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Our Mission: Campus Philly is a nonprofit organization that fuels economic growth by encouraging college students to study, explore, live and work in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region.Click here to learn about the experiences of graduates living the Campus Philly mission, and watch our latest videos here. Read what our partners are saying here.

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Accelerate Internships. Connect to Community.

Serve Native and New Philadelphians.

Accelerate Internships: Research shows that good internship experiences are “sticky”—they connect students to the region’s employers and civic life, increase future work opportunities and increase the likelihood that students will stay in the region after they graduate. The value that Campus Philly currently adds in promoting and securing internships can be elevated to have greater impact on the number of students obtaining internships and the number of employers who offer them. Functioning as an internship accelerator means increasing the number of internships in the region and fostering the connections between employers and students to get those internships filled.

Connect to Community: The Philadelphia region offers many easy paths to leadership— a process that seems to happen faster in Philadelphia than in other large cities—and we know the next generation of Greater Philadelphia leaders will largely come from our universities. Campus Philly can be the pipeline for these future leaders to find the communities, causes and organizations that motivate them to stay in Philadelphia, hence providing the civic leadership on which Philadelphia will rely. Because Philadelphia has such robust civic, cultural and service communities, Campus Philly has the opportunity to plug students into authentic experiences that build relationships between students and recent graduates who have chosen to stay in Greater Philadelphia.

Serve Native and New Philadelphians: As the only regional organization devoted solely to the flourishing of regional college students, Campus Philly has been an active partner in regional efforts to grow college attainment among native Philadelphians. By increasing our work with the college access community in Philadelphia, Campus Philly will serve native Philadelphians more intentionally, collaborating with college access organizations for teens and adults and building the opportunities for first generation students and “comebackers” who are entering college as adults.

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