Top 5 Career Listings: Work To Start A New Year

Looking to get a head start on internships for next year? All of these will make it so you can’t wait for the new year to begin., Inc.: Merchandising E-Commerce Internship
Looking for an internship that deals with merchandising?, Inc. is looking for a part-time merchandising/E-Commerce intern to help assist with purchasing orders, generating reports, researching trends, loading products to the online site, managing inventory and other related tasks., Inc. specializes in designer swimwear, beachwear and accessories so this would also be a good chance to get some ideas for next summer.

Spark Philadelphia: Evaluation Intern (JANUARY ONLY)
Spark Philadelphia is looking to share their wealth of knowledge with an intern who will gain hands-on experience in data management and program evaluation. Your responsibilities will be to support the Spark’s growth by tracking and reporting on its constituents surveys and assist with program improvements. This is a part-time position that only lasts until the end of January 2014.

ApprenNet: Developer
Looking to get your foot in the door and get some insight to the world of start-ups? ApprenNet is looking for an intern to help with developing, designing and coding new features to make ApprenNet’s applications more convenient for users. What’s the best part you ask? Not only will you gain a lot of experience but it’s also a paid internship with flexible hours.

Bentley Systems: Tax Intern
Accounting students: here’s one for you. Bentley Systems  is looking for an accounting student to be their tax intern. The position starts in January 2014 and you’ll be providing support for various special projects such as R&D Credit, IRC 199 Deduction, Sub Part F, and many others. It’s a four month internships, so you’ll definitely be learning a lot of valuable tips and tricks of the trade.

Community Learning Center: Career Coach Intern
Community Learning Center, a nonprofit adult literacy organization, is looking for someone to be their career coach intern in their Student Services Program. The Career Coach will gain hands-on experience in lesson planning and client service as they assist students and alumni. You will also be creating goal-oriented workshops and conducting follow up appointments. This opportunity is great for education majors.


Don’t forget that our Online Internship Fair comes to an end this week!! But the great news: our career website works around the clock 24/7, so keep searching for your dream internship or job. Follow @CareerPhilly on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted about new opportunities.

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Online Internship Fair
Is Almost Here

Campus Philly’s Online Career Fair is right around the corner.  The Online Career Fair is a virtual event (on the web) where we help you connect with future employers.

Whether you’ve had an internship before or not, it’s always a great idea to get more. Firsthand experience is so important to learning your craft. That type of exposure is how you gain professional experience and broaden your network. Consider this an internship shopping mall.

“Our Online Internship Fairs are virtual events that take place twice a year, in fall and spring in alignment with when a majority of employers are looking to recruit talent,” said Jennifer Devor,  the program manager of corporate relations & career programs at Campus Philly. “While our career site is running 24/7 year-round, these fairs are a chance for us to shine a spotlight on the site and drive extra traffic from both employers and students. Sign on any day of the week during the fair, and you’ll see a huge increase of opportunities for internships and jobs – all ripe for the picking.”

Don’t worry about what types of businesses will be there because all of these companies are looking for students with a wide variety of skills.

Although the Online Internship Fair only comes around twice a year, students and businesses are welcome to use our career site any time they want. We always have new employers posting jobs and internship. The more you log on the better chance you have on finding a place that is right for you.

Signing up for this event is incredibly simple and completely free. All you have to do is go to (or log in if you already have an account), upload your current resume, and then search for an internship that best suits you.

Have some questions or concerns? Tweet at @CareerPhilly with the hashtag #CPOIF and ask us anything internship, job, or career-site related. If you can’t fit your question in a tweet then you can contact Jennifer Dover at or call her at 215-988-1707.

Last Minute Halloween Scares

Have you taken advantage of everything Halloween in Philly?  Whether it is spooky ghost tours or family-filled festivals, there is something for everyone this Halloween season that is sure to make you scream with excitement!  Check out some ghoulish happenings, sure to make you come back for more.

Gruesome Gatherings:

Welcome to Philly Happy Hour: Halloween Edition

When: Thurs, Oct. 31, 5:30pm – 7:30pm  Where: Pennsylvania 6 – 114 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia  Price: $5

Are you new to Philly?  Are you just looking for a good time before your main event this Halloween?  Join Young Involved Philadelphia as they host Welcome to Philly Happy Hour with some after-work drinks on Halloween!  Come transformed from your work attire to a uniquely made costume, and participate in YIP’s First Biennial Minimalist Costume Contest.  This is a +21 event, and $5 gets you entry as well as your first drink.

