Top 5 Careers: Computers,
Cameras, Canines and More

Whether you’re looking for full-time employment, a part-time gig, or a summer internship, the opportunities in Philly never run out! From mobile software development to outdoor excursions, international marketing and gardening, this week’s Top 5 Careers showcase just how diverse–and fun–Philadelphia can be!

1. Stuzo: Software Start-up Intern
Are you innovative, tech-savvy, and interested in the dynamic world of start-ups? Stuzo, an up-and-coming tech company in Philadelphia, is rolling out a new software platform this summer and is seeking interns to help with the launch. Interns at Stuzo will participate in the creative process of branding and marketing Stuzo’s latest product, Mobile Engagement Gateway, targeting small and medium businesses in the Philadelphia region. Now’s your chance to gain experience in tech start-ups while engaging with an array of local companies and entrepreneurs!

2. Route Dog: Dog Runner
Landing a job doesn’t necessarily mean retreating to a desk–check out this opening at Philly’s own dog-running company, Route Dog. If you’re a dog lover who enjoys a good workout, consider applying to join the team! At Route Dog, you’ll be paired with high-energy pups to lead on long-distance hikes, runs, and other outdoor adventures. Interested applicants should be fit, comfortable with canines, and a resident of one of the following neighborhoods: Downtown, Manayunk, Main Line, Blue Bell, and Newtown.

3. Norphone Productions: Marketing/Business Intern
Norphone Productions, an international precious metals corporation based in France, is coming to Philadelphia! The company is seeking a degree-holding intern to assist in their transition to the United States. At Norphone, you’d help develop a business model suited to American consumers while gaining firsthand experience in international enterprise and marketing. Apply today!

4. Red Flight Pictures: Film Production Intern
If you have creative flair, camera skills, or production experience, you might be a perfect candidate to intern at Red Flight Pictures LLC this summer! This locally-based company is dedicated to producing meaningful, artistic films and is looking to include several interns in their upcoming projects. Positions could include assistant camera operator, assistant director, production assistant, or others. If you’re interested, send over a cover letter and a list of your five favorite movies to by June 10th!

5. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: Urban Garden Volunteer
Now that spring has sprung, spend your summer helping Philadelphia bloom! Join the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in transforming a vacant lot on South Street into a community oasis through their Pop-Up Gardens program. Become a volunteer and partner in the transformation of 1438-46 South Street into an island-themed garden, complete with food, drink, and entertainment!

Top 5 Events:
Om Nom Nom, Philly-Style

From sandwiches to gyros, this week’s Top 5 Events are all about food.

The Great Sandwiches Event
When: May 28th, 6 pm – 9 pm Where: Union Transfer, Philadelphia Cost: $35

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? This Wednesday, come enjoy sandwiches, sandwhich-inspired desserts (come on, now you’re curious), and beverages from over three dozen restaurants, cafes, and breweries. There will also be a Chopped-style sandwich competition between three celebrity chefs! You must be 21+ to attend.

Star Wars Quizzo
When:  May 28th, 7 pm Where: Drinker’s West, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

For all the Star Wars fans about there geeking out about the new trilogy coming out, show off your knowledge at a Star-Wars-themed Quizzo in University City this Wednesday. You can get together a team of up to five people to compete for prizes. Search your feelings, you know you want to go. 21+ only.

The Food Spot at Bala Cynwyd Farmers’ Market
When: May 29th, 12 pm – 3 pm Where: Bala Cynwyd Farmers’ Market, 1 Belmont Ave., Bala Cynwyd Cost: Pay as you go

Why not celebrate the arrival of summer with some great food trucks? There will be everything from jugglers and yoga demonstrations to smoothie sampling and pop-up theater. If you can’t make this one, no worries! There will two more of these during the summer.

St. George Cathedral Greek Festival
When: May 30th – June 1st, 11 am – 12 am Where: St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 256 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia Cost: Pay as you go

For those of you who don’t get enough gyros and baklava in your life, come to Center City this weekend for the Greek Festival! There will be arts and crafts, Greek music and dancing, as well as an authentic Greek deli. And it will be happening rain or shine!

