Developing a Professional Website as a Student

We are in the age of technology, which means that your tweets, statuses, and pictures are flying all over the internet and can be accessed by potential employers with a simple click of a mouse. With all the information that is out there about you, it is important  to develop a professional website in order to represent your professional and scholarly accomplishments. Get ready to learn why it’s important, what to include, and where to start.

Why it’s important

Why exactly do you need your own website, you ask? Here’s why: although it is possible to present your professional or creative side on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can’t get the full effect of your accomplishments and abilities on sites that were made for socialization. “It’s a sign of professionalism,” says Larry Atkins, Journalism Professor at Temple and Arcadia University. “Potential employers and internship coordinators will look into your background, and having a professional website shows that you are serious about your career.”

What to include

When you’re creating your website, there are tons of things that you can add that will boost its appeal. Some important things to add are your published work, resume, past experiences and expertise. Add a short “About Me” section so employees get a memorable idea about who you are. Include a professional-looking headshot of yourself. “Don’t be shy about your accomplishments, especially as it relates to your field,” says Atkins.

It’s also useful to include your creative portfolio. Do you write poetry? Paint awesome works of art? Take breath-taking photographs? Include a tab on your website that shows off your creative abilities. Companies are looking for innovative and original employees, and your artwork may show that you are an out-of-the-box thinker.

Update and Start Linking

“Try to update your website and blog as frequently as possible in order to build an audience,” says Atkins. Employers don’t want to see outdated or irrelevant information. Consider keeping a weekly blog in order to keep things current. Also, start linking your page! Provide a link on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. This makes it easier for people to find it and might increase your chances of getting hired.

Where to Start

There are hundreds of platforms that you can use to create your own website. “WordPress is a very easy template to use to build your site,” mentions Atkins. You can also check out free and easy websites such as Tumblr and Weebly. Or, if you wanted to up the wow-factor, SquareSpace offers you your own domain name for $100 a year.

There you have it! Once you complete your site, edit, proofread, and fact-check to make sure all of your information is correct. Be sure to add your own creative flare to make it stand out. Congratulations, you are now on your way to getting hired!

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Top 5 Events: Fun on a Budget

Is your wallet feeling light at the end of the month? Check out our top five events this week — all of them are $10 or less. From parades, music, and crafts, there’s no reason not to attend these affordable events.

WXPN’s Free at Noon

When: January 31st, 12 pm – 2 pm  Where: World Cafe Live – 3025 Walnut St, Philadelphia Price: Free!

Join WXPN for their weekly event where you can see tons of cool musical acts for free! This show features a different artist every week, so you’ll always be discovering new music. This week, check out Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans. Registration is required!

Shop on the Square Craft and Design Sale

When: February 1st, 12 pm – 7 pm Where: Philadelphia Art Alliance —  251 S 18th St, Philadelphia Price: $5

Join the Philadelphia Art Alliance for an awesome craft and design sale! There will be over 40 local artists showing off their work. Come and support Philly’s art scene and maybe you’ll discover your next favorite artist.

The Philadelphia Suns Lion Dance Parade

When: February 2nd, 11 am – 2 pm Where: Chinatown, Philadelphia  Price: Free!

Firecrackers, the Lion Dance, and martial arts performances — all the the Chinatown parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Starting at 10th and Spring street, this parade is a great way to bring in the Year of the Horse.

Philly Rising Open Stage

When: February 3rd, 7 pm – 10 pm  Where: World Cafe Live – 3025 Walnut St, Philadelphia  Price: Free!

Are you a musician? Show your stuff at World Cafe Live for their Philly Rising Open Stage. Arrive early to sign up (spots fill up fast) and compete! The winner will be invited to perform at the Best of Philly Rising each month for the chance to record a song. Not a musician? Come to watch emerging artists and discover new music.

PM @ Penn Museum: 1st Wednesday Quizzo

When: February 5th, 6 pm – 8 pm  Where: Penn Museum — 3260 South St, Philadelphia  Price: $10 with student ID.