Boo! An Intensely-Spookin’ Jazz Party

When: Thurs, Oct. 31, 8pm – 11pm  Where: Painted Bride Art Center – 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia  Price: $5 for Open Arts members; $20 in advance for non-members; $25 at the door for non-members

Boo! Are you into jazz music? Are you excited for Halloween? Then the Painted Bride Art Center might have just the answer for you!  Enjoy many live performances in genres such as avant garde jazz, contemporary R&B, and Hip Hop from local artists in the Philadelphia region.  Come dressed in costume, and enjoy the sights and sounds the night will bring!

Haunted Houses:

Pennhurst Asylum

When: Through Nov. 2 (select nights)  Where: Church Street and Bridge Road, Spring City  Price: $16

The historically terrifying Pennhurst Asylum has various attractions to scare just about any visitor.  For example, there is the “Dungeon of Lost Souls,” a labyrinth of old cells and halls, “Tunnel Terror,” an underground tour, and “Ghost Hunt,” a self-guided tour through the Mayflower Building.  So grab your flashlight, and get ready to explore a haunted hospital!

Valley of Fear

When: Through Nov. 2 (select nights)  Where: Phoenix Sport Club – 301 W. Bristol Road, Feasterville, Bucks County  Price: $19

Make your way if you dare to Bucks County’s Valley of Fear, which has attractions like the “Haunted Hayride,” where visitors will encounter surprises around every corner.  There will also be “Zombie Escape Maze,” in which you better stay with the group.  If you get lost, you might just encounter a zombie first hand!  If you are up for it, end your night with “Scary Tales,” which is a haunted forest trail.

Mind-Tingling Tours:

Ghost Tour of Philadelphia

When: Ongoing  Where: Starts at Ben & Betsy’s Gift Shop – 401 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia  Price: $17

This 90-minute tour actually goes year-round, but things get extra scary around Halloween time. You can explore back alleys and secret gardens in areas like Independence Park, Society Hill, and Old City.  Your tour guide will share accurately depicted horror stories of happenings in the City of Brotherly Love.  This attraction is for all ages, so bring friends and family, and get ready for a night of fright that might have you looking at Philly in a different light.

Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour

When: Ongoing  Where: Starts at Cosí Restaurant – 325 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia  Price: $17.50

This 75-minute Spirits of ‘76 Ghost Tour takes spectators down a chilling path of cobblestone streets to visit more than 20 haunted attractions, including haunted movie sets in and around historic Philadelphia.  Attractions include: City Tavern, Washington Square Park, and St. Mary’s Church and Cemetery.  So go way back to 1776, and see Philadelphia in a way you have never seen it before!

For more information and an extensive list of Halloween events in the Philadelphia region, click HERE.

You can contact Jeffrey Urbano for more info at

Top 5 Philly Events:
Fairs, Plays and Zombies: Oh My!

Hey CP readers!  Are you all ready for Halloween?  Get ready with these action-packed events, sure to give you an exciting scare or two!  Other events include finding internships through Campus Philly’s own Online Internship Fair.  Check it all out:

1. Young Friends Night

When: Thurs, Oct. 24, 7pm – 10pm  Where: Adrienne Theater, Main Stage – 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia  Price: $25

If you’re young and friendly, then why not come out to Young Friends Night at Adrienne Theater for a night of mixing and mingling?  Presented by InterAct Theatre Company, for $25 you can enjoy drinks, a variety of hors d’oeuvres, as well as the Philadelphia-premiere of “We Are Proud to Present…” with your ticket admission.  Grab your friends, and enjoy a night at Adrienne Theater.

2. State of Young Philly

When: Fri, Oct. 25 – Sat, Nov. 2  Where: Various locations, Philadelphia  Price: Prices vary

For an entire week, Young Involved Philadelphia is partnering with various organizations to provide you, the young professional you are, with social and professional events. These events will help bring out the leader in you to effectively enact change in Philly.  Events include: the Opening Reception and Civic Engagement Fair on Oct. 25 and Get Hired, a workshop on Oct. 30 with HR professionals giving you tips and reviewing your resume!  For a complete listing of week-long events, click here.

