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May 15th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Philly Love Notes:
The Parc of my Dreams

Favorite Spot: The ever so elegant Parc by Stephen Starr

I am: A Philly Phood Phanatic!

Years in Philly: Going on two in August

Current Home: North Philadelphia and South Jersey

 My Love Note: Ok, so picture a movie about a young woman, mid-twenties, living in Philadelphia. Picture her shoes, her dress, her posh, unrealistically large apartment in Rittenhouse Square and the perfect job she has but never seems to go to (hmm, weird?). Now, picture the restaurant where she frequently delights in a quiet but extravagant brunch. That is Parc.

Parc is where you eat when you know you’ve made it. Its white linens, waitstaff that can adequately be described as perfect, warm lighting, its position on Rittenhouse Square and abundance of silverware: ooze upper-class. Parc is not simply dining; it is a lifestyle, an experience.

Let me explain: I have a bit of an obsession with Parc. The first time I saw it, I knew that I belonged there. I wanted to be the woman who sits in there with her notepad on a Wednesday morning writing her latest novel, while sipping on coffee and having a waiter, dressed in white, bring her every item on the brunch menu. That is the dream.

The first time I went to Parc, it was a Sunday and I have never awoken willingly.  I carefully picked out my finest Carrie Bradshaw outfit (that had actually been picked out for weeks) and floated to the restaurant.

Once there, I was quickly living my own dream; taking photos of the food (and myself with the food), loudly raving about its exquisite taste, and constantly saying the word Parc in my best posh accent; it was truly a site to be seen.

And yes, though my performance may sound embarrassing, it was quite frankly the most enjoyable dining experience that I have ever had.

You see, Parc is more than great food; when dining at Parc, it is a moment to live out that dream you are too embarrassed to say that you have. You know, the one where you are a character on Sex and the City or if you’re a male, maybe a bit less feminine but equally ritzy option.

For that one hour, you are the dream and that is something that truly has no price tag.

May 6th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Campus Newswire: Top Five

Rutgers-Camden Market Major Awarded “Philly’s Future” Scholarship

Amelia Kaselaan of Rutgers-Camden is the latest recipient of the Philly’s Future award as presented to her by the Philly ad Club. A Haddonfield native, Kaselaan is one of 10 recipients awarded scholarships by the Philly ad club. Her’s in particular is worth $2,500 and is to be used for the future of her education at Rutgers-Camden! Way to go!

Bryn Mawr Student Name 2013 Watson Fellow

As a newly named Watson Fellow, Sarah Aubrey’13 is the recipient of a $25,000 grant to travel anywhere outside of the United States to study up to a period of a year. Aubrey wants to go to Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, and Brazil as a part of her studying on how different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups perceive what makes a space a “home.” She is very excited to begin her studies soon!

Millersville students win 2013 National CyberWatch Center Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

A team of students from Millersville University recently won the 8th National CyberWatch competition for their region for the first time! Other schools in the top three were North Carolina State University, and Radford University. The students are very excited about their victory!

Six Students for Haverford’13 named Haverford House Fellows 

Six Haverford graduation students were recently selected to become the new Haverford House Fellows. Selected for their commitment to social justice and community action, these students will spend the next year working four days a week with nonprofit organizations within the Philadelphia region!  Their fifth day will be dedicated to coming up with projects that serve and “engage the college and local groups!”

Arcadia Named One of 10 Campuses You Have to See to Believe

Arcadia’s famed Grey Tower Castle is an architectural wonder for a college campus and as such, it has not gone unnoticed. World Wide has posted their list of 10 unbelievable college architectural wonders and Grey Towers has earned a place on the list! Dating back to 1898 this historic landmark awes it’s fans from far and wide!

April 30th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

I Love My Science Job:
What You Missed

Last Wednesday your very own Campus Philly, hosted an event called I Love My Science Job in conjunction with the Philadelphia Science Festival! In case you weren’t lucky enough to come out and meet the sci-super stars that came to speak, here is what you missed!

The Panelists…of Science 

Stephanie Baum – As the innovation reporter for MedCity News, Baum spends her days entrenched in the wondrous world of science, but opposed to actually being a scientist she gets to stick with her love of journalism and write about it! “If you told me when I was 18 that I would be standing up here talking about why I love my science job, I would have thought that you were crazy!” she joked to the audience. However, past premonitions aside, Baum loves her job,  proving to all of those who are “not so gifted in the science field, that they too can “love their science jobs.”

Pamela Dalton, Ph. D, MPH – This research scientist from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, nose how to sniff  out the science behind the odors that affect your everyday! A guest star on Myth Busters “the Halloween special,”  a contributing creator of the feces smelling military stink bomb, and a guest star on the Discovery Channel, Dalton proves that even science can be exciting. “My Job really stinks!” she joked, but Dalton loves every minute of it. Dalton figures out mysteries every single day with the simple power of a “sniff” and some elbow grease and that is why she loves her science job!”

