Philly Love Note:
The Ice Cream of Dreams

posted by , Temple, '15 on April 9, 2013 at 2:40 pm

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Favorite Spot: Scoop DeVille

I am: A full time ice cream connoisseur

Years in Philly: Going on two in August

Current Home: North Philadelphia and South Jersey

 My Love Note: If I am going to be perfectly honest about it, the first time I entered Scoop DeVille to say that I was over whelmed would be an understatement.

Picture a room completely covered in pink, with a giant board listing every ice cream possibility you had ever imagine hanging dauntingly a bit above your head! Is your heart racing?

See, Scoop DeVille is not your every day run of the mill Ice Cream Parlor. Scoop DeVille Contains the ice cream that dreams are made of.

Let me explain how the process works; upon entering the premises you see the big daunting board as referenced before and on that board you will see three glorious sections. One is for ice cream/ yogurt flavor, the second is for a mix-in and the third is for toppings.

What is a mix-in you ask? Well get ready to have your mind blown! A mix-in is a fabulous invention by Scoop DeVille that allows you to blend what is essentially any ingredient under the sun into your ice cream. That includes coffee beans, fluff, sugar cookie dough, any type of fruit, candy, you name it! No ordinary ice cream will ever be good enough for you after you have experienced the power of the mix-in.

Scoop Deville is a place of choices and endless possibility. All of that endless possibility quickly transformed my little ice cream trip into a twenty minute long decision making debacle.  However, the sugar cookie dough, hot apple topping, caramel and chocolate sauce creation that I chose, made the whole experience more than worth it.

It is true, Scoop Deville has admittedly made me an ice cream snob but I mean once you taste greatness, can you ever really go back?

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