Center City Restaurant Week

Are you already finding yourself tired of the same old blah cafeteria food? Do you have the yearning for just one night of three course meal fine dining, but find yourself short on cash? Well you are not alone and believe it or not–in luck!

Center City District Restaurant Week is back and has already been extended for an encore. From Jan. 25 through Feb. 6 participating restaurants throughout the Center City District offer fine dining services at a bargain of the price. During this two-week period, chose from a variety of restaurants in the Center City area and receive a three-course meal for only around $35 per person.

New to this whole idea? Let me break it down for you. I personally am a huge fan of Swanky Bubbles, and luckily for me, an option on the list of participating restaurants. Now on the average day, a three-course meal at Swanky Bubbles can cost somewhere around $65 per person. During Restaurant week, the same great food is only half the price.

It gets even better! Now many assume with Restaurant Week, there must be some sort of catch or flaw. Maybe there are only a few restaurants with this offer or that the portions are smaller or potentially, there no options at all to this dynamic deal. These myths have been broken and I am excited to share with you the facts!

Fact: Over 100 restaurants throughout the Center City area participate in Restaurant Week.

Fact: The meal portions are the same as if it were any other week at the participating restaurant. Do notice though that gratuity is not included in the $35.

Fact: Each restaurant provides at least two or three options under each course. This varies from restaurant to restaurant so be sure to visit each individuals page located on the restaurant guide list.

I wish we could consider Restaurant week our little secret, but unfortunately, the cat’s out of the bag and reservations are filling up fast! Once you find the perfect restaurant, be sure to call in advance and place reservations. This offer has already been extended for an encore week and will not last forever. Be sure to get out of the cafeteria for a night in the city with friends at one of the classiest restaurants in Center City.

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iTouch: no more unanswered questions

As a user of the iTouch, an Apple mobile device, I can literally find any piece of information I am looking for within 60 seconds. No more unanswered questions. If I am in class and the teacher asks “does anyone know what portion of the global population is suffering from poverty,” I can click on to my iTouch and have the answer in less than a minute. I am a chronic iTouch user. This morning I woke up to the sound of a xylophone medley. Where can you find such a sound? It came from my iTouch alarm clock of course! This is much more pleasant than the scream of a standard bedroom alarm clock.

I then turned off my “ambient” app, (which my girlfriend had me download) blocking out the sounds of my noisy roommates when they come home at two in the morning.

After that, I spent a few minutes checking my mail using the “mail” app and then read up on some news using my “New York Times” and “USA Today” apps. I like to surround myself with different media sources so I also took a look at my “Pro RSS” app. If I did not have an iTouch I would have to click onto a million websites. My desktop would literally be clogged with news articles that I want to read before the days end and I could not read them on the go.

My iTouch then beeps once to let me know that I have downloaded a new pod cast so I switch over to my “Remote” app and without leaving my bed, turn iTunes on my computer and begin playing the pod cast using my iTouch as a remote control.

It seems anything is now possible when Apple has allowed so many applications to be synced to their mobile products. I listen to music on the way to the train station using my iTouch. When I got there the station had wireless internet so I checked out a few

YouTube videos and watched a video on how to use the Mac program, “Motion.” I then checked my Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and update each within the span of five minutes.

It is not so much a way to keep working all of the time, but rather these applications make work easier by combining work with play. In the process, these mobile applications have taken on a whole new kind of market.

I read The New York Times and USA Today before I even got out of bed. However, did I read “The Economist?” No, because they do not have a mobile app yet. For media companies, to not have a mobile application is to be left behind. I was not a USA Today reader until I saw the application on iTunes. Now, because the mobile app is right there on my iTouch every morning, I can easily and quickly read that paper’s news every day.

One of my favorite applications and probably the most innovative that I have, is called “Mobile Tap.” This is an application that allows Mac users to sync their Apple computers to their mobile device. When loaded, the user can see their computer desktop from the device and actually use that computer right from the mobile device.

In other words, I can be downstairs in my kitchen making dinner while editing my latest article for Campus Philly. There are applications like this for PC users as well.

The point is with this new revolution in mobile devices, the possibilities are endless. Buy an Apple TV and sync your iPhone so that the phone takes the place of a TV remote. Make a PowerPoint presentation and use your iTouch to switch to the next slide. Use a “Wikipedia” application and raise your I.Q. in just days.

With the Internet holding so much information, a mobile device is perfect as long as it is used correctly. While Apple has utilized their mobile devices with applications like these, Blackberry seems to have a lot of catching up to do. However, no matter what mobile device you are using the answer is clear, you are holding the future of cultural technology in the palm of your hand.

