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October 31st, 2012 by Cara Donaldson

Volunteer @ the Nat’l College Fair

The School District of Philadelphia is looking for volunteers to assist at the National College Fair this Sunday, November 4th at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Volunteers are needed from 9am to 4pm.

Please contact Dave Lanza, Program Manager for Engagement at  if you are interested.

We all hilariously associate the late 70’s and early 80’s with fashion excess and generally crazy looking indulgent clothing. This being said, what we all overlook and may be unaware of, is that there was one rebel who dreamed of a future that wasn’t defined by an onslaught of neon.

That rebel’s name is Ronaldus Shamask. Born in the Netherlands, but raised in America, Ronaldus Shamask made his mark by experimenting with different elements of shape, form, and types of art. Proudly displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman Building, his unique background in architecture, theater, and  illustration influenced his designs then and now.

 Form – One of his most famous pieces, a jacket inspired by a cello shape from 1981, is on display. One of Shamask’s earliest designs, the unique form of the jacket exemplifies Shamask’s emphasis architectural background. Also on display is his lemon peel inspired jacket which was cut from a single piece of fabric. Shamask’s only decorative elements in much of his fashion are simply his seaming and his color choices, relying on the shapes of the garments to provide interest.

Fashion – Showcasing the old with the new, several piece on display are designs specifically developed for the PMA exhibition. Included in this are paper renditions of Shamask’s designs which allow the construction to be seen as mirror images as well as straight on.

Reflection – For the first time the exhibition attempts to bring out an artist’s creative process, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with as chaotic, and frame it. Unique to this exhibition is a “mood wall” that utilizes rough sketches, color swatches, and other visual elements to frame the process versus just celebrating the product.

Ronaldus Shamask: Form, Fashion, Reflection runs until March 10, 2013.

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at

October 30th, 2012 by Cara Donaldson

“It’s your resume, not your Facebook account.”

Campus Philly’s first LGBT event, LinkedOUT provided some great resources for students in the form of advice from our amazing panelists Dani Reed, Day & Zimmerman; Evan Urbania, ChatterBlast Media; Jenna Flateman Posner, LevelUP; Johnnie Willis, TD Bank; Mark Niehaus, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Roy DeLaMar, Cigna.

Here’s what they had to say:

On being an LGBT professional then and now:

  • “Now there is a tremendous push for people to be open, out and honest with the people they work with.” – Mark Niehaus
  • “I’m valued for what I bring to the table, not my sexuality.” – Evan Urbania
  • It’s gratifying to know that your work will be recognized and seen in Philadelphia in both your job and your community – Jenna Flateman Posner


On what LGBT professional associations, resources or networks to join:

  • Independence Business Alliance – Evan
  • Representing whatever organizations you belong to as an out professional is critical as a leader. Put your membership on your resume and show your track record. – Mark
  • The Philadelphia Business Journal just announced it’ll be highlighting the top 25 LGBT friendly businesses in Philadelphia in an January 2013 issue. This has only been done in one other city in the United States – Minneapolis. Keep an eye out for this and use it as a resource. – Evan
  • Don’t just be a group. Do something with your company. – Dani Reed
  • National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association – Roy DeLaMar
  • Be on the lookout for a community group TD Bank is creating for LGBT individuals – Johnnie Willis


On how much to disclose on your resume or in conversation with a potential employer:

  • Don’t be as open in the first round of interviews. It’s better to have it be an organic conversation, and only after the offer is made. – Dani
  • You don’t want your sexuality to be front and center because you never want to give someone an excuse to not consider you for the skills you have. If it comes out in time that’s a great added bonus. – Roy
  • Have control over what you’re going to say and decide how you want to present yourself. – Jenna
  • It’s not a one and done. Use your best judgement. – Mark
  • If you find yourself holding back so much, it’s probably not a good fit for you. – Evan
  • It’s your resume, not your Facebook account. You shouldn’t have to go in and talk about your extracurricular activities. This is about your professional career and what you bring to the table. – Johnnie


On comfort levels with co-working relationships:

  • Align yourself with co-workers who accept you for who you are. – Jenna
  • Think very carefully about how you handle that situation because you never know what might come back to you five years down the road. – Mark
  • Be known for your work and that’s what you’ll be known for. Show why you’re a valuable asset and why they’ll suffer if you’re not on their team. – Roy


On advice to the next generation of the LGBT workforce in Philadelphia:

  • Be yourself, work hard without hesitation and work towards the position you want. – Dani
  • Be known for what you do and focus on getting sponsorship for your issues. – Mark
  • Build a network of support for yourself. – Evan
  • Learn how to unjam the copier, meaning make yourself valuable. And, also find others who can help you navigate the job scene – Roy
  • Network. You make a much bigger impression shaking hands and smiling. – Jenna
  • Take the opportunity to connect on LinkedIn – Johnnie


Visit for upcoming Campus Philly career events in and around Greater Philadelphia.


