Top 5 Philly Events

Here are our top 5 events of the week:

1. To Fool the Eye

When: Sunday, March 3rd at 2 pm Where: Plays and Players Theater, 1714 Delancey St., Philadelphia Price: Starting at $22

Native Philly actress Maureen Tornsey-Weir, fresh off her appearances in Silver Linings Playbook, starts in this hilarious production based on Jean Anouilh’s Fresh comedy Leocadia. Grabs some friends and watch a funny play this Sunday afternoon!

2. 26th Annual ‘Touch the Future’ Exhibition

When: Tuesday, March 5th, 10 am – 5 pm Where: Arcadia University Theater, 450 S. Easton Rd., Glenside, PA Price: Free!

The 26th annual “Touch the Future” art exhibition will feature 28 Bucks and Montgomery county public high schools! The exhibit began as a memorial to NASA’s “teacher in space,” Christa McAuliffe, who died aboard the Challenger space shuttle in 1986.

3. Blue Man Group

When: Starting Wednesday, March 6th-10th, show times vary Where: Merriam Theater, 250 S. Broad St. Price: Varies

Everyone loves the classic Blue Man Group shows. If you’ve never been before, or want to go again, this is your chance!

4. Second Annual PA Burlesque Festival

When: Friday-Saturday, March 8th & 9th at 8 pm Where: Plays and Players Theater, 1714 Delancey St.,
Philadelphia Price: $20-35

The PA Burlesque Festival is coming to the historic Plays and Players Theater in Rittenhouse and will feature some of the USA’s most mesmerizing and lively Burlesque talent.

5. Cookie Confidential

To top off your week, head over to Cookie Confidential in Society Hills for awesome desserts! They have every cookie you can think of, from classic flavors like chocolate chip to crazy ones like cheese steak and Sriracha Mango.

When: Anytime! Where:  Cookie Confidential, 517 S. 5th st., Philadelphia


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Campus Newswire: Top 5

Millersville University Recieves Grant for Disability Arts Program

Millersville University recently received a $23,500 grant from the the Association of Performing Arts Presenters/MetLife Foundation All-In: Re-imagining Community Participation Grant Program. The grant is to be used  for their “Tear down this Wall” program. As a part of “Tear down This Wall” there will be no limits as to who can and cannot participate in the arts through a series of art and performance art programs. The grant will help to fund their inaugural 2013-14 season.

Philadelphia University Design Students Sweep up the Competition

PhilaU interior design students conquered the IIDA design competition for the tri-state chapter, with a clean sweep of the first, second, and third place prizes, beating out students from 20 different local universities.  Cash rewards were allotted to all three students for their stellar design work. Way to go!

Stockton Guarantees Admission to Burlington County College Students

In a new agreement signed by both Stockton College and BCC, students who meet certain requirements at the county college will be guaranteed admission into Stockton’s sustainability degree program, after they have received their associates degrees. The sustainability degree program, combines natural sciences, technology, economics, policy, ethics and other fields in one large cohesive program as a apart of the University’s 2020 strategic plan.

 Swarthmore Recieves $20 mil Gift from Alumnus and Wife

Board Chair and Swarthmore Alum Gill Kemp and his wife Barbara Kemp, recently announced the they would be donating $20 mil. to the school  for its future endeavors.  The gift will be split up across multiple areas: $8 mil. to financial aid, $7 mil. for campus renovations, and $5 mil. as a lifetime pledge “to the college and it’s contributors to the world.”

Temple Alumnus Receives Academy Award 

William Goldenberg, Temple University Film Alumni, received his first Academy Award on Sunday Feb. 24 for his film editing work on this years best picture, Argo. This was Goldenberg’s fourth Academy Award nomination, his third nomination was for Zero Dark Thirty in the same category! This Philadelphia native has gone onto great success, yet has not forgotten his roots, mentioning the city in many of his interviews.


Top 5 Career Postings

Aimco: College Student Opportunity 

If you have a passion for real estate and the housing market, join Aimco and learn about the property management industry. You’ll get to interact with customers by showing apartments, create online ads, write leasing agreements, and communicate with prospects and leads.

Yelp: Marketing Intern Philadelphia

Ever heard of Yelp? Who hasn’t?! Yelp plays an important role when it comes to reviewing businesses, restaurants, shopping, etc. As a Yelp Marketing Intern, you’ll have a chance to work with the local Yelp team by developing and organizing marketing events, guerilla marketing programs such as festivals and parties, and co-managing Yelp’s social media outlets!

