Top 5 Reasons to Stay
in Philly This Summer

Spring is here but summer will slowly creep up on us! Why go away this summer when Philly has everything you could possibly want to do here. Campus Philly gives you our Top 5 Reasons why you should make Philly your home this summer (if it’s not already).

Night Market 

Get ready for the Night Market to come back to Philadelphia this summer! More than 50 food trucks will be around to serve food that will simply make your mouth water; along with live music acts and art displays. The Night Market chooses a different location each time so stay tuned to see where it’ll take place this year! You can even sign up to be notified via email. It’s completely worth it.

My Philly Summer 

My Philly Summer is a Campus Philly event that takes place from June-August every summer. Get a chance to meet and mingle with other interns working in and around the Philadelphia area. Some companies from the past have included: Deloitte, Vanguard, and Brownstein Group. Sign up for the Campus Philly Insider Newsletter so you can stay tuned in to dates and locations for this year’s events!

Opportunity Fair 

Graduates deserve the chance to make their mark on Philadelphia, too! This is a free event sponsored by Campus Philly every summer that gives recent graduates the opportunity to network with professionals in the Philadelphia area as well as learn about graduate school programs and volunteer opportunities.

Make Music Philly Day

Ever dream about a day where all of Philly’s musicians come out and play all over the city? What if the whole thing was free? Make Music Philly Day is coming to the city on June 21, 2013 this year. Musicians will team up with cultural institutions and concert promoters such as The Kimmel Center and Live Nation to bring you a day filled with music that will surely move you!

Phoenixville Blues Festival 

This year, The Steel City Blues Society brings you the Phoenixville Blues Festival which will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Reeves Park. This event is free to the public and brings together the sights and sounds of Phoenixville. Lay out in the sun and enjoy the performances of local artists while also trying cuisines from various vendors that will be present at the event!


Want to know what else is going on this summer? You’re in luck, we have an entire list on our site:

Top 5 Career Postings

Vintage 1854 Apparel Co.: Fashion Designer

Get your design on with Vintage 1854. This cutting edge company is looking  for a highly creative individual with high-quality technical skills in pattern cutting, grading & garment construction, and more. If you have a passion for fashion this paid internship could help build up a portfolio, but more importantly it will give you a great deal of experience.

GRID Magazine: Community Engagement Internship

Keep your finger on the pulse of the publishing industry interning for GRID Magazine. Grid is looking for students interested in sustainability and strengthening their community through hands-on experience researching, marketing and reporting on events. Go green with Grid.

Lumiere Media Inc.: Television Production Intern

Get a hands-on experience in what it takes to work in a production company. This internship includes organizing footage, simple editing, helping with on-site projects and more. If you land this internship you can walk away with stronger skills in animation, producing, editing, and more. Oh and a sense of humor is a plus.

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp (GPTMC): Administrative Assistant

This full time position is an ideal match for someone who is interested in learning more about the daily routine in marketing, advertising, or public relations. An administrative assistant at GPTMC should be organized and ready to help keep things running smoothly.

A2Z Global: Localization QA Technician

A great opportunity to work with a global leading company that helps with translations for many different industries and fields including technology, defense, telecommunications, and more. This paid internship requires strong Arabic language skills, as well as strong computer skills.


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I Love My Science Job:
What You Missed

Last Wednesday your very own Campus Philly, hosted an event called I Love My Science Job in conjunction with the Philadelphia Science Festival! In case you weren’t lucky enough to come out and meet the sci-super stars that came to speak, here is what you missed!

The Panelists…of Science 

Stephanie Baum – As the innovation reporter for MedCity News, Baum spends her days entrenched in the wondrous world of science, but opposed to actually being a scientist she gets to stick with her love of journalism and write about it! “If you told me when I was 18 that I would be standing up here talking about why I love my science job, I would have thought that you were crazy!” she joked to the audience. However, past premonitions aside, Baum loves her job,  proving to all of those who are “not so gifted in the science field, that they too can “love their science jobs.”

Pamela Dalton, Ph. D, MPH – This research scientist from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, nose how to sniff  out the science behind the odors that affect your everyday! A guest star on Myth Busters “the Halloween special,”  a contributing creator of the feces smelling military stink bomb, and a guest star on the Discovery Channel, Dalton proves that even science can be exciting. “My Job really stinks!” she joked, but Dalton loves every minute of it. Dalton figures out mysteries every single day with the simple power of a “sniff” and some elbow grease and that is why she loves her science job!”

