Food in Philly

* This is a guest blog as part of Campus Philly’s participation in a shadowing program.

Philly is a great place to live in; we have many great things to do.

For example, you can go to a movie or to a museum, and you can even visit our major tourist attractions to find out why Philly is so great.

Our food is great here; we use a lot of bread. The thing you have to try when you come to Philly is our Philly cheesesteaks. Did you know that some say the hoagies were also invented in Philadelphia?

To top of the bread theme is the soft pretzel, which is one of my favorites and is very popular in Philly.

Restaurants in center city are very diverse. From steak houses to elegant French cuisine, Philadelphia restaurants offer a combination of American cuisine and international recopies.

In North Philly, the restaurants are very lively, while South Philly restaurants are more satisfying to shoppers, sports fans and bar-hoppers.

Even though each part of Philly has its own style, we all still enjoy eating and having fun with friends and family. Philadelphia is a great place to live or to just bring friends and family for a visit because we have lots of things to eat, do and see!

So if you’re ever in need of a vacation, Philly is a great place with wonderful hotels. Pay us a visit, you will enjoy it!

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