Do-it-Yourself Fruit Arrangements

If you are looking for that fun, funky and fresh party platter look no further than the new trend of edible fruit arrangements.

If you choose to purchase this item you would end up paying between $40 and $150. So why not make it yourself using fruits that you and your guests will love?

Since it is summer, I would suggest using fruits that are in season like strawberries, various types of melons and berries, pineapple and grapes. These all are vibrant in taste and color and would be a hit at parties.

After picking your favorite fruit, you will need wooden skewers to stack the fruit in colorful designs. Make sure to plan one skewer per person.

You will also need green floral foam (available at most craft stores) to put in the bottom your chosen container.

After collecting the materials, cut up your fruit and arrange them on the skewer. You can be as creative or as simple as you want. You can place the same fruit on the skewer or mix it up by creatively cutting the fruit into shapes. Don’t forget to mix and match the colors too!

To give your basket height, keep the taller skewers in the center and work outwards. Also, to make the arrangement more fun, dip strawberries and other fruit in chocolate.

Remember, think outside the box! Your guests will admire your beautiful creation and thank you for such a tasty dish.

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Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia

Dumpster diving is a pretty foreign idea to most people, who discard their garbage without a second glance.

However, in Philadelphia, a group of individuals are breaking the dumpster-diving stigma by literally turning trash into treasure.

The Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia are approximately 40 recognized artists who sift through residential trash and create works of art, accessories and furniture from their findings.

Many of the objects discovered include household appliances (sometimes ones that aren’t even broken), jewelry and clothing; the art created with them tends to highlight a wasteful trend in urban societies.

The Divers showcase their art in a gallery, which is open to the public. Located at 734 South Street, the gallery displays collages, pocketbooks and decorations to name a few, which are all made from recycled goods.

Pieces in this colorful collection are for sale and are guaranteed to be one of a kind.

While the group has been able to profit from their trash-sifting practices, not just anyone can dumpster dive.

Most major cities have implemented dumpster diving laws that prohibit people from simply rifling through their neighbors’ trash bins. The Dumpster Divers are careful not to infringe on anyone’s privacy.

Perhaps performing the ultimate act of recycling, the Dumpster Divers have made a name for themselves by proving that beauty can be found in, well, the trashiest of places.

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Fair Offers Grads Opportunities

Young professionals from all over the Philadelphia area attended Campus Philly’s Opportunity Fair on Tuesday, June 16th with both their résumés and hopes in hand.

Over 800 people flooded the Saint Joseph’s University campus which housed more than 45 employers and organizations for prospective employees to learn more about. Exhibitors also included college-career offices and graduate programs.

The fair aimed to provide an opportunity for recent grads and young adults looking for a career and chance to network with potential employers.

Stephanie McGinley, a recent Temple University grad who majored in Art with a focus in Digital Media, attended the fair with the hopes of finding an open job in the digital world that would allow her to do both creative and graphic design.

“I was able to talk to all the employers I had hoped to when I was there,” McGinley said. “I was really happy to see that though a lot of people attended. Everyone was able to speak with each employer they were hoping to without having to stand in line most of the time.”

McGinley, though unable to find a suitable open position for her field, was happy to speak with prospective employers and display her résumé and portfolio.

The fair seemed to bring out more than just recent grads, including a girl whose father happened to be passing by and called her to come check it out. Even established professionals were in attendance, looking for the same positions as those fresh out of college. With the recent economic crisis, it looks as if everyone is starting from scratch.

Along with employers and grad schools present, a number of workshops took place throughout the day. Session topics included “Harnessing the Power of Image & Body Language for Success” and “Career Networking: Tapping the Hidden Job Market,” all presented by well qualified professionals who were also presenting their businesses and offices at the fair.

“I thought the speakers were great. I think more information like that would be wonderful,” McGinley said.

The next career fair scheduled to be hosted by Campus Philly will be online in the fall.

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The Fray Concert Review

The Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, N.J. hosted the hit band The Fray on June 24. With opening band, Jack’s Mannequin in tow, the crowd was completely engrossed in the chart toppers.

The Fray gained popularity in 2006 with their singles, “How to Save a Life” and “Over My Head (Cable Car).” Both songs spent many weeks on the top of the charts and were featured in hit TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Since their hits in 2006 The Fray have released their huge single, “You Found Me.” The song debuted in November of 2008 and has been on the Top 40 charts ever since. It’s nearly impossible for one song to spend that many weeks on the charts these days so The Fray’s success is definitely a rarity.

The Fray drew audience members of all ages ranging from confused parents to extremely questionable under agers.

Concert goers had the option of purchasing lawn tickets or actual seats. I went with the lawn seats. If you’re at an outdoor concert, lawn seating is the only way to go. Why restrict yourself by having a real seat behind you if you’re going to stand up and bust a move? Just bring a nice blanket or towel and relax.

Lawn seating also gives you the option to wander and socialize with some friends you may run into. The fact of the matter is, you will be running into someone if you go to a concert at Susquehanna, whether you like it or not.

