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“Make Philly Your Future” at the State of Young Philly Conference

The State of Young Philadelphia Conference, occurring between September 27th and October 13th, is the coolest civic minded event that chances are, you’ve never heard of.

The conference is hosted by Young Involved Philadelphia, a group comprised of people in their 20’s who have two main things in common: 1) they love their city and 2) they’re going to change it for the better. The aim of this two and half week powerhouse? To brainstorm and empower the younger members of the city to take charge of their Philadelphia and to problem solve.

As Ben Stango, a member of Young Involved Philadelphia and recent Yale graduate who is whole heartedly committed to Philly, expressed, the conference is “…just a kick-off to making change happen in Philadelphia.” As someone who ran right back to Philly after college to work in city government and make a difference, he encourages all college students to “make Philly your future.”

A daunting task if ever there was one, this conference is great a way to take your ideas about the city and put them together with non-profits and government agencies that are looking for passionate, engaged people to talk with. Stango says a “key piece of the puzzle” that is affecting social, economic, and systemic change in Philly is attracting and retaining people out of college who have fresh ideas, and who care.

But all this aside, you might be thinking, “how does all of this high minded social justice and good effect me, and why should I attend any of this conference?” Well, good question, and we have your answers.

The conference has three tracks to it: Education, Economy, and Sustainability, each of which has around 3 to 4 events. Stango is working with Campus Philly on the “Philly Economy 101” panel on October 4th at the Kimmel Center’s Innovation Studio from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, which you all should definitely check out. But even if that isn’t your thing, chances are that at least one of the events will catch your eye. I’m personally excited for the Fishtown Sustainability Walk and the Future of the Economy panel.

These events are also the perfect  place to network, because our college bubble isn’t going to last forever. Stango mentioned that networking is truly just about attitude. If you go into networking thinking “I am here to meet interesting people, doing interesting things,” chances are the process will quite easily go for horrific to kind of fun.

But why is networking at this event important? There are going to be over 35 non-profits and government agencies there all of whom need something from you. Your ideas. Really, it’s just selfish to deny them that!

If all of this background info and the previous two appeals didn’t get to you, now is the time to bring out the big guns. Namely, Campus Philly. Ever wonder when reading these articles and looking forward to College Day, and all the amazing things we do what our organization is actually like? Well, go to the Philly 101 panel! We’re one of the non-profits that are going to be there, representing all aspects of Philly. If your blood was running cold at the thought of being in a room full of unknown people and agencies, have no fear! CP is here!

Oh, and it’s free! Keep a look out on our event calendar for exact dates, and feel free to check out their website!

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at

Top 5 Philly Career Postings

Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on


1. Campus Philly: Graphic Design Internship

Where would CP be without our amazing graphics to divert your attention? If you’re looking to expand your design portfolio in a professional setting (well, professional enough. We’re nice!), apply for our graphic design internship and see your work published in printed and online media reaching over 150k students!


2. DreamIt Ventures: DreamtIt Ventures Intern

Ever dreamt of working for a start-up? DreamIt Ventures, responsible for local app and web gems like SeatGeek and MindSnacks, is coming to Philly for their 3 month accelerator program. They need interns to help coordinate and support the 14 high potential startups. This is a great opportunity if you’re into social media, online marketing, blogging, and other internet cults.


3. Fox Run Group, LLC: Social Media Coordinator

Speaking of social media, Fox Run Group is looking for an intern to keep their Facebook and LinkedIn page lookin’ fresh. At a 5-10 hour weekly requirement and virtual position (meaning you can literally work in your pajamas at home so long as you’re on your laptop), this sounds good enough to fit in our schedules.


4. BlackGold Biofuels: Office Management and Administrative Intern

If you want a real behind-the-scenes look at how to run a business, look no further than this internship. Through assisting tasks and close interaction with BlackGold Biofuels’ CEOs, you’ll learn what makes a good business tick, as well as get some good experience in office management.


5. ReminderMedia: Business Development Spring 2013 Internship

Planning ahead your thing? Check out these paid spring internships with ReminderMedia, a follow-up and referral tool company. You’ll get prime experience from their sales team, enter data into the system and probably never move from your desk.