Irish American Festival
When: June 1st, 1 pm – 8 pm Where: Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia Cost:  Pay as you go

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this festival. There will be dance troupes, notable Irish musicians, and traditional food like shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash. There will be a series of these heritage festivals throughout the summer!

Ride On: Why You Can
(and Should!) Bike Philly

May is National Bike Month, and with winter finally gone now is the perfect time to consider the benefits of cycling. Whether looking to cut costs, shave time off commutes, shrink your carbon footprint, or add some cardio to your routine, bicycling is a great option for students strapped for time and cash.

Riders in Philadelphia have the particular advantage of living in a city that is ranked in the top 20 for bicycling. While Philadelphia’s flat terrain, grid-like urban planning, and compact design make it a naturally bike-friendly place, the city has made many efforts to further improve the streets for cycling. Many of these innovations are thanks to the efforts of advocates at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to making Philadelphia a safe, accessible and fun city for cyclists of all types.

Nicholas Mirra, Communications Manager for the Bicycle Coalition, is passionate about “helping others discover and appreciate the freedom a bicycle brings.” For Mirra, biking is a profoundly accessible activity, “not just for buff guys in Lycra or hipsters riding fixies, but for anyone–working professionals, moms and dads, students, kids.” Mirra is also passionate about the potential for bicycles to provide economic and environmental relief by replacing cars and buses. “Biking means cleaner air, cheaper transportation, healthier bodies. On top of that, Philadelphia is a great city to start biking.”

Although biking is a great choice for any age, it is especially popular among younger people, according to Mirra. “If you’re under 40, you probably either bike or know someone who does.” As a young professional, Mirra was inspired to buy a bike by a friend. “If you’re thinking of getting into biking but not sure how, talk to someone who does bike. They’ll definitely have a lot to say!”

Mirra started off on a used bike from one of Philadelphia’s local shops. “It’s served me well. There’s no need for a brand-new, high-tech bicycle if you don’t want one. Any sturdy bike will do.” What Mirra does emphasize is the need for proper safety gear: a lock, a helmet, and front and rear lights. “It’s incredibly important to be visible at night, and to keep your head protected at all times,” he warns. Once on the road, listening to your instincts is key. “There’s no shame in preferring quieter roads. If you’re not comfortable riding on crowded streets or near buses, there’s always an alternative route to follow,” Mirra advises.

Once you’ve begun to cycle, there are plenty of ways to connect with other bikers in Philadelphia. The Bicycle Coalition and partners like Women Bike PHL organize meet-ups, group rides, workshops and classes throughout the city. These events connect the diverse members of the cycling community to foster friendship and solidarity across the city, while organizations like Safe Routes Philly promote safe practices among younger riders. (Check out our list of upcoming bicycling events for more ideas!)

Although many students take advantage of the ease and speed of biking in city, bikes can also provide a way to escape the city hustle. Many Philadelphia cyclists enjoy routes on the Circuit, a network of trails that, when complete, will provide over 750 miles of pedestrian and bike paths throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. To date, over 250 miles have already been completed, offering dozens of possible routes through local neighborhoods and parks. In addition to the suggested routes found on the Circuit homepage, bikers can take advantage of an interactive map to plan a leisurely or vigorous ride.

Feeling inspired? This summer is a perfect opportunity to make biking your own. Sign up for the National Bike Challenge to create a distance-tracking profile and join the thousands of others hitting the streets and trails this season. Recruit friends, form a team, and see how far your wheels can take you. According to Mirra, “there’s no wrong way to begin.”

It’s Never Too Late:
Finding Summer Internships

It’s finally here. Those three months that you’ve been looking forward to. Summer! You’ve made it through the last of your finals, packed all your belongings into the car (how did you acquire this much stuff? Seriously. What possessed you to buy yet more clothes/posters/books/random pieces of furniture from Craigslist?), and said goodbye to your college or university until September.

And then it comes, the dreaded question. Whether spoken by a concerned parent, a friend who wants to figure out whether you guys will have time to go to that music festival in July, or a classmate from high school you bump into at the coffee shop, it’s always the same question:

So what are you doing this summer?