Clearly, it’s not the socializing that you got to the concert for. You go for the music of course!

Jack’s Mannequin did not disappoint the audience as they played most of their big singles. I’m not personally a fan of the band, but I did enjoy their set. They ended with an exciting rendition of Tom Petty’s classic “American Girl.”

After waiting for what seemed like forever, The Fray finally hit the stage. The group opened big by performing “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and the crowd instantly got into it.

Even though The Fray isn’t exactly a band you can dance to, people we’re shaking their thing all over the lawn!

The band continued to play various songs from their albums How to Save a Life and their latest, The Fray.

Even if the music wasn’t something you were familiar with, the band definitely put on a show. The stage was complete with morphing screens that changed for each song. Whether it was a fire display or a lightening storm, it played on the screen behind the band.

Lead singer Isaac Slade even climbed on top of the piano at one point to belt out “She Is.”

Slade took the time to address the audience in between each song, which was a real treat to audience members and something I personally enjoyed.

It’s always a great experience when the band actually addresses the crowd and gives them a little insight behind their music.

The Fray really did put on a pretty fun concert. I wasn’t expecting to be dancing so much to the music as I usually put the band on to just relax.

The Fray gives a fantastic concert, and I highly recommend you check them out whether you’re a fan of them or not.

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Campus Philly Mix Tape

On June 25, the music world suffered a great loss. Yesterday, Michael Jackson—a man considered by many to be the world’s greatest entertainer—went into cardiac arrest and later died at a Los Angeles hospital.

His outlandish dance style and revolutionary music videos led Michael to be hailed as the King of Pop, a title he most definitely deserves.

Over the last few years, Michael’s legacy has been overshadowed by conflicts and scandals in his personal life, but it is his music that we will remember the most. And so, we thought it was only fitting to scrap the original idea for today’s mix tape, and instead devote it to our favorite Michael tunes.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us, MJ. You’ll be moonwalking in a better place.

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Give In To Me

Remember the Time

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Rock With You

Billie Jean

Beat It



Smooth Criminal

The Way You Make Me Feel

Man in the Mirror

Dirty Diana

Black or White

You Rock My World

Heal the World

Honorable Mention: The Jackson Five Years


I’ll Be There

I Want You Back

Ooh Ooh Child


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My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper, based on the novel by Jodi Piccoult, hits theaters today, which will most likely be swimming with mothers and daughters.

Keeper is the story of a young girl named Anna (Abigail Breslin) who discovers that the only reason behind her conception is for her to help her older sister Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) who was born with leukemia; Kate’s parents felt it would be best to have another child to provide the bone-marrow that she needs to survive.

Anna, who is deeply hurt by this truth struggles to find out who she really is and decides she wants emancipation from her parents. This decision raises conflict within the family.

The most intriguing aspect of this touching story is how Anna does not want to help her older sister at the expense of her own life. It would be typical of a story plot to have the sister more than willing to give up her life for her older sister. But with this twist, the movie is more interesting.

I also feel this allows a reality to come about in the story. I can understand the confusion Anna goes through and I am sure any other typical teenager would undergo the same thoughts.

The movie is expected to be a great tribute to the novel. Many have not read this novel and it is a story people should hear. It teaches how important family is through tough times and how lucky people should consider themselves to have that support system.

Books are usually better than the movie. But with this movie having such a great cast, including Cameron Diaz as Sara, it has potential to live up to its origins. Some important story details will be looked over, but that is what happens when a movie has time restrictions.

Overall, I am excited for the movie. Keeper touches the heart while raising ethical and moral issues and I feel there will be positive yet emotional reactions from viewers.

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Summer Style: Graphics Tees

It is held in firm conviction, and believed to by self evident, that one man can only own so many plain t-shirts, polos or button ups without looking like a complete doofus. Especially in the summer months.

As the warm air rolls in and layers are shed, the gravity of what a person chooses as a base layer of clothing is quite the decision.

Sure, recent fashion trends have indicated a push toward a more conservative look that while employing bright colors, still maintains a very clean look.

However, every now and then textile-tacular fun must be had by all.

Graphic tees have become a pervasive part of the modern wardrobe.

Although sadly dropping off in recent years, a resurgence of the attire has begun to blip on radars everywhere.

Several years back when sites such as were gaining hits at a comparable pace with the most traveled online apparel sites, it seemed that the graphic tee was here to stay.

However, several things, not the least of which being stores like American Apparel’s rapid rise in popularity, caused these mobile canvases to drop back in closets.

But now, graphic tees are back; free of the kitschy, lack luster or just plain wordy designs of yester-year.

The best way to look at the new breed of graphic tees is as an extension of modern art—a medium that looks at the piece of apparel as it conforms to the body, using all factors involved to fashion a truly wearable piece of art.

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Metric @ The Troc

For those of you who are tried and true fans of the Canadian-American band Metric like me, you will have noticed a change in the fan size at their concerts within a matter of a year.