SnipSnap: iOS Developer Intern

Have a passion for technology and the mobile development industry? Do you love taking things apart just to understand them? As an iOS Developer Intern, you’ll get leadership exposure in various mobile development projects. Get creative and communicate your ideas on the next big thing in web development!

Opportunity Finance Network: Financial Services

Looking to enhance your financial analytical, research, and organizational skills? Looking to gain industry experience in finance where you’ll be reviewing portfolios, designing loan products, and researching community health care projects? This opportunity may be the one to jump-start your career in finance!

LaPlaca Insurance Inc: Insurance Marketing and Sales Internship

Working for a growing company can give you hands on experience with what it takes to run a small business. As an insurance marketing and sales intern, you’ll work with a growing insurance agency to assist in managing a social media program and develop your own product promotions and marketing campaigns!

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Philly Love Note:
Heaven in a Thrift Shop

Students share their most loved Philly spots in partnership with Philly Love Notes, a collection of reminders of the forgotten or overlooked, but beloved Philly spots and experiences. Read this story on Philly Love Notes and get inspired to write your own at

Favorite Spot: Philly AIDS Thrift

I am: A full time student at Temple University and a city explorer extraordinaire.

Years In Philly: One and a half years

Current Home: North Philadelphia and South Jersey

My Love Note: Ah, the ever interesting, ever intriguing, ever surprising Philly AIDS Thrift. A place the fills my heart with love and puts a smile in my wallet. I know it well.

I remember the first time that I ever entered Philly AIDS Thrift, totally unsuspecting of what it’s curious exterior had in store for me. When I opened the doors, my nostrils immediately filled with the smell of “old.” You know, that kind of smell you smell when you’re at you grandparent’s house; old.

However, once I got passed my scent memories, my eyes truly began to take in all that this store had to offer. Vintage clothing, records, VHS tapes, “knick-knacks,” mugs, shoes, Halloween costumes, books, regular clothing, lamps, picture frames…everything your mind could possibly conjure up was inside the walls of this cluttered store.

Wait! I still haven’t gotten to the best part!

The price tags! Oh, the price tags! Something that normally fills my heart with lament and dread, brought me elation at Philly AIDS Thrift. These tags had prices on them that I had never seen before! Low prices! I could have cried from excitement right there. But wait, it gets better! Each brightly colored tag corresponded with a discount allotted to that color.

At that moment I knew, that I had found heaven in a thrift shop.

One year later, I am still a frequent and devout shopper of Philly AIDS Thrift, that also donates their proceeds to AIDS research.

Shopping and a great cause! I challenge you to find a better store.

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Philly Love Note: Sculptures
on the Parkway

Students share their most loved Philly spots in partnership with Philly Love Notes, a collection of reminders of the forgotten or overlooked, but beloved Philly spots and experiences. Read this story on Philly Love Notes and get inspired to write your own at

Favorite Spot: Sculptures on the Parkway
I am: A full time marketing student in Philadelphia, an avid lover of travel, food, art, and film.
Years in Philly: 5

Current Home: University City

My Love Note:

I started discovering how much I truly enjoyed looking at and learning about art after moving to Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a wide variety of art. I’ve been to the typical art galleries around Philadelphia but what truly amazes me is the amount of outdoor sculptures Philadelphia has to offer. Some of the best art I find is located right on the Parkway. While living in Philadelphia, I would pass by these sculptures all the time, taking their very existence for granted, and never truly appreciating the detail and the beauty the sculptures have to offer. One day I decided to explore the Rodin museum right on the Parkway. One of my favorites in the museum is the Gates of Hell sculpture. The sculpture is located right by the entrance of the museum and the detailing on it is superb. I noticed the struggles of man on the sculpture as well as the detailing of a place that is so unknown to all of us.

Some of the other sculptures I am particularly fascinated with are along the Benjamin Franklin parkway, such as the water god sculpture of Logan Square. It takes me back to a time when I traveled to Europe and saw the marvelous sculptures and statues by the piazzas. I think when I look at this art, it makes me feel nostalgic and truly miss the art I discovered while visiting Madrid, London, and Florence. There are two sculptures right by the art museum that I fell in love with when I first saw them. The first was a sculpture called Social Consciousness by Jacob Epstein. There are three ghoulish figures and three symbolisms to the figures-compassion, destiny, and death. What had me intrigued from the moment I laid eyes on it was the fact that this sculpture is so enigmatic in its message. It shows human suffering and the connection between suffering, our destiny, and our ultimate death. It is a very powerful piece to me. Prometheus strangling the vulture is another sculpture by the art museum that evokes meaning for me. I have grown up learning about Greek mythology through literature and the media so this sculpture about a Greek figure reminds me of my childhood. It makes you want to explore Greek mythology and question for what purpose this man is strangling a vulture. Another sculpture on the Parkway I admire is Jesus Breaking Bread by Walter Erlebacher. Even though it is very tiny and easy to miss, it evokes a Biblical presence and takes the audience back into history.

