Flyers Playing Steady

This time last year, the Flyers were in the middle of one of the worst losing streaks in their history that almost cost them the playoffs. This year, they have managed to play more consistently. That continued this week but probably not with the results they hoped for.

Both games this week at home were back-and-forth. After an impressive weekend, Marty Biron was in goal for both games this week. Antero Nittymaki was backing him up after recovering from the flu.

The Buffalo Sabres made their first visit of the season on Thursday night. The Flyers had many chances in the first before Glen Metropolit deflected an Arron Asham shot home for the lead. Mike Richards picked up an assist on what would be a career night.

Buffalo tied the game in the second on a soft goal that squeezed through Biron. Then almost nine minutes into the second period, the Flyers had their best shift of the season by far. They pinned the Sabres in their own zone for over a minute. Buffalo failed to clear the zone five times. Finally, Simon Gagne found Braydon Coburn sliding in from the point and drilled home his sixth of the season. Richards picked up another assist.

Not four minutes later, the Sabres tied the game again on the power play. Richards then scored a shorthanded goal for the second consecutive game when he beat the Buffalo goaltender on a 2-on-1 with Kimmo Timonen.

On the power play in the last minute of the second period, Biron could not find the rebound off a Sabre shot and they tied the game for the third time at 3.

The third period was filled with shots as each team had 14. On the power play, Gagne found Mike Knuble camped out in his usual spot in front of the net as he put home his 20th of the season. The Flyers were finally able to hold the lead.

After getting an assist on the game-winner, Richards capped off a career high five point night with an empty-net goal. Darroll Powe also had an empty-net goal to finish the 6-3 win.

The Pittsburgh Penguins made their last visit of the season to Philly with a new head coach. The Flyers looked to help the Penguins stay out of the playoffs. It started off that way.

After a couple minutes of play, the Flyers dominated the first period in all aspects but only managed to score one goal. Joffrey Lupul scored on a back-hander that the Pens defense could not find the puck. Lupul had one goal in his previous 12 games.

The Penguins then controlled the second period, top to bottom, and beat Biron three times just like the last time they were in Philly.

The Flyers were able to tie the game with goals from Mike Richards and Braydon Coburn about seven minutes into the period. The game was quickly untied when former Flyer, Ruslan Fedetenko scored his second goal of the game.

Again the Flyers were able to tie it when Mike Knuble deflected home a pass from Richards.

Then late in the game, Marty Biron came way out of his net to take away a scoring chance. He had to drop the puck in order to not be penalized and unfortunately a Penguin was right behind him. He pushed the puck towards the net and Sidney Crosby poked it into the gaping net for his second of the game.

The Flyers will look for another win in the last meeting of the season later on after this disappointing 5-4 loss.

The Flyers will play Tuesday in Washington and Wednesday at home with the LA Kings. The Montreal Canadiens will be here Friday night before a visit to the Devils on Sunday afternoon.

Danny Briere is hopeful to return this week possibly Wednesday night.

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The Real World: Casting Call

“This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real…The Real World.”

Do you have what it takes? The location of season 23 still remains unknown, but maybe season 23 is your season? After all casting calls are right at your backdoor.

On Feb. 28, MTV’s “The Real World” will be casting in Philly! From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., come out to the Raven Lounge located at1718 Sansom St. bringing your best.

Burnim/Murray Productions are holding an open casting call for men and women ages 18-24.

Requirements: Come with a personality, vibe and a recent photo in hand.

Like all other seasons, producers are looking for real life people. A person who can pull on the heart-strings and still drive the viewers crazy is what makes The Real World, “real.” So if you have the type of personality that prevails reactions like “wow he is one-of-a-kind” or “she is someone I can never forget” this is your opportunity.

Philly marks the map for many former Real World contenders, season locations and potentially future roles? At least that seems how Burnim/Murray Productions views it. Open casting is only taking place in nine cities and with Philadelphia number one on the list; producers have high hopes for Philadelphia.

If planning on coming out to the Raven Lounge for auditions, be sure to arrive allotting plenty of time. The lines are expected to be long and crowded.

