6th Annual NEUVSA Conference

From April 6th through the 8th, Drexel University is hosting the 6th Annual North East Union of Vietnamese Student Associations Conference! The non-profit organization, dedicated to providing a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture through various activities for mutual benefit, is a call to us all to come out and support the student body.

To help out Drexel’s VSA come join the festivities:

  • This is a celebration of the arrival of new friends from the North East. Come see Drexel’s VSA host first the Vietnamese Folklore Festival on April 6th at 6pm at the Armory. Not only do you get to see a variety of traditional games and performances but you also get to taste and judge traditional food! That’s right, you get to decide which food tastes better while making new friends.


  • Next check out the Annual Culture show on April 7th. Dinner is at 5:30 featuring some delicious Vietnamese cuisine, and the show starts at 7pm sharp! Come see an original play, dancing, and singing performances. Have a good time while learning about a new culture.


  • “The attendees shall be inspired to explore many other prospective pathways to step into the future, be educated with knowledge and skills, and be well-prepared for the chosen goal.” -Lan Nguyen, chairman of NEUVSA Conference.


Drexel VSA Culture Show is just $12/single person & $20/ couple. If you decide to join in on all three days of the conference the package of $32.99 will cover everything plus the Culture Show.

Click the website link for more information and to register!


You can contact Megan McIntosh at memcintosh@ursinus.edu

Top 5 Philly Career Postings

Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on campusphilly.org/careers:

1. First Financial Group/ MassMutual: Entry Level Financial Services Professional

Recent grads, check out this paid job opening at First Financial Group. As a Financial Services Representative, you’ll serve as a financial guide to clients, build your presentation and organizational skills, and expand upon your personal knowledge of the field.

2. Please Touch Museum: Community Learning Intern

Calling all kids at heart! In order to assist with community outreach programming this summer, the Children’s Museum of Philadelphia is seeking an intern with lots of energy, willingness to play with kids and teens, and experience with community service and/or volunteering.

3. The Communications Group: Associate Producer of new radio magazine

Here’s an amazing opportunity for Broadcast Media peeps. The position calls for an organized, innovative, and dynamic intern to manage, oversee, and promote the program – to be released this summer!

4. Urban Blazers: Summer Intern

As an Urban Blazer, you should 1) not be afraid of getting dirty, 2) have a liking for the great outdoors, and 3) love working with young people! You’ll get to pick up worms, strengthen your leadership and team-building skills, and – best of all – make a positive difference in children’s lives.

5. Gas Station TV: Local Account Executive

GSTV is looking to hire a media professional able to produce results, grow all facets of media revenue, and be a key player in their expanding media organization. Sounds like a great full-time opportunity for those with an interest in both broadcast media and sales!

You can contact Evetha Francois at evetha.francois@temple.edu

Fairmount Park Art Association:
The Free Museum Without Walls

Photo © Fairmount Park Art Association

Here’s a riddle for you: Which museum is bigger than the Smithsonian, has the largest collection of celebrated sculptures and is free and open to the public? The answer?  Well, it’s not a museum at all.  It’s our city.  It’s Philadelphia.

The city of Philadelphia has one of the richest collections of outdoor public art, and the Fairmount Park Art Association is calling attention to the city’s everyday beauty through a free spring series entitled Site Seeing. The series features four events designed to help people connect with the numerous public outdoor art installments found throughout the city that often go unnoticed on a daily basis.

Site Seeing kicks off on April 5th with an evening of tango at the Swann Memorial Fountain, a recreation of the magical “open-air dances” that were customary during the sweltering summer heat of 1921 to 1924. The series will also feature public art bike tours and a flashlight mob that will literally bring light to  Mark di Survero’s Iroquois statue located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Then, for two Saturdays in late April, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be transformed into a city-sized Google map with a series of giant balloons marking the location of 12 outdoor sculptures including Robert Indiana’s Love and Stirling Calder’s Shakespeare Memorial.

Public art becomes this amazing free museum without walls that you don’t need to buy a ticket for, plan ahead for, or dress up for,” said FPAA Executive Director Penny Bach. “We are helping people reconnect with things they might have walked by, driven by, biked by a thousand times.”

The FPAA was established in 1872 as the first public art association in the United States.  Today, the organizers have fulfilled their original goal of adding beauty and art to people’s lives in a way that is accessible to everyone by commissioning, preserving and promoting public art.


You can contact Dominique Clarke at doclarke@sas.upenn.edu

InterAct Theatre Company:
Outside the Frame

Photo © InterAct Theater Company

America is a mix of distinct identities, but does yours fall outside of the mainstream?  Fortunately, InterAct Theatre Company is using it’s own brand of social drama to bring America’s hidden stories to light.