For me art is all about personality and the city of Philadelphia is full of great art, personality, and culture. I like looking at these sculptures and pondering the meaning and feelings behind the sculptor’s message. Maybe the sculptor was feeling joyful, or sad, or mysterious. But that’s why art is so great because it lets our imaginations take over and ponder the very message the sculptor wanted to depict to the world.
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Philly Love Note:
Rittenhouse Square Park

Students share their most loved Philly spots in partnership with Philly Love Notes, a collection of reminders of the forgotten or overlooked, but beloved Philly spots and experiences. Read this story on Philly Love Notes and get inspired to write your own at

Favorite Spot: Rittenhouse Square Park
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square
Address: 18th & Walnut

I am: A college student pursuing an English and Creative Writing degree at Bryn Mawr College
Years in Philly: 3
Current Home: Haddonfield, New Jersey

My Love Note:

I’ve always lived just outside of Philadelphia. Born and raised in South Jersey for 12 years, Philadelphia trips were made every so often on the weekends of my childhood, whether it be for the zoo, shopping with my mom, or family dinners at one of our many favorite restaurants. Even our dentist’s office was in Philadelphia. As close as it was, I was never able to really call it home.

Fast forward several years later after living abroad from ages 12-18 due to my dad’s job, it was time to figure out where I was going for college, and I’ve always known that I wanted to be close to the home I used to know on the East Coast. After choosing Bryn Mawr as my top choice for school, I realized that yet again, I would be living on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Most of my trips to Philadelphia growing up as well as my first few trips into the city when I started college all share the common thread of Rittenhouse Square. As a kid, I remember laughing with my dad about how funny I thought the names Chestnut and Walnut streets were, and in the midst of laughing I’d see the park that would grow to be so familiar to me- it was like my own Philly landmark. Even these days, most of my favorite shops and restaurants fall into the Rittenhouse area, and it’s one of the first areas in Philadelphia I learned to navigate alone at a younger age.

As much as I love the shops and restaurants, Rittenhouse Park deserves a personal dedication and wins the spot for my Philly Love Note. I realize that to some, it may not be a spectacular park, and might even feel too small and confined. But to me, it’s the green, leafy sanctuary where you find all kinds of people- rich, poor, old and young. Differences are blurred, and by no means does the high-end surrounding area dictate the kind of people you come across.

Thank you, Rittenhouse Park. Not only for the beauty and comfort you offer to so many people, but for bridging the gap between my life on the outskirts and the city I’m coming closer and closer to calling home.


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Get A Head Start On Your Career: Online Internship Fair

Are you currently searching for your next spring or summer internship? Not sure where to look? Well, get your resumes proofread and ready to go because the Campus Philly Online Internship Fair sponsored by Aimco, is right around the corner!

From February 25March 1, will be hosting a virtual internship fair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re a current student or even a recent graduate of a Campus Philly partner school, the online internship fair is a great resource you can take advantage of. It will help you with your next career move by connecting you to hundreds of jobs and internships throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Companies from various backgrounds and industries will actively be recruiting during the internship fair. Technology, media, and consulting are just some of the industries you’ll have a chance to work with.

Get started with these quick and easy steps:

1. If you are already registered with our site all you need to do is log-in to get started.

2. If you are a new user, click on “Register Now” and enter your information, create a profile and upload your resume. Note: You must be a student or graduate of a Campus Philly partner school to use Campus Philly Careers. For a list, click here.

3. You are ready to start your search!

4. Any questions? Please contact Jennifer Devor, Program Manager at 215.988.1707 Ex.107 or

Make sure to complete your profile and upload your resume before February 25th to ensure that employers will get a chance to browse through your resume.

This is your chance to showcase your talent, and use the skills you’ve learned in the classroom to get hands on experience in the job market. Completing an internship can ensure great success in your career. Jump start your career today! It can make all the difference.

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Campus Newswire: Top 5

Temple Promises to Keep Tution Low as a Deal to Keep State Funding

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, has a  new budget plan that brought smiles to Temple University‘s student’s faces. In this new approach, Corbett has agreed to keep state funding to public Universities as long as they keep tuition as low as possible. Temple President Neil Theobald, agreed enthusiastically!