3. The Running Dead: Zombie 5K for Global Literacy

When: Sat, Oct. 26, 7:30am – 9:30am  Where: Penn Park Class of 1976 Plaza – 3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia  Price: $24

Have you been preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse?  Well, the time has come.  Join the University of Pennsylvania’s service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega as it host its annual “Running Dead” Zombie 5K Run at Penn Park.  To register, you either choose to be a human or a zombie, and it will run like a flag football game.  Prizes will be awarded, and all proceeds will go toward Room to Road, which works to improve literacy as well as gender equality in third world countries.  Grab your friends, slap on some fake blood, and run for this awesome cause!  For more event details, click here.

4. Halloween in Manayunk: Zombie Thriller Dance-Off

When: Sat, Oct. 26, 2pm – 3:30pm  Where: Manayunk – 103 Cotton Street, Philadelphia  Price: FREE

Do you know every move to Michael Jackson’s classic hit, “Thriller?”  Have you always wanted to dress up as a zombie but never got the opportunity?  Well the time has come!  Dress up as a zombie, make your way to Cotton Street in Manayunk, and get ready to bust a move.  Prizes up to $1,000 will be awarded for “Best Zombie Costume” and “Best Dancer.”  The event is for all ages, so bring friends, siblings, parents, etc for this first time event!

5. CP Online Internship Fair

When: Mon, Oct. 28 – Fri, Nov. 1  Where: On the Web  Price: FREE

Are you looking to land an exciting internship, but you don’t know where to start?  Have no fear: Campus Philly has the solution for you!  Join Campus Philly for a week-long event, as we hosts our biannual Online Internship Fair.  Just log onto Campus Philly Careers and apply!  It’s that easy!  There will be hundreds of companies looking to hire, so why not take advantage of this convenient opportunity? You won’t want to miss out on this!


You can contact Jeffrey Urbano for more info at

Students, Lending And Micro Financing

The University of Pennsylvania hosted the 2013 Lend For America conference on micro financing from October 13th to the 14th and the turnout was amazing.

The event was filled with lectures, discussions, panels and networking lounges. Students, business owners and entrepreneurs came from all over, including India and the Czech Republic, to join in on the conversation.

Speakers covered everything from Micro Finance 101 to large scale lending and everything in between. Galen Gondolfi, from Justine Petersen, had guests come to the front of the room and talk about firsthand experiences with financing and networking. The first half hour of his “Credit Building Through Coaching” lecture was him asking questions to the audience and having them talk among themselves. Not only did he freely admit that he was learning new things by listening to the audience, but the relaxed atmosphere kept the audience active and interested.

Melisa Kocarslan, a sophomore at Bentley University,  attended the Lend For America conference for the first time and had only good things to say. “This is a great learning experience for what other organizations do. I’ve learned a lot from others,” Kocarslan continues, “There is such a broad range of students who do the same thing you do or want to do.”

The two-day event sent guests home with a wealth of knowledge. Lend For America’s goal is to help student leaders to practice micro financing in the U.S. through training, networking, research and funding.

If you’re still wondering about the term micro finance … Micro finance is a financial service that helps individuals and small businesses. It is primarily done through loans and other services from venders that call themselves micro finance institutions.

I will be the first to admit that I had no idea what was being discussed at the beginning of this event. Anything having to do with numbers always made me feel like a deer caught in headlights. But as the day went on I learned a thing or two. Like that financing isn’t strictly about putting your money in your bank account and trying not to spend it all in one day. I also learned a good deal about loaning, credit and interest.

Surprise yourself and learn something new! Stay tuned with Campus Philly’s Social Innovation Series. There are civic engagement, economic development and community impact events coming up.

Top 5 Career Listings:
Real World Education

Let’s be honest, the world is your classroom and you have to step out into the real world to learn things first hand. These new jobs and internships will have you working, learning and having fun at the same time.

Campus Philly: Graphic Design Internship
For those of you who love Photoshop, creating new designs and simply having fun Campus Philly is looking for a graphic design intern. Your work will be seen online and in print media that is distributed to 31 local colleges and universities. That’s a lot of eyes looking at your work. It’s a great way to get your name and skills out there.

Vanguard: Acceleration Into Financial Professional Program
Do you want to work for one of the world’s largest investment management companies? Of course you do. Vanguard  is seeking an individual for its Acceleration into Financial Professional Program (AFP). Passion for finance and financial operations is a major bonus. This program is available for graduating seniors who are ready and eager to enter the business world.

Catalyst360°: IT Java Developer Intern
Hey there Java speakers. Catalyst360° is looking for a savvy IT Java developer intern. This position will have you automating application deployment tasks and developing alert scripts for application errors.

