we were writing. Then we’re doing this all month [October]. Then we’re gonna finish writing, learn the rest of the record in November. We’re going out with Stick to Your Guns and My Children, My Bride in December. And a headlining tour in January. Then to the studio.

CP: Your current CD out is…?

BS: The Life I Know came out Feb. 5.

CP: You were talking about going into the studio for your next album. Do you have a title for that?

BS: We have a working title. But I’m not going to tell you what it is. I think we’re going into the studio late February early March and hopefully the record will be out early summer.

CP: What are some of the reoccurring themes you find popping up on your album?

BS: Well, the main reason that we titled it the The Life I Know, [is] basically [because] it was about the last year in the life of Gwen Stacy. There’s stuff on there about trials and stressful things we had to go through with old members; our faith, because we are a Christian band. It’s basically just time in the life of Gwen Stacy. So we thought that was a pretty appropriate title. It was actually a lyric. One day we were practicing and we [said] we should just call this “the life I know”. It’s kind of cliché, but whatever. It fit what we were doing. With all the ups and downs and the different things we do on our record, we thought it fit really well.

CP: So you had other band members?

BS: Since our start in December of 2004, we’ve been through three guitar players, two singers and we’re actually on our third singer who was a guitar player. It’s really confusing. We’re going for the whole Zao thing; the whole twenty members in ten years thing. Actually, Chris here is an original member. He was our original singer, back in 2004. He was in the band for 6 months. He left to go to school. He graduated college and now he’s back in the band playing guitar.

Chris Suter: This is my sixth show, that’s why I‘m not saying too much. I really don’t know what’s going on.

CP: What did you go to school for?

CS: Sociology and religious studies.

BS: So we have three original members again, so it’s cool.

CP: And they are?

BS: Me, T.J. the drummer and Chris. But Patrick our other guitar player, we kinda consider him an original member, because when Chris left [Patrick] joined the band. Because Chris used to play the guitar and sing that’s when we got our old singer and Patrick. We were a band for six months before he joined. So Patrick’s an original member, too. Our singer is the youngest member in the band if you’re talking about time spent in the band; but he’s awesome and we love him. So much!

CP: So explain the name to me? What does it mean?

BS: Gwen Stacy was actually Spiderman’s first girlfriend in the Adventures of the Amazing Spiderman; it’s from the Spiderman comics. We were actually sitting around in Bartonsville, Indiana, where we originated, and we were thinking about comic book names and Gwen Stacy sounded way cooler than Professor X. We thought it was a cool name, but kind of unknown. [And] we found out a year and a half, two years, in the band that she is kind of well known.

CS: The comic book dudes know what’s going on with Gwen Stacy.

BS: We had the name before the movie came out. Two years before. HEY! There’s our drummer.

T.J. Sego: Wooo!

CS: We’re already taking care of it.

TS: Oh, good.

BS: Jump in here dawg.

CP: You’re just in time for the influences question. Who are your music influences?

TS: Poison the Well.

BS: I listed this off yesterday. Well, not yesterday, a couple days ago. I would say: Poison the Well, Beloved, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot and Thrice. Those would be the top five influences of this band. Just wait ‘til the next album. You’ll hear the Slipknot.

CP: So are you guys enjoying the tour so far. What day is this, day two? I’m always catching bands on day two! That’s no fun. No cool stories?

BS: Well, there are some cool stories. We toured with Whitechapel in May. So we got to the venue yesterday and we didn’t know anybody besides them and they didn’t know anybody besides us. So we like huddled together like “Hey dudes, we know you. We’re friends.” The Unearth guys that we’ve talked to have been really nice.

TS: I met some of the dudes in Protest the Hero today; they’re awesome. That was really cool.

BS: But it’s going really good so far. Especially for it not being our crowd or genre.

CP: So what do you consider your genre then?