October 30th, 2012 by Magali Roman

Tech Start-Up Crawl is Coming!

Are you the next Mark  Zuckerberg? Do you find yourself dreaming about starting your own app empire? Do you just want find out what the word “entrepreneur” really means?

Well, it’s a good thing Tech Start-Up Crawl‘s coming up.

Join us on Tuesday, November 6th, from 4pm-8pm, as we crawl around Philly checking out some of the coolest tech companies in the city and find out what it takes to work at a successful start-up.  At each crawl stop, start-up leaders and their employees will share their personal experiences and talk about what is like to work in the fast-paced, creative field of technology.


Into it? Here are some of the companies we’ll be visiting:


First Round Capital: They’ve invested in and financed some of the best start-ups around. Ever heard of StumbleUpon,, and LinkedIn? FRC has worked with them and many more. In this stop, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of an internationally acclaimed venture capital firm (aka providing funding to technology companies) and a nice view of the financial part of starting a business.


DreamIt Ventures: Basically THE place to get your unique idea launched, DreamIt Ventures is behind success stories like SeatGeek and MindSnacks as well as over 80 companies, so yes, we’d say you’re in good hands.


Physically allergic to exercise? We know that feeling. You can still join us at the panel discussion afterward, where we’ll be hearing from Chuck Sacco of Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic, Chris Stanchek from TicketLeap, Tracey Welson-Rossman from Chariot SolutionsTechGirlz and Philly Startup Leaders, and Chris Wink from Technically Philly. There, you’ll have a chance to network with some of the hottest start-up entrepreneurs in the greater Philadelphia region.


How this works:

  1. Sign up online. Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a meet-up location. If you don’t pre-register, meet us at 3711 Market Street, 8th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104, and we’ll figure out where to put you depending on availability.
  2. Go vote during the day.
  3. Join us at 4pm with comfortable shoes and get crawling!


This event is FREE of charge to current students at Campus Philly Partner Schools*, but we can only take 75 students, so register ASAP! The future of Facebook depends on it!


Questions? E-mail our Program Manager Jen Devor at

You can reach Magali Roman at



*Campus Philly Partner Schools: Arcadia University • Bryn Mawr College • Cabrini College • Chestnut Hill College  • Cheyney University of Pennsylvania • Community College of Philadelphia • Delaware County Community College • Drexel University • Harcum College • Haverford College • La Salle University • Millersville University • Moore College of Art and Design  • Peirce College  • Pennsylvania State University – Abington  • Pennsylvania State University – Brandywine  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine • Philadelphia University  • Rowan University • Rutgers University- Camden • Swarthmore College • Temple University • The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey • Thomas Jefferson University • University of Pennsylvania  • University of the Sciences  • Ursinus College • Villanova University

October 29th, 2012 by Rachel McDevitt

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Millersville’s 19th Annual Wellness Fair

“Sweet Emotion” was this year’s theme for the fair, chosen for the seven wellness dimensions of physical, social, environmental, spiritual, emotional, occupational and intellectual. The event was held on Oct. 17th and allowed students to explore interactive displays while learning how to best care for themselves.

Villanova Receives Grant for Art Preservation

Thanks to the National Science Foundation, $300,000 was awarded to researchers at Villanova and the University of Delaware for the study of acrylic paints, their composition, their aging, and the best way to clean and preserve them. Radically different from traditional oil paints, acrylics have worked their way steadily into the art world since the 1950s, and now it is up to researchers like these to figure out how to save them for as long as their oil counterparts.

Master’s Program Now Possible at Pierce

This time next year, Peirce College will be in the middle of their first-ever-offered Master of Science program in Organizational Leadership and Management. School officials hope this next step in higher education will help put an end to perceptions that Pierce is  a junior college as well as further assist their adult learners in their professional development.

Swarthmore Biology Major Wins Fellowship

Senior Nina Kogekar spent her summer digging in the dirt in a search for bacteria that can break down fungicide and found herself the recipient of a research fellowship with the American Society for Microbiology, a leader in the field.  The award gives $4,000 and two years of membership for Nina to investigate the different bacteria that can break down an environmentally harmful fungicide commonly used on golf course.