The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians: Classroom Assistant
Do you enjoy helping others learn while learning new things yourself? Volunteer as a classroom assistant with The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and gain experience in making lesson plans, monitoring students and so much more. You’ll get to work in a multicultural environment and help newcomers adapt to their new home.

IKEA North America Services, LLC: Marketing Analyst
To all the awesome marketing students out there, do you want to work for the world’s largest home furnishing company? (We know you’re nodding “yes.”) IKEA  is looking for a full-time marketing analyst to work at their headquarters. You’ll be contributing to the delivery of the 2014 U.S. business goals and the development of the 2015 business plan.


Don’t forget that our Online Internship Fair starts next week!! Signing up for this event is incredibly simple and completely free. All you have to do is go to (or log in if you already have an account), upload your current resume, and then search for an internship that best suits you.

You can contact Sarah Mariano for more info at

Top 5 Philly Events: Grab a Seat

Hey there CP readers!  With autumn in full effect, what better way to sit back and relax than checking out what the city has to offer you this week in fun-filled events?!

1. 2013 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts

When: Sat, Oct. 19, 9am – 5pm Where: Moore College of Art & Design – 20th Street and The Parkway, Philadelphia Price: FREE for Moore students, $10 for all others

Are you looking to be a top leader in the world of art and design?  Register here to attend the 2013 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts.  Listen to female industry professionals who have become huge successes in their respective fields.  Also get the opportunity to network with other students from surrounding universities.  Bring out the leader in you!

2. 27th Annual AIDS Walk Philly

When: Sun, Oct. 20, 8:30am – 12pm Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art steps – 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Price: FREE

Show your support for the Delaware Valley’s largest annual HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising event of the year!  There is still time to volunteer at this event with anything from handing out water to accepting sponsorships in the Donation Tent.  To volunteer, please click here.  You can even stand at the sidelines and cheer on your friends as they walk to raise awareness!

3. Pennsylvania Ballet – FREE Performance for the City of Philadelphia

When: Sun, Oct. 20, 3pm – 4pm Where: Academy of Music – 240 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia Price: FREE

Do you appreciate the art of dance?  Pennsylvania Ballet will be showcasing a sampler of performance highlights from the past 50 years in a FREE matinee at the Academy of Music.  Make your way to the Academy of Music, and enjoy this FREE performance!  You won’t want to miss out on this!

4. “Philadelphia” 20th Anniversary Screening

When: Tues, Oct. 22, 8:30pm – 11:30pm Where: Prince Music Theater – 1412 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Price: $10

Prince Music Theater is screening the iconic film “Philadelphia” which was the first major motion-picture to tackle the issues of AIDS, homosexuality, and discrimination.  After 20 years, join the Philadelphia Film Society as they honor the film.  Even the Director of the film, Jonathan Demme, will be in attendance.  Bring your friends, grab some popcorn, and get a good seat to this screening!

5. Mega-Bad Movie Night: “Them”

When: Thurs, Oct. 24, 6:30pm – 10pm Where: Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University – 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Price: $15

The Academy of Natural Science experts will be onstage to comment on the many scientific absurdities of the film, “Them.” This 1954 cult classic about giant man-eating ants will also be shown.  There will be a cash bar and snacks for moviegoers.  There will even be a sampling of the Academy’s specimens, live animals, and the chance to check out the exhibits!  What better way to examine an awfully entertaining film than by viewing it with butterflies?!


You can contact Jeffrey Urbano for more info at

Philly Love Note: 30th Street Station

Favorite Spot: 30th Street Station

I am: a Drexel University senior

Years in Philly: 5

Current Home: University City

When it comes to the city of Philadelphia, one spot that is always there for me when I need it most is the 30th Street Station. As a Drexel University undergrad student living in the University City area of Philly, my bedroom window overlooks the Center City skyline. One landmark in particular that is always front row and center is the station.

It has always been there for me. For example, working at my most recent Co-op with Drexel University Online, when my co-workers and I wanted to find a place to grab lunch, the 30th Street Station was right there offering quick, affordable selections ranging from restaurant chains indoors to local food trucks outdoors on The Porch. At this point, I have probably tried everything in there!

What I also love about the station is that it can get me directly to the Philadelphia International Airport in less than 30 minutes! I have utilized the airport line multiple times to the respective airport terminals to destinations, such as Boston, MA, Orlando, FL, and Los Angeles, CA. It’s so accessible.

