Top 5 Philly Career Postings

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Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on

1. Anexinet: Microsoft SharePoint Incubator Program

Get into the IT crowd (sorry, it never gets old) with  training and mentoring in Microsoft SharePoint portal technology provided by Anexinet. After going through training, join the team as a consultant.


2. Lokalty Inc.: Small Business Evangelist

It’s not what you think. In lieu of churches and pews, support small businesses by educating and signing up hundreds of merchants and customers, with a salary  to get you in the preaching mood!


3. Empire Covers: Junior Web Designer

Empire Covers, a car covers company with a surprisingly sleek website, is looking for a web designer to take care of company designs including graphics, website icons, web development, and HTML/CSS coding, under the direction of a creative director. Did we mention it’s PAID?


4. Operation Warm: Program and Development Intern

Yes, that is the cutest job listing you will ever see. Focusing on development of programs and fundraising, you will work for a nonprofit that provides winter coats to kids around the country. It’s not paid, but think of how proud Mother Theresa would be.


5. Campus Philly: Photography Internship

You take photos at events around the city and we grace you with our presence. We could go on, but we think we’ve made our point.


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The Wilma Theater:
An Interactive Theater Experience

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Go in the theater, watch the play and get out. That is the standard routine when we watch a play. Yet, have you ever left the theater with more questions than answers? Have you ever wanted to ask the actors in a play about their performance? If this has ever happened to you, The Wilma Theater on Broad St. might be your theater of choice!

Unlike many other theaters, The Wilma Theater’s mission is for the cast and audience to engage in dialogue, not only about the performance, but about issues of our contemporary lives. Johnny Van Heest, PR manager of the Wilma, says: “A work of art is something that is constantly evolving.” Van Heest explains that the communication between the audience and the performer is key for the dynamism of theater. He adds, “We don’t want them [the viewers] to go home with a lot more questions than they came in the theater with.”

The Wilma Theater will conclude their season with the play Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches.  The play will run from May 23 through  July 1. Angels in America is one of the most revered plays in our generation. The play’s main topic is the AIDS and HIV virus in America, a topic which Van Heest says you don’t see as much in the press and headlines.  Although the play is set in the late 80’s and 90’s, Van Heest states that many of these issues may be relevant in our election season.

So what kind of discussion will surge from this play? Van Heest answers,”My guess is that the questions will be about the current condition about the HIV and AIDS virus on America today.” What kind of medications are available today? What type of legal actions have been made to protect the victims of the virus? These questions and many more will be answered at the Q & A after the performance.

The Wilma will also have an exhibit with objects and documents that pertain to the history of AIDS in Philadelphia provided by the Philadelphia AIDS Library and the Mazzoni Center.

Student tickets purchased in advance are $25 and $10 for Sunday evening performances. A valid student ID is required. The Wilma also offers $10 Student Rush Tickets which are a limited supply of tickets available for purchase anytime on the day of the performance in person at the Box Office.

You can contact Camille Padilla at

StartUp Health IT Competition

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Pop quiz: what American industry garners over $2.7 trillion a year in annual spend? No, it’s not the Kardashians, but something a bit less loud: healthcare! Healthcare is one of the few American businesses not yet affected by the Kindle, which means pursuing a job in that field might just get you a decent paycheck. Like the Kardashians, however, this field is still over a decade behind any other industry in the use of IT. Up for changing this?

Starting June 1st, the first ever StartUp Weekend dedicated to healthcare will launch in Philadelphia, promising an intense 54-hour immersion in the startup world. Working with a team and experienced professionals, it’s your chance to see how far you can take an idea to technical demo and validated business plan in the course of a single weekend. Read on to see what they’ve got planned for you budding Mark Zuckerbergs of the healthcare world.


Friday, June 1st: 

Arrive at Venturef0rth between 5 and 6:30 to register and mingle (to start the networking early, join their Facebook group). Pitch the idea you’ve been dying to develop for a health or wellness app, business, or solution. Recruit or join a team of developers, designers, health experts and businesspeople to bring the project to life. Choose wisely- these budding engineers, software designers, and computer gods might just be your co-workers in the near future.


Saturday, June 2nd:

Assisted by seasoned coaches, your team will develop the plan, validate the business model, and construct the app. Remember that the goal of the competition is to build a web or mobile app that could be the basis for a business through teamwork.


Sunday, June 3rd:

Competition day! Race to finish up your prototype until  5pm- then, each team gets a 5-minute pitch and presentation before an all-star jury, where you’ll compete for prizes and glory. It’s like the Project Runway of IT but (sadly) without Heidi Klum.