From March 27 to April 22, InterAct Theatre Company is scrapping its third production of the season in favor of a four-week long festival entitled Outside the Frame: Voices from the other America. 7 works by nationally-renowned story-tellers, solo-artists and monologists will be performed on InterAct’s stage, including six Philadelphia premiers and two world premiers.  These productions share a common goal of illuminating the unique, individual stories and identities of everyday Americans, exploring a variety of issues including gay marriage, American-Palestinian relations, transgender identity and urban gentrification.

“The idea was to bring together performances that illuminated stories, characters, and ideas that were not well familiar to the mainstream media,” said Seth Rozin, artistic director of the InterAct Theatre Company. “Most of them are individual first person stories and the way they interact in the American landscape, their ethnicity or identity, in some way reflects some issues or conflicts in the world today.”

Outside the Frame will give voice to some of the most controversial performers in America, including the routinely-censored artist Tim Miller.  During the festival, Miller will present Lay of the Land, an edited look at how the LBGT community is “perpetually on trial, on the ballot, and on the menu.”

In connection with the festival, InterAct Theatre Company will also present its 10th annual collaboration with Philly Young Playwrights entitled Young Voices, a night of professionally produced monologues written and performed by local teens.

InterAct’s mission is to produce contemporary plays that explore the social, political, and cultural issues of our time, causing their work to resonate with young audiences. “There are so many people from different backgrounds [in college] and we feel we have something for a lot of them.”


You can contact Dominique Clarke at doclarke@sas.upenn.edu

Small & Mid-sized Employers
Making it Big

Photo © Kelsey Jones for Campus Philly

What do Brolik Productions Inc., iRadioPhilly.com and Prodigal Private Security have in common? Well each of these businesses are on campusphilly.org/careers, offering job/internship positions to students like you! They’re also cool, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) doing big things in Philly.

For these SMEs, or companies with less than 1,000 employees, size ain’t nothin’ but a number!  They bring some really huge advantages to our area, forging positive client/customer relationships, responding and adapting quickly to market changes, increasing community revenue, accomplishing specialized business ventures, and producing high quality work. But the biggest contributions of small and medium businesses are the learning and career building opportunities they offer to job/internship seekers.

In today’s market – where we’ve seen job availability decrease and applicant qualifications and demands rise – more than 75% of openings since Jan. 2009 have been at SMEs. Making connections with these often unknown organizations will require you to lay some major ground work, and attending networking opportunities, job fairs, and other career events at your school or in the city are great ways to get started. The Campus Philly Events Calendar will help keep you up to date on the upcoming ones, so make sure you give it a look!

Campusphilly.org/careers is another amazing resource where you can search for SMEs nearby, contact potential employers, and even apply for positions of interest. Upload your most recent resume after making an account and, based upon your experiences and interests, company reps may reach out to you. Along with the opportunities at Brolik Productions Inc.iRadioPhilly.com and Prodigal Private Security, you should check out Karma Agency‘s internship on CP’s career site.

At SMEs, you’ll be able to collaborate with great and innovative minds while gaining the skills necessary for working at a start-up and owning your own business. The best part about furthering your career at a small/medium business, though, isn’t that you get to bring your own, unique vision to fruition. Actually it’s that, through all your hard work and dedication, you have the ability to inspire other young entrepreneurs with big dreams to do the same.

You can contact Evetha Francois at evetha.francois@temple.edu

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Photo © Cabrini College

Here are this week’s top 5 news bites from our local colleges and universities:

With over 440,000 hours of community service in the past academic year, it’s no wonder UPenn is on the community service honor roll. Penn received this amazing award in the “Summer Learning” category. UPenn has multiple summer programs where they provide a safe, healthy environment for academic enrichment during summer breaks for the school year.
The competition’s purpose was to design an energy efficient store for the future for TD Bank.  According to Paul Nye, vice president for design strategy at TD Bank they were so impressed by the quality of student work that they “could almost start building [the winning design] right now.” PhilaU students Patricia Oliveira, Ryan Sison and Joanne Thieu won first place in the contest, earning a cash prize, tickets to a Philadelphia Phillies game in TD Bank’s ballpark suite, and a trip to Toronto to present their design.
One of only 18 U.S students to be named a Luce Scholar this year by the Henry Luce Foundation, Jennifer Zelnick ’12 was also the first Haverford student since 1999. The purpose of the Luce Scholar is to expand the minds of the participants. Participants are chosen based not only on academic achievement, but personal qualities such as creativity, humility, openness to new ideas, and cultural sensitivity. Zelnick credits Haverford for motivating her onto this particular path.
The Department of Environmental Protection has partnered with Ursinus College to aid in measuring the air quality of Collegeville, Pa. It is a mystery to some what the stairs on the third floor of Myrin leads to, Shanita Brown ’13 can clear the air, literally and figuratively. The third floor stairs lead to the roof of myrin where the air sampling station resides. Brown ’12 chosen by her professor helps collect the canisters.
The Temple Owls are finally moving into the Big East. The football program will join the Big East in 2012 and the rest of TU sports will follow in the 2013-14 school year. This is history in the making for TU as this is the first time all of their sports will compete in the same conference.
you can contact Megan McIntosh at memcintosh@ursinus.edu

