In Their Own Words

What our partners are saying:

“Campus Philly is an excellent organization for helping small businesses and start-up companies in Philadelphia. My recruitment efforts have benefited from their in person career fairs and all the additional help their team members have provided me; everything from new resources to personal introductions to people that have helped propel my business forward. Campus Philly is a necessity for our community and I am grateful for all their efforts in attracting, as well as keeping, talent in the region.”

Jameel Farruk, President, Inhabi, Inc.

“I’m a human resource director at one of Philadelphia’s leading creative agencies and we are constantly looking for fresh, new talent. Campus Philly is a great recruitment partner. After attending one of their innovative industry fairs, we were delighted to meet so many qualified, talented candidates. Filling the reserves in our intern bank has never been easier and we will definitely participate in future career events!”

Kelly Poulson, HR Director, Brownstein Group

“As someone who has worked with many organizations and partners through my years as Director of Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers, I can honestly say that my collaborations with Campus Philly have been amongst the best. Campus Philly is creative, has access to wonderful students and keeps coming up with innovative ways to connect those students to the creative economy in Philadelphia. I’m a big fan!”

Joan Bressler, Director, Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers, Greater Philadelphia Film Office

“The new website looks great! I love the layout. As someone who went to college in Philadelphia (and is not a local), the images bring back so many memories.”

Amanda DeMarco, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Academy of Vocal Arts

“For over 10 years, Philadelphia has been recognized for our efforts to promote Philadelphia as a magnetic hub for our college students and higher education. The latest incarnation of our efforts, Campus Philly, is doing a terrific job of continuing the work.”

David Thornburgh, Executive Director, Fels Institute of Government

What the students are saying:

Photo © Mary Claire Cruz for Campus Philly

Photo © Jackie Papanier for Campus Philly

“I love Campus Philly so much it hurts! If I were not receiving your newsletters or following you guys via Twitter, I would not know about anything going on in Philly!”

Brianna Grant, Temple University, 2014

“I have lived near Philly for twelve years, and I never knew all of the places one could go to and visit. The Insider Guide to Philadelphia is very helpful because not only does it tell you what places you can go to, but also what transportation is more convenient.”

Alessandra Espino, Delaware County Community College, 2015

“Being a brand new Resident Assistant, I’m so happy for the events that your organization creates because it makes programming fun and easy for me. Programs like College Day help me and most of my residents who have never been to Philadelphia before experience more of what this great city has to offer. ”

Joe Capraro, Saint Joseph’s University, 2015

“A lot of the employers I typically meet at career fairs are based elsewhere, but I’m looking to stay in this area after I graduate. I love that Campus Philly is shining a spotlight on regional opportunities for students like me.”

Mabel Zhang, University of Pennsylvania, 2012

“Campus Philly’s Alternative Spring Break introduced me to a range of nonprofits in Philly, highlighting ways to meaningfully engage with the city that I’ve incorporated into my time at Haverford. I love Philly, and I might never have realized it without that first push from ASB!”

Katie Monroe, Haverford College, 2012