Can’t make it to the open casting call? Visit here for more details and learn more of how to send your video tape and application.

Now is the time “to stop being polite and start getting real.”

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Philly’s Zombie Infection

Over the past few weeks, I have thought of little else than the upcoming, month-long Philadelphia event; Zombiedelphia created by Plays & Players.

This month-long event will include several special events surrounding the, dare I say, fictional zombie plague that took place in 1599 London, England. In honor of those lost in the plague, Play’s and Players will be hosting a Zombie restaurant crawl, which, will offer discounts to anyone who is comes disguised or diseased as a zombie.

Need help finding your zombie costume? Well you can start with this months “Free Zombie Makeup Workshop,” sponsored by Philadelphia Theatrical supply. From now until the end of March, 1714 Delancey Place is where you can start looking more like the rest of the infected. A few pictures on the Zombiedelphia website really answer any questions as to what the workshop can do.

But what many are really looking forward to is the production of Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, a reenactment of the 1599 tragedy when the zombie virus took hold of London’s population. If you thought that Superman was the only one in tights fighting evil, guess again.

Tickets are available at Be sure to checkout the midnight showing which is predicted to have a rocky horror style, meaning and loud crowds in costume, possibly resembling zombies better than the actors on stage.

In celebration of Zombiedelphia month, Plays & Players has created a blog on WordPress that talks about features events and interview with the creator of “Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead,” John Heimbuch. It was in this interview that I realized the genius of what this play will entail. Heimbuch leaves this quote as a preview to the play,

“As flesh transformed Lycaon into raging beast, These dead now awaken for one final feast. Their bite brings affliction, wounds that won’t heal. So sever their necks with thy good English steel.”

Also to celebrate Zombiedelphia, a whole series of videos have been posted to prepare Philly for what they should expect during the month of March. One video resembling a comic version a History Channel documentary, tells the history of that fateful day when the living dead took to the streets and even invaded the globe. You can find that video here.

So much hype and so little to wait, I can barely sit in my chair when I think of the events this upcoming month.

So board up your windows and keep your chainsaw handy or just join in on the fun. But if at some point you see an overly exhausted classmate muttering to himself, if you suddenly see someone run through a busy sidewalk with a worried look on their face, or even if you seem to be sleeping all of the time but you just can’t shake that tired feeling, you’ll know that the virus has finally hit Zombiedelphia.

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Chip Chantry’s One Man Show

Philadelphia-native Chip Chantry brought his stand-up comedy show to The Khyber on Feb. 16 with special guests that kept the audience laughing.

Chip Chantry started the show off himself explaining to the audience what great reviews he had received the last time he performed at The Khyber. The reviews were sent to him by way of Valentine cards, one of which that led to an awkward moment between him and a male friend.

After the introductions were made and Chantry announced the friends he had brought along for the night, Dan Goodman took the stage to start the evening off.

With a somewhat nervous stance and an odd twirling movement with his mic, Goodman dove into his routine. Although he started off a little slow with jokes concerning Michael Phelps and Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Goodman received a better reaction when his routine went raunchy. One concerning a villain Santa Claus had the majority of the audience slapping their knees.

The next act to take the stage was the comedy-duo, Animosity Pierre. Clad in proper gangster attire (minus the footie pajamas), Matt Lally and David Terruso opened their routine with a song entitled “I’m Scared of Dat” which listed all of the ridiculous things no one could possibly be afraid of.

Besides having a knack for rapping, the duo had the ability to transform into believable characters including a nerd infatuated with a girl who just doesn’t love him back. Even their game show involving a contestant that could never lose (complete with commercial breaks advertising idiotic prescription pills) was entertaining.

Lally and Terruso approach stand-up comedy differently than the average comedian, which definitely made them a stand out act for the night.

Following the duo was a comedian who was a bit older but no less funny than the rest, Dennis Horan. The Bill Gates look-a-like (he even makes note of this in his show!) was calm and collected about his approach and talked about things that older members of the audiences understood more than the young.

