Top 5 Career Postings

posted by , Drexel, '13 on March 5, 2013 at 4:39 pm

RecruitWell: Entry Level Technology Recruiter 

Did you recently graduate college and now you’re looking for an entry level position? Join RecruitWell’s team of recruiters. As a technology recruiter, you will be responsible for finding and identifying talent that matches not only the client’s goals but talent that will one day develop the next big thing in mobile app technology! RecruitWell finds talented technologists who have experience in iOS, Ruby, Java, and CSS.

Witty Gritty Marketing and Events: Marketing and Events Coordinator 

If you like fun, creative environments to work in, you may want to check out Witty Gritty Marketing and Events! Witty Gritty specializes in outdoor events and festivals, graphic design and branding services, and development of outreach programs. As a marketing and events coordinator, you’ll be responsible for managing social media campaigns, writing copy for press releases and blog posts, and contributing marketing ideas in a team setting. At Witty Gritty its all about hard work AND fun!

BlackGold Biofuels: Project Development Intern

Do you have ideas and like to make things happen? Want to develop and implement your own projects? As a project development intern, you’ll be exposed to all aspects of project management from the market research to the competitive analysis to strategy and business development. Here’s your chance to contribute ideas and improve upon your leadership skills!

Zonoff Inc.: Software Developer 

Want to use your technology expertise to enhance your career? At Zonoff, you will be working side by side with permanent engineers in order to collaborate on new technological advances. You must be passionate about technology and have some basic knowledge of Java, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, C++, among other programs.

Small But Mighty Arts Grant: Marketing Internship

Do you have a passion for art? Want to help artists receive grants in order to continue, begin, or complete their artistic work? As a marketing intern, you’ll be in charge of managing the various social media platforms, the blog, and the website, as well as perform outreach and marketing around fundraising campaigns. Here’s your chance to boost the creative career of an artist as well as yours!

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