Penn State Grad Talks About
Life After College in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a thriving city filled with history, nightlife, and opportunities. In the last few years, more and more young professionals and recent college graduates have been choosing Philadelphia as their home (you’ll be able to find out exactly how many more when we release our Choosing Philadelphia report of recent college grads!). Philadelphia’s newest residents come from all over — some are native Philadelphians, others come from all over the East Coast, and still others are from countries outside of the United States — but all of them are happy to be able to call Philadelphia their home.

Hector Cotto is a recent college graduate who works for Bentley Systems, an Exton, PA-based company that provides “architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructions, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure” ( Before working for Bentley Systems, Cotto attended Penn State University, where he majored in Labor Studies. He says that he decided to attend Penn State because “[it has] excellent academic offerings and such an expansive alumni network. I knew that I would benefit greatly from the resources available at such a large university; the student life didn’t hurt either.”

Cotto is from Reading, PA, a small city located an hour outside of Philadelphia. Upon starting his education at Penn State, Cotto became a psychology major. After taking a few classes and exploring his options, he decided that studying psychology was not for him, so he changed his major to Labor Studies.

Upon graduating in 2011, Cotto was looking for a job, and a Penn State connection recommended him to apply for a human resources internship at Bentley Systems. As an intern, one of the tasks he had to assist with was recruiting interns and college students, so he attended multiple career fairs at universities. While interning, the position of Benefits Coordinator became available and he was immediately offered the position. He accepted it and has been working there ever since. Cotto lives in Center City and has a one-hour commute to Exton on Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, he works at the Philadelphia office located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Because the city is pedestrian-friendly, Cotto is able to walk to work on these days.

He enjoys working in the Philadelphia area because of what the city has to offer. For Cotto, everything is within walking distance. On the day of the interview, Cotto and his intern grabbed lunch at DiNic’s located inside the Reading Terminal Market. Some of Cotto’s favorite things include the culture in Philadelphia and the professional opportunities. “I personally like to take advantage of the many different cultural festivals that occur throughout the year,” he says, while “professionally I have been able to network with multiple different groups relevant to my career path and establish relationships with different organizations and people throughout the city.” Whether it’s getting food, finding great deals during happy hour, or just taking a relaxing walk around the city, Philadelphia offers everything a young professional needs. “When I drive to work, I take a look at the [Philadelphia] skyline and still can’t believe that I live in this city.”

Transitioning from college to the working world involved a bit of adjustment for Cotto. Even though he adapted quickly, Cotto says that it was definitely different from the college life. He says that the hardest transition was getting used to not having the resources that were available in the residence halls. After graduating, he had to worry about paying cable, electric, and rent bills and waking up at 5:00 a.m. to arrive to work on time. As a college student, this was not something he had to worry about.

He gives college students three pieces of advice: “Be driven but do not let it stop you from enjoying your young life with family and friends. Do something that’s a little bit scary and take a chance on something big then learn from it… [and] learning to establish priorities and how to properly manage [your] resources is something that will remain important for the rest of [your] life.”

Top 5 Careers: Passion = Paychecks

This week, the Top 5 Careers are all about turning your interests into internships (and jobs). Want to put your love for career development or arts and culture in Philly to good use? Apply for our careers programs or Open Arts internship at Campus Philly! Use your extroversion and interest in startups as a campus lead for HouzeMe, or further develop your knack for videography with an internship at Allied Pixel. Finally, Resources for Human Development is looking for a behavioral health intern to work in their Philadelphia Mental Health Division. Find out more below!

Campus Philly Career Programs Internship
Campus Philly (yay us!) is a nonprofit organization that is all about helping college students to connect with the city of Philadelphia. One part of that mission is helping students see the wonderful jobs, internships, and career paths that are available to to them. To help in that mission, we are currently seeking an energized and motivated student to be the Career Programs intern. The person who fills the position should have an interest in marketing, event planning, and nonprofit leadership. This internship is eligible for class credit for a specific academic department or a stipend.