While some of the people he name-dropped meant nothing to me, other members of the audience were still laughing. Doran’s stories were elaborate and the ones concerning family were definitely crowd favorites.

The final act of the evening came as a complete surprise and was the best part of the show by far. Along with Animosity Pierre, Johnny Goodtimes and Brian Craig came together as the contestants in a dating game.

A female member of the audience was chosen to join in the fun and then the contestants were introduced. Goodtimes appeared as Macho Man Randy S., Lally and Terruso appeared together as two heterosexual men (although the things they talked about could sway your opinion otherwise), and Craig appeared as Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez.

It was clear as soon as Craig opened his mouth that he would steal the show. With an accent reminiscent of someone from Fargo, he stood on stage in his ridiculously tiny shorts and talked about everything from a picture of an owl to his book about his dead wife.

Craig’s character was the audience’s favorite to be chosen to win a date, but the female contestant chose differently and went with Lally and Terruso.

Chip Chantry’s monthly One Man Show was an unexpected surprise and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in two hours. The tears in my eyes and the fact that I couldn’t breathe were a sure sign that these comedians did their job well and had me laughing all night.

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Shirock – Everything Burns

Four years ago, Shirock frontman Chuck Shirock wrote a song that embodied everything he cared about and what really mattered in his life. To this day, that song is still one that he’s most proud of and lives by.

The title track to his band’s debut full-length album, Everything Burns, has become more than a powerful song with a passionate message. On Feb. 6, Shirock headed out on the “Everything Burns” tour for the official launch of their non-profit organization of the same name.

“It’s been a longtime coming,” Chuck said from the road in Indianapolis, “It’s been this big idea for a long time and over the last couple of years it’s kind of been defined for. Now with this tour, it’s starting the whole thing off by forming partnerships with key charities in all of the cities we’re touring to.”

Everything Burns is summed up in a simple, yet strong statement on the organization’s website – “Living for things that matter.” Started by the band itself, the organization’s mission is to solve homelessness and poverty issues in each city on the tour.

“We’re going to 14 cities across the East Coast and found organizations in each of those cities that are really being proactive and creative in their way of trying to solve these issues,” Chuck explained.

The Nashville band purposely chose smaller organizations in each city so fans and college students that want to get involved in social causes could do so in their own community.

“We felt like we could kind of act like a bridge between these people that want to do something and these charities that are literally right next door to them. We put them face-to-face and say, ‘these are the problems in the area and here’s an organization that’s doing something about it.’” Chuck said. “I feel like there’s a lot of young people that are very passionate about getting involved in something like this, they just don’t know what to do about it.”

Although the band is starting out small, they have big hopes for what the organization could possibly do and accomplish. “It’s a lot of big ideas and stuff, but we’re starting,” Chuck said. “I think that’s where a lot of people fall off – they don’t start. We’re just taking that first step and seeing where we can go with it.”

The band feels blessed to have the opportunity to create something that serves to help others and that their music can be used to promote it. They have big ideas for the organization and hope to bring the “Everything Burns” tour to the West Coast later this year.

“We just want to do something with the music, we want to be more than entertainers, we want to be more than just musicians,” Chuck said, “We want to have a social impact and we want to inspire people to do something. We’ve been inspired, we’ve seen people do stuff and we want to be that for other people.”

Check out Shirock on the “Everything Burns” tour with its Philadelphia stop at The Note in West Chester on Wednesday, Feb. 18. Go to for more information on the Everything Burns non-profit organization.

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Flyers are getting hot

The Flyers had off a couple days after a great weekend on the road and returned home this week.

After a good weekend, it seems that Antero Nittymaki might be taking over the number one spot in goal. He was in net Thursday night against the Ottawa Senators.

The Flyers seemed a little surprised by the upbeat Senators who have been playing well lightly despite a rough season. The Sens scored late in the first for the lead. The Flyers didn’t get much going in the second as Ottawa scored twice including a bad goal given up by Nittymaki.

The team was finally able to crack Ottawa when Darroll Powe put home a rebound off a shot from Scottie Upshall in the third period. Ottawa regained a three goal lead not much later. It was back to two when Mike Richards scored a beautiful goal about halfway through the period. Ottawa finished the game off with another goal to win it 5-2.