Bring your friends out to the Penn Museum for Wednesday Night Quizzo! The museum stays open late so you can compete for prizes and enjoy food and happy hour specials from The Pepper Mill Cafe.

If you’re looking for more ideas of things to do in the Philadelphia region, check out our calendar HERE.

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NET/WORK on February 4th

Calling all techies! NET/WORK is a  job fair for students and recent grads targeted towards those looking to work in the technology field. Campus Philly is collaborating with Philly to provide a job fair for people searching for full or part-time work in programming, engineering, and other tech-related fields. Come to this fair for networking, job, and internship opportunities.

The NET/WORK event will be held at Union Transfer, a seemingly unusual but surprisingly awesome place for a job fair. Good news: the event is free for all students and recent (within a year) graduates! Just bring your student ID along with you. $10 will get you in otherwise. You can get your ticket here.

At NET/WORK, Campus Philly and Bentley Systems will host the Expert Hub, a room full of professional development resources to help you with your job search. Within the Expert Hub, there will be career counselors who will provide resume reviews, 15-minute counseling sessions, interview and resume tips, and much more.

Although this event is targeted towards tech students, all are welcome. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get a new job or internship!

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Top 5 Career Listings: Get Creative

Time to get creative! These job and internship opportunities require innovative thinkers. Even science and technology require out-of-the-box ideas!

Campus Philly, Open Arts: Arts and Culture Marketing Intern
Hey art lovers- this internship is for you! Campus Philly/Open Arts is looking for a current student who is creative and motivated to be their new intern. Responsibilities include publicizing upcoming arts and culture events on social media, creating campaigns and contests, and attending select promotional events. Applicants should be able to be in the Campus Philly office 10 hours a week and keep to deadlines. The internship includes a stipend or can be used for academic credit.

Philadelphia Magazine: Graphic Design Internship 
Combine your love of art and technology with this graphic design summer internship. Philadelphia Magazine is seeking out an intern who has prolific graphic design and layout skills, great attention to details, can work well with a team, and is deadline-oriented.  Duties include working with Photoshop to create materials for clients, sending projects to advertising and marketing departments, and conceptualizing projects in multiple areas. The internship can count for academic credit.

Technically Media: Community Intern
The Company, a news site for technology that is based in Philadelphia, is looking for a tech community intern to help assist with their events portfolio. With events like Philly Tech Week and Baltimore Innovation Week fast approaching, this intern will be providing outreach and commerce strategies through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Applicants should be familiar with such websites and good at engaging new and current followers.

PATHWAYS PA: Childcare Education
Do you adore kids? Want to be a teacher? Apply to this full-time position! PathWays PA wants to hire a childcare educator who has knowledge of early childhood development. This non-profit organization’s goal is to help individuals attain a good family life and economic independence, so know that you’ll be working for a good cause.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum: Philadelphia Science Festival
The Philadelphia Science Festival approaches! And the host, The Franklin Institute, is seeking an intern to help with promotion of the event on social media, coordination with program partners, and event planning. This internship would be great for students who love science, have strong communication skills, and are organized.

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5 Things All Interns Need

So, you applied early, aced the interview, and landed the perfect internship. Awesome! Now what? As you prepare for what lies ahead, there are a few things that you’ll need to help you impress your boss and keep on top of things (hint: you can’t buy all of them at an office supply store). 


One of the most important things you can bring with you to your internship is organization. It will make your job much easier if you have specific files for your documents, a folder for important emails and projects, and a place to put your pen and notepad. Archive emails and get rid of papers that you no longer need. Being meticulous might seem excessive, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry when you’re a newbie in the working world.

A Planner

This ties in with organization. Keeping a manual planner with your schedule in it will help you stay on top of everything. Keep due dates, events, and notes in your planner so you don’t miss a deadline or skip anything important. Smart phones have digital schedules built into them; you can even set an alarm for important due dates. If you’re more of a pen-and-paper person, a booklet planer works just as well.