Open Arts: Events and Marketing Intern
Our Open Arts program is looking for a student with a love of social media, marketing, and everything arts in Philadelphia. The internship responsibilities will include promoting Open Arts events through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; attending Open Arts events for live tweeting, tabling, and promotion; and corresponding with Open Arts members. In return, you’ll gain greater exposure to the arts and culture scene in Philadelphia, develop your marketing skills, and get hands-on experience working in the nonprofit word. This position is eligible for either academic credit or a stipend.

HouzeMe: Campus Lead
Every year, students go through the rigmarole of finding housing, and we don’t think it’s anyone’s favorite part of college. One startup, HouzeMe, is trying make that process as easy as possible in Philadelphia — it’s like Craigslist solely for the college demographic. They’re looking for a campus lead to act as the “face of HouzeMe” at their university: building buzz/brand awareness, promoting HouzeMe through a variety of methods, and working to convince local landlords of the benefits of listing their property on HouzeMe. Qualifications for the job include being creative, entrepreneurial, organized, and extroverted.

Resources for Human Development: Behavioral Health Intern
Use your data analysis skills in combination with an interest in behavioral health in an internship at Resources for Human Development this spring. RHD’s mission is to empower people as they build the highest level of independence possible, building better lives for themselves, their families and their communities, and the intern will work in the Philadelphia Mental Health Division of RHD, Inc. to develop a study of psychiatric and recovery outcomes in their mental health programs which will include developing specific measures, collecting raw qualitative and quantitative data, and analyzing the results for a wide range of audiences.

Allied Pixel: Video Production Intern
Allied Pixel is a company that combines the best of video production and web development to ensure that their clients flourish through digital technology. They are looking for an intern with a background in video development for Spring 2015. Qualifications include availability Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., proficiency with video production and post production (including Adobe Premiere), and having a car. The intern will be eligible for a $1,000 stipend based on performance.

Summer in Philly: A Student’s Story

With winter around the corner, it may seem crazy to be thinking about May, but it’s never too early to start planning for how to stay the summer in Philly! Zahra Khaku is a Temple University senior studying architecture who stayed in Philadelphia last summer — as someone who is graduating this coming May, she had decided it was time to experience Philadelphia outside of the college world, so she accepted an internship at Aramark’s corporate headquarters.

This was the first time Zahra had stayed in Philadelphia during the summer months. During the school year, she is a Resident Assistant, so she has lived on campus throughout her four years at Temple. Last summer, however, she lived in a studio apartment near Temple’s campus and commuted to work by taking the Broad Street Line. It was not difficult for her to find housing because most students head home for the summer and are willing to sublet to other students. In regards to living off campus, Zahra says, “I enjoyed the freedom and having a kitchen since I don’t have a kitchen of my own in the residence hall.” (Not sure about affordable summer housing in your area of Philly? Check out our handy guide here).

Though she liked these aspects of living off campus, it also meant having to pay close attention to heat, water, and electricity because they can get expensive. Zahra also found herself exploring the city more than she did during the school year. “There wasn’t as much happening on campus as there is during the school year, so if you want to do stuff you have to go off campus and into the city.”

Zahra’s internship was in the corporate services department of Aramark, which manages buildings and new projects. This was her first summer internship and she states that it was different than having an internship during the school year because “during the school year, I have to fit [an internship around] my class schedule. If there was a really great meeting I wanted to attend on a Tuesday, I couldn’t go because I had class…whereas over the summer I was able to go to all meetings [because] I worked 8am-5pm every day. I was available to see every aspect of my field and was more devoted because I didn’t have class.”

During her spare time, Zahra was able to go to restaurants and art events. “I hung out with friends and went to art museums or art showcases. I explored the city and went shopping,” she shares. “Sometimes it’s harder to go places during the school year because you have so many other things to keep in mind, whereas over the summer…you can focus on yourself.” Because she was done with work at 5pm, she had more free time to relax. “I wasn’t taking classes so I didn’t have to come back from work and do homework.”