You can contact Magali Roman at

Maria Papadakis is Campus Philly’s College Day MC

Campus Philly is happy to announce that Emmy award winning Philadelphia media personality and on-air talent/ host of RAW, Maria Papadakis will be the Master of Ceremonies for this year’s College Day, happening THIS SATURDAY, September 29 on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Maria Papadakis is an Emmy Award winning Philadelphia personality, media contributor, and spokeswoman.

Papadakis has been a host on the Emmy Award winning show The DC Place; an arts, culture, and community program in the Washington, DC area. And while finishing her MBA at Drexel University she found herself back in the Philadelphia spotlight giving over 70 speeches for organizations and non profits nationally and internationally. She stepped into the waters of Philadelphia journalism and television with WCAU-NBC 10 and DUTV garnering her an Emmy win.  Now Papadakis is the host of RAW, Philadelphia’s largest live art-centric variety show, where over 500 attendees come to see artists of any genre showcase at a live show taping.

Some of her philanthropic work includes spokeswoman for Vision 2020 Women’s National Leadership Program in Media, The Philadelphia Zoo, and Drexel University (her alma mater and the school of her acclaimed father President Constantine Papadakis). She is also a board member of the Abramson Cancer Center- University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival/Philly Fringe. Papadakis is also a young friend board member and chair for American National Heart Association, The Academy of Music, Opera Company of Philadelphia, and The Franklin Institute.

Make sure to stop by the Parkway for all the great music, awesome food, free museums and to say hi to Maria and the rest of the of Campus Philly team.

College Day Q&A

College Day is coming up fast, but we realize you might have some important questions that need answered before the big event. Use our answers below as your handy-dandy cheat sheet to the greatest Saturday of your college life.


What is it?

Basically, it’s kind of a big deal. College Day on the Parkway is a celebration of YOU. Every student from every college in the Philadelphia area is invited to come enjoy the events, vendors, music, and free museums all arranged especially for the poor college student. Whether you are in the city or the ‘burbs, this is the perfect way to start your fall.

When is it?

Saturday, September 29th from 10am to 4pm. Mark your calendars!

How can I get there?

If your school is really nice they might bus you down to College Day for free. If your school wants you to be more independent, SEPTA is a great option! Bus, trolley, regional rail, or subway; there is any combination of ways to get to College Day! Look to for help planning your trip and see our official page for all your options.

What can I do there?

More like, what CAN’T you do there? Sweet museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, and Eastern State Penitentiary are opening their doors to students FREE OF CHARGE (just bring your ID!) Radio 104.5 will provide live music acts like the unique electronic pop group, Tanlines, and IAMDYNAMITE (who claim to be “the armed robbery of dance rock”) so you can get your groove on as you peruse the HUGE selection of vendors along the Parkway and in Love Park who will offer samples, discounts, games, food, and even volunteer opportunities. We have representatives from funky neighborhoods across town so you can explore the entire city in just a few hours! If you have an interest, you can find it at College Day.

What if I get hungry?

Eat something! Because we know it can be hard to have a good time on an empty stomach, The Food Trust is partnering with Campus Philly to bring all of the city’s best food trucks right to the Parkway to cater to your unique palette. We are talking all the flavors of Philadelphia here, so come ready to chow down!


Confused? Excited? More questions? Can’t wait!? Look to our College Day guide for full lists of vendors, museums, and food trucks so you can plan out your perfect day. See you there!


You can contact Rachel at

Intern Rights

We the people, yadah yadah. While we may have been forced to memorize the Constitution at the risk of failing 7th grade, strangely little education had been given out on what rights you’re privy to in the office. Interning is a tricky grey area: you’re not on the payroll, so it can feel like you’re just a visitor and want to get treated with the same respect as your co-workers (this is especially true for unpaid internships). On the other hand, you’re there to learn, and should make sure you’re taking full advantage of every opportunity to gain more experience. Solution? Read on:


1.Locate the Intern Bible

Every company is different, but usually a “code of conduct” of sorts exists to provide interns with information or instructions on how to have a mutually rewarding working experience. Warner Music Group, for example, has an “Intern Bill of Rights” that interns can consult should they ever run into any trouble. Yours truly have the infamous Intern Bible, outlining everything an intern is responsible for in maintaining the website. Do some research or ask your coworkers what the deal is with your office.


2. Identify a Mentor

It can be your internship coordinator, your boss, even an ex-intern! Find someone you connect with and can talk to easily to ask for advice anytime you’re feeling unsure about something work-related. If you ever run into trouble with a project or assignment, they will be your go-to person to answer questions, and they won’t be nearly as scary to talk to as the company CEO.