Courtney Kronenthal, Ph. D – “My job is to talk about it!” Kronenthal proclaimed at the panel in reference to her career. All day long, as the Communications Director for the Coriell Institute for Medical Research,  Kronenthal gets to gush about her love for science. Staring out as a curious kid in the backyard with a microscope, she claims she was bitten by the science bug at an early age, but she found it to be too solitary. Kronenthal proves, that even the field of science, work can be social! She loves to interact with others and also loves the buzz of a lab. At Coriell her two loves become one. That is why Kronenthals “loves her science job!

Benjamin Pascal – As an entrepreneur and the CEO of Invisible Sentinel, part of Pascal’s job is to make sure all people who eat, do not get sick. So… in other words  his job is to make sure EVERYONE on planet Earth does not get sick from food and he does it with a tool that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Pascal and his colleagues at Sentinel, developed a diagnostic tool to test what you eat for food contamination! He proves to us that the traditionally boring world of science is actually not as boring as we thought.  “It has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life!” he announced and that is why Pascal really “loves his science job!”

Nithin Raikar – Raikar, a market engineer for SABIC, spends his days essentially making sure that most of what you touch from a lacrosse stick to a bike peddle was developed, sold, and deemed fit for the purpose that it serves. He explained that as a kid he spent a lot of time analyzing what makes a thing, a thing and now he gets the opportunity to do that everyday. So next time you play with that lacrosse stick and it for instance, doesn’t break in half on the field,  say a little thank you to people like Raikar because their minds and marketing skills made that possible and that is why Raikar “loves his science job!”

Nathan Solomon – A man of many talents, Solomon never would have predicted that he would end up in a science job. Originally a film student at the American Film Institute, where his colleagues were people like the cinematographer of Batman [!!!], he soon discovered that he was more interested in how the camera worked, than actually working the camera. This led him down a long and windy road of multiple different eclectic careers until he arrived as a Video Game Developer/President for the Philadelphia Game Lab. In his work, Solomon combines his loves for technology and art into one happy union and boy is he enthusiastic about it. “We bring a lot of technology to Philadelphia and we love building those relationships!” he said, and it is for that reason that Solomon truly does, “love his science job!”

Top Five Career advisories as stated by the Panel

1. Ask a lot of Questions!

2. Strive for your goals and don’t be afraid to fail

3. You may fall into a specialty that you weren’t educated for: if you love it embrace it and learn what you can

4. If you are going for science supplement with a business degree

5. “Learn to deal with Humans and be flexible while doing it!” – Nathan Solomon


Welp folks, that is all there is but here is my last and final piece of advice to give you before you go; next time you here about a Campus Philly event, GO! As you can tell, this past one was an event that those in attendance will not forget!

Top 5 Career Postings

Simple Twisted Frozen Yogurt: Team Leader

Simple Twisted Frozen Yogurt is opening another location and is looking for someone who is self-motivated and loves talking with customers. Get some hands-on experience with daily store operations and leading associates to a successful new location  Treat yourself and work in a cool place (yes, we love puns).

Vy Corporation: Software Engineer Internship Google Map

This paid summer internship will help strengthen your skills in developing shape detection capability within Google Maps. Experience with web development is required as well as familiarity with Google Maps API. If you know PHP, that will be helpful in landing this position.

Intelligent Capital Network: Agency Recruiter

Are you a recent grad. looking for a full time position this summer? This job will help you build up your networking skills as well sales and marketing approaches. You will be involved in conducting interviews, evaluating candidates’ information, and much more.

Co-Ed Supply: Campus Ambassador

When students are sometimes missing the feeling of home they might receive a care package from family or friends. Well Co-Ed Supply is a recent company that has emerged and is delivering care packages that can include anything from healthy snacks to toiletries. If you want a fall internship that dabbles in social media, marketing, advertising and more while putting smiles on students’ faces then you should apply for this internship!

First Financial Group: Financial Services Representative

If you are looking for a career in financial services, this one’s for you. This full time job will help strengthen your skills in networking, maintaining relationships with clients, and expanding your knowledge in financial solutions. Start your career now with First Financial Group.


Get Off the Couch and
Make it Happen!

“Finding your passion and building relationships is society’s secret tip for how to ‘get it done’ in Philly.” – Wayne Kimmel

In case you couldn’t snag a ticket to the quickly, sold-out event, we are bringing you up to speed with what you missed at the Philly Student Startup Summit, one of many events in support of Philly Tech Week 2013.

Levine Hall at University of Pennsylvania was filled with student entrepreneurs from a variety of schools in the Greater Philadelphia region. The event was hosted by nvigor, a student-led organization that strives to connect young entrepreneurs to local, successful business professionals throughout the city and help build their business ideas into something amazing. Students were intrigued by the speakers’ quick lightning-talks that included inspiring messages. There were two breakout sessions where students could get a closer look at how successful start-ups begin and grow.