BS: Like melodic hardcore. I mean we have breakdowns, we scream a lot but we sing some too. Bands like Poison the Well. They’re a melodic post hardcore band; Life in Your Way and Beloved.

CP: Did you guys get a chance to hang out in Philly yet?

BS: Yeah, a little bit. Chris and I ate at that vegetarian place down the way.

CS: We went to get a che
ese steak and they only take cash!

BS: There’s ATMs all over the place.

TS: Mayo’s has awesome falafel. If you’re vegetarian or vegan go there.

BS: Which he is.

TS: I am vegan.

CP: Your Favorite place on this strip [South Street]?

BS: I’d probably have to say the Fillmore at the TLA because I really don’t know much more about this strip. Although we did go to Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo today. Our friend, who’s on tour with us, is a tattoo artist, and he was freaking out about it. I guess [Eddie’s] is really famous. He got a tattoo there. It was like this tiny heart on his leg. It was like 50 bucks. This is the second time we’ve played here.

TS: Boyz II Men are from here.

BS: Motown Philly!

TS: *singing* We’re back again….doing a little east coast swang!

CS: Philly is awesome. My friends [and I] were here on spring break last year for three days and it was just awesome. We went here and New York and I love Philly way more than I like New York.

CP: Why? Please tell me.

CS: New York is just insane. I’m a small town [boy], small city boy, and this is overwhelming but not as…New York is just crazy.

BS: Will Smiths from here too. DUH!

You can catch Gwen Stacy on tour now through the end of October with Unearth, Protest the Hero, The Acacia Strain and Whitechapel.

The Life I Know is out now on Ferret Records.

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Campus Philly Leadership Announcement

On Oct. 23, Mayor Michael Nutter, Drexel University’s President Constantine Papadakis and Tara L. Weiner, Deloitte’s LLP managing partner for the Greater Philadelphia region were announced as honorary chairs of Campus Philly’s board of directors.

“On behalf of the city, we are extremely proud to be a part of this program,” Mayor Michael Nutter said. “It is a source of inspiration to look at younger students thinking about their future and all we can do to inspire young people is positive for the city.”

The announcement’s main focus was to bring the organization’s goals closer and increase the number of Philadelphia college graduates who choose to remain in Philadelphia for their working career.

The message of this announcement and policy briefing can be summed up in three words—enroll, engage, employ.

In the Greater Philadelphia Region there are 92 institutions, 368,000 enrolled students and over 67,000 degrees each year. Sixty percent of these graduates choose to stay in the Philadelphia Region and eighty percent are open to staying in Philadelphia.

The college student generation is no longer searching for the perfect job where income is the only key. There now are morals as well as a strong humanitarian pull.

“To engage with college students is not important, it is critical,” Deloitte’s LLP managing partner Tara L. Weiner said. “Volunteerism is interwoven in to DNA of the millennium generation.”

It is dire to retain students within Philadelphia because students today influence the economic growth in this generation more than ever. The city holds qualities that are enticing to many and are becoming more appealing to the college generation. Housing is available in Philadelphia at a high quality for a low cost. Philadelphia is also starting to find itself in a high market competing with the corporate America ladder.

By the year 2010, Campus Philly careers aims to match 2,500 college interns each year and raise the college graduate rate 10 percent creating one big campus throughout the Philadelphia Region.

“It’s success we are talking about. A first class workforce in our first class city,” Drexel University President Constantine Papadakis said. “I am proud to serve as co-chair of Campus Philly.”

“Campus Philly is near and dear to my heart,” Matt Bergheiser from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation said. “You don’t have to walk around the long to see this city has changed dramatically.”

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World Series Game 1

It took 172 games, but Jimmy Rollins was right again.

Notorious for the truth behind his “team to beat” prediction before last season, Rollins set the bar even higher in Spring Training this year by loudly stating that the Phillies would be a 100-win team in 2008.

As Brad Lidge retired the side on a pair of strikeouts and a pop out in the ninth inning at Tropicana Field last night, Rollins continued batting 1.000 in preseason predictions.