3. Know when to ask questions (and what kind)

That said, there’s an art to knowing when to ask questions. You don’t want to be completely overwhelming, but at the same time you don’t want to be a wallflower- you’re there to interact and network with other professionals! Try to use your first week to observe your co-workers- when do they usually interact socially? Do they use lunchtimes to discuss projects, or do they just casually swing by each other’s cubicles? Is your boss so busy that email or a Post-It note would work better? Test the waters and go from there.


As always, make sure to check our careers section daily for the best local job and internship opportunities. And keep an eye out for our next Online Internship Fair, coming up at the end of October.


You can contact Magali Roman at


Campus Newswire: Top 5

Philadelphia University Students are Urban Outfitters Worthy

Two PhilaU textile students had their work featured at a Fashion’s Night Out celebration in the store’s New York-East Village location on Sept. 6th. Adrienne Larsen and Marjan Gartland started their designs as part of a collaborative class project, which partnered Urban Outfitters with the university to provide a real-world design challenge. Both students are excited and grateful for the exposure.

Bryn Mawr Connects with Students Around the World

This past summer, four Bryn Mawr students joined 30 other students from Haverford, Toronto, Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University, and China’s Tianjin University for the first-ever run of a unique five-week program. The courses dealt with public vs. private spaces, tourism and public sphere issues as well as cultural differences between East and West. International faculty collaborated on these courses for a truly distinct learning experience.

Chestnut Hill to Show Real Life Poverty

The Kappa Delta Epsilon Honor Society together with the Education department at Chestnut Hill College will sponsor a poverty simulation in October in which participants must take on a role in an impoverished family and try to provide for them with limited resources over four simulated weeks. The project aims to provide a detailed look into what life is really like while struggling with poverty.

Rowan Designs 9/11 Memorial

Patrick Lynch, a civil engineering student, designed this new memorial to honor victims of the 9/11 attacks, which was dedicated on the recent anniversary. The 50 by 70 foot monument is reminiscent of the memorial at Ground Zero, and features shapes to represent the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. This memorial is made even more personal by the fact that two Rowan alumni were lost in the attacks, showing that Rowan will truly never forget.

Crayola Talks to Cheyney University Students

Three representatives from the most colorful company on Earth will be on Cheyney’s campus Sept. 27th to discuss possible internships, employment opportunities and professional development issues. They will also offer advice on how to be successful in the workforce as well as explain the work at the Crayola Corporation.


You can contact Rachel at

Top 5 Philly Events

I think it’s happened guys. I think we’ve officially hit the fall season.

If you guys can tear yourselves away from school work, or more important things like the fall television premiere season (New Girl is my jam), we got some events for you to check out in Philly!

Seriously, take advantage of how beautiful the city is in the fall. We have absolutely perfect walking weather right now, and we all know that that’s not going to last! Plus, as my recent mix-ups about whether or not I was supposed to meet at the Starbuck’s on Chestnut or Walnut prove, no matter where you are in the city you can grab some a pumpkin spice latte!

1. Allen Stone at World Cafe Live. When: Monday September 24th, 6:30 to 10:30 pm. Where: World Cafe Live 3025 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104. Price: $20. 50 at the door $15.50 + processing pre-reg.

I feel that as a busy college student, shows that happen on school nights are normally a bit too up tempo. They’re great, but I don’t want to regret the next day after my 4th cup of coffee fails to give me any energy. This being said, this concert seems to be the solution to this problem. Great live music, that is an enticing blend of R & B and Bob Dylan-esque 70’s confessional music. Allen Stone himself derived his musical stylings from a Kerouac style wanderlust and bevy of life experience that should make for an awesome show!

2. Mugshots Cafe Open Mic NightWhen: Tuesday September 25th, Sign-ups are at 7:00 pm, Event Begins at 7:30 pm. Where: Mugshots Cafe, 2100 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130. Price: FREE!

I’m an English major with a French minor. It’s almost a pre-req for me to want to sit around in cafes guzzling coffee, and maybe rocking the occasional beret. This being said, I think Open Mic Nights are some of the greatest ways to get yourself out there and stave off boredom. Mugshots is an adorable cafe, and they even have some gluten free food options! Isn’t it time that those poems in your super secret moleskine were tested on an audience? Isn’t it time to have a night surrounded by creativity as opposed to being spent researching mating habits of slugs (especially when you’re not even a bio major)?