Nittymaki sat on Saturday and Sunday after it was revealed that he was sick on Thursday during the game. Scott Munroe was recalled from the Phantoms to back-up Marty Biron.

A Saturday afternoon tilt against the New York Islanders produced a lot of goals for the Flyers in a quick amount of time. Rookie Claude Giroux opened the scoring when he scored the easiest goal of his young career after a beautiful pass from Scottie Upshall. Scott Hartnell scored 44 seconds later after deflecting a shot from Jeff Carter, who the goal was originally credited to.

The boys did not play particularly well in the second but Biron was there and kept the game at 2-0. The Islanders made it a game with a goal early in the third.

Then the Flyers pulled away with a flurry of goals right after the Islander goal. Originally, Glen Metropolit and Scottie Upshall made it a 4-1 game but the goals were given to Matt Carle and Arron Asham after the goals hit off Islander players.

Simon Gagne then scored on a penalty shot to conclude the scoring. All three goals were scored in 67 seconds. Marty Biron won his 10th consecutive start against the Islanders with the 5-1 victory.

The Flyers visited the New York Rangers for the first time this season on Sunday afternoon. And it wasn’t much of a match.

The first period only had one goal as Claude Giroux continued to get hot with an almost empty-net goal after the Ranger goalie found himself out of the net. Giroux went on to add two more assists. Early in the second, Mike Richards scored in a 5-on-3 disadvantage. He became the first player in history to do that three times.

The Flyers then went on to score three goals in 1:49 to blow open the game. Matt Carle, Glen Metropolit and Mike Knuble made it 5-0 before the halfway point of the second period.

The Rangers did score two goals in the game but the Flyers evened the season series at one with a 5-2 victory.

Danny Briere surprised many people this week as he was on the ice beginning to skate. He is targeting a February 24 comeback when the Flyers are in Washington.

The Flyers are off again until Thursday when the Buffalo Sabres come to town. The Pittsburgh Penguins will come to town on Saturday for the last time with a new head coach. The Flyers and the Phantoms will host their annual Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival on Sunday at the Wachovia Center.

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Philly’s New Hero Wears no Cape

If the streets of Philly seem a bit quieter to you lately, it might have something to do with Philadelphia writer, Duane Swierczynski’s latest writing project where the author brings The Punisher, a.k.a. Frank Castle to Philadelphia.

Castle receives an anonymous tip that there may be a child trafficking ring somewhere in the city. The story begins with exactly what punisher fans want an immediate, violent murder-spree.

What the story lacks is a strong sense of an inspirational plot. We all know what is going to happen in this story. The plot lines of comic writers like Alan Moore and Mark Waid seem to be a skill level almost out of reach for Swiercynski’s.

By the fifth page, Castle has already killed seven guards, only four with fire-arms. It’s this immediate explosion of action that has come to be Swierczynski’s style. The way he just drops you into a story is as if you have just gotten to your seat in a movie theatre because the popcorn line was backed up and now you have to imagine what you missed.

“6 Hours to Kill” is the first installment of a five part series that will be “Frank Castle the Punisher, No. 66” however, this first issue really seems to sum up how the rest of the story will continue. The former City Paper editor, Swiercynski, should know that he may have some trouble selling the next four issues if he doesn’t add some intellect to the plot line.

After Castle kills seven guards he is captured by some kind of scientist who injects him with a poison. The scientist tells Castle that the only way he will give him the antidote is if he kills a named criminal. This is about the climax of issue one. However, it introduces the reader to what will inevitably turn out to be a bloody, tale-twisting comic.

What else could a comic fan ask for? A lot more.

An interesting aspect of the issue, however, is that it is the city of Philadelphia in which Castle spends his time mowing down the bad guys.

Readers will see such Philadelphia landmarks as Independence Hall and the Ben Franklin Park Way. The site of the city brings familiarity to readers in the Philadelphia area and an added touch of personality, being that it is a real city in the background.