Even without a blond bombshell yelling “Auf Weidersen”, this event is guaranteed to be a learning and networking event unlike any other. Register online and bring your talent and your passion- the Startup Weekend crew will make sure you’re fueled all weekend long. Developers and designers interested in coming should email for a relevant discount code. Still nervous? The good people at Start Up Weekend have drawn up a handy guide to the event. See you there!


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Campus Newswire: Top 5

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Here are this week’s top 5 news bites from our local colleges and universities:

Stockton College Ranked Among Nation’s Green Colleges

The Princeton Review has named Stockton College one of the most environmentally responsible colleges in the nation. With numerous environmental projects, including offering a degree in sustainability, and as the only college in the nation located in a pineland reserve, the College has worked hard to establish their green credentials.

OT’s Hanna Hyon MOT’12 Selected for Fulbright Award

University of the Sciences Masters of Occupational Therapy student Hanna Hyon has been awarded a Fulbright Award. She will depart for Gamgok Eumseong Chungbuk, a South Korean city an hour outside of Seoul, in early August. She hopes to learn about, and help to improve, Korean Occupational Therapy practice, with an emphasis on the ways in which it differs from American OT practice.

Swarthmore Physicists Venture Out of the Lab, into the Classroom

As part of Swarthmore College’s Introduction Mechanics course, Professor Frank Moscatelli had his students bring some of their knowledge to students at New Beginnings Academy. A K-12 school located in Chester, PA, New Beginnings has limited science facilities and personnel, and welcomed the help of the Swarthmore students.

Villanova Launches Mobile Website and New Applications

Villanova is going mobile. With the first-ever online version of their website available at and an app that’s compatible with any smartphone, the University is working to increase its online accessibility. Villanova hopes that these new measures will increase accessibility for prospective students, current students and parents alike.

Postcard Project Collects “Handfuls of Wisdom” to Make Connections and Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness

Professor Matthew Ross Smith of Drexel University has begun an art project that attempts to connect life experiences. Smith has asked people to trace their hand-print and write one piece of advice on a postcard that they then send back to him. Thus far he has received more than 2,100 responses. An online exhibit of the project will go online in 2013.

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Top 5 Upcoming Philly Events

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Here are this week’s top five Campus Philly picks for events going on in Philly this week. For more events, visit the Campus Philly Events Calendar.

111th Annual Student Exhibition

Price: $12 w/ Student ID When? Ongoing until June 3 Where? Galleries of the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building

Want to know what’s the latest in art? Well, here’s your chance to see what students are creating! Come support the works by BFA students, third year and fourth-year Certificate Program students and Master of Fine Arts candidates as they showcase a diversity of style that fuses traditional skill and contemporary vision.

2012 Wizard Wold Philadelphia Comic Con

Price: $35- $400 When? May 31- June 3 Where? Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch St.

Between costume competitions and more than 60 mega-stars this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con will be an event comic lovers cannot miss. For all you Star Treck fans, this year’s event will have all five captains (Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakul) of the series!

First Friday 

Price: FREE! When? June 1, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Where? Old City, Northern Liberties and Manayunk

Come enjoy the beginning of  summer in this month’s First Friday! Although this is a monthly event, there is nothing like enjoying the nice weather while indulging in Philadelphia’s culture. Explore over 40 art galleries, eat at any of Philadelphia’s astounding restaurants and see what the artistic street vendors have to offer.

5th Annual Roots Picnic 

Price: Saturday or Sunday Pass- $63, 2 Day Pass- $106.80, Philly Residents: tickets are service-charge free at the TLA box office on South St. When? June 2-3 Where? Penn’s Landing Festival Pier

Once again, Philadelphia natives The Roots bring the city an even bigger and badder concert. With artists such as Kid Cudi, Wale, De La Soul, James Murphy, Diplo, Major Lazer, Rakim and of course The Roots themselves, there is no way one can miss out on this event. We guarantee that if last year’s concert was awesome, this year’s will be unforgettable.

FreshDance: Freshman Dance Company Spring Concert

Price: $5 w/ Student ID When? June 2, 3:00 pm and June 3, 1:00 pm Where? The Mandell Theater (33rd & Chestnut St.)

Do you feel like it’s time to watch someone other than your friends dance? We do. The Drexel University Freshman Dance Company will perform new and selected works from their spring season! There will be 2 student-choreographed pieces and three choreographed by the faculty.

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A Sustainable Move Out

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College move outs are the worst. Everyone’s just finished finals, they’re tired, they’re cranky and somehow they’ve ended the semester with hundreds of times more stuff than they ever remember buying. So, often folks will just grab the biggest trash bag they can find and get to work “cleaning” their rooms in the same way that forest fires “clean” forests: total extermination. By the end of the first day of most move outs, the dumpster that the facilities staff set up are chock full; by the end of the second day, their overflowing with not only trash but also plenty of recycling and perfectly good items that could be donated.