The game started off with a bang as Chase Utley settled the butterflies in Cole Hamels’ stomach before he could even take the mound, hammering a 2-2 fastball into the right field seats. The Phillies had a 2-0 lead before Rays ace Scott Kazmir could blink, quickly silencing the cowbells and easing the minds of nervous fans watching in Philadelphia.

“Our goal today was to try to score some runs early and try to take the crowd out of it,” Utley said after the game. “They are intense, they are loud and I think we did a good job of that.”

Hamels continued making himself a household name with his dominance in the postseason. After allowing a leadoff single to second baseman Akinori Iwamura in the bottom of the first inning, Hamels induced the first of two double plays off the bat of the scorching-hot B.J. Upton to set the tone early.

The job wasn’t easy for Hamels in the third inning as he got himself into a one-out, bases-loaded jam. Upton stepped in again, this time rolling over a changeup to third baseman Pedro Feliz. He tossed to Utley, who then fired to Ryan Howard and the Phillies were out of trouble once again.

Hamels couldn’t have been happier with the results.

“B.J. is the type of guy who can change the game in an instant and being able to get that ground ball out of him and get the double play was definitely a momentum swing into our favor,” Hamels said in his postgame interview.

“If they can load the bases with less than two outs and not be able to score, then you definitely have the upper hand.”

Hamels flashed that upper hand the rest of the night, pitching seven strong innings and allowing just two runs on five hits. He has been dominant in October this year, boasting a 4-0 record and 1.55 ERA while becoming the third player in history to win the first game of the LDS, LCS, and World Series in a single postseason run.

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz knocked in what turned out to be the deciding run in the top of the fourth inning with an RBI groundout that scored Shane Victorino from third base.

The Phillies hung on by a single thread after that, revealing their offensive woes to the Rays by going 0-13 with runners in scoring position and stranding 11 runners on base throughout the night.

Rollins and Howard struggled mightily, combining to go 0-9 with five punchouts. The Rays threw a barrage of sliders at Howard, who looked as if he was swinging blindfolded at times.

“We didn’t get a whole lot of hits with guys in scoring position,” admitted Utley. “But it’s better to come up empty with a lot of guys in scoring position than to not have any at all.”

Although some extra run support would have been welcomed, the pitching staff seemed unfazed by the tightness of the game. Ryan Madson, now known as “the Bridge to Lidge,” turned in a 1-2-3 eighth inning and Lidge nailed it down for his fifth save of the postseason.

Lidge is now 46-46 in save opportunities with the Phillies — a major reason why the team is now 87-0 when leading after eight innings this season.

Brett Myers will face Tampa righty James Shields for Game 2 at Tropicana Field before bringing the series north to Philadelphia.

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World Series Game 2

After an amazing performance by Cole Hamels in Game 1, the Phillies looked for the 2-0 lead before they went home for Games 3 and 4, and if necessary, Game 5. The Phillies looked to fix the problem that plagued them in Game 1 and that was getting hits with runners in scoring position.

Brett Myers, who struggled on the mound but not at the plate in his first two postseason starts, did not get to bat in Tampa Bay during Game 2 thanks to the American League’s DH rule. Myers struggled in the first as he walked the leadoff batter and then gave up a base hit that put runners on second and third after Werth misplayed the ball off the turf in right field. The Rays then manufactured two runs on two groundouts.

The Phillies’ problem in Game 1 continued as their first two hitters reached base but failed to score. Myers’ control in the bottom of the second was a little shaky as he walked another batter and gave up two base hits. After getting two outs, the Rays were able to get another run home for an early 3-0 lead.

The Phillies put more runners on base in the third and fourth innings, but again could not bring anybody home. Despite the poor offense, Ryan Howard seemed to be trying to get out of his slump as he had two hits including a double to deep center over the head of B.J. Upton.