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A little skid then rest

The Flyers finished off a three-game home stand a couple weeks ago before heading to Florida for a couple games. They then returned home for one game before getting some time off as the NHL’s best gathered in Montreal.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were in town and were desperately looking for a win against a Flyers team that was looking to stay red hot on home ice. An unlucky bounce for the Pens turned it to a great bounce for the Flyers as a puck bounced off the boards and right out front to a wide open Mike Knuble who gave the Flyers the early lead.

Then a light in the Penguins apparently turned on as they took it to the Flyers, scoring four straight on Marty Biron. The top two scorers in the NHL, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, combined to hurt the Flyers for a goal and two assists.

Joffrey Lupul scored in the third but that was all as the Penguins ended the Flyers 8 game home winning streak.

The Flyers went south to Tampa Bay on Thursday for the first of two games in South Florida. The Lightning had just returned from a West Coast trip but that did not seem to faze them at all. It was a quiet game as nobody was able to light the lamp in the first period.

Joffrey Lupul broke the scoreless game open with another goal about five minutes into the period. The Flyers looked to be in control until they were bull-rushed again by another flurry of goals against them.

With about five minutes to go in the second period, the Lightning scored three goals in 2 minutes and 3 seconds to quickly grab the lead. This left the Flyers for dead as they could not regain any momentum. The Lightning were awarded a penalty shot in the third period and were able to convert on their fourth goal.

Defenseman Kimmo Timonen left the game in the first period after taking a puck to the face. It hit is mouth and he did not return. He played Friday in Florida with a full face shield.

Antero Nittymaki looked to get the Flyers back on track as they played the Panthers the following night. Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne both struck in the first period for an early lead. The goals were 1:56 apart and it was Carter’s 30th of the season, a new career high.

Then it looked like the Flyers were in trouble when the Panthers d-men struck for two goals late in the second period to tie the game.

The game ended up in a shootout and Simon Gagne was the only one to score which meant he gave the Flyers a 3-2 victory to snap their mini-slide.

The Flyers then had a well deserved four-day break before they hosted the Atlanta Thrashers at home on Wednesday. The Flyers jumped put early and eventually took a 3-0 lead as they looked to be in cruise control against a team that cannot seem to lose against.

Then, Antero Nittymaki’s perfect career record was put on the line in the third period when Atlnata managed to score three goals quickly to pull even. However, fears were settled when Mike Knuble stayed with his shot and put home the eventual game winner in the second-half of the third period. Knuble later iced the game with an empty-net goal.

Scott Hartnell, Darroll Powe and Randy Jones tallied the other three goals in the Flyers 5-3 win.

The Flyers now had a 5-day break to look forward to as the NHL took a rest for the All Star festivities in Montreal. The Flyers lone rep was Jeff Carter. On Saturday night in the skills competition, Carter finished second in the fastest skater drill. He was then eliminated in the first round of the elimination shootout. On Sunday in the actual game, Jeff had four shots on goal but was minus three in the East’s thrilling 12-11 shootout victory against the West.

Forward Danny Briere was hopeful that he would play Wednesday against the Thrashers. He played the previous week in three games with the Flyers AHL affiliate, the Phantoms. He recorded a goal and four assists. He felt pretty well in the first two games trying to recover from his groin injury.

In his last game he did not feel great and felt worse in practice the next day with the Flyers. He went to the doctor later in the week and found out he needed more surgery. The surgery was done on Thursday and he will now miss about another four weeks.

The Flyers will resume play Tuesday night as they will head back to Tampa Bay and Florida and then off to St. Louis on Saturday. They will return home on Wednesday, Feb. 4.

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America I Am

Now through May 3, The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia is hosting “American I Am: The African American Imprint,” an exhibit based on how African American culture has influenced American culture.

America I Am celebrates almost 500 years of African American history covering the entire span beginning with the exploration age and ending with the present day achievements of the African American Culture.

Before checking out America I Am, be sure to check out one of the Constitution center’s permanent exhibits entitled, “Freedom Rising.” This is a multimedia performance involving a single actor taking the audience on a journey through the founding of the constitution.

The presentation is a great warm up to America I Am in that it mentions how slavery had been a problem even in the drafting of the constitution. One key fact that visitors will learn in both Freedom Rising and America I Am is that African Americans have been on the North American Continent sense Columbus and other explorers first stepped foot on its soil.

America I Am continues from the exploration age on to post-revolution America. The exhibit takes visitors through a 19th century slave ship. Be sure to notice the conditions in the slave room and imagine yourself piled in with hundreds of others. Sections of the exhibit give the visitor a personal understanding of the struggles African Americans as a race have faced throughout history.