And you panic. Because you don’t really have something figured out. Everyone else seems to have acquired a paid internship at the White House reporting directly to President Obama, or is in Australia working for a vet clinic that specializes in orphaned baby kangaroos (okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels like this). But don’t worry! Campus Philly has got you covered. We’ve gathered together the best resources for finding a summer position even after the summer has already started. So take heart and go find that great position.

1. Campus Philly Careers


Not to toot the horn of the organization I write for, but Campus Philly has an extensive bank of positions. You can search jobs and internships, and get really specific with the industry, location, and even salary-range that you’re looking for. This resource is specifically here to help students to connect with employers in and around the Philadelphia area.

2. Internships


If it’s internships you’re looking for, have we got a website for you. Internmatch is free to sign up for as a student, and you get to search internships by zip code and narrow them down by field of interests. You can also select preferences like “nonprofit” and “summer” to further narrow your search. A feature that we think is great: each internship lists how many people have applied for that position.

3. In-Person Visits

If you are interested in working at a favorite shop of yours, whether it’s a chain store, thrift store, or restaurant, visiting in person can be a way to make your face known. You don’t want to come on too strong, but simply asking someone at the store if there are any openings can put you ahead of folks who are relying only on the internet to connect with these stores.

4. Friends and Family

These are networks that we often forget about. Connections that we could make through our friends and family are not going to jump out at us. Take the time out to call them, send an email, a Facebook post, or even a tweet. This is a low-pressure way to navigate the job market, and can often lead to really good professional connections.

5. Check the Organization/Store’s Website

This is a really basic tip, but it’s always important to check out the website of the organization or store that you’re interested in. Some of them have career or job pages, which will show what positions are currently open. This is especially true for online magazines and other publications. Not only is it important to check the website to see if openings are posted, it’s also important because you want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the organization before you go forward in the application process.

6. Read Up on Other Campus Philly Articles for More Advice

We’ve got lots of articles about the job/internship application process, from resume tips to networking advice. Search through our archives of articles here to read more!

Top 5 Career Listings:
Plug In, Reach Out!

Philadelphia is home to a diverse network of individuals, organizations, and communities, and this week’s Top 5 Careers are all about connecting people. Whether promoting fine arts in Philly as Art-Reach Program Coordinator or empowering low-income Philadelphians as a LIFT Summer Advocate, our favorite picks offer many opportunities to work and learn this summer!

Art-Reach: Program Coordinator
Art-Reach is an organization committed to making art and culture accessible to Philadelphians across all communities. As a Program Coordinator, you’d have a front-row seat to the dynamic arts scene in Philadelphia, and would be responsible for the organization, promotion, and ticketing of various artistic events in the city. Tasks include sourcing and advertising upcoming exhibits and shows, outreach to encourage participation in events, and communicating with donors and patrons to ensure a quality and enriching experience for all. Now’s your chance to directly impact the flourishing arts culture of Philadelphia—apply today!

Leadnomics: Software Engineering Intern
The power of technology to connect people grows more apparent every day, and as a Software Engineering Intern at Leadnomics, you’d have the chance to be a part of fostering meaningful client-customer relations. Leadnomics is a Philadelphia-based, fast-growing corporation that prides itself on bringing companies and patrons together through the power of effective, high-quality programming platforms. This summer, the Leadnomics team is seeking an energetic, savvy, and dedicated individual to join them as a summer intern to work hand-in-hand with industry leaders. Check it out!

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia: Safe Routes Philly Coordinator
Security is a critical component to any community, and as a Safe Routes Philly Coordinator you would partner with the City of Philadelphia in fostering a safer city for local children. Through educational workshops, community “walking bus” programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns, Safe Routes Philly seeks to promote walking and biking as healthy, sustainable, and safe options for younger Philadelphians.  As a Coordinator with the program, you’d be responsible for continuing a program that has already educated over 200 teachers and reached over 60,000 students with this important message.

Beneficial Bank: Bank Card Research Clerk
If you have a knack for problem-solving and detail, check out Beneficial Bank’s posting for a Bank Card Research Clerk position! On the job, you’d be responsible for investigating all claims related to ATM or Check Card issues, acting as a liaison between the bank and various organizations responsible for claims processing, and assisting with customer service.