In the Rays half of the fourth inning, they continued to do something the Phils could not: score another run with a runner on third and less than two outs. The Rays put the game away as they made it 4-0. Despite giving up the runs and being a little wild, Charlie Manuel decided to stick with Myers, who lasted seven innings while allowing three earned runs.

The fifth, sixth and seventh innings were more of the same; the Phillies continued to put runners in scoring position but could not get them home.

The Phillies finally scored a run in the eighth when Eric Bruntlett hit a pinch-hit homerun off the Rays young rookie David Price. Werth scored on a fielding error in the ninth but it wasn’t enough as the Phillies came home with the series tied at 1 apiece.

The Phillies will throw Jamie Moyer in Game 3, followed by Joe Blanton and Cole Hamels in Games 4 and 5.

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Flyers Weekly Review

The Flyers had a short week, playing three games after returning home from a West Coast trip that kept the team winless on the young season.

Former Flyer Jeremy Roenick brought his San Jose Sharks to the Wachovia Center on Wednesday to finish off a home-and-home. The Flyers hurt themselves with seven penalties but Jeff Carter didn’t care as he scored a short-handed goal 51 seconds into the game. Later in the period, the Sharks scored two power-play goals within a little over a minute. The teams went back and forth for four more goals in the period as the Sharks led 4-3 after the first period.

Mike Richards and Scott Hartnell also scored in the period. Antero Niittymaki was pulled after the first period in favor of Marty Biron. Joffrey Lupul tied the game less than five minutes into the second period but the Sharks managed to regain the lead after a shot by a Sharks player confused Biron who could not find the puck before it was tapped in. The Flyers looked to be in trouble when the Sharks quickly made it 6-4, but Lupul scored 17 seconds later. With about a minute to go in the period, Danny Briere tied the game on the power play. A scoreless overtime sent the game into a shootout.

Shootouts, which have not been kind to the Flyers, stayed true again as Roenick finished off the game by beating Biron to keep the Flyers winless. Rookie Luca Sbisa picked up his first career point in the loss while Andreas Nodl, the Flyers’ first Austrian player who was called up before the game, recorded his first career point in his first NHL game. Nodl was in for Simon Gagne who missed the game with the flu.

Friday and Saturday called for another home-and-home with the New Jersey Devils. Before the game, the Flyers announced that Danny Briere would miss the next 3-4 weeks with an abdominal tear. He had surgery Saturday morning.

Biron got the start in goal, but it did not begin well as the Devils struck less than a minute in. The red hot Jeff Carter responded very quickly and Mike Knuble gave the team a 2-1 lead. However, the Devils scored twice more late in the period for a 3-2 lead. The Flyers took over in the second and third periods and scored four straight. Gagne and Lupul each recorded a goal and Hartnell scored twice as the Flyers finally snapped the losing streak and picked up the 6-3 win.

The Flyers jumped out of the basement in the Atlantic Division with that first win, but the next match-up went back and forth before ending in overtime.

Mike Knuble did not miss a step from Friday as he scored again, beating Martin Brodeur through the five-hole. The Flyers took the lead to the locker room for the first intermission, but the Devils scored 27 seconds into the second period. In the middle of the period, Hartnell stuffed home a rebound after the initial shot squeaked through Brodeur. The Devils tied the game again with a late goal in the second. A scoreless third period sent the game into overtime. It was the Flyers fourth overtime game of the season and third in the last four games. With less than two minutes to go in the extra session, Ossi Vannanen threw a puck on net and Carter, almost on his knees, deflected the puck home for a 3-2 win.

The Flyers now have won two straight after being winless in their first six games. The team will hit the road on Tuesday for a date with the Atlanta Thrashers and return home Thursday to host the New York Islanders for their first meeting of the season. They will conclude the week with a home game against the Edmonton Oilers on Sunday.

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City Food Tours

Looking for a way to get out into the city but don’t know where to start?

