Campus Philly Annual Meeting: 2011

Campus Philly Annual Meeting

Photo © Kelsey Jones for Campus Philly

Campus Philly’s Annual Meeting took place on Thursday, December 15, 2011, at WHYY and focused on Talent: How to Grow it and Keep it. This event was sponsored by the City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Deloitte, LLP, Select Greater Philadelphia and the CEO Council for Growth.

Speakers included:

Joan McDonald, Campus Philly Chair & Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management, Drexel University

Deborah Metalsky, Treasurer, Campus Philly Board of Directors, Director, Deloitte

The Honorable Michael A. Nutter, Mayor, City Of Philadelphia

Deborah Diamond, Ph.D., President, Campus Philly, “Talent: How To Grow It And Keep It”

The Honorable Lee Fisher, President and CEO, CEOs For Cities, “The Talent Dividend Competition”

Watch the Video:

Philadelphia’s Promise from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Download the Materials:

For the Campus Philly President’s presentation, “Talent: How to Grow It and Keep It”, click here.

All attendees received a copy of Campus Philly’s 2011 Annual Report. To download a PDF of that report, click here.

Attendees also received a copy of the new Campus Philly Corporate Membership Program brochure, which you may also download here.

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