Courtney Kronenthal, Ph. D – “My job is to talk about it!” Kronenthal proclaimed at the panel in reference to her career. All day long, as the Communications Director for the Coriell Institute for Medical Research,  Kronenthal gets to gush about her love for science. Staring out as a curious kid in the backyard with a microscope, she claims she was bitten by the science bug at an early age, but she found it to be too solitary. Kronenthal proves, that even the field of science, work can be social! She loves to interact with others and also loves the buzz of a lab. At Coriell her two loves become one. That is why Kronenthals “loves her science job!

Benjamin Pascal – As an entrepreneur and the CEO of Invisible Sentinel, part of Pascal’s job is to make sure all people who eat, do not get sick. So… in other words  his job is to make sure EVERYONE on planet Earth does not get sick from food and he does it with a tool that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Pascal and his colleagues at Sentinel, developed a diagnostic tool to test what you eat for food contamination! He proves to us that the traditionally boring world of science is actually not as boring as we thought.  “It has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life!” he announced and that is why Pascal really “loves his science job!”

Nithin Raikar – Raikar, a market engineer for SABIC, spends his days essentially making sure that most of what you touch from a lacrosse stick to a bike peddle was developed, sold, and deemed fit for the purpose that it serves. He explained that as a kid he spent a lot of time analyzing what makes a thing, a thing and now he gets the opportunity to do that everyday. So next time you play with that lacrosse stick and it for instance, doesn’t break in half on the field,  say a little thank you to people like Raikar because their minds and marketing skills made that possible and that is why Raikar “loves his science job!”

Nathan Solomon – A man of many talents, Solomon never would have predicted that he would end up in a science job. Originally a film student at the American Film Institute, where his colleagues were people like the cinematographer of Batman [!!!], he soon discovered that he was more interested in how the camera worked, than actually working the camera. This led him down a long and windy road of multiple different eclectic careers until he arrived as a Video Game Developer/President for the Philadelphia Game Lab. In his work, Solomon combines his loves for technology and art into one happy union and boy is he enthusiastic about it. “We bring a lot of technology to Philadelphia and we love building those relationships!” he said, and it is for that reason that Solomon truly does, “love his science job!”

Top Five Career advisories as stated by the Panel

1. Ask a lot of Questions!

2. Strive for your goals and don’t be afraid to fail

3. You may fall into a specialty that you weren’t educated for: if you love it embrace it and learn what you can

4. If you are going for science supplement with a business degree

5. “Learn to deal with Humans and be flexible while doing it!” – Nathan Solomon


Welp folks, that is all there is but here is my last and final piece of advice to give you before you go; next time you here about a Campus Philly event, GO! As you can tell, this past one was an event that those in attendance will not forget!

April 23rd, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Top Five Student Eco Super Stars

Temple University: Energy Team

This Eco-minded group of students earns a top spot on our sustainability list for their all-star efforts in conserving energy at Temple. By examining data on the energy that their university consumes, these students identify ways to conserve, conserve, conserve and lessen the large school’s energy impact. Programs that they have already enacted are the following: a light bulb exchange program, the pilot of “smart” power strips, a school wide outreach campaign, and so much more!

University of Pennsylvania: M.I. GREEN

This team of green of leaders is here to spread the word before you even throw away that very first box. Officially named the Move-In Green, these upperclassmen make it their mission to educate incoming students on living a greener life while attending school at Penn! Last years M.I. GREEN contributed 15 tons of cardboard, distributed 1,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs, and received over 400 requests for information about green organizations on campus!

Swarthmore College: The Good Food Project

This sustainability action group takes a different route to promoting their message on campus. They go through the stomach. The Good Food project aims to focus on sustainable food issues by maintaining a produce garden, composting, advocating for sustainable food, and showing activism for fair food! Some of the food that they grow is even served in the on-campus dining area!

Saint Joseph’s University: GREENCOW

Saint Joseph’s University’s green students have a cow when their fellow students aren’t Eco-friendly… literally. GREENCOW, lesser known as, Get Ready for Environmental Education Now/Conserve Our Wildlife, has students educating on the animal perspective of sustainability. MOOOOve over environmental abusers, GREENCOW is here to stay.

Bryn Mawr: Sustainability Pledge

Every student at Bryn Mawr College is a sustainability superstar after signing their names to the college’s online pledge! This online pledge essentially promises that you live your life in a manner that allows the Earth to continue living its life! Sign up online today!

April 19th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Swarthmore Students Win at Debating for Democracy Conference 

Swarthmore students Amanda Epstein ’15 and Alexandra Willingham ’15 saw victory at this year’s Debating for Democracy contest for their entry of a letter to State Senator Edwin B. Erickson detailing their feelings against the the parental notification section of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. The two students received $3,000 as a congratulatory gift for their outstanding win.

Brandywine Senior Wins Research Award

Brandywine senior Labanya Mookerjee was honored by Eastern American Studies Association with the Francis Ryan Award for her submitted research paper. Mookerjee’s research paper was a chapter out of her senior thesis paper which explores  the connections between transcendentalism, feminism and social activism in the late nineteenth century through the life of Margaret Fuller’s disciple, Ednah Dow Cheney. Mookerjee is honored by the award!