Zahra enjoyed spending the summer in Philadelphia because it was different than her experience during the school year. “Philadelphia is completely different when it’s hot out than when it’s cold and snowy. There are more things to do outside,” she says, “In the summer… you don’t mind taking that subway ride and walking a few blocks. In the winter it’s a lot harder to do that.”

If you decide to stay in Philly, Zahra advises to be present online and research events. “You definitely have to be prominent on social media to find out what’s going on. I also think you have to know the right companies and organizations to look to, so look to Campus Philly for events in Philly…find someone from Philly and ask them what you can do in the city.” Google “things to do in Philly over the summer” or “art showcases in Philly”. By staying in the city instead of heading home for the summer, you will be able to experience what Philadelphia has to offer outside of the college world.

Top 5 Events: Holidays (And More!)

If you’re sticking around Philly for Thanksgiving, there’s still plenty to do! Check out both holiday-themed events and ones that aren’t focused on turkey and Christmas trees. Whether it’s a parade, a tree lighting, or a trip to the museum, this week’s Top 5 Events has the perfect balance of holiday festivity and regular fun.

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade
When: November 27, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Where: Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

What’s Thanksgiving without a parade? The 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest Thanksgiving parade in the country and a true Philadelphia tradition. The city streets on the 1.4-mile-long route become a flood of floats, giant balloons, and local choirs, dancers, and marching bands. Santa arrives in grand fashion to usher in the holiday season too. So bundle up and bring your friends out for this holiday fun!

Penn Museum: Native American Voices
When: Now through December 1  Where: Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: $10

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on colonial American history, making it the perfect time to learn about how Native American history isn’t just a section in textbooks—it’s alive, it’s contemporary, and it’s powerful. You’re challenged to “leave preconceptions behind,” discover the unique stories, histories, and identities of Native Americans, and develop a new understanding of the original inhabitants of this land. Speakers relate their experiences as leaders and members of Native American communities, and more than 200 objects from the museum’s North American collection provide the backdrop for this enriching experience. War bonnets and regalia, woven baskets, and artwork are just some of the highlights of this spectacular exhibit.

Free Library of Philadelphia Author Event: Richard McGuire, Charles Burns, & Chip Kidd
When: December 2, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Where: Free Library of Philadelphia Central Library, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The Author Events program at the free Library of Philadelphia promotes engaging dialogue with today’s voices in the humanities and the sciences. This event includes: Richard McGuire, author of  a new book that expounds on his influential comic strip Here; Charles Burns, author of the comic series Black Hole who has illustrated covers for for Time, The New Yorker, and The Believer; and Chip Kidd, graphic designer and author of a new book that explores first impressions. These industry giants are creatively uninhibited and will share their ideas, processes, and new projects with the audience. Learn from some of the best designers and authors in publishing!

Academy of Natural Sciences Hot Chocolate Bar
When: November 30, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: $6.95

The cold weather is upon us, so what better way to keep the chills away than with hot chocolate? Whether you’ve been out and about the city all day or you’re hitting up some of the awesome exhibits at the museum, this ode-to-deliciousness hot chocolate bar is sure to please. Forget your Swiss Miss packets and lukewarm water—this isn’t your instant chocolaty goodness. You can try hot chocolate on par with the best, such as Mexican hot chocolate or even a soy and agave hot cocoa. Top off whatever you choose with a choice of more than 20 toppings, from mini marshmallows to whipped cream!

Rittenhouse Square Tree Lighting Ceremony
When: December 1, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Where: Rittenhouse Square, 18th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Rittenhouse Square boasts one of the largest Christmas trees in Philly during the holiday season. The Tree Lighting Ceremony features Santa flipping the switch to illuminate the park and the over 30-foot-tall tree. There will be holiday entertainment, roasted chestnuts, and other holiday surprises too! Enjoy the festivities after a day of shopping, or head out to dinner in Rittenhouse Square after the fun!