If you are a food lover like I am, reserve your spot on a lighthearted journey with City Food Tours and taste some of the most exclusive Philly-only treats that the downtown area has to offer.

I jumped on board for a tour that would give me a sampling of different types of cheeses, chocolate and freshly brewed tea.

The day started off at DiBruno Bros. Italian Market at the corner of 18th and Chestnut right in the heart of Center City. I walked in to the welcoming aromas of olive salad and fresh bread, setting my sights on the many wheels of cheese hanging from the ceilings like big edible chandeliers.

Robert Weinberg, tour guide and co-owner of Center City Food Tours, greeted my group of nine with a smile, a handshake and a bottle of water. The water played a much more crucial role than I expected, serving its purpose as a palette cleanser so I could enjoy the undisturbed flavors of so many samples I would try throughout the day.

Our group lined up at the cheese section at the back of the store and learned a quick lesson about the cheese-making process thanks to several photographs and stories from tour guide Robert and from Dan, one of DiBruno’s many cheese mongers. After the quick knowledge-builder and a check for any possible food allergies in the group, we were offered samples of fresh mozzarella, bleu cheese and aged parmesan drizzled with olive oil. The flavors were bold and the textures varied from soft and spongy to firm and flaky. The employees at DiBruno’s are extremely friendly and urge customers to try as many samples as they’d like.

After a smile and a wave goodbye, we left DiBruno’s and headed five blocks east across Broad Street to the Naked Chocolate Café on Walnut Street. During our walk, Robert stopped us at a few points to admire the architecture of Center City. While many buildings might look mundane at street level, he encourages everyone to simply stop and look up. You will be surprised at the intricacies of some buildings that tend to go completely unnoticed if you rush around with your head pointed straight forward.

I was greeted with warm smiles from the staff and an overwhelming sample plate of chocolate upon arriving at the Naked Chocolate Café. Taking Robert’s advice from our walk and applying it to an indoor setting, I looked up to notice the delicate carved wooden ceilings, which removed that manufactured-café feel from the shop and gave it a distinct personality of its own.

On my plate was a very generous portion of milk, dark and white chocolate, along with a peculiar green and yellow truffle that grabbed my attention. Before I could reach for it, Robert began teaching us how chocolate originates from bean pods that grow on cacao tree trunks along the equator. These beans were apparently so valuable in the 1500’s that some countries used them as a form of currency.

Despite cacao beans no longer being used as money, the staff at Naked Chocolate Café still spread the wealth by encouraging us to dive into the sample plate as each type of chocolate was explained. I reached for the brightly colored truffle and bit down, unleashing a velvety flow of chocolate ganache on my taste buds. The truffle was by far the group’s favorite as it elicited many smiles of delectability.

Unable to finish the mass of samples, we poured our leftovers into small bags and parted ways towards the final stop of our tour.

Walking two more blocks east, we arrived at T-Bar at the corner of 12th and Sansom. Sitting down to a long row of tables pushed together, we were presented with samples of three different teas brewed freshly from actual leaves as opposed to the store-bought teabags that so many of us are accustomed to. First came a white peach tea that I wasn’t initially impressed with, but it left a nice fruity aftertaste that forced me to finish the cup without thinking twice. Next was a Chinese green tea with hints of chamomile and chrysanthemum, and last was a sweet chocolate chai blend.

The tea brewed from actual leaves had a much clearer, interrupted taste as opposed to teabag teas. The flavors were quite bitter at first, mostly due to the fact that no milk or sugar had been added. But the flavors came alive after the first two sips as the taste buds begin to differentiate between subtle flavor tones. As the tour came to an end, we were shown several unique tea-brewing gadgets for making the perfect cup of tea at home before parting ways for the last time.

City Food Tours provides a relaxed voyage through some of the finest specialty foods and shops that can only be found in Philadelphia. Come prepared to ask questions, as the tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and always up for small talk. Tours range from $29-$45 and last approximately three hours.

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