One interesting note of the exhibit, worth mentioning is that about 10 percent of slaves coming into America at the time of the transatlantic slave trade were educated Muslims and in some cases were better educated than their slave masters.

W.E.B. Dubois and other African American scholars play a key role in the effectiveness of the exhibit. One quote from Lerone Bennet, Jr. really explains the purpose of the exhibit saying, “America would not have been American and Americans can not be Americans, without the gifts African Americans have given.”

As you continue through the exhibit, visitors come upon the civil war area with displays of African American regiment civil war uniforms. The civil rights era is especially interesting; show casing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and other martyrs like Malcom X.

The final showrooms of the exhibit zero in on how far African American culture has come. Coming from the slave ship to the many displays of black celebrity memorabilia like “The Artist” Prince’s symbol guitar he played at the 2007 Super Bowl, or Dizzie Gillespie’s signature trumpet. The African American culture has come a long way, and in reaction, so has the American culture.

In leaving the constitution center there is a quote on the wall that really brings Freedom Rising and America I Am into one category. The quote from Daniel Webster in 1837 says “ one country, one constitution, one destiny.”

As both exhibits make clear, the country has been divided in the past on may levels, however, it is the ability of the nation to come together in the end on subjects like slavery, and the rights of man that make this country so incredible, so durable.

The struggles showcased in Freedom Rising and America I Am are not meant to blame anyone for the mistakes of our nations past, but to display the idea that struggles and hardship do pay off to a “new world.”

As we develop as a nation and a people, our cultures begin to melt into one pot. This is why it is important for all readers of Campus Philly to see these exhibits, because it is our nation, whether we realize it or not, that effects who we are. The title captures it best in saying we are America or America, I am.

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The Weeds perform at Magic Garden

When local indie band The Weeds came to a financial standstill concerning the completion of their new project, they put their heads together and came up with a unique way to raise money to finish their much-anticipated second album.

In an effort to raise funds, The Weeds will host a live performance at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on Saturday, Jan. 31.

“We wanted to have the show in a nontraditional setting and my dad reminded me of Isaiah’s studio. I contacted Julia Zagar and she put me in touch with Laura Foxx who is in charge of booking there,” said The Weeds front woman Emily Ana Zeitlyn. “They are all very supportive of the local art scene and seemed very receptive to having us play in their amazingly vibrant space.”

Along with a performance by the band, an art sale will also be hosted at the event. Included in the art sale will be Forever Seeming Tunnels, a handmade book of poetry by Zeitlyn herself.

Other works of art for sale will include a series of photographs by Bernardo Morillo and new homemade fair-trade organic t-shirts. Works by other artists are still pending.

In addition to the performance and art sale, The Weeds will also be selling their first album The Faraway Flying of Broken Beating. The band will conduct a pre-sale of their upcoming full-length so trusting fans can receive them in the mail hot off the press.

Fans of the band can also expect Matt Davis and some surprise guests to join in on some of the songs.

According to Zeitlyn, The Weeds have been working on their second full-length album for a little over a year and recorded all of the basic tracks last November at Scullville Studios in Somers Point, NJ. Final vocals and other additions were recorded at The Secret Piney Junkyard in South Philly in-between band members’ jobs and other projects.

Aside from working on the new album, Zeitlyn’s main priority has been on another important aspect of her life. “I had a baby just about three years ago, so obviously my focus has been pretty intensely on being a mama. I have been slowly, molasses like really, getting back to the music,” Zeitlyn said.

Although her return to music has been slow, the singer/songwriter also expressed the band’s excitement to finally finish the album. “It is so energizing to play together and it is quite difficult to capture that feeling but I feel that we’ve succeeded,” Zeitlyn said. “It is much less of a studio album than the first and more like the way we sound live.”

The live performance and art sale will start at 5 p.m. and The Weeds will play an hour-long set starting at approximately 7 p.m. Food and drinks will also be available. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is located at 1020-1022 South Street, tickets are $10.

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Linkedin to your new job

In a time where the job market is more competitive than ever, when college students and middle-aged men and women alike are applying for the same career paths, “Linkedin” is one way to find yourself a step ahead in the application process.

Combining social and professional networking, Linkedin allows users to maintain a wide variety of contacts while still taking into account the importance of user privacy protection. Contacts, or as the site terms them, “Connections,” are organized in a number of ways. First through direct connections, these are the people that a user personally knows from college, work or other activities.