LIFT Philadelphia: Summer Advocate
We all know the difference one supportive voice can bring, and as a LIFT Philadelphia Summer Advocate you would have a direct, positive impact on many of your fellow Philadelphians. As a local non-profit, LIFT partners with lower-income communities to improve access to employment, housing, healthcare, and family benefits. Through service and teamwork with these vulnerable populations, LIFT is making a difference across the city, and invites you to join them. Invest your summer in others, and find yourself enriched in the process!

Top 5 Events:
Spend Memorial Day Outside

Instead of going away this Memorial Day weekend, why not check out some of the great events offered right here in Philadelphia? Whether you’re looking for a nautical adventure, a scavenger hunt or a picnic near the water, Philadelphia has a lot to offer this week. Check out the Top 5 Events below!

PHAIR at the Oval
When: May 22-23rd, 5 pm – 9 pm; May 24th, 12 pm – 7 pm Where: The Oval, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

PHAIR, Philadelphia’s open-air market, is coming to Eakins Oval this week, and they’re bringing a wide selection of local artists and vendors. Come shop around the market, listen to live music and eat your way through the lineup of food trucks including Cow and the Curd, Mama’s Meatballs and Sweetbox Cupcakes. This event is free to attend, but bring cash to spend.

Picnic at the Pier
When:  May 23rd, 6 pm – 10 pm Where:  Race Street Pier, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a picnic? The Race Street Pier will provide blankets, music and lawn games to fulfill all your picnicking needs. Free food is limited to the first 100 guests, so pack your own food if you can’t show up early. An added bonus: the first 20 guests will also receive free picnic baskets.

Delaware River Maritime Day
When: May 24th, 10 am – 6 pm Where: Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

May 22nd is National Maritime Day, so come show your nautical side on the Delaware River this Saturday. Enjoy educational demonstrations and learn about the boats that call the docks of Philadelphia their home. Then, test out your sea legs with free rides around the Delaware River in swan boats and kayaks. This event is free to attend.

Watson Adventures’ Munch Around the Market Scavenger Hunt
When: May 24th, 12 pm – 2 pm Where: Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia Cost: $22 plus money for food

Test your wits and explore Philadelphia in a culinary adventure. Gather up a team of two to six people and solve food-related riddles as you search Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown for answers. Bring a digital camera to document your findings and win the hunt to take home a special surprise! Tickets are $22 plus approximately $10 for food.

Fireworks and Fountains
When: May 24th, 9:15 pm Where: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square Cost: $38

Celebrate Memorial Day at Longwood Gardens with their elaborate Fireworks and Fountains show. Fans of show tunes rejoice–this outdoor event features accompanying music from many hit Broadway shows. Blankets aren’t permitted in the viewing area, so bring a folding chair to view the show. Tickets to this event are $38.

Biking in Philly: Getting Started

There’s a reason why Philadelphia was ranked one of the top bike-friendly cities by Bicycling Magazine. For many Philadelphians, biking is a great way to see the sights, stay in shape and get to where you need to go quickly and inexpensively.  However, it’s not always easy to know how to start biking in such a large city. You may be wondering what gear you need, where to ride or even how to change a flat tire. Hey—maybe you don’t even know how to ride a bike. Never fear, Philadelphia offers plenty of resources and events for student bikers of all skill levels.

Bicycle Club of Philadelphia

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice looking to lose the training wheels, the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia (BCP) is a great resource for biking in the city. BCP is a nonprofit organization that offers resources, discounts and weekly group rides for bikers in the Philadelphia area. Events are categorized by skill level, so you never have to worry about keeping up with the pack. BCP even offers instructional rides for those who are still fine tuning their riding skills. Although you don’t have to be a member to attend the rides, a membership is required if you want to reap the full benefits of BCP. These benefits include discounts at local bike shops, access to special events, a monthly newsletter and updates on local group rides. In addition to all those great resources, you’re also getting the opportunity to meet fellow bikers in the City of Brotherly Love. Fortunately, a yearlong BCP membership is offered at a discounted price of $10 for students. At such a great price, consider joining BCP before you start cruising around Philadelphia. Check out their list of events for more info.