3. Campus Philly College Day Pep RallyWhen: Thursday September 27th,  11;30 am to 12:30 pm. Where: LOVE Park, 15th and JFK Blvd., Philadelphia. Price: FREE! With Give-A-Ways!

We all love Philly, and obviously there is an important sense of camaraderie with the Philly colleges and universities. But we all secretly know that our particular schools are the best. Respectfully. So why not come out and spend your lunch with the CP team? And since everyone is jazzed about College Day, think of this as an appetizer to a delicious meal. There will be people from the Phila Museum of Art,  and Radio 104.5! Oh, and free stuff.  Make sure to wear your school colors!

4. State of Young Philly Opening Reception. When: Thursday September 27th, 5:30 to 8:00 pm. (The Conference is Sept 27th to Oct. 15th) Where: Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, 1420 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Price: FREE! Registration Recommended.

Ready to get your networking on? More pressing, ready to get your free food on? The State of Young Philly Conference runs from September 27th to October 15th, and will have panels on issues in education, sustainability, and economy. It’s being presented by Young Involved Philadelphia, so not only will you get to hear really thought provoking and interesting discussions, but get to see people who are not so far from our age who are successful, and socially aware. This reception is a great way to meet over 35 non-profits, advocacy groups, and government organizations. Plus, I really cannot stress this enough, free food.

5.  College Day on the Parkway. When: Saturday September 29th, 10 am to 4 pm. Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art. Price: FREE!

I’m sorry, did you have nothing to do this Saturday?! Not on our watch! College Day is a centerpiece of campus life in Philly, and if you don’t attend you’ll only be hurting yourself (and all of our feelings). There’s going to be free admission to the Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Radio 104.5 is involved, there will be all sorts of exciting events throughout the day. We were all attracted to going to school in or near Philly for a reason, and College Day is the perfect opportunity to explore, familiarize yourself with Philly, or rediscover your love of the City!

September may be ending, but there’s still plenty to cram into your calendars! Get in on the events now, next thing you know it’ll be finals week!!

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at

Get to Know Tanlines

It’s about that time! September is almost a wrap and that means College Day is upon us (Saturday, September 29). This year’s lineup is all about duos, and the CP team caught up with percussionist Jesse Cohen  of one of our two College Day bands, Tanlines to learn more about the band’s sound, inspirations and Jesse’s connection with Philly sports. 

How did you guys get started and come up with your sound?

Eric (singer/guitarist) had a studio that I used to visit all the time, and one day we started writing music together. We really didn’t have a plan, so we just started doing anything that we could. We did that for a while, put out some singles and started playing live, and that’s when it started becoming the real thing. We transformed from a production duo into a band. And when we wrote this album (Mixed Emotions), we wrote it as a band instead of trying to show off production wise and filled it with songs that people will hopefully remember an connect with. Where we are now is a result of a very natural and organic 3-4 years of growing.

What’s it like being a duo as opposed to a larger band? 

We’re both pretty opinionated and I think if there were any more opinions we’d never get anything done. We have distinct personalities and it’s a big part of how we operate. I think we’d be ok with filling Tanlines out more for playing live, but not having more decision makers in the room. The benefit of being small is definitely flexibility. We can get on a plane and play a show the next day.

How does your audience take to it just being two dudes on a stage?

Being electronic, people are ok with two people performing when it sounds like 10. If we ever get more organic, we’ll have to have more on stage, but now we ride the line and it works well in my opinion. And a lot of that is because of Eric’s singing. A lot of what’s compelling about our performances is that they’re still, ultimately, a guy with a guitar, singing a song. A lot of people like that.

Who do you look towards for inspiration?

Historically, growing up, the Beastie Boys were one of the most influential groups. They were the first group I knew that combined many types of music into their own. As a teenager, that was a real mind expanding thing to see a group that was like, ‘Wait are they rap or punk or instrumental?’ I learned that people are complicated and you can be more than one thing at a time. A lot of people are and that’s what we try to be. We just want to make good music. Similarly, my brother was a big influence growing up. He was a Dead Head, but also a fan of Ozzy Osbourne and Pubic Enemy, and I realize now that that’s a pretty cool way to be.

If you had to pick one Tanlines song that 100% represents you, which would it be?

