Fresco Tortilla: 10%, 30% or $1 Off

Fresco Tortilla

10% off final bill OR $1 off Burrito Bucks with student id and Campus Philly discount tag.

30% off for students after 2pm (cannot be combined with other discounts; limited time offer, expires March 2013)

EXPIRES 6/01/2013

Tacos, burritos, nachos, chips, salsa…the works! This new Mexican grub chain comes to Philly and wants you to stop in! First 300 students to show id receive a free bag of nachos!

200 S. Broad Street
Hyatt food court
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Images © Fresco Tortilla

Philly Love Note: The Quiet Dignity of 30th Street Station

Students share their most loved Philly spots in partnership with Philly Love Notes, a collection of reminders of the forgotten or overlooked, but beloved Philly spots and experiences. Read this story on Philly Love Notes and get inspired to write your own at

Favorite Spot: 30th Street Station.

I am: A full time student at Arcadia University, and full time dog lover.

Years In Philly: 2 and a half.

Current Home: Split between Glenside, PA and Newark, DE.

My Love Note: I can still remember the first time I went into Philly by myself. It was the first time I ever looked at a train schedule or knew what it was like to be able to just get up and go.

What can I say, like most high school students I was addicted to the independence and in serious need of a change of scenery. So I went off with my book and an overnight bag to visit my friend who went to Drexel University. I had been to Philly before, once to the Art Museum, once to Veteran’s Stadium (yeah, I’m old school), but what struck me most going into to Philly was that even the train station was pretty.

I always liked to think of myself as a pretty worldly individual, at the time with a type of hubris only found in those in between the ages of 13 to 18. But when I found my way off of the Regional Rail section of the massive station I had a tourist moment. The big clock in the middle of the atrium area, the board with different Amtrak trains, I dropped my bags and just stared.

Fast forward to 2012 and my very first internship with Campus Philly. Living in Glenside I have about a 45 minute commute from my on-campus apartment to Suburban Station, right by fancy office number 1515. And City Hall. No big deal. To say I spend a lot of time on trains is an understatement. I recently had a foray into the interesting world of the Fern Rock Transportation Center in fact!

But there’s something special about 30th Street Station. 30th Street Station is my comfort, it’s columns and flags signify both going to my home in Delaware and getting out of my home in Delaware again. When I think of Philly, it’s hard to match the excitement I feel when I exit the train, look out and see the “Live It 24/7” sign from Drexel.

Yes, Drexel. I will live it. Live it up in Philly.

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at

Top 5: The Concert Venues
Less Traveled

One of the first things I thought when I decided to go to school right outside of Philly was “Yes! I can finally go to concerts!” Something I was unable to do when I was living with my parents in Delaware, mostly because of travel time.

Since coming to school I’ve seen Two Door Cinema Club, Tokyo Police Club, Freelance Whales, Miike Snow with Penguin Prison (look them up!), Miguel and Young the Giant TWICE.

How did I do this? With a bit of research I was able to get a lot of these tickets for a fraction of what big stadiums cost. So when planning your next concert experience, check out some of these off the beaten trail venues:

1. Union Transfer1026 Spring Garden Street, 19123.

Serving tasty vegan fare from Hip City Veg and Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Union Transfer is one of the hippest new venues in the city. General admission is standing room only, but arrive early for the openers and you can actually get pretty close to the stage. Plus, shows only cost about $14-$20 a pop.

2. MilkBoy Coffee. 2 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, 19003.

MilkBoy Coffee was born out of music, getting its name and its owners from MilkBoy Recording in Center City (Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond album was produced there!). This coffee shop serves up Vegan Scrapple and Chipotle Turkey Sliders by day and a slice of the local arts scene by night. The price range is anywhere from FREE open mics to about $20.

3. North Star Bar2639 Poplar Street, 19130.

On the outside, North Star Bar and Restaurant seems like your local, neighborhood hang out. But on the inside is an intimate, acoustically sound venue that is the perfect place to see acts before they make it big. During freshmen year, my friends and I saw Young the Giant there, and were literally against the stage. Not all shows are all ages but the all ages shows are labelled. Tickets are only about $15 for most shows.

4. Kung Fu Necktie. 1250 North Front Street, 19122.

For those about to rock (at KFN), we (here at CP) salute you! The shows at Kung Fu Necktie are always high energy, fun and loud. Check to make sure the concert you want is all ages by clicking on the ticket info. Tickets are around $10.