In 2004, several members of the housing staff at UPenn decided to work against this waste, and those efforts eventually became Penn Move Out Volunteers Engaging in Service, or PennMOVES, sponsored by UPenn’s Business Services Division. This was an initiative to minimize the level of recycling and salvageable items that got thrown out. Every year since 2008, PennMOVES has gathered donations from departing students and then sold them at their annual sale, the proceeds of which benefit Goodwill Industries. This year, the sale will take place on Saturday, June 2nd.

So how can you get an awesome sustainable move out plan in place on your own campus? Make sure that you have broad-based support. If you’re part of one organization that wants to organize a move out campaign, try to get three or four more. The more volunteers and activists, the better. According to Marie Witt, Vice President of the Business Services Division, “The single most success factor is people power – and the key to that is collaboration.”

PennMOVES has succeeded because it integrated the passion of the students with the infrastructure of the school to ensure that everyone was working together, and doing what they were good at.  Commitment and intelligent collaboration can help turn smelly, wasteful dumpsters into eco-friendly recycling and socially responsible donations.

You can learn more about PennMOVES here, and RVSP to the sale on Facebook here.


You can contact Wesley Brown at

Top 5 Philly Career Postings

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Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on

1. Energy Efficient Buildings Hub: EEB Hub Intern for Air Distribution Systems

Put your 3D modeling and simulation software skills to the test at this full-time internship, supervised by Morgan State University, and get the chance to develop a 3D model of Building 661 using professional simulation software to analyze energy consumption.

2. Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association: IT Intern

Be a part of the IT Crowd (sorry, we couldn’t resist.) by assisting the director of programming for a 55-end user network.

3. Philly4Philly: Philly4Philly Fellowship

Are you the next Sean Parker, but without all the copyright lawsuits? Dive headfirst into the entrepreneurial world with Citizen Effect- you’ll emerge with experience, on-the-job training, and maybe even a full-time job! Responsibilities include managing a team of interns and volunteers, developing marketing strategies, and planning events

4. Arena Strategies: Paid Internship

If you’re a recent college graduate and prone to giving out advice to the chagrin of your many acquaintances, consulting may just be the job for you.  This small Philly-based government affairs and consulting firm needs an intern to work part-time in their Center City office. Plus, it’s PAID!

5. Campus Philly: Photography Internship

Join our design team and come work for the greatest people you will ever meet. Your job will be to take pictures of events covered by our bloggers, manage the in-house photo library, and be awesome.


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Top 5 Places to Travel This Summer

Things are heating up in Philadelphia, but don’t just sit here all summer.  Philadelphia is ideally located for travel throughout the the east coast and Pennsylvania.  Here are the top 5 places to travel this summer.

The Jersey Shore

If fist pumping is your thing, you already know the shore is for you.  But with popular beaches, incredible shopping, unbelievable food and a variety of coastal cities to choose from, the shore has something for everyone.  Only a train ride away, there’s glitzy Atlantic City, with hot shows, busy casinos and the longest boardwalk in the country.  Or you can head to Ocean City, where pizza is king at the uber-famous Mack’s and Manco’s.  For a quieter time, there’s the post-card perfect beaches of Cape May, where you’ll find quaint ins and renowned fine-dining.  No matter which city you choose, New Jersey Transit has buses from Philadelphia straight to the shore for around $20 each way.

Travel info: Atlantic City | Ocean City | Cape May

Amusement Parks

Finding finals less than thrilling?  Check out one of the area’s fast-paced amusement parks for a shot of pure excitement.  Want record-breaking fun?  The home of the world’s tallest steel roller coaster, Kingda Ka, is only 2 hours away at Six Flags: Great Adventure.  With 10 other coasters to choose from, we wont blame you if you chicken out.  There’s also Dorney Park, where one ticket price gets you into two parks, including their water-park Wildwater Kingdom.  In case you thought it couldn’t get any better, Pennsylvania is home to Hershey Park, the chocolate-themed wonderland where you can take a picture with a life-sized Reese Cup (just don’t try to eat it, we’re pretty sure there’s a person under that costume).

Travel info: Six Flags | Dorney Park | Hershey Park

Longwood Gardens

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say the Garden of Eden must have been located in Pennsylvania after visiting Longwood Gardens.  Not too far away in Kennett Square, PA, Longwood Gardens is a 1077 acre oasis of horticulture filled with gardens, woodlands, and meadowlands that’s been around since the 18th century.  This time of year you’ll find blankets of technicolor tulips and other spring-time flowers in bloom, but as spring turns to summer be prepared for lush green shrubs and enchanting waterlilies.  Come May 26th for the start of the Festival of Fountains, where outdoor concerts and firework energize the night air.

Travel info: Longwood Gardens

New York and Washington, D.C.