Rowan Radio Wins Trifecta

Rowan University’s WGLS-FM walked away from the Society of Professional Journalist‘s Greater Philadelphia Awards Competition with a fistful of honors. The program “Your Health Matters” took first prize in the report/health science category, “Smoking: Unfiltered” took second place for radio documentary, and third place for talk show interviews was awarded to a show hosted by adjunct professor Paul Perrello.


You can contact Rachel at

October 29th, 2012 by Cara Donaldson

Mexican Post: 15% Off

Mexican Post

15% off with your student id and Campus Philly Discount Tag

EXPIRES: 12/31/13

The Mexican Post has been the Philadelphia area’s favorite destination for great Mexican cuisine since 1989.

Vendor Location: 1601 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Photo © Mexican Post

October 29th, 2012 by Rebecca Hannaford

Top 5 Philly Events

Hey Campus Philly readers! Everyone stock up on their essential bread, milk, batteries, and Netflix!

After Sandy passes, put on your galoshes and venture back out into the land of the living for the last round of Halloween festivities in Philly. After all, this is a city that can tough out anything, including the Phillies not being in the play-offs this  post-season.

1. Campus Philly’s Online Internship FairWhen: Monday October 29th-Friday November 2nd. Where: Wherever there is internet. Price: FREE! 

For all of you in the CP loop and are looking for internships in Philly, this is your moment. The best part being that if Hurricane Sandy has you on house arrest, as long as you’re internet is up you’re still in the game! Happy hunting!

2. Halloween Horror Fest Triple Feature.When: Wednesday October 31st aka Halloween, 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Where: Free Library of Philadelphia – Parkway Central Library 1901 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103. Price: FREE!

Come in your Halloween finest, and enjoy three creepy classic movies including “Nosferatu,” “Carnival of Souls,” and a surprise finale! Hosted by the literature department of the Philadelphia Free Library, for all of you who were just going to watch movies in costumes and eat some candy, why not come out and do it? Plus, free refreshments!

3. Thinking Dead: What the Zombie Apocalypse MeansWhen: Wednesday October 31st, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Where: Temple University, Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 103 – 1809 N 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19122. Price: FREE!

Shotgun or ax? Which is better in a zombie apocalypse? If you’ve always been curious as to the nitty gritty and hard facts about what a zombie apocalypse would entail, or why we’re even obsessed with zombies in the first place, this panel is right for you. Smart people, discussing the undead. What better way to spend Halloween?

4. “Stage Door.” When: Thursday November 1st to Sunday November 4th, 8:00 pm.  Where: Caplan Studio Theater, University of the Arts – 211 South Broad Street, 16th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Price: $10 with Student ID.

Playing off of the emotions in the audience, this student production is about young actresses in Manhattan in a time when theater was more popular than movies. Following their behind the scenes triumphs and scandals, “Stage Door” has a little something for everyone!

5. Swarthmore Co-Op Food TruckathonWhen: Friday November 2nd, 5:30 pm. Where: Swarthmore Co-op 341 Dartmouth Ave. Swarthmore, PA 19081. Price: Varies.

Fall is the perfect time to branch out to some of the picture-esque suburban towns around Philly. And as every native knows one of the hardest parts of leaving the area even for a day is being cut off from their awesome food trucks! Fear no more. For one night only some of Philly’s best food trucks are making the drive out to Swarthmore for their First Friday celebrations and so should you!

Seriously, stay safe and keep a look out for non-rain soaked events every week!

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at


October 26th, 2012 by Rachel McDevitt

Students Rock the Vote

College students have an incredibly strong voice, and it is one you should make heard in this year’s presidential election.

This election year there has been a lot of confusing information about the ID a voter needs to cast a ballot. Campus Philly is going to clear it all up for you and let you know what you need to do to vote:

  • Where to vote: Find your polling location by going to  Polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. If you moved from the precinct where you last voted, you had to register to vote by October 9.  If you didn’t move, you are still registered to vote and can just head to your polling place.
  • What ID you need to vote: YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW A PHOTO ID TO VOTE, unless you are a first-time voter or have moved to a new polling place.
  • Absentee ballot by mail: To vote by absentee ballot in Pennsylvania, you must have an excuse. An application for absentee ballot must be received by the county board of elections by 5 PM on October 30. Go to for an application.

Still have questions?  Students can call 866 687 8683 (866 OUR VOTE) to get more information or report problems they encounter casting their ballots.

Remember, it’s your right and your civic duty to vote!