Museum Without Walls Ride (June 14)

Sponsored by the Association for Public Art and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the Museum Without Walls program aims to showcase stunning pieces of public art around the city. On June 14, the program will combine public art and biking with a free bike tour along the Schuylkill River from 10 to 11:30 a.m. This event is a great opportunity to view “Symbiosis” by artist Roxy Paine, the newest addition to Philadelphia’s public art. All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend this five-mile tour. Bring a bike, helmet, water bottle and any snacks you want to munch on. The tour is free, but a limited number of spaces are available, so register online if you plan on attending. Check out the event website for more details.

Breakaway Bikes Saturday Shop Rides

If you’re a more experienced biker looking for a free group ride, Breakaway Bikes and Shake Shack have you covered.  Every first Saturday of the month (weather permitting), Breakaway Bikes offers their Saturday Shop Ride—a free ride ranging from 57-70 miles around the Philadelphia area.  Rides leave the Breakaway Bikes store at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at Shake Shack. Need more motivation? The first round of refreshments at Shake Shack is free. Come prepared with a helmet, a water bottle, food and—most importantly—your bike. Breakaway Bikes also offers gear, in-store training sessions and performance tests. BCP members can also get a 5% discount on new bikes and a 10% discount on accessories at the store.  Check out the event website for more details.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely cruise viewing the arts or a challenging excursion around the city, there’s sure to be something to fuel your biking enthusiasm. Biking is a great hobby, mode of transportation, and exercise, so go discover why Philadelphia is loved by bikers everywhere. And the best way to start biking in Philadelphia? Just start pedaling.

Voices of Students Be Heard

You, like most college students, probably have an opinion about SEPTA. As broke (and often carless) young people who want to get around without spending this week’s grocery money on gas, students are some of the most active users of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. And luckily, there’s a group that’s making sure that the voices of young riders like you will be heard.

Youth Advisory Council, or YAC, is a group consisting of students from both high school and college, ages 16-23, who act as advocates on behalf of youth riders to SEPTA leadership (youth riders are defined as anyone ages 14-22). There are three subcommittees in YAC that each address different issues reflecting the group’s core mission: Outreach & Communications, which focuses on bringing relevant information directly to colleges and high schools and creating promotions designed to encourage students to utilize SEPTA; Transit Education, which educates students about SEPTA, as well as public transportation in general; and Service Evaluation, which creates surveys to inform YAC about student needs and opinions regarding SEPTA, the results of which are then reported back to SEPTA leadership.

The students who make up YAC currently hail from many colleges, universities, and high schools from around the Greater Philadelphia area. But the one thing that unites them is their desire to help improve public transportation. All the members of YAC continually contribute to this mission. “Each member attends a monthly plenary meeting,” says Rae Hamilton, Co-Chair of the Outreach & Education subcommittee of YAC, “and everyone has a project that they’re working on.”

You don’t have to have an idea that will revolutionize public transportation in Philly as we know it to get involved in YAC — you just have to care about public transportation. And this is a great time to get involved with SEPTA: the new payment technology is projected to be completed by November of this year. SEPTA is phasing out payment types such as tokens in favor of refillable cards, while at the same time expanding the smart payment technology to include smart phones, fobs, and other contactless forms of payment, and members of YAC have front-row seats to the proceedings of rolling out the new technology.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, you are a perfect candidate to become a member of YAC. “YAC is actively seeking new members,” Rae says. Candidates should be ages 16-23, attend a Greater Philadelphia high school or college, and have a commitment to advocacy and a history of volunteerism. The application to become a member is located on the online. Perks to being a member include a free monthly SEPTA pass and the knowledge that your advocacy on behalf of students will result in a better SEPTA.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the leap to becoming a full-fledged member just yet? Attend a meeting beforehand to get a sense of the passionate people who are involved in YAC. “Our plenary meetings are open to any youth riders who are interested,” explains Rae, and this is a perfect way to learn about new developments in public transportation in Philly, as well as specific projects that YAC is involved in. Recent topics at meeting have included the new payment technology, the SEPTA app, summer outreach events, and tabling at events such as Penn’s GreenFest. The next plenary meeting is this Friday at the SEPTA building!