One thing we love about Philly is it’s location right smack-dab between two more incredible cities.  Both New York City and Washington D.C. are only 3 hours away from the City of Brotherly Love, and while you’re studying, interning or just chillin’ in Philadelphia you’ll want to take advantage of the close proximity and cheap transportation.  Check out famous museums free of charge in D.C. or grab a bite to eat before heading to an award-winning Broadway production in New York.  Not to worry, Philadelphia isn’t the jealous type.

Travel info: New York | Washington, D.C.

The Poconos

The Pocono’s aren’t just for snow and skies.  The summer transforms these mountains into a bright, sunny destination for camping, hiking, climbing and water sports.  Throw on a bathing-suit and hop into a tube for a peaceful ride along a real life lazy river or brave the intense rapids while white-water rafting.  You can even zip-line through breezy trees and gorgeous mountains.  Plus you can check out an array of cultural performances and concerts after enjoying a plate of food at one of the area’s thriving gourmet restaurants.  Whatever you choose to do, the Pocono’s will provide a beautiful natural backdrop, a nice change from the steel buildings and confined spaces of city life.

Travel info: Poconos


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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

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We’ve all had #ThatAwkwardJobInterviewWhen the employer sets down his clip board, folds his hands, and asks you if you have any questions. You know what comes after: The Dreaded Pause.  You have questions.  You’re just unsure of whether or not they will damage your first impression. The trick is using the right kind of language to get answers to the questions you really want to ask, while giving the employer a chance to envision you in the position. Not sure how to start? Check out our top 5 fail-safe questions below!

1. How would you describe the ideal candidate?
AKA I fill all those requisites and here’s why.

Grab this as an opportunity to relate your own past experiences to the employer’s description. As a bonus point, even if you don’t get the position, you’ll have a clear idea of what to go for next time you interview somewhere else!

2. What is a typical day like in the position?
AKA please just tell me whether I’ll be Xeroxing my life away or will actually be doing anything substantial.

A lot of job descriptions on listings can be vague and make the job sound much more interesting than it really is. Before you sign up for anything, make sure you know what you’re getting into! You’ll thank us once you find out that “assisting the editor with office responsibilities“really means getting his Starbucks order right.

3. What’s the most important thing I can accomplish in the first 60 days?
AKA what can I do to impress you as soon as I step into the office?

This way, you show you’re a focused individual who will start working the minute you step into the office. The fact that you provide a deadline also insinuates that you’re aware that time is invaluable and will most likely be a fast and efficient worker: all qualities that employers want in a future employee.

4. What kinds of growth and development opportunities are available?
AKA I will take this job seriously and be a good investment to the company because I won’t treat it as a one-off resume builder.

Interviewers take the time to actually get to know you in person to determine if you’re someone who will take the job seriously, or whether you’re just applying because you need something to fill your resume. When they hire you they’re making an investment for the company. You will look like a good long-term investment if you hint that you’re interested in staying in the company for a long time.

5. Why did you come to work here? What keeps you here?
AKA Enough about me- let’s talk about you!

Showing interest in the interviewer’s story makes the interview a conversation rather than an interrogation. The personal touch also gives a formal interview a more comfortable feel. Additionally, it could be inspiring to hear a superior’s success story, and will give you more reasons to appreciate the job.

One last hint- the best way to put these to the test is by practicing. Scheduling a mock-interview with your school’s career services is the best way to get a second opinion:

Philadelphia University

St. Joe’s
Brynn Mawr and Haverford College

You can contact Magali Roman at

Reaching Out: Drexel University

Photo © Kelsey Jones for Campus Philly

Schools in Philadelphia and the surrounding area like to help one another out. It is the city of Brotherly Love after all. Drexel University is truly an example to others when it comes to Community Service, representing a challenge to other schools to stay on this level of aiding others.


Drexel University has several student service organizeations.

  • Alpha Phi Omega: Works with the boy scouts of America.
  • Drexel University Circle K: This group is dedicated to community service and school spirit and are part of the Kiwanis family of organizations.
  • Gamma Sigma Sigma, Nation Service Sorority: This sorority founded on the ideals of service and more, participates in projects such as March of Dimes and the Special Olympics
  • Habitat for Humanity: Represents an opportunity to construct homes in South and West Philadelphia.
  • Alternative Spring Break: In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, students spend their Spring break doing various jobs which eventually lead to the construction of a home.
  • TechServ: These students help bridge the gap in the Philadelhpa community with those who are computer illiterate, providing tech spport for the community.
  • Drexel sororities and fraternities are also involved in community service.

Look into what your school does for community service so that you can give back to the community! If your school doesn’t have the service project you’re looking for, you can be the one to implement it on campus. If Drexel University has this much to offer in terms of service, imagine what your school has to offer and what you can bring to the table!


You can contact Megan McIntosh at