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Harcum College offers New Program 

Harcum college has recently started accepting applications for their new medical assistant program beginning in the fall! It is predicted that in the coming years this job field is going to increase by 31 percent. Now Harcum is providing its students with the opportunity to take advantage of that!

Temple University T.V Program Embraces Spanish Speaking Students

Temple Update, the Temple University student-run news program, is now offering a Spanish segment entitled “Update Ahora.” This special news program, which will air about six times a day, Monday-Thursday, will be done completely in Spanish as a way to embrace the school’s Spanish-speaking population.

Rowan University to Debut Major Changes 

Rowan University’s board of trustees recently announced that the campus is about to receive a major make-over. Key among these impending changes will be a second medical school, steps towards a College of Health and Sciences, three new academic buildings, the E1 building on Rowan boulevard, and a new rail line that will connect the campus with Downtown Glassborough! Generous benefactors and massive state funding is to be thanked for the induction of these multitude of projects that are sure to change the face of the Rowan.

PhilaU Students Compete for Urban Solutions

For the very first time, PhilaU has decided to allow their students to compete in the 2013 Design challenge that is focused on a premise of finding innovative solutions to the challenges of modern urban life. Ten undergraduate/graduate students will be competing with students from surrounding universities for a spot in the top three. If chosen, students will be honored at Temple’s inciteXchange conference!

Villanova Students get Educated on Human Trafficking 

Villanova University has recently began to offer a multidisciplinary course open to graduate and undergraduate students about the issue of Human Trafficking. Professors from the School of Law, College of Nursing, and the Arts and Sciences came together to create this course to give students the knowledge and ability to help those whose lives have been affected by Human Trafficking. This course will be offered again this fall.

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