I would say “Brothers,” the first song on the album. You always want to have the first song be the song that encapsulates what you’re trying to do as a band in general. That song has the elements of who we are, but ultimately it’s just a simple kind of sad song that grooves, and that’s the kind of thing we do. We want to make music that has elements of electronic, but you can also play it on an acoustic guitar.

So do you see yourselves ever doing an acoustic covers album of your songs?

We actually have recorded acoustic versions of a lot of our songs, and there’s this one guys on Youtube who does a great version of “Brothers” on acoustic guitar. But I wouldn’t have much to do, since Eric sings and does guitar and I can do neither.

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don’t have an answer, but if I had to pick an album, it’d be London Calling.

You’re coming into Philly at the start of football season. You must have heard stories about how hardcore we are about our sports. Who do you think has the best chance of winning it all this year—Phillies, Eagles, Sixers or Flyers?

Well, my mother is from the Philly area and my grandfather is a lifelong Philly sports fan, so I am familiar. The team that I like the most is the Sixers. I just think they’re a cool team. But if any Philly team does well, I’m happy for my grandfather because he’s been waiting for years for a team to do well.

Campus Philly does College Day each year to introduce students to everything they can do in Philly during their college years. Why do you think it’s important for students to know their surroundings while they’re in school?

I think it’s important when you’re in college to feel connected to the city that you’re living in. It’s easy to think of yourself as a temporary transplant in whatever city you live in while you’re in college, but you’ll be there for four years, and that is plenty of time to be a part of a community. You should learn the city, meet people, and get involved and vote in local elections.

What are you looking forward to most about playing College Day in front of the Philadelphia college audience?

I like playing in the afternoon. I expect that it will be an audience of people who may not know our music, and while that can be more challenging, it’s always interesting to me to see what people respond to.

And now for the most important question of them all–what’s your favorite color?

[laughs] Blue.

Don’t miss Tanlines when they play College Day on Saturday, September 29 and be on the lookout for a new video coming soon! Want to meet the band?  E-mail to learn how!

Students Across Philly Embrace Green Initiatives

The green movement is nothing new to us hip college kids, but are we all doing our part to help out? Colleges and universities across the city have put fancy fresh sustainability measures in place and also campaign against wasting electricity and food around campus; but as any higher-up in academia will tell you, it’s the students who can really make a difference. Below are steps that student leaders take to ensure the green movement can move forward on their campuses.

Janaki Khatri ’14, of Rosemont College, recently helped her school to organize a Sustainability Fair in which students could properly dispose of electronic waste and participate in a “swap meet,” an opportunity for students to bring their own used goods like clothing and books, and shop from the selection brought by other students.

Khatri says, “While I’m not a mad scientist, I like to view things in a way that can both benefit the environment and businesses, which is why I am double majoring in Biology (environmental science track) and Economics. On campus, I am a student representative on Rosemont’s Climate Committee…and am currently working with the Institute of Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility to create a new Leadership Society that will have an Environmental aspect as well as four other key areas. The proposed plans include members taking part in activities such as planting native species around the community, planning community events like “Environmental Fun Day” at local schools and even creating a student laundry program to reduce the amount of water and energy by decreasing the number of loads of laundry.”

President of Drexel’s Sierra Club, Nicole Koedyker ’14 says, “Being green on campus for me means leading by example and educating students around Drexel about ways they can live more sustainably even as a student. My hope is to connect as many students as I can to environmental issues that they can feel passionate about on a personal level so they believe [they] can make a difference . The Drexel Sierra Club focuses on a different campaign each term with weekly topics at our general body meetings. We teach the club members about topics like the “Garbage Patch” in the North Pacific or GMOs and labeling our food. The meetings turn into an interactive discussion on campaigns with topics such as our anti-bottled water campaign titled “I’d Tap That” and our healthy, sustainable food campaign titled ‘Eco-Eating.'”

Shannon McGinnis ’14 and Emily Beehler ’14 of Temple University’s Students for Environmental Action (SEA), say that most of what the club does is to raise awareness. They try “to get members into the city and see environmental policies in action.”

McGinnis and Beehler also recommend these simple steps that every student can do to contribute to the green movement:

  • unplug your laptop and turn off lights when they are not in use
  • use a reusable water bottle
  • recycle
  • reuse or buy used (especially books!)
  • use public transportation or bike

So Philly students, contrary to Kermit the Frog, it IS easy being green, so get out there!

You can contact Rachel at