Swierczynski has said one of his favorite things to do is take a walk around the city of brotherly love for an entire day and dream up the violence and horror that is the comic theme of most Punisher stories.

Most of Swierczynski’s work with the same template, or what painters would call the same pallet.

Stories like “Blonde,” “Murder at Wayne Manor: An Interactive Batman Myster” and several other Swierczynski pieces have that same immediate jump into the plot which will eventually twist and turn in every direction until readers give up on trying to figure out the ending before hand.

I recommend picking up “6 Hours to Kill,” number 66 in the “Frank Castle The Punisher” series if you’re into a light read that very likely will not require a lot of thinking. The story, so far, does not seem to have any hidden meanings. The obviously corrupt mayor of Swierczynski’s Philadelphia is not supposed to be a representation of Mayor Nutter. In fact, the author has said that the mayor in this story is supposed to be an anti-Nutter, which proves Swierczynski deep respect for the reformist mayor of Philadelphia.

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The Lost and Damned shakes LIVE

Even when my homework is piling beyond my desk and dropping onto the floor and my computer screen has burned a hole straight through my retinas to the back of my head, I can always manage to make time for my favorite stress reliever; Grand Theft Auto IV.

This Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 9 a.m., “Rockstar Games” will release its new multiplayer expansion “The Lost and Damned,” completely free for a six day trial ending Sunday, Feb. 22.

In addition, Xbox and Rockstar are teaming up for a week of special events taking place on the Xbox multiplayer network, “Xbox Live.” So far events include a “Game with Fame” event featuring Hip Hop producer and DJ, Statik Selektah.

Also, a “Game with Rockstar” event which allows multiplayer battles to include Rockstar staff blowing up half of Liberty City just to find your five-dollar wad of cash. So stay on your guard and don’t leave your save point without your favorite long-range automatic weapon.

Beyond this week’s events, the expansion also includes an entirely new game scenario. A veteran member of the biker gang “The Lost,” Johnny Klebitz, has always been loyal to the group and it’s leader Billy Grey.

However, when Grey returns from rehab, he begins a bloody turf war with rival gangs in order to take control of the streets of Liberty City. Through a plot that intersects with the original storyline of the game, Klebitz must remain loyal to the gang and take part in its bloody rampage.

The expansion will also include a number of new features that go beyond the multiplayer scenarios and events.

Features include added range weapons. That’s more long-ranged automatic and sniper weapons to blow your best friends character right off the “Statue of Happiness.”

Also, Rockstar has added a few new vehicles, something any GTA player can come to appreciate. New radio and soundtracks are also being incorporated into the game.

As any player can tell you, in GTA IV, the game allows players to find their own soundscape to the game through whatever that player’s interest in music might be. In adding so many new features to the game, Rockstar has truly renewed one of the gaming markets most popular past times, free-roam brutality.

So be sure to check out the official Rockstar Games website at http://www.rockstargames.comand go online this Feb. 15 to download your free trial of “The Lost and Damned.”

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Find over 300 Internships here!

Are you looking for an internship in the Greater Philadelphia region, but have no idea where to look? Would you rather trek through the February snow to your local co-op office or stay at home in your super-hero pajamas, warming yourself with the soft glow of your computer screen. Now you can do just that. From February 16th to the 27th, Campus Philly Careers will be hosting its semi-annual online internship fair.

The online internship fair is a great opportunity for college students looking for experience in their job sector, to connect with employers for summer internships, co-ops, jobs and volunteer opportunities all in the Greater Philadelphia region.

InternU, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia will be sponsoring the event, which reaches out to over 300 employers.

Though Campus Philly Careers always has information on employment and internship opportunities, this is a heightened effort to push students to start working now for that experience needed in the always-changing job market.

It is extremely important to graduate from college with as much experience as you can possibly have, especially in today’s economic turmoil. Employers are tightening the thresholds of which employees are being hired and those that are not.

In the future, it is expected that most companies will look for the worker who can take on the job of three other people in order to more efficiently cope with costs.

This is exactly the reason why all Campus Philly readers should take the time to find an employer through the online internship fair. The easiest way to find a job in a company is to have already worked for them.