Internships To Help Get You
Civically Involved This Summer

On Merriam Webster’s website, they give a concise encyclopedic understanding of civil servants. It says that they are people, “…not responsible for making policy, [but] they are charged with its execution.”  Being a civil servant means that you are part of something bigger than yourself.  Philadelphia is a great place to explore how you can have an active role in the society that you live in.  Here are two summer programs that you might want to check out if you are interested in becoming someone who takes part in civil service. We know it’s still first semester, but both of them have deadlines fairly early in the new year, so check them out!

Mayor’s Internship Program

There are three components to the Mayor’s Internship Program: a work component where you are placed in a department, a group project where you work with other interns, and an exploration of government that brings officials to the program to speak. To learn more about this internship, I sat down with a former alum of the program, Joseph Martin, who participated in the program in 2012. While the Mayor’s Internship Program is mostly filled by undergraduate students, Joseph interned between his first and second year of graduate school at The University of Albany.

Joseph was placed in the Finance Department to work during the Mayor’s Program but he also spent some time working with The School District of Philadelphia. He did a large research project for his department which concluded with a functional audit of the relationship between The School District of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia.  For his group project with other interns, Joseph told me about a unique way his group tried to help businesses complete their taxes: his group made instructional how-to videos about certain taxes.

Since being in the program, Joseph has moved to the Philadelphia area to work. He says that Philly has some great draws for young professionals: the ease of getting around (“It’s a bikeable city.”), the abundance of things to do, and its ability to be city without being too overwhelming.

Joseph’s advice to those thinking about being part of the program is to, “Be proactive, you get out what you put into it. ” This was similar to the advice given to me by Drew Menten, who helps with the program, who said,”This program really depends on what the student wants to personally get out of it.”

The program will run from June 1, 2015 to August 7, 2015.

To complete an application, go here. Applications for the program are due by January 30, 2015.


FIRE Summer Internship Program

FIRE is a nonprofit, non partisan organization which protects and sustains individual rights at colleges and universities.  Started in 2002, their summer program was created to engage rising college sophomores, juniors, and seniors to learn more about their First Amendment rights.  The internship also gives FIRE the opportunity to gauge students’ current understandings of the importance of their rights.  The best part of the program is that they don’t care about the degree you are pursuing; they are only interested in the passion that you have to gain knowledge on the subject.

“This is a learning-centered program. No one will be getting coffee. ” Molly Nocheck, the Program Officer for FIRE firmly states. The  program will require taking part in substantial projects, being engaged with current issues on the topic, and getting to interact with FIRE professionals daily.  Interns will work on a variety of projects based on the department they are placed in but most will include doing research on some sort.

By the end of the program, FIRE hopes that students leave with a better understanding of their rights as a student on campus and share that information with other students. “Write an op-ed for their student paper, start an on-campus group, or even bring a FIRE speaker to their campus,” Nocheck gives as options as ways students can actively bring the message of FIRE to their campus.

“We want the internship program to help students grow in the best way possible,” Nocheck concludes.

Before applying, Molly suggests getting familiar with the FIRE mission through their website. Knowing a bit about the group can not only help you make a choice about applying but also in your application process and your interview.

The program will occur from June 8, 2015 and will finish on July 31, 2015.

To find out all the information and apply, go here.  Applications are due by March 13, 2015.

Top 5 Events: Grab Bag

This week’s Top 5 Events are all quite different. The mix include two events from this year’s State of Young Philly, neuroscience in everyday life, ballet and pizza, and a stroll with magnificent flowers. If something in that bunch doesn’t interest you, who knows what will! Check out the great variety of events that Philly has to offer this week!

Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens
When: Now through November 23rd Where: Longwood Gardens, 1001 Longwood Rd, Kennett Square, PA Cost: $10

Enjoy the last of autumn’s beautiful foliage at Longwood Gardens’ Chrysanthemum Festival. Keep the oncoming winter blues at bay and experience the horticultural beauty of shaping chrysanthemums. This Asian tradition culminates into a walk featuring spirals, balls, and cascades of chrysanthemum blooms, and the Thousand Bloom Mum, which features over a thousand perfectly arranged flowers. Since the display is free with admission ($10 for students), don’t forget to take a stroll through the Autumn’s Colors display too!