A Professional Wardrobe

Or, more accurately, a relevant wardrobe. What kind of company hired you? Are they a national or small start-up company? A larger company will probably require skirts or dress pants for female interns and button-down shirts with ties for males. A smaller, more eclectic company might be looking for someone who has a strong sense of creativity, so let your personal style shine through. If your internship is over the Internet, pajamas could make the perfect outfit of choice. Lucky you.

A Briefcase

Investing in a professional briefcase or even a nice backpack is something to strongly consider. Even if your internship is digital, you at least need something to hold your resume when you go in for the interview. You’ll need to keep papers organized and have a place to put your pens and phone, and carrying something other than your high school backpack makes a mature and polished impression.

A Can-Do Attitude

This is the most important thing to have going into a new internship. You are new, and having a positive and willing attitude will make a great impression and will also help you learn. If you are willing to do the things that are asked of you (which, yes, may include a Starbucks run or two) this shows that you are grateful for the opportunity that has been given to you and could increase your chances of a future job offer.

By getting an internship, you’re already ahead of the game. With these five tools to help you, you’re on the path to succeed at this great new opportunity.

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Philly Love Note: Drexel University

Favorite Spot: Drexel University

I am: Drexel senior

Years in Philly: 5

Current Home: University City

Drexel University has provided me with so many memorable experiences – academically, socially, and professionally.  There are so many!  How can I choose my favorite ones?  Let me start from the beginning.  I applied to Drexel after having decided I had wanted to study business.  Drexel was close enough to home (Voorhees, NJ), that I could easily go home if I wanted to see my family, but Drexel was also far enough that I could stay in the city if I wanted to explore the city or hang out with friends.  Drexel was the first university I had gotten into, and after having accepted, I attended an information visit and campus tour.  I remember taking the tour during a cold and rainy afternoon, but it was alright.  Walking around my would-be campus, I just knew that I could see myself here for the next five years.  Here I am five years later, and I couldn’t be sadder at leaving this home behind.

I came to Drexel for three main reasons.  Firstly, I knew how good the LeBow College of Business program was, secondly I wanted to live in a fun city environment.  Lastly, I had become familiar with the co-op program that would provide me with three 6-month real work experiences.  Speaking on this, one of the best memories I have is when I landed my first co-op position.  Through the Drexel job portal, I sent my perfected resume to 25 various marketing positions, and I landed 9 interviews.  For just being a sophomore, this felt awesome!  I ended up accepting a position with Ballard Spahr LLP working in this Center City law firm’s marketing department, and I learned so much from those 6 months there.

Since having come to Drexel, I have made life-long friends.  Through joining some of the student organizations on campus, such as the Business Learning Community, the Filipino Intercultural Society of Drexel University, and FBLA – Phi Beta Lambda, I have made such great friends, with similar interests and commonalities, whether it be fellow business majors or other young Filipino-Americans like myself.  After graduating from Drexel, I hope to maintain these strong relationships for years to come!

One of the best experiences I have had with Drexel wasn’t even held on campus.  After having applied and been accepted into this study abroad program, I got the opportunity to study abroad in London during my fall quarter 2012.  Those three months were so rewarding.  Though I wasn’t physically in Philly at the time, I lived, studied, and traveled with other Drexel students.  I met some awesome people while abroad, and got the chance to travel throughout Western Europe in cities like Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and Amsterdam all with my best friend, Kelly Penn, from Drexel.  I thank Drexel’s Study Abroad office for allowing me to have taken part in this experience.

Now with graduation looming over my head, I look back on my time at Drexel with nothing but a smile on my face.  I live my life with no regrets, and I can honestly say that I have done so many positive and impactful things over the past five years at Drexel that I do not hold any regrets.  My undergraduate time here at Drexel and in Philly might be closing its chapter, but the book is still wide open with pencil in hand.  I have no concrete plans after graduation thus yet, but who knows where life will take me?  Thank you to Drexel for everything, and best of luck to all future Drexel students!  Make it your own, just like I have done.

Interested in checking out more Philly Love Notes?  Check out to read more and submit your own!