Top 5 Upcoming Philly Events

Photo © Kelsey Jones for Campus Philly

Here are the top 5 Campus Philly picks for events going on in Philly this week.  For more events, visit the Campus Philly Events Calendar.

4SW Live!

FREE!! When: March 26th, 9:00 pm | Where: Plays and Players Theatre – 1714 Delancey Street  Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ever consider dropping out of college to start a 3-person comedy theatre troupe?  We wouldn’t recommend it, but it sure worked out for 4SW, three theatre students who decided to veer off and do there own thing.  Now they’ve been delivering uncensored laughs for 4 years, making people feel insulted, offended and happy all at the same time.  Monday is the night to meet the trio in person for free!  So commit yourself to a night of non-stop laughs courtesy of 4SW.

Brat Productions Presents Let’s Start a War: Rock & Roll and Theatre Collide

Price: $12 | When: March 29th – 31st, 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm | Where: Ruba Hall, 414 Green St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Ever wished that stuffy lounge would instead play your favorite Journey music?  Well, Brat Productions is launching an all out war in that pursuit in Let’s Start a War: Rock & Roll and Theatre Collide.  It’s punk music vs rock music at a government sponsored cocktail party in this rock-cabaret inspired by the music of the Dead Kennedys and satirical political punk rock.   So watch rock win it all in this third installment of Brat Production’s Rock & Awe.

Seventh Annual 5k Race For Humanity Walk and Run 

FREE!! | When: March 31st, 9:00 am | Where: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia – 600 S. 43rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Is sitting around studying taking a toll on your beach body?  Get back in shape for a cause at the University of Sciences’ 5k Race for Humanity Walk and Run.  This 5k sponsored by Omega Chi Psi, USciences’ academic service fraternity, takes you through The Woodlands, a national historic cemetery right next to campus.  All proceeds from the run-walk benefit Livengrin Foundation for Addiction Recovery.

Watson Adventures’ Murder at the Philadelphia Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

Price: $34.50 w/ Student ID | When: March 31st, 2:00 pm | Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art – 26th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Campus Philly knows something you don’t:  the truth behind a murdered curator.  But we won’t tell.  To find out who dunnit you’ll need to head over to the Watson Adventurer’s Murder Mystery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to solve the crime yourself.  There you’ll search hidden clues in famous paintings and crack a secret code in the victim’s appointment calendar.  But hey, if the Renior’s cause you to veer off, murder can wait.  This is a great opportunity to check out the museum in a unique and exciting way.

Azuka Theatre Presents Hope Street and Other Lonely Places

Price: $17 – $27 | When: Ongoing until April 1st, various times | Where: First Baptist Church of Philadelphia – 123 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

A play for Philadelphia by Philadelphia, Hope Street and Other Lonely Places follows the lives of 5 locals.  But the star of the show is the city itself.  Each character attempts to find hope in the City of Brotherly Love, one searching Philly libraries for their long-lost love, another snapping pictures of the city as love letters and another trying to help his mother deal with the death of her older son.  Show your support for this play about Philadelphia, written by Philadelphia local Genne Murphy and performed in by a Philadelphia theatre company.


You can contact Dominique Clarke at doclarke@sas.upenn.edu

Going Green:
Herman Miller Student Contest

Photo © Herman Miller

What makes your campus green? That’s the question Herman Miller wants you to answer in their Third Annual Student Video Contest. Does your campus have great sustainability initiatives? Does your campus recycle like crazy? Is your campus truly committed to being eco-friendly? Tell  how by submitting a video to Herman Miller.

You’re campus is probably green if…

  • it includes specific programs and initiatives in which students are involved that educate.
  • It could also include a structure, like a garden, that encourages and simplifies individual efforts to increase sustainability;
  • anything that proves how your school is looking out for the Earth.