Makers’ Mixer
When: November 19th, 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  Where: Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia Cost: $5

Are you a maker? Are you a crafter? Do you have an entrepreneurial creativity that you want to capitalize on? Join some of the most prominent figures in the craft and entrepreneur community for a night of discussion, networking, and cocktails (21+). A relaxed happy hour will allow you to speak individually with makers in Philadelphia and learn about their creative processes. Some will include Maria Ovchinnikov and Seun Olubodun of Duke & Winston, Jennifer Schick of PHAIR, Alex Stadler of Stadler Kahn, and textile artist and designer Heather Ujiie. Get inspired by these makers and their work, and connect with young industry professionals. Come out and enjoy this exciting night of insight and conversation!

We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Used To It
When: November 22nd, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Where: The William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Marriage equality is spreading across the country, but LGBT organizations and safe havens are shifting or closing. This State of Young Philly event allows you to join the conversation about the LGBT community in Philadelphia. The discussion will focus on LGBT specific places in the city, such as Giovanni’s Room Bookstore and others, and is focused on learning about the young LGBT people in Philly. This event will allow you to voice your opinions, and to make your needs heard as the LGBT community in Philly and the nation continues to evolve. Learn about the shifting atmosphere, and let your voice be heard!

BalletX: A Pie, A Pint, & The Process
When: November 22nd, 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Where: Wilma Theater, 265 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Ballet is a captivating art form, but it has many forms. Do you know the difference between contemporary ballet and classical ballet? What about the connections between the two? This interactive lecture, featuring pizza and beer (21+) will be presented by acclaimed Philadelphia dancer Lisa Kraus and the BalletX artistic team. Whether you love ballet, or don’t know the difference between The Nutcracker and…an actual nutcracker…this night is entertaining for everyone. You’ll learn about the dance, the performance, and how it all comes together—and there will be pizza! Check out Open Arts to get your free ticket.

Let’s Talk About Your Brain…How We Decide
When: November 25th, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Where: The Franklin Institute, 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia Cost: $5

How many decisions have you made today? Probably quite a few. Decisions are small and big and trivial and important—and many of them center on what we buy. Do you go out for one thing and come home with seven? How do you know what product you want in a sea of options? Experts studying psychology, economics, and neuroscience will explain how our brains make choices, particularly in buying situations. They’ll discuss how neuroscience affects society, how emotions and stress sway our minds, and how advertisers utilize science in order to influence consumers. The speakers will be Dr. Martha Farah and Dr. Joseph Kable of UPenn, and Dr. Eric Eisenstein. of Temple University. Learn about how neuroscience explains these societal trends that affect you!

Top 5 Careers:
Possibilities for Multitaskers

All the opportunities for this week revolve around jobs that have their interns working on many different projects — these are internships that call to your inner multitasker. If you have an artistic mind, you may want to check out the Graphic Design Internship at Campus Philly or the Grant Writer Internship for the Philadelphia Fire Department. Those that have more of a business mindset of multitasking should take a look at the Career Programs Internship at Campus Philly or the Payroll Audit Internship for BioTelemetry. If you are a techie, we even have an IT position for you at Frontline Technologies. Get all the details and start applying!

Campus Philly Career Programs Internship
Campus Philly (us!) is a nonprofit organization that is all about getting college students to interact with the city of Philadelphia. Just one part of that mission is helping students see the wonderful jobs and internships that are available to to them. To help in that mission, we are currently seeking an energized and motivated student to be the Career Programs intern. The person who fills the position should have an interest in marketing, event planning, and nonprofit leadership, which will be a big help to the career and development programs in place at Campus Philly. This internship is eligible for class credit for a specific academic department or a stipend.

Campus Philly Graphic Design Internship Spring 2015
If you have a passion for graphic design, you should check out the internship open for the spring at Campus Philly! The internship will require you to work daily on continuous projects. The work that you do will be online design, print work in support of programs and events, email marketing and social media connected with Campus Philly. The best applicant for the position would be able to convey their love, passion, and heart for Philadelphia through the artwork they create using typography and illustration.