Still unconvinced? Your colleges and universities believe in you to make the decision and have provided countless resources to help you reach a conclusion. Check them out:

  • Temple University Librarians have created a full guide to the elections, with all the latest news, opinions, and voter information you need to make an informed decision.
  • Temple also hosted the Pennsylvania Cable Network’s LIVE Election 2012 on its campus, inviting students and other residents to come out and ask their important questions to a panel of experts. Students who could not attend were invited to participate through Twitter.
  • Drexel University has put together a team of students and faculty to spread the word on burning issues by organizing different events around campus and maintaining their webpage full of helpful tips and trick for new and old voters alike.
  • Cabrini College’s The Loquitur has recently published an editorial urging students to forget unproductive (yet admittedly amusing)  memes and focus on the real issues at hand, noting that sometimes it is that one vote that can make a real difference.
  • Villanova is all over the elections, with a weekly issue discussion “Smack the Vote” cutting across party lines, a comprehensive voting guide, and a team of dedicated students urging their peers to Ignite Change.

Check with your university to see if they have a voter’s guide to making great decisions to get as informed as possible. Some schools will have a polling locations on campus while others will offer free shuttles to local polling stations. Take advantage of every opportunity you have this November to make your vote count on the 6th.

You can contact Rachel at

October 25th, 2012 by Magali Roman

Top 5 Philly Career Postings

Here are this week’s top 5 career postings on


1. Commonwealth Proper: Menswear Design Intern

You don’t need to go to New York to get some fashion design experience! Commonwealth Proper, one of the country’s best menswear labels, is looking for a designer to assist in the measurement of clients for custom garments and handling orders.  While you’re there, you’ll learn tricks of the trade, like pinning and chalking garments for alterations as well as maintaining the showroom.


2. Busybee Homestore & Design Center: Project Manger

Looking for a paid position in the interior design industry? Philly firm Busybee Homestore & Design Center is looking for a program manager to coordinate planning aspects of design, proposals, purchase orders and much more. Although furniture and design experience is a plus, it’s not a required- much more important are project management experience, sales ability and experience.


3. Norris Square Neighborhood Project: Youth Leadership Development Intern

If you’re looking to give back to a community in need or just want to hang out with some kids,  the people of Norris Square want you. They’re looking for enthusiastic, motivated,  high-school-diploma-owning college students to mentor  4-5 members of Norris Square’s Youth Advisory Council. Members of Norris Square or the Philadelphia Latino community are strongly encouraged to apply!


4. Michelle Freeman Marketing & Events: Volunteer at Social Venture Institute

Help with registration, note-taking, and more at Social Venture Institute’s conference on October 19th and 29th . SVI is the premier annual forum for local businesses to share best practices that benefit Philly, the environment and their company’s bottom line. It’s a great opportunity if you’re interested in business, hospitality, or sustainability!

5. Sedso Design: Graphic Design Internship

Typography buffs, pay attention! Northern Liberties’ Sesdo Design is looking for an intern to work on everything from branding,to website layout and design. You should be proficient in InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop, and be an overall nice person to be around. Obviously.


You can contact Magali at

October 24th, 2012 by Rebecca Hannaford

CP’s Top 4 Philly Halloween Attractions for 2012

In case you’re new here, Philadelphians LOVE Halloween. And why shouldn’t we? Philly is both gorgeous and atmospheric this time of year, a good combo for any Halloween event.

Typically people highlight the Philly classics: Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls, Bates Motel, even as far out as Jason’s Woods. All wonderfully spooky things! But here at CP we want to take it a step further and bring you our top 4 Halloween events that will make you seem like a life long native!
1. Attack of the Giant Leeches– Ambler Theater is inviting all B-movie enthusiasts to don their costumes and come out for a screening of the 1959 camp “classic” with live music accompaniment by Agent Moosehead!
2. Fright Factory– A classic Philly haunted attraction that many people are unaware of! Featured on Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions,” and with four unique stories, the only people not susceptible to this attraction are the dead!
BONUS: Have a scare on us! Tweet @Campus_Philly with #southphillyfrights by Friday, October 26, and be entered to win a pair of tickets to Fright Factory!
3. Shady Brook Farms Pumpkin/Horror Fest– A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! By day, enjoy adorable pumpkin picking and hayrides, and by night, stay for “Carnage” and, well, a haunted hayride! Check out their site for coupons!
4. Pennhurst Asylum– Utilizing a historic hospital that was affiliated with a university, Pennhurst Asylum promises screams and chilling paranormal encounters. A sleeper haunted house hit in Philly, be careful that you keep an eye on the exits at all times!

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at