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Calling all artists! When an opportunity knocks, you answer. That’s the way of the game when there’s an opening or a resource for you to take advantage of. It can be tough when you’re still in college or have just graduated and the means to get exposure or find your niche is tougher than choosing to stay up until 3 a.m. and start that paper that’s due in a few days. Well, if you want to create and submit artwork that is your style and speaks to you, Prelude Gallery is available and open for business.

Within a car, train, bus, walk or bike rides reach, this new space is accessible for many students and locals. I myself boarded the 17 bus and arrived about a block away from the gallery’s location just off of 20th and Pine. I was immediately taken in by the window display of Prelude Gallery, an image of a musical instrument, creative canvases and splashes of cleverness leaping from the glass. Once inside I met with Creative Director of the store-front gallery, Gaby Heit, who welcomed me into the artistic abode. As I took steps on the hardwood floor and viewed the art, I took note of the varied college campuses represented and techy QR (Quick Response) barcode’s for each piece.

From Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Moore College of Art & Design, Cabrini College down to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, there’s a variety of student art on view. Gaby explained to me, “We want to give students the exposure they deserve and be a forum for them, which can allow them to receive a following of their work.” What’s cool about Prelude, students can not only network, but your work can be sold. The gallery will earn a small commission from art sold and students can set their own prices for their work varying from $160 and up. Just simply submit a digital version of your 2-dimensional piece for review, and hopefully the next step is an in person review and possibly getting selected. Lots are factored into this process, send in your high quality work and see what happens!

The objective is clear and specific, “… A unique opportunity for student and new-graduate emerging fine artists. Prelude helps in the transition from studio and academic environment to Philadelphia’s art community and public arena.” One major way to extend a chance for students is the gallery’s own newsworthy “My Philadelphia” competition. Some students have been nominated by faculty members, while some others found out through press coverage. The online deadline has been extended until Saturday, November 19th. There is still time! Students will be chosen to have their art on display in the gallery, along with receiving some cool gifts. Plus, a special reception will be held on Wednesday, December 7th for the selected artists and other guests.

With community support Prelude Gallery can continue to flourish and allow students to show off their talents while painting creatively toward their future. As Gaby Heit put it these “rising stars” that swarm our city, they deserve an opportunity in the spotlight. Heit hopes to have programming events, more competitions, showings for students outside of the gallery and framing clinics for artists. Click here for more information about the competition and the gallery!

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