Penn Receives Gift to Build New Political Science and Economics Center

The University of Pennsylvania has just received a $25 million gift from an alumnus to build a new political science and economics center. Penn President Amy Guttman, praises benefactor Ronald O. Perelman, for his extreme generosity and is very excited to begin the process of building a new home for these two majors.

La Salle Alum; Author of Silver Linning’s Playbook Travels to Promote Academy Award Nominated Movie Version 

La Salle alumnus Matthew Quick spent three years in a Michigan basement crafting the novel, “Silver Lining’s Playbook.” Today, Quick’s novel is a household name for a successful Academy Award nominated film that is based on his book . La Salle is very proud of Quick’s achievements and he is also very proud of La Salle. He always is sure mention his Philadelphia based university in interviews. Quick is now traveling to promote the film. Way to go Quick!

Students Lead the Classroom in Special Swarthmore Courses

At Swarthmore College, up to 1 credit student taught courses are available for enrollment by fellow classmates! This is a longstanding tradition at the college that has continued with, Shelly Wen ’14. Wen jumped in as a student instructor this fall for a new introductory course on ethics that has captured the attention of many of her peers.

PhilaU Students Talk Textiles with Scottish Peers

Throughout the semester Philadelphia University students will be teaming up with peers from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland to develop fresh and innovative textiles! This new collaboration is a part of an  interdisciplinary materials innovation course, taught by Director of the Textile Design Program, Marcia Weiss.


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Top 5 Philly Events

If you’re already feeling bored or stressed out this spring semester, these 5 events are the perfect pick-me-up. Check out some cool art, watch a funny play, or work out with an awesome Zumba class.

1. Professional Artists’ Exhibition

When: Monday, February 18th Where: Main Line Art Center, 746 Panmure Road Haverford, PA Price: FREE

If you’re an art lover, or just feel like getting out of the city for a little while, head over to the Main Line Art Center in Haverford to check out the work of great, talented artists.

2. Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband

When: Tuesday, February 19th at 9 pm Where: Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Price: Starting at $10

Set aside some time and make plans to see Oscar Wilde’s hilarious play, An Ideal Husband. It’s a great story of romance, insider trading, and scandal.

Visit for more details, or call 215-574-3550.

3. Tough Stuff Comedy Show

When: Friday, February 22nd at 8pm Where: The Head House Cafe, 122 Lombard St. Philadelphia Price: $10

Stand-up comedians Kevin Ryan and Sidney Gantt host the first ever Tough Stuff Comedy Show. Join the best stand-up comedians from NYC and Philadelphia for a Friday night laugh fest.

4. Beethoven & Gill

When: Saturday, February 23rd at 7:30 pm Where: Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, corner of 38th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia Price:$14 for students.

Celebrate the legacy of Beethoven as Mendelssohn Club partners with Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra and world renowned pianist Ching-Yun Hu to honor one of the world’s greatest composers.

5. Zumba® Fitness Class

When: Monday, February 25th at 6 pm Where: University City Arts League, 4226 Spruce St. Philadelphia. Price: $ 10

Stop by this awesome drop-in Zumba class in University City for a fun workout. No experience or registration necessary.


You can contact Yara at




Top 5 Career Postings

Campus Philly:  Graphic Design Internship 

Put your creative talents to the test and show Campus Philly what you got! Campus Philly is looking for a graphic design intern who will be developing campaigns, organizing the weekly e-newsletter, and bringing forth ideas for the annual Insider Guide to Philadelphia. Your designs and creativity will be published and seen by 29 different colleges!

Aimco: College Student Opportunity 

If you have a passion for real estate and the housing market, join Aimco and learn about the property management industry. You’ll get to interact with customers by showing apartments, create online ads, write leasing agreements, and communicate with prospects and leads.

The United Way: Resource Development Internship

Want to get involved with the community? Join United Way this summer as a Resource Development Intern and assist with fundraising efforts. Your efforts will allow United Way to help individuals, the business community, and public and nonprofit sectors achieve common goals. You’ll be doing a great deed for the community around you!

New Kensington Community Development Corporation: Sustainable 19125 Blogger

Love to blog and write in your spare time? Ever consider doing it to further your career? As a Sustainable 19125 freelance blogger, you’ll have a chance to promote discussion on  sustainability efforts through various areas of Philadelphia. Residents can comment and engage in conversation on the best methods to improve sustainability throughout the area.

The National MS Society: Public Health Intern

Multiple Sclerosis is a deadly autoimmune disease that affects 2.1 worldwide. As a public health intern, you’ll have a chance to engage in project management skills in order to deliver effective social, educational, and engagement programs to the appropriate target market.

You can contact Robin at