BioTelemetry Payroll Audit Intern
Looking for an internship that you can use your organizational and multitasking skills? BioTelemetry, a mobile health monitoring company located in Malvern, is in search of a Payroll Audit Intern. Responsibilities for the position range from a variety of objectives which include filing, reporting, processing payroll in addition to manual checks, conducting and documenting internal control testing, maintaining payroll reports and records, checking accuracy for time and attendance review, assisting with the conduction of payroll audits, and much more. The position will consist of between 20-40 hours per week with flexibility depending on the intern and company.  Candidates for the internship may start to work as early as December 2014.

Philadelphia Fire Department Strategic Services Grant Proposal Writer
The Philadelphia Fire Department‘s Office of Strategic Planning and Research is reaching out for an intern that wants a position where they are making a difference every day.  Their current open position is for a Grant Proposal Writer. The internship will include tasks such as developing and writing grant proposals to foundations, government agencies, and other grant making organizations; identifying potential grants and funding options; and reporting to the Office of Strategic Services for approval for all submissions and awards. Skills sought after for the job include excellent writing, verbal, editing, phone, and organizational skills. The intern should be geared towards working with a team, have self-motivation, and the ability to work under a deadline. The understanding of or previous work/volunteering in at a nonprofit is a plus.

Frontline Technologies IT Intern 
Frontline Technologies is a technology company located in Malvern that helps K-12 school districts through innovative software.  They are currently looking for a IT intern who is a team player and is able to maintain strict confidentiality along with upholding the values of Frontline Technologies. The position will include working under the IT manager by helping to aid in the daily operations.  Tasks that you would perform for the internship will include supporting IT with equipment- and team-based projects. Skills required to be successful in the internship include having knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Apple iOS and Android OS, Microsoft Office, basic networking, client-server OS relationships, and problem solving skills.

(Campus) Philly Love Note:
Bookstore of People

This month, we’ve asked our editorial interns to write (Campus) Philly Love Notes to their favorite spots in Philadelphia, in an homage to Philly Love Notes, started by Emma Fried-Cassorla in 2012. Here is our events editorial intern Kathryn Connolly’s love note to the Joseph Fox Bookshop.

Favorite Spot: Joseph Fox Bookshop
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square
Address: 1724 Sansom Street

My Love Note:

There is something about walking into a bookstore that is wistfully satisfying. Walking through the red door into the small Joseph Fox Bookshop is no different. Yes, there is that smell that books possess; in Joseph Fox it’s the crisp pages and fresh ink that only a bookstore can provide. And then there’s the touch—the way the pages are pressed and unblemished, the covers smooth and only smudged by those who have picked them up to take a look.

Joseph Fox Bookshop 1

These are things that every bookstore has, the mysteries about books that make them seductive. But an independent bookstore like this one offers a little more. It fights against consumerism and the dwindling of the paper book, and its staff is intensely knowledgeable and intelligent, but it also offers a unique space in a neighborhood. In a bustling city like Philly, Joseph Fox provides that environment where your heartbeat can slow because you’re not fast-walking down the sidewalk or jogging across the street to catch the bus. The din of boisterous, blaring urban syncopation doesn’t pinball inside your skull. Instead, your muscles can relax and your mind can unfold. You can spend time with the whispering paper and the silent shelves and the thousands of worlds within the tiny store, worlds that you can soak up a page or two of a pile before deciding which one to forget yourself in.

Joseph Fox Bookshop 3 Closeup

Nancy Byrd Turner wrote, “The Bookshop has a thousand books, All colors, hues, and tinges, And every cover is a door, That turns on magic hinges.” Every book is a door into a new world, a new life, one that can be shared between friends and complete strangers alike; a bookstore gives you hundreds to choose from. In this way, Joseph Fox is a microcosm of the city itself. Philly is so colorful and bursting with excitement and culture and promise. But the people are what make Philadelphia a bookstore—they are a sublime collection of stories and tales, sizes and colors, failures and triumphs. There are as many kinds of people as titles and book covers. No person is fresh and perfect like a new paperback, but every Philadelphian has a story worth being told, worth being read by someone. Walking into Joseph Fox is deceiving then, because at once it is not like Philly at all: quiet, relaxing, untainted, curated. And yet at the same time, it is exactly like the city: full of unspoken knowledge and adventure, unassumingly promising, vibrant, and ready to be explored. It’s not Barnes & Noble or a new Kindle. It’s not Manhattan or a posh European metropolitan. And it doesn’t want to be. It’s an indie; less noticed, less heralded, but perhaps even more of a treasure because of it.