Large accounting firms for the most part, will only hire accountants with low experience if they have had an internship with the company. This kind of thinking goes beyond the business world reaching areas of the communication and education industries.

Don’t start sweating yet. Campus Philly has you covered, having employers from almost every market. Visit to register and start looking for internships today!

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The anticipation of Slipknot’s “All Hope is Gone Tour,” with special guests Coheed & Cambria and Trivium, finally came to its apex on February 7. The lights were dark in the venue and the sounds of hundreds of people screaming and cheering-on opening act, Trivium, were all that could be heard.

Trivium had been invited on the tour by Slipknot-drummer Joey Jordanson. According to Travis Smith (drummer for Trivium), they met Jordanson on “The Family Values Tour” this past summer.. “Of course we said yes as quickly as we could, we didn’t even have to think twice about it.” Smith said. “Slipknot has put out an incredible album and in our eyes, this is the tour to be on.”

Smith, with his bandmates Paolo Gregoletto (bass), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), and Matt Heafy (guitar), played songs from their albums Embers to Inferno, Ascendency, Crusade and their 2008 release Shogun. The crowd responded with an overwhelming energy, their fists and voices raised to the sky.

For Trivium, this tour has yielded nothing short of positive responses and great opportunities: “We’ve done pretty good in other parts of the world and we really want to do really well in our own backyard,” Smith told me while enjoying some down time, watching professional golf.

“Being on a tour like this, 80 to 90 percent of the people are new for us,” he continued. “When we first come out people are interested ‘what’s this band all about’. And by the end of the set, we’ve usually hooked them and everyone’s into it.”

A hooked herd of new fans is definitely what they gained as large amounts of Coheed & Cambria and Slipknot fans showed their respects for Trivium as the quartet stood side-by-side at center stage to say thank you and give a bow for their performance. All around people commented on their musicianship, solidifying their overall intention for joining the tour.

“Gaining new fans, that’s what it’s all about,” Smith said. Trivium set the bar, towering for the monumental bands that followed and neither Coheed nor the legendary Slipknot had trouble surmounting it.

Coheed & Cambria opened their set with the popular Rock Band anthem “Welcome Home”. Lead vocalist Claudio’s signature hair was more than enough entertainment to last the entire night, but the band’s captivating style of metal and theatrical lyrics trumped his brown and blonde waves. Though their set only consisted of about five or six songs, anyone who knows Coheed knows that the length of each song resulted in a full hour of intense and technical guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. However, Slipknot was the band that Camden had been waiting hours to see and Coheed made sure to let the crowd know that satisfaction was right around the corner at the conclusion of their set.

The insanity that ensures during a Slipknot performance is better seen than described. After a 30-minute turn over, the band was revealed perfectly positioned on stage – posed and masked. Finally guitar riffs start to echo through the venue and all hope was truly gone… for anyone looking to stand perfectly still.

Slipknot’s set was a non-stop series of spinning metal percussion barrels, ear-piercing duel guitar and the incredibly mesmerizing vocals of Corey Taylor. They played singles from every one of their major label releases, from their self-titled 1999 release to their latest All Hope is Gone like “Wait and Bleed”, “Left Behind”, “Before I Forget” and “Dead Memories”.

The crowd sang along with Taylor during every song. At numerous instants throughout the show, he showed his gratitude by reminding the fans that where Jersey and Philly meet is Camden, Slipknots favorite place to play.

Slipknot ended their set with an encore performance of “Spit It Out” and a massive display of fan loyalty as the entire venue squatted down to the floor and, on Taylor’s cue, jumped up. The Susquehanna Bank Center exploded with motion as every person in the room sprung for the ceiling. He was the last member to leave the stage as he waved and bowed to the crowd, thanking his loyal fans for sticking with Slipknot for an entire decade and promising to come back soon.

The ”All Hope is Gone Tour” was a collaboration of extreme musicianship, theatrics of a different kind, and most of all, great metal. It was proof that no matter how ridiculous and controlling the music industry gets, honest music will survive.

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