Another perk I love about the 30th Street Station is the addition in recent years of The Porch right outside the station. This relaxing area with comfortable chairs to lounge in or eat at is great, especially when the weather is beautiful outside. I find it a perfect area to people watch. What is also awesome is that from day to day, there are fun attractions, such as the farmer’s market, a beer garden, and live musical performances.

The 30th Street Station is not just there to get you from point a to point b. It is also there as a resource for travelers, a friend for those lost, and a comrade to those new in the city of Brotherly Love! I love it!

Interested in checking out more Philly Love Notes? Check out to read more and submit you own!


You can contact Jeffrey Urbano for more info at

Chestnut Hill’s Weekend of Wizardry

Are you an avid fan of all things Harry Potter?  Have you ever tried butter beer?  Have you ever wanted to watch a live action Quidditch tournament?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, then you are in luck!  From Friday, October 18 to Saturday, October 19, the local neighborhood of Chestnut Hill will be transformed with everything from a replicated Diagon Alley with shops right out of the pages of the Harry Potter novels to the 4th Annual Philadelphia Brotherly Love Cup Quidditch Tournament at Chestnut Hill College!

Friday, October 18

  • Opening Ceremony: 5:30 p.m. at the Top of the Hill Fountain Plaza
  • Quidditch Team Pep Rally
  • Harry Potter Pub Crawl for those over 21 (will include some authentic butter beers)

Saturday, October 19

Cheer on your favorite Quidditch team on the softball field. This event is FREE and open to the public.  It will showcase 8 college Quidditch teams from the Philadelphia area, including Chestnut Hill College, Kutztown University, and Penn State University.  While you watch the tournament, make sure to try the fall foods, view potions demonstrations, and be prepared for more fun surprises.

The Harry Potter Festival will be taking over Chestnut Hill Saturday, the 19th!  The shops and restaurants of Chestnut Hill will magically change into places right from the Harry Potter books, offering food, drink, and retail promotions. Examples include the Leaky Cauldron, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheeezes, and Hogwarts Greenhouse. There will be everything from magic shows to costume contests, ending with the closing ceremony at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy.

So grab your wand, dust off your broomstick, and stir up some magic at the 4th Annual Philadelphia Brotherly Love Cup Quidditch Tournament at Chestnut Hill College and Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill this upcoming weekend!

For a complete listing of all the weekend’s events, please click HERE.

Top 5 Career Listings:
Skill Building Internships

Looking for an internship that will help you get to where you want to go? Take a look at the internships below and see if one works for you.

Campus Philly: Graphic Design Internship
Do you like the idea of knowing that your work could be seen online and in print while being distributed to 31 local colleges and universities? Campus Philly is looking for a graphic design artist to do just that. Work alongside our talented team, gain priceless experience and have fun while designing.

iWorkwell Inc.: HR Marketing Business and Computer Internships   
iWorkwell Inc. is looking for a talented student to be their intern. You’ll be directly supervised by the founder and president of the company who will teach you valuable business practices. Who better to learn from than the top guy himself? Bring your “thinking cap” because there will be a ton of brainstorming!

Northwestern Mutual – The Philadelphia Group: Financial Representative Internship
The local branch of Northwestern Mutual is looking for a student to help represent them as their financial intern. This internship will help you discover and build your marketing skills while broadening your network. It’ll help you bridge the gap between classroom learning and applying those skills to real situations. Is there a better way to learn? [Probably not.]

Live Nation: Marketing Internship
Looking for a future in marketing? Live Nation is looking for a marketing intern to help around the office while building profitable skills as you go. The intern will be assisting the marketing team with paying bills, ticket orders, managing settlement reports, assisting in promotions and updating Live Nation social media sites.

JR Resources: Graphic Artist For Promotional Products Firm
Design amazing graphics for JR Resources as their new graphic artist intern. JR Resources is a 20-year-old agency that needs some fresh ideas about logos, layouts and PowerPoint presentations. While you’re there, you will learn about the graphic design industry, sales and more.


Didn’t find an internship/job this time? Sign up for our Online Internship Fair (October 28 – November 1).

We’re also hosting a Q&A over Twitter @CareerPhilly to help you prepare! You may have questions like, “What types of internships are going to be posted?” or “Are there just internships available, or jobs as well?” Campus Philly’s Jen Devor has the answers. We’ll have two Q&A sessions: Tuesday, October 15th 1-2pm and Friday, October 18th 10:30-11:30am. Use #CPOIF. Save the date and set your reminders because your search starts here!

You can contact Sarah Mariano for more info at