Joseph Fox Bookshop Outside


The Best of #whyilovephilly and
#campusphilly From Students

For the last few weeks, we’ve asked students to tell us what they loved about Philadelphia using #whyilovephilly (the brainchild of Young Involved Philadelphia and Indy Hall) and #campusphilly. We’ve compiled a best-of list for why students love Philly, thanks to everyone who submitted!

1) Shoutout to East Falls Glassworks, which we didn’t know much about but turns out it’s AWESOME.

East Falls Glassworks


2) Students love food.

Students Love Food


3) All the food!

All the Food


4) And some students love pretty much everything about the city.

Email One


5) There are things that students from Philadelphia appreciate even more now that they’re in college here.

Things Students Appreciate Even More


6) And some of those things are chocolate.



7) Over on Instagram, students love how beautiful their campuses are.

Chestnut Hill College





8) I mean, what’s not to love about a city like Philly?

Pretty Philly


Top 5 Careers: Join Campus Philly

Interested in becoming a part of Campus Philly? Now is your chance to intern for us! We are currently looking for interns for the upcoming spring season. Whether you have a love for graphic design, photography, writing, planning, marketing, or just have a passion for the city, there are a wide range of positions open. Read on to get all of the details about each of our unique opportunities in our office.

Campus Philly Career Programs Internship
Ready to see a unique way to use your planning and marketing skills? We are seeking someone who has an interest in marketing, event planning, and nonprofit leadership. The intern will help support the career and professional development team at Campus Philly. Those that apply for the internship will work on a team and build experience working in a fast-paced nonprofit world. This position is eligible for academic requirement or a stipend.

Graphic Design Internship Spring 2015
We consistently design graphics for Campus Philly. If you have the talent for this, you should think about joining our creative team. The work for the internship will consist of daily and ongoing projects that will be published on Campus Philly’s website, print work at programs and events, and email marketing along with social media platforms. The ideal candidate should have the ability to show their passion for Philadelphia through the typography and illustrations that they create.

Editorial Intern: Profile Writer Spring 2015
Calling all inspiring writers and journalists: there is an Editorial Profile Writer internship for the spring. The main task for this position at Campus Philly is to give students an insider look at internships, jobs, organizations, companies, and opportunities that are in the Philadelphia area through articles. Along with getting to learn and write about these interesting career possibilities, the editorial intern will also write up profiles on specific people in the community. Those people that are highlighted in a profile are often young professionals who love living and working in the city. A desired trait for someone who fills the internship is the ability to make the professional world accessible to our readers.

Photography Internship Spring 2015
Photography can tell a story without ever saying a word. Campus Philly is looking for an intern will be able to capture these stories. The intern will work closely with our social media and design teams. They will gain real life experience in the office and out in the field about how a photographer works. The internship will involve weekly photography assignments that will include getting the perspective of a student in Philadelphia, covering Campus Philly events, and photo editing.

Editorial Intern: Insider Guide Writer 2015
If  you are the go-to person in your friend group about cool places in Philadelphia, you should think about applying for the Insider Guider Writer opening. Your knack for finding and exploring new places in the city could be used to help add material to our Insider Guide to Philadelphia, which is produced annually. The job will include getting to explore the different neighborhoods of Philadelphia to find the best spots to hang out, visit, and eat at. You will also need to fact check the previous guide for 2014 to ensure that all the information is up-to-date and accurate. This booklet produced by Campus Philly will be distributed to college students to help them in their next adventure to any part of the City of Brotherly Love.