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Open Arts College Night: Winterfest

What: Open Arts College Night

When: January 30th, 5 pm- 10:30 pm

Where: The Blue Cross RiverRink – 101 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia

Get excited, because Open Arts College Night is back! Students got to meet the city during the day at College Day, and now you can get familiar with Philly nightlife during College Night. Grab some skates and hit the ice, or cozy up by the fire pits! The Lodge, a pop-up restaurant, will be serving great food, craft beer (for those 21+), hot chocolate, and s’mores kits to make over the fire. This special event has free admission for students  — just pay $10 for skate rentals and be sure to bring your student ID. You won’t want to miss this!

Skating sessions are:

5 – 6:30 p.m.
7 – 8:30 p.m.
9 – 10:30 p.m.

For more information and to register, visit the Open Arts Philly website and follow @OpenArtsPhilly on Twitter!

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It’s Time for Philly Students to Rally!

Are you ready to Rally?  You might have heard the buzz, but how familiar are you with the next up-and-coming social media app made just for you?  Imagine an app that allows for Philly newcomers, like college freshman, to meet up with other students in social settings or academic environments without the prior awkward worry.  YOU would be in control and meeting others online like yourself with similar interests and hangout spots.  Not only is this app easy to use, but also pretty unique!

Rally is currently a new mobile app specific for social networking that is still in the development stages but that is looking to make a splash with the Philly college community within the next few months.  We recently sat down with Nick Saponaro, a co-founder of Rally, who shared with us the news of his team’s project.

Nick, 20, hails from Marlton, NJ, where he attended Camden Community College studying computer science.  In his free time, Nick has always been big on music.  He enjoys making his own music, playing both piano and guitar.

However, his entrepreneurial spirit arose when just last August the idea came up between him and three friends to create a new social networking tool geared towards college students looking to make new friends to go out to local places together.  They started brainstorming and then put it into practice around October.

Bobby Mort (Glendora, NJ), Mike Cunningham (King of Prussia, PA), Pat D’Ambrosio (Mount Laurel, NJ), and Nick Saponaro collectively developed Rally.  When it came to choosing a name, Nick states, “To rally means to come together as one.  That is what we are trying to do.  We are trying to get people off their phones and get them back talking face to face.”

What is Rally exactly?  Nick says, “There are two aspects to Rally.  There is a social aspect with users able to start or join a rally.  From a business aspect, within a 30-mile radius, you can check out all the local businesses.  Once you go to the map, you can mark your rallies there.  On the day of the Rally, you can check in.  The more often you check out certain places, the more Rally points you rack up.  By doing so, there is an opportunity to get discounts with them.”

So you might be wondering, what makes Rally stand apart from all of these other popular social networking mobile apps?  Nick has this to say: “We want people to meet up with people organically as well as to create an outlet to endorse business promotion.  It’s the go-to source to make new plans with new people.”

Throughout the last couple months, the team has been hard at work perfecting the app before introducing it to the local public.  The team has utilized Philly’s local resources to assist in the development of Rally.  Nick adds, “We go to a lot of Philly tech meet-ups to network with other young professionals.  We are also planning to do demos in the future.”

We asked Nick the following: What has been the motivation to create Rally?  He responded with, “We are really tired of seeing how people ‘react’ in this technological age.  Our society has become about shunning people in a face-to-face setting.  Our age group and younger are the ones suffering.  Our driving force is to make everyone feel comfortable to strike up a conversation again. “

With regards to other up-and-coming young entrepreneurs looking for their big break, Nick has this to say, “Learn from your failure, and don’t be afraid of it.  Resilience is the key to be successful.”  If you have an original idea you want to put into practice, go out there and go for it!

If you want to get involved with Rally, check out  There you can learn more about Rally, make a donation, and even receive rewards for donating.  Also, if you would like to be one of the first few to try out Rally when it launches in Philly, you can go to

Much thanks to Nick Saponaro for taking the time to speak with us, and best of luck to him and the rest of the Rally team with its future launch!  In closing, Nick had this important message for CP readers, “It’s time for the world to Rally!”  Are you in?

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Top 5 Career Listing:
There’s Still Time

Think that it’s too late to get a spring semester internship or job? Wrong! These listings are available and some of them are even for the summer. Grab them while there’s still time!