I attended Metric’s show this past Thursday at the Trocadero only a little over a year after seeing them play at the Troc last year, and the difference was undeniable.

Metric was still amazing as they were last year, amped with that enthusiasm and zany creativity that make them who they are.

The crowd, however, went from mild and small last year to so large and so loyal that it was hard to even get a peak at the band through the shoulder to shoulder crowd of screaming 20-somethings this year.

Lead singer Emily Haines came out and started her dialogue with the crowd saying, Philadelphia, what’s up! So many good memories here! She proceeded to share that her mom grew up in Philadelphia, going to rock shows at the First Unitarian Church.

The band started with a real crowd pleaser, Is It Ever Enough which got the group pumped after getting through the two initial acts of waiting for the main show.

Lead singer Haines was decked out in a tight black rocker outfit to match her bleach blonde short hair; by the end of the show, she and the rest of the band had sweat on them to prove how hard they worked.

Some of the best songs in their collection for the night were Gimme Sympathy and Front Row. Although most of the songs were newer, a couple of old ones were thrown in for good measure.

Dead Disco and Monster Hospital were classics that they played, and most of the room seemed to be singing along word for word.

Things started getting downright crazy towards the end, when the sweaty leading lady started spouting out nonsense about the existence of a cheeseburger and referring to us as the stadium of love.

For the most part though, the fans bought it.

It was clear that as Metric’s followers shuffled out of the stuffy venue, not a soul was left feeling so much as an ounce of disappointment.

Bottom line: the show was nothing short of intense and regardless of the claustrophobia-inducing space and the lack of encore, this performance was well worth venturing to Chinatown on a Thursday night.

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Fresh Food Supermarkets

A large concern in underprivileged communities today is the lack of access to healthy food.

To combat this problem in Philly, changes to local industry are helping struggling neighborhoods get the nutrition their residents deserve.

A combined effort of state legislators, the Reinvestment Fund and the Food Trust, the Fresh Food Financing Initiative has been created to help Pennsylvania communities that struggle with the cost of quality food.

Working with area businesses and chain supermarkets, the initiative has enabled the development of 60 new food markets in struggling areas across the state, ensuring new supermarkets up to $250,000 in a cash grant.

This program has recently been put into effect in North Philly, where for decades, businesses and food stores have slowly disappeared. A new ShopRite store will be built at Progress Plaza in a North Philly community currently located a mile away from the nearest grocery store.

With new locations throughout the area, local businesses and residents alike are excited about what the program means. Residents hope the addition of new supermarkets will boost local industry and generate a greater level of community well-being.

While new markets are springing up across the city, existing stores are also being given the funding they need to stock healthier products. This includes better quality meats and produce.

The Fresh Food Financing Initiative hopes to not only give Pennsylvanians greater access to food, but to combat the obesity epidemic that has plagued the nation for years. With better food choices available to them, people are expected to eat better foods and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Through these initiatives, this program has helped guarantee people basic necessities and has given underprivileged Philadelphians a step towards a better life.

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Summer Fruits

Summertime is when everyone seems to start making promises to workout and eat smart. The season is also known for having delicious fruits that are juicy and sweet.

The real key to a healthy lifestyle is being grocery store savvy—in this case, knowing what fruit is worth snacking on. Three of my favorites are pineapple, cantaloupe and strawberries.

Pineapples are great for party platters, but also good for your digestion and bronchial tubes. Pineapple is very healthy, but should not be consumed in large amounts. The pineapple is a unique fruit because of its exterior skin which makes many not too sure how to prepare it.

Please do not eat the exterior of the pineapple, as it might cause pain. Follow these steps for a perfectly prepared pineapple.

1. You need a big, sharp knife.

2. Cut off both ends of the pineapple.

3. Next, cut skin off of all sides in downward strokes.

4. You now are able to cut the pineapple into large pieces.

5. Lastly, cut the core out of all slices and enjoy!

The pineapple is only one of many odd and irregular fruits. The cantaloupe also falls into that category as I have never figured out how to prepare them.

Cantaloupe is one of the most popular melons because of its low calories and excellent source of vitamin C. The preparation for a cantaloupe is a bit more basic then the pineapple.

1. Cut cantaloupe in half.

2. Scoop out all the seeds.

3. Cut the halves into half again.

4. Run knife along inside of the rind/skin.

5. Cut into pieces and enjoy!

And then we have the strawberries. Strawberries are my absolute favorite of the fruit family. Not being a chef myself, strawberries are simple and can be eaten in large quantities without much hassle.

Like the cantaloupe, strawberries are another great source of Vitamin C. Preparation for these vibrant fruits is pretty minimal—wash and cut the tops off.

Pineapples, cantaloupes, and strawberries—all healthy and all delicious! And proof that eating healthy does not always have to be a drag.

For these healthy fruits and more at a great price, check out your local farmer’s market or Produce Junction (2241 Bryn Mawr Ave.) in Wynnefield.

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