Says Jeff Vredevoogd, Director of Herman Miller Education, “we want to hear from the students [as they]  celebrate their school’s achievements in sustainability.”
Important things to remember about the contest: 

  • Enter your video no later than April 6, 2012, 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Videos should not be longer than three minutes and should not contain any brand logos—that includes your school’s name and mascot.
  • There will be a public vote which will determine the ranking of the top three submissions.
  • Winners receive cash prizes:


First place—$2500

Second place—$1500

Third place—$1000

Click the link for more information and to sign up to submit your video! Let’s show how Philadelphia schools are looking out for the environment.

You can contact Megan McIntosh at memcintosh@ursinus.edu

Top 5 Philly Career Postings

Photo © Campus Philly

Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on campusphilly.org/careers:

  1. Karma Agency: Summer 2012 PR and Marketing Internships: For the summer Karma, a full service marketing communications agency, will hire interns able to take on these responsibilities: account management support, brand research, media and community relations, special events coordination, and preparation and assistance with client presentations. This is a fabulous, paid opportunity to build up that resume and gain some hands-on field experience!
  2. Greer Lange Talent Agency: Booking Intern: Greer Lange has internship openings for students proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word. For the job, great phone skills, reliability, and professionalism are musts! While gaining academic credit, you’ll also be able to strengthen your organization and people skills at the agency.
  3. LIFT-Philadelphia: Summer Fellow: Summer Fellows work one-on-one with low-income community members to find jobs, secure housing and enroll in public benefits. As a Fellow, you’ll also help LIFT clients obtain referrals for childcare, healthcare, and other services. Those with a passion for community development, dedication to LIFT’s anti-poverty mission, and desire to make a real difference in people’s lives, apply!
  4. GameWear: Flash Developer: Tech and Graphic Design folks, GameWear Team Sports has a paid position opening for a flash developer for a contract project. If hired, you will be working to develop an interface allowing customers to customize garments color blocking.
  5. AL DIA Foundation: Nonprofit Foundation Internship: Nonprofit Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic, patient, creative and diligent intern who is also good with Macs. If you’re a fast learner with experience in grant-writing, event planning and /or fundraising, this could be a perfect fit!

You can contact Evetha Francois at evetha.francois@temple.edu

Top 5 Saturday Night Alternatives

Photo © Kelsey Jones for Campus Philly

Tired of the frat scene and empty containers of ice-cream?  Campus Philly has got you covered for alternatives to the traditional Saturday night on campus.

Arcade Night at Dave and Busters

The days of downing pizza and chasing a man in a mouse costume may be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up the thrill of a good arcade.  Dave and Buster’s is a grown-up version of our favorite childhood video arcades, featuring the classic games we’ve grown to love into adulthood.  Challenge your friends to a round of Dance Dance Revolution, Pac Man Battle Royal or Donkey Kong before or after grabbing a bite at Dave and Buster’s full scale restaurant with options ranging from cheddar cheese fries to steamed edamame to satisfy our mature student palettes.

Movie Night at the Ritz

It’s impossible to say “nothing good is showing” when you’re talking about the Ritz.  Every week, each of the three locations, Ritz East, Ritz at the Bourse and Ritz 5, feature critically-acclaimed films, many independent. These small, intimate theaters are the most inexpensive in the area, with tickets always under $10 and $7.25 student specials Sunday through Friday.  With prices like these, you can afford to treat your friends to a night of award-winning cinema.

Comedy Night at Comedy Sportz or Philly Improv Theatre

With the stress of friends, midterms and internships we could all use a good laugh.  Fortunately Saturday night is a great time catch comedy in the city.  Watch two teams face off in an improv battle at Comedy Sportz, an interactive show where improv comedy is played like a sport.  If that’s not your thing, head to Philly Improv Theatre for an old fashion showcase of comedic talent featuring the best of improve, sketch and stand-up.  You can even learn the ropes at PHIT’s classes and workshops throughout the week and by next Saturday you’ll be the evenings entertainment.

Concert Night at the Trocadero, Union Transfer or First Unitarian Church

Tired of karaoke but too broke to pay hundreds for a concert ticket?  Skip the overpriced concert tickets and instead head to some of Philly’s finest medium sized independent concert venues.   These venues feature local, independent and big-name musicians with many tickets priced under $20 bucks.  With very little space holding you back from the action, you’ll come within inches of your musical idols and be singing along all night.

Dessert Night at Franklin Fountain or Philly Chocolate

If the last time you tried to bake cupcakes resulted in a disastrous frosting explosion, it’s time to leave dessert night to the professionals.  You can try out Philly Chocolate, a near wonderland of sweet confections and decadent beverages.  If that doesn’t give you a sugar high, there’s Franklin Fountain, a time machine with a one way ticket to vintage ice-cream sundaes, soda pop and classic candy. WARNING: you may have to carry your candy-comatose roommate back to the dorm.


You can contact Dominique Clarke at doclarke@sas.upenn.edu