Don’t keep your opinions to yourself: “Students should check out the student discount program survey to give input on what they would like student discounts to look like,” Rae says. There are also many other ways of interacting with both YAC and SEPTA on social media. Use the hashtag #septa_social to ask questions or get updates on public transit, and #yac to get in contact with the Youth Advisory Council in general. So whether you want become a member or just give your opinion on SEPTA initiatives, YAC will let the voices of students like you be heard.

Top 5 Events:
Food, Flea Markets, and Festivals

This week’s Top 5 Events showcase local artists, vendors, and plenty of diverse food! Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry or have a craving for Italian food, there’s bound to be something for you. The best part? All the events are free to attend!

Old City Night Market
When: May 15th, 6 pm – 10 pm Where: 3rd and Arch Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Come to Old City and enjoy live music, local artists, and dishes from local food trucks and restaurants this Thursday night! With over 85 vendors, there’s sure to be something to satisfy your latest craving. Admission is free, but bring your wallet if you plan on filling your stomach!

Franklin Flea Market
When: May 17, 10 am – 5 pm Where: Historic Strawbridge’s, 8th and Market Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Looking for that vintage piece of furniture to complete your apartment decor? Come see what hidden gems you can find while tasting delicious food from local restaurants! Admission is free, but bring some cash and your haggling skills if you plan on purchasing anything.

9th Street Italian Market Festival
When: May 17th-18th, 11 am – 6 pm Where: 9th Street and Washington Avenue, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Bring your appetite to this weekend’s showcase of Italian food and culture in South Philadelphia. Live music, games, and even a meatball-stacking contest are sure to make this a memorable experience! Plus, admission to the festival is free!

Clover Market
When: May 18, 10 am – 5 pm Where: 12 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore Cost: Free!

Come explore this outdoor, rain-or-shine event featuring vintage, antique, and handmade items from over 100 vendors. Local food trucks will also be featured, so come hungry!

Israel 66
When: May 18, 12 pm – 5 pm Where: Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia  Cost: Free!

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and immerse yourself in the culture, food, and music of Israel. Play Israeli dodge ball, eat some falafel, and enjoy the sounds of the Mummers’ Avalon String Band!

Questions? Email

Top 5 Career Listings:
Take Initiative

There are a few things that almost every employer is looking for. Someone who’s organized, enthusiastic, bright, and gets things done are often among the top qualifications for any job. This week, we’re focusing on jobs and internships that require taking initiative. Read on for opportunities ranging from developing your leadership skills to assisting children with special needs.

Lincoln Financial Group: Leadership Preparation Program
Calling all college seniors: want to develop your leadership skills? Lincoln Financial Group is looking to hire self-motivated, results-oriented students for their Leadership Preparation Program, a two-year program in which participants work in at least two different business areas and live in up to two different geographic locations. So if you want to be exposed to varied aspects of the financial industry, expand your network, and gain new skills, apply today.

Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations: Public Relations Intern
If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this might be the perfect internship for you. Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations, which offers sustainability-focused communications services, is seeking a part-time intern to work from a home office environment that includes a baby, a nanny, and a hairless dog. The PR work will include research, data entry, and editing.

SocialLadder: Developer
SocialLadder, a mobile technology platform, is looking for a developer with experience in iOS, Android, or .NET to work directly with co-founders Raavi Iqbal and Alana Bly on sales, marketing, and social media initiatives. Qualifications include an interest in mobile apps and computer science experience and the ability to work efficiently in a start-up environment, as well as “loads of common sense!”

Brain Balance Achievement Centers: Sensory Motor Coach
Looking for an internship that utilizes your experience with physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports science, or exercise physiology? Brain Balance Center of Wayne is searching for someone who has experience working with children to guide and assist children with special needs through exercises that engage both hemispheres of the brain. The hours are flexible and the position requires a creative, organized multi-tasker.

Resources for Human Development: Community Relations Internship
Resources for Human Development has been helping people reach the highest level of independence possible through programs ranging from residential services to job training for over forty years, and they are now looking for a community relations intern to help with tasks including coordinating and attending special events to assisting with managing social media and online postings. Proficiency in Outlook, Excel, and Photoshop is a plus.