Wayne Kimmel, Karen Griffith Gryga, Mark Headd, and Josh Kopelman shared resources, networking skills, and humorous stories of their business failures and triumphs during their main speaking segments. Kimmel said, “The most unfair advantage of Philly’s ‘natural resource’ is the incredible amount of brain power it contains.” He continues with, “Philadelphia has the potential to be the most influential start-up location for students of this generation if they never tell themselves ‘No,’ but instead give 100 percent.”

The day’s event concluded with time allotted for networking. If you are interested in learning more about this event, visit their website or search social media using #PHLstudentsummit and #PTW2013. These hashtags were used throughout the event by students and speakers to highlight key moments.

This article was covered and written by: Erika Campbell, Campus Philly Career Intern

Top 5 Philly Events

With finals creeping up quickly, here are some events that will let you relax and have fun! Here are our top 5 for the week:

1. I Love My Science Job

When: Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00PM Where: Quorum, University City Science Center, 3711 Market Street Price: Free

So you are majoring in communications or business and want to join the rising science community? Philadelphia Science Festival has the perfect event for you! I Love My Science Job is going to have successful entrepreneurs, engineers, journalists, public relations professionals, and more who will be leading a lively Q&A session. Food is also provided.

2. The Penn Relays

When: April 25th – April 27th Where: 235 S. 33rd Street, Franklin Field, Philadelphia Price: Starting at $18

One of Philly’s best known annual events is happening this week: the Penn Relays. This 3-day event attracts thousands of people. It’s your chance to catch a glimpse of talented national and international athletes, some of whom will make it into the Olympics!

3. Philly Tech Week Signature Event presented by AT&T and hosted by URBN

When: Friday, April 26th, 6:00PM  Where: Urban Outfitters Headquarters, 5000 S. Broad St., Building 543, Navy Yard Price: $30

Celebrate the talented ever-growing tech community at Philly Tech Week’s annual premiere event. Hosted by AT&T and URBN. (P.S. it will be one of the coolest spaces: Urban Outfitters Headquarters.)

4. Flavors of the Avenue

When: Saturday, April 27th, 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Where: East Passyunk Avenue, between Dickinson and Morris Price: $30

Because Philly’s food scene is always expanding, it’s hard to try everything. But when neighborhoods like East Passyunk host these kinds of events, it’s understood that it will be awesome.  Experience 25 award-winning chefs’ delectable creations. This event will also have live music. The pre-sale tickets are sold out, but there will be a limited number of general admission tickets the day of!

5. Discovery Day: Science at the Seaport

When: Sunday, April 28th, 10:00AM – 4:00PM Where: Independence Seaport Museum, 211 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard Price: Starting at $7

Don’t miss the Philadelphia Science Festival this year. This is one of your last chances to feed the science geek in you by exploring a historical vessel and learning about the importance of Philadelphia’s location to the Delaware River.

Top Five Student Eco Super Stars

Temple University: Energy Team

This Eco-minded group of students earns a top spot on our sustainability list for their all-star efforts in conserving energy at Temple. By examining data on the energy that their university consumes, these students identify ways to conserve, conserve, conserve and lessen the large school’s energy impact. Programs that they have already enacted are the following: a light bulb exchange program, the pilot of “smart” power strips, a school wide outreach campaign, and so much more!

University of Pennsylvania: M.I. GREEN

This team of green of leaders is here to spread the word before you even throw away that very first box. Officially named the Move-In Green, these upperclassmen make it their mission to educate incoming students on living a greener life while attending school at Penn! Last years M.I. GREEN contributed 15 tons of cardboard, distributed 1,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs, and received over 400 requests for information about green organizations on campus!

Swarthmore College: The Good Food Project

This sustainability action group takes a different route to promoting their message on campus. They go through the stomach. The Good Food project aims to focus on sustainable food issues by maintaining a produce garden, composting, advocating for sustainable food, and showing activism for fair food! Some of the food that they grow is even served in the on-campus dining area!

Saint Joseph’s University: GREENCOW

Saint Joseph’s University’s green students have a cow when their fellow students aren’t Eco-friendly… literally. GREENCOW, lesser known as, Get Ready for Environmental Education Now/Conserve Our Wildlife, has students educating on the animal perspective of sustainability. MOOOOve over environmental abusers, GREENCOW is here to stay.

Bryn Mawr: Sustainability Pledge

Every student at Bryn Mawr College is a sustainability superstar after signing their names to the college’s online pledge! This online pledge essentially promises that you live your life in a manner that allows the Earth to continue living its life! Sign up online today!