Bentley Systems: Financial Operations Intern
This one’s for all you architect, technology, and engineering majors! Bentley Systems is a company that provides software solutions for sustaining infrastructures. It is currently looking for a detail-oriented financial operations intern who has excellent Windows skills. This full-time research and data-entry position will last two to three months and begins as soon as possible.

New Kensington Community Development Corporation: Block Programs Coordinator 
Love both the environment and the community? New Kensington Community Development Corporation is a company whose mission it is to improve the ecological quality of life for the community through neighborhood-driven projects and programs. This full-time job includes managing activities, developing and attending events, and assisting with databases and social media platforms.

Cloudamize: Operations Intern 
Cloudamize, a company that provides other businesses tools for advancing and consolidating their cloud infrastructure, is looking for a part-time intern to help their marketing and operations team. This company is looking for a highly motivated individual who is good at multitasking and working with a team. This internship is great if you love working with other people and are a creative thinker.

Harcum College: Science Tutor
Attention all science geeks! Harcum College is looking for a part-time tutor of Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, and Chemistry for this coming Spring semester. Bachelors Degree or higher in a relevant field is required. This position would be ideal for those looking to teach science in the future.

Resources for Human Development: Human Resources Summer Internship
Are all of you altruists ready to get a head-start for the summer? Resources for Human Development is a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the independence and quality of lives of people, family, and communities. They are looking for a summer intern who will assist with initiatives such as recruiting, employee relations, and HR data analysis. People who are detail-oriented, dependable, and good at working with a group should apply.

You can email Danielle Hagerty for more info at 

Check Out Center City’s Restaurant Week

Center City Restaurant Week  happens every year, and it’s a great opportunity to check out new restaurants at a good price! For $35, you can get a three-course dinner (and in some cases, four or five!) or a three-course lunch for $20. Make your reservations between January 19 – 24 and 26 – 31. Take this chance to get out there with friends, family, or a date and take advantage of all the great food that Center City has to offer.

Need a place to bring the family? Going on a first date? Or are you just looking for a fun thing to do with friends? Check out these restaurants and you’ll definitely be leaving satisfied!

Date Night: The Melting Pot

Who doesn’t love fondue? Snuggle up with a date at The Melting Pot in Center City. Choose a cheese fondue appetizer, a salad, a cooking style or your choice of entree, and a chocolate fondue for dessert. My favorite is the cheese fondue: get the classic cheddar or branch out and try the Wisconsin cheese trio!

Check out their dinner menu here!

Suit and Tie: The Capital Grille

I don’t know about you, but as a student The Capital Grille is normally pretty far outside my budget range. Get all dressed up and fancy and grab the chance to eat at this restaurant at a discounted price! This would be a great place to impress your boss by taking them to lunch. Try their lobster and crab burger for lunch or stop by later to taste the Kona-crusted sirloin with shallot butter at dinner.

Here are their lunch and dinner menus!

A Night Out: Fire and Ice Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

This restaurant combines great food and the nightlife atmosphere in a unique way. This is a great place to bring a group of friends for an exciting night out! Their menu fuses Vietnamese and Thai cuisines with some popular American dishes. Standing out on their menu is the Dirty Bananas dessert — it comes with Kahlua and cinnamon in a crepe topped with vanilla ice cream.

View their dinner menu!

Family Dinner: Bistro Romano

Bring out the whole gang for a classic Italian family dinner at Bistro Romano. There are plenty of entrees to choose from, so there will be something for even the pickiest eaters in your family. I’m partial to their pescatore — it comes with shrimp, mussels, clams, and calamari.

See what they’re serving for dinner!

Try Something New: Sampan

Sampan is one of the coolest restaurants around. They have a lot of interesting dishes that you probably won’t get to to try anywhere else! This Asian restaurant also has vegetarian and gluten free options available. If you like seafood, try their Vietnamese fish and chips.

Here is their dinner menu!

For more information on Restaurant Week and the full list of participating restaurants, check out their website.

You can contact Simona DeDominicis for more info at