Moore Spring Fashion Show to “Blast Off” on May 18th 

Moore’s annual spring fashion show will showcase a round of space age designs created by Moore’s own undergraduate fashion students! The students have been mentored by top designer brands including Aeropostale, Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Cyn and Luca, as well as Frank Agostino, a local “couturier!” The show will take place in Aviator Park at 8p.m on May 18th!

Villanova College of Engineering receives $500,000 gift from Henry Luce Foundation

Villanova University has recently become the recipient of a $500,000 gift from the Henry Luce foundation which is sponsored by the Clare Booth Luce program(CBL). This money is in support of three female engineering professorships. This donation was awarded in recognition of Villanova’s on-going support and commitment to women in the Engineering field! This is the first time that the CBL program has given out three professorships to the same university in one year!

Millersville names new Football Coach

It has been recently announced that Millersville University has hired Greg Breitbach as their head football coach for the start of the new season. Previous to Millersville, Breitbach spent five years as the offensive coordinator at University of North Dakota which had a very successful program. Millersville is thrilled to have him!


April 15th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Green Events on Campus

Temple University: Sustainability Week

This past week, Temple University celebrated their annual Sustainability Week on campus. The week featured a variety of events such as gardening work, a symposium on feminism and biking, and a tour of the Liacouras Center’s sustainability features. Though you may have missed Eco-week this year, Temple’s office of sustainability always has events cooking for more green-themed events.

Villanova University: Earth Day Celebration

On April 22, come on down to Villanova University to celebrate the birthday of the one gift the keeps on giving…THE EARTH! Throughout the celebration, Nova nation will be playing host to a variety of free Eco-friendly events, such as:  a sustainability fair, an Earth Day keynote address, a farmers market and more! For more information visit the homepage.

University of Pennsylvania: Greening Philadelphia

I can bet you, that this University of Pennsylvania program can make you an offer that you have never heard before! Don’t believe me? Well, has anybody offered you a free tree before? Yea, didn’t think so.

Through the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia parks, university staff and faculty can register online to receive a free tree that they will then plant to promote the well-being of the planet and the air we breathe!

Drexel: Greens Annual Earth Day Block Party

On Monday April 22nd, drive your hybrid cars or take that public transportation to Drexel for their annual block party on Lancaster Walk. Vendors will be set up along the street and special events will take place throughout the day. These events include a scavenger hunt, DIY herb planting, and “Upcylce” Table presented by the art school and so much more. Free prizes and giveaways will be distributed at the event!

Ursinus: Bikeshare

At Ursinus College, students and faculty can peddle their way for a better planet and better health with the colleges Bikeshare program. Just $10 for the entire year, members can sign out a bike at any point of the day and for a full 24 hours. “The program currently has 8 Trek 3700 Mountain Bikes, 4 high performance 4500 Mountain Bikes, 1 Allant Grocery Store Bike (with baskets and all), 2 Fuji mountain bikes, and 2 Trek Allant bikes!” With a bike for every “person and purpose,” this environmentally friendly program appeals to everyone!

The bottom line

It’s important to do your part to keep this world and the city of Philadelphia beautiful and thriving! Be an Eco-superstar and support our college partners and their earthy events!

April 9th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Philly Love Note:
The Ice Cream of Dreams

Students share their most loved Philly spots in partnership with Philly Love Notes, a collection of reminders of the forgotten or overlooked, but beloved Philly spots and experiences. Read this story on Philly Love Notes and get inspired to write your own at

Favorite Spot: Scoop DeVille

I am: A full time ice cream connoisseur

Years in Philly: Going on two in August

Current Home: North Philadelphia and South Jersey

 My Love Note: If I am going to be perfectly honest about it, the first time I entered Scoop DeVille to say that I was over whelmed would be an understatement.

Picture a room completely covered in pink, with a giant board listing every ice cream possibility you had ever imagine hanging dauntingly a bit above your head! Is your heart racing?

See, Scoop DeVille is not your every day run of the mill Ice Cream Parlor. Scoop DeVille Contains the ice cream that dreams are made of.

Let me explain how the process works; upon entering the premises you see the big daunting board as referenced before and on that board you will see three glorious sections. One is for ice cream/ yogurt flavor, the second is for a mix-in and the third is for toppings.

What is a mix-in you ask? Well get ready to have your mind blown! A mix-in is a fabulous invention by Scoop DeVille that allows you to blend what is essentially any ingredient under the sun into your ice cream. That includes coffee beans, fluff, sugar cookie dough, any type of fruit, candy, you name it! No ordinary ice cream will ever be good enough for you after you have experienced the power of the mix-in.

Scoop Deville is a place of choices and endless possibility. All of that endless possibility quickly transformed my little ice cream trip into a twenty minute long decision making debacle.  However, the sugar cookie dough, hot apple topping, caramel and chocolate sauce creation that I chose, made