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Swarthmore Students Win at Debating for Democracy Conference 

Swarthmore students Amanda Epstein ’15 and Alexandra Willingham ’15 saw victory at this year’s Debating for Democracy contest for their entry of a letter to State Senator Edwin B. Erickson detailing their feelings against the the parental notification section of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. The two students received $3,000 as a congratulatory gift for their outstanding win.

Brandywine Senior Wins Research Award

Brandywine senior Labanya Mookerjee was honored by Eastern American Studies Association with the Francis Ryan Award for her submitted research paper. Mookerjee’s research paper was a chapter out of her senior thesis paper which explores  the connections between transcendentalism, feminism and social activism in the late nineteenth century through the life of Margaret Fuller’s disciple, Ednah Dow Cheney. Mookerjee is honored by the award!

Moore Spring Fashion Show to “Blast Off” on May 18th 

Moore’s annual spring fashion show will showcase a round of space age designs created by Moore’s own undergraduate fashion students! The students have been mentored by top designer brands including Aeropostale, Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Cyn and Luca, as well as Frank Agostino, a local “couturier!” The show will take place in Aviator Park at 8p.m on May 18th!

Villanova College of Engineering receives $500,000 gift from Henry Luce Foundation

Villanova University has recently become the recipient of a $500,000 gift from the Henry Luce foundation which is sponsored by the Clare Booth Luce program(CBL). This money is in support of three female engineering professorships. This donation was awarded in recognition of Villanova’s on-going support and commitment to women in the Engineering field! This is the first time that the CBL program has given out three professorships to the same university in one year!

Millersville names new Football Coach

It has been recently announced that Millersville University has hired Greg Breitbach as their head football coach for the start of the new season. Previous to Millersville, Breitbach spent five years as the offensive coordinator at University of North Dakota which had a very successful program. Millersville is thrilled to have him!


Top 5 Career Postings

Philadelphia Youth Network: Business Partnerships Intern

Join Philadelphia Youth Network to gain professional experience in business alliances and strategic networking! You’ll get hands on experience with event planning, marketing and communications, human resources, and partnership management. This role will surely develop your leadership and project management skills!

Health Market Science: Programmer Analyst

The pharmaceutical sector is hot hot hot right now! If you’re looking for a full time role as a programmer and you love technology, join Health Market Science! Knowledge of PERL, Ruby, and SQL is a plus.

Energy Efficient Buildings Hub: EEB Hub Undergraduate Internships

Show the EEB Hub your passion for creating energy efficiency and sustainability. The program will only be accepting 21 undergraduate and graduate applicants and it runs for only nine weeks so apply today! You’ll be lending planet Earth a helping hand in the long run!

The Communications Group: Assistant Video Producer Internship

Have a passion for film and broadcast media? The Communications Group is looking for an intern from May-July who will work with a film crew for a new internet talk show. Here’s your chance to show off your videography and editing skills!

Medical Mission Sisters Thrift Shop: Administrative and Marketing Intern

You’ll get hands on experience on the day-to-day operations of a shop. Share your ideas to improve processes that govern shop operations and outreach. Become a summer intern today!

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Successful Cover Letter Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

This week we’re bringing you the cover letter edition: Cover letter Do’s and Don’ts.

Since I recently graduated, I’ve had to deal with the daunting task of writing cover letter after cover letter. They can be tricky because you want to include enough but not everything. What gave me inspiration to write this piece was the fact that I was sure other students were in the same boat.

Here are a couple cover letter Do’s and Don’ts to consider before it hits the desk of the employer:


Do create a personalized cover letter for each position and company.  List the name of the company, address, and most importantly, the hiring manager’s name.

Do identify the position you’re applying for by including the reference number and where you found the position.  Was it through a college career fair? Or maybe through LinkedIn or CareerBuilder?

Do ask someone you trust to proofread and critique your cover letter in case you missed anything important!

Do provide concrete examples when stating your skills.

Do maintain a confident and enthusiastic tone.



Don’t go over one page. Usually two to three paragraphs is enough to tell your story. Make it concise but compelling.

Don’t assume. Make sure to proofread and let spell check become your best friend.

Don’t just repeat what is already listed on your resume. Highlight the most impressive accomplishments from your resume instead and explain the significance behind them.

Don’t end on a passive note. Make sure to include that you will follow up with the employer instead of asking the reader to call you.

With graduation around the corner for many of you and jobs looking to hire soon, I figured it would be helpful to share with you all tips that have helped me write a cover letter successfully!


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