Then, there are second degree connections; these are the connections that the user knows through their initial contacts. Through the “second degree connections” there are even “third degree connections.” These are the connections that the user makes from their second degree connections.

However, Linkedin is not only used to find people. Users can also use the site in order to find jobs and business opportunities. Each day, the site looks for job posts matching the criteria that a user posts on their profile. This application rivals top job search sites like or

The profile portion of Linkedin is similar to that of a Facebook profile. However, Linkedin concentrates less on the social aspect and more on the professional side of networking.

A users profile consists of the basic name and job title as well as education and personal website links, as does Facebook. However, Linkedin also includes a section for professional “experience.” This is where users post a short version of their resume. For example, where has the user worked and when? Users can also provide a brief description of the jobs they are currently work or have worked in the past. This is something most applicants cannot write directly onto their resume.

There is also a second education section where Linkedin allows its users to go more in-depth with where the person received their education, and what they did while they were there.

For example, in this education box a user would say what college they went to and then in the additional information, the user would say if they were part of a sports team, a school organization like student government, or provide that the student wrote for the college newspaper. This kind of information is important to share in the hiring process because it allows the interviewer to get a background of who you are before they have even met the applicant.

One of the most interesting aspects of Linkedin is its “Featured Applications” section. The site provides the option of downloading applications like the “Reading List” and “Polls” application asking new, challenging questions everyday and even a “Blog Link” application that allows you to connect your own personal blog to your Linkedin profile. Through Blog Link, Linkedin provides bloggers with a new network of readers and as any blogger knows, the more the merrier.

To create your own Linkedin, go to, click on “Join Today” and connect yourself to your present and future co-workers.

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Injury-riddled season

The Flyers played the West Coast part of their road trip this week and it turned out to be a success. However, it did come with a price. Already without star forward Danny Briere and winger Scottie Upshall, the Flyers suffered some more key injuries.

Tuesday night, the Flyers played their last game of 2008 against the Vancouver Canucks. The key injury in this game came just 15 seconds in when Simon Gagne was slammed into the boards. He left the ice and did not return. He was diagnosed with a shoulder injury and will be out 7-10 days.

About three minutes later, Jeff Carter netted his 27th goal on a great backhand shot with rookie Claude Giroux notching his first career assist. The penalty kill for the Flyers had been struggling of late and gave up another goal late in the first period, but not without a response from the offense. Scott Hartnell, broken toe and all, scored his 14th on a slap shot 45 seconds later.

The Flyers took a 3-1 lead early in the second when rookie Jonathon Kalinski was able to put home his first career goal. The Canucks were able to get within one midway through the second period, but Marty Biron came up big through the rest of the game en route to a 29-save evening.

The Flyers spent New Year’s Day in Anaheim preparing for their game against the Ducks Friday night. It was a night of firsts for the Flyers in what turned out to be a huge win. Rookie Luca Sbisa played on the wing for the first time in his brief NHL career and was impressive.

The offense made its first strike when Ossi Vaananen scored on a slap shot from the point off a face-off win by Mike Richards. It was Richards’ first of three assists in the game, but the lead slipped away when the Ducks scored with 35 seconds left in the period.

The Ducks wasted no time in the second as Biron was beaten 32 seconds in. The goals came fast and furiously after that. San Jose grabbed a 3-1 lead on the power play at the 6:16 mark of the period. Then, Josh Gratton had a first as he scored his first goal as a Flyer 16 seconds later to help climb back into the game.

Late in the period, Braydon Coburn was able to poke home his fourth goal of the season on the power play to tie the game. Another power play gave the Ducks the lead 1:05 later, but the Flyers would not go away as Richards fed a cross-ice pass to Mike Knuble who one-timed the puck home 14 seconds later.

The game remained scoreless throughout the third and into overtime. Richards capped off a great night, scoring the lone goal of the shootout to give the Flyers the 5-4 win. The win moved them into a points tie for first place in the Atlantic Division.

Upshall returned to the line-up on Friday. Joffrey Lupul and Giroux were both hurt in the game and missed Saturday’s game. Lupul’s injury was undisclosed. Giroux took an elbow to the head in the third period but remained in the game.

Antero Niittymaki started against the LA Kings Saturday night, and the Flyers had a tough time coping with an excess of injuries. The orange and black could not hold onto their brief lead in the second period as Kings’ rookie goaltender Jonathan Quick stopped 31 of 32 shots, including two in the shootout. Los Angeles went on to win, sending the Flyers back East on a down note.

The Flyers will finish their trip Tuesday in Washington before returning home Thursday and Saturday for games against the Minnesota Wild and Toronto Maple Leafs.

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