5. Theatre of Living Arts. 334 South Street, 19147.

One of Philly’s classic venues, the TLA has a little something for everyone. From Miguel to Alesana to Emilie Autumn, the bookings are in a word, eclectic. Not to mention, that the TLA is an absolutely gorgeous building, with a high vaulted ceiling and an impressive balcony. The tickets are around $35 per show.

See you all at the show(s)!

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One Week Left to Vote for
Campus Philly!

This time next week, voting in the first ever Philly DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards will be coming to a close, and Campus Philly would love to have your vote.

The Philly DoGooder contest celebrates the power of storytelling as a way to connect nonprofit organizations to the resources and partners that will help further their missions.

We entered our video Campus Philly, which shows students how Philadelphia is a great teacher. From Pizza Brain in Fishtown to Independence Mall in Historic Philly, the entire region is your campus and once you get to know Philly, you might never leave.

You can vote on the website until January 31. So check out our video and tell us what you think by clicking that vote button. You can even vote once per day *hint, hint*

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Top 3: Special Occasion
Philly Restaurants

For those times when there’s a little extra cash in your pocket and a lot of room in your stomach, a special night out is definitely called for. Take your pick from some of our favorite kitchens around town:

1. The Dandelion

Modeled in the most dapper British style, The Dandelion brings a great combination of no-nonsense attitude and classic English pub atmosphere to Rittenhouse Square. Far from a theme restaurant, the menu includes iconic British dishes like fish and chips and a Sunday roast, while managing to look incredibly crisp yet laid-back enough to be your neighborhood hangout.

Price: starting at $11 per entree

2. Cuba Libre

If you’re looking for the best authentic Cuban platos and a “Casablanca” decor, then this is your place. A consistent favorite amongst college students for its delicious cuisine, late night dancing and Restaurant Week specials, Cuba Libre definitely makes its homeland proud.

Price: starting at $20 per entree

3. Max Brenner: Chocolate By The Bald Man

What “Treat Yourself” list would be complete without desert? At Max Brenner’s, dinner is desert, and with confections like creme brulee waffles and chocolate burgers, it’ll be a meal you’ll never forget. Insider tip: get their chocolate cookbook and replicate the deliciousness at home!

Price: starting at $10 per dessert

And remember,  Restaurant Week is happening right now and runs until February 1, so it’s the perfect time to try out all the above and more!

You can contact Magali Roman at

5 Tips for Starting the Spring Semester Fresh

Congratulations! You have put the fall firmly behind you and are ready to dive into the springtime. We share five tips to help you you have a happy start to the new semester:

1. Come Back Early

Arriving on the doorstep of your dorm at 11 p.m. the night before classes start back up is no way to acclimate yourself to the new term. Try to get back to campus at least a full day early to give yourself time to unpack, adjust and prepare for your new classes.

2. Schedule Quality Time

Use the beginning of the semester to establish bonding time with your favorite people before you get bogged down with  homework. Making Sunday afternoon the official hang time will help keep you on track and make sure you don’t feel isolated once the semester gets into full swing.

3. Introduce Yourself

Get off on the right foot this spring by introducing yourself to your new professors in the first class to make them aware of your presence and interest.

4. Join a Club

A new semester is the perfect opportunity to shake off old inhibitions and go out for that cool club you’ve been keeping an eye on. The sooner you find your passions and favorite hobbies, the happier you’ll be!

5. Set Goals

Use this time at the start of term to identify some key goals for yourself this semester. They can be as simple as “go to the gym three times a week” or as big as “get a 4.0.” Whatever your goals, having a written list can remind you of what you are working towards and why.


You can contact Rachel at

Top 5: Keep on (Food) Truckin’!

They’re bright. They’re tasty. They’re everywhere.

And that’s just how Philadelphians like their food trucks! But things can get a bit overwhelming with such a wide variety rolling around the city.

Have no fear, Campus Philly is here! Here are the food trucks we’d walk 5,000 miles and 5,000 more to get to (in no particular order):

1. Philly Delicias

What to Look For: The truck is black and yellow with a delicious looking mural of corn, black beans, avocado and other vegetables.

Type of Food: Basic homemade Latin street food.

What to Order: Pabellon Arepa (cotija cheese, plantains, shredded beef, and black beans), or the Domino Arepa (cotija cheese and black beans) for veggies.

2. Sugar Philly

What to Look For: A powdery blue sky with a red umbrella and a darker blue hill painted on the truck.

Type of Food: High-end desserts served at your convenience, including macaroons and cheesecake.

What to Order: Their Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. They torch the topping to order and it’s a very generous portion of delicious, authentic French goodness.

3. Lucky Old Souls

What to Look For: A jazzy truck with a large music note on it in earthy shades of brown.

Type of Food: Locally sourced and house-made burgers, fries and milkshakes with a quirky attitude.

What to Order: Their hand cut fries (cooked in peanut oil, FYI) with their roasted garlic mayo, house-made ketchup and their salted caramel milkshake. All your faves, gone fancy.

4. The Dapper Dog

What to Look For: A bright red truck with a mural of dapper hot dogs with cartoon y script.

Type of Food: Hot dogs that had a makeover.

What to Order: The Chili-Chz–it’s their hot dog with their homemade chili and cheddar cheese. If you’re feeling particularly hungry try the Jersey Special–American cheese, potatoes, peppers and onions.

5. The Sexy Green Truck

What to Look For: A green truck with a huge line around Temple.

Type of Food: Veggie and meat friendly sandwiches, pitas and even some fried items.

What to Order: The eggplant parm sandwich…or the chicken with hummus pita….or their waffle cheese fries.

You know, with choices like this, no one would blame you if you visited them all!

You can contact Rebecca Hannaford at

Combatting Reverse Homesickness

It probably seems like just yesterday that you were sitting on the floor of your dorm room with your laptop open to the 3rd page of your 15-page midterm paper, with a pint of Chocolate Therapy in your left hand while you sobbed to your mother on the phone in your right that you “just wanted to go home.”

Homesickness hits us all differently at different times.  What is unexpected is when you finally get back to the place you’ve been longing for and your emotions just flip-flop back in the other direction. You’re finally home, but all you want is to see the shining faces of your new college BFFs. Luckily, CP has the soothing answers you need to hear to keep you calm in this difficult time:

Pick up the Phone!

Your new friends are far away right now, but soon you will be reunited! Give them a real, honest-to-goodness phone call to catch up and tell them about the cool things you are doing on break.

Plan a Philly-like Outing

If you are from a small town and you miss Philadelphia for all its exciting cultural events, make a special trip with some old friends to your nearest city and show them the kind of things you get to do on the regular when you are at school.

Make Your Own

Is it the food you miss? Whip up some Philly home-cooking for your family and show them why you are so eager to get back.


You can contact Rachel at

Your Guide to Philly Bookstores

When it comes to scoping out the next big read, Philly has some of the quirkiest bookstores around, most offering tomes at prices within the college student budget. We’ve sorted out some of the best indie shops in a few of Philly’s neighborhoods to give you the inside scoop:

Manayunk: The Spiral Bookcase, 112 Cotton Street

With a big First Friday presence and regular events like author readings and signings, the Spiral Bookcase is the ultimate community bookstore. They’ve got a pretty fantastic local press and history section, but their used books room (when you walk in on the left) is the real hidden treasure.

South Street: Brickbat Books, 709 South 4th Street

Offering everything from artist’s monographs to pulp fiction, Brickbat Books is everything we wish our sophisticated personal library would be: clean and wood-paneled with a tinge of the academic. This is the place to go for elusive titles you can’t find anywhere else.

Old City: The Book Trader, 7 North 2nd Street

Only a block away from Philly publishing house Quirk Books, The Book Trader could rival the “Beauty and the Beast” library in its variety and reader-friendly atmosphere. Bridging the worlds of music and literature, The Book Trader also has a great selection of vinyl records and sheet music in the top floor.

Center City: Whodunit, 1931 Chestnut Street 

If mystery’s your thing, you can’t miss Whodunit, an independent bookstore boasting a mystery section bigger than the “LOST” script archives.

Fairmount: Book Corner, 311 N. 20th St

A product of the Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia, every title sold at Book Corner is either $1, $2 or $3.

University City: House of Our Own, 3920 Spruce Street

It’s literally a house full of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on everything from original French Sartre to children’s literature. Penn students usually sell back their books here, so there’s no better place to get your intellect on. Insider tip: Can’t find their new age section? It’s hidden in an antique closet in the second floor!

And one more from university City: The Last Word Bookstore, 220 South 40th Street

We couldn’t leave this fantastic bookshop out, if only because they have the friendliest store cat in the neighborhood and the owner looks like Sirius Black. We could go on, but we think we’ve made our point. This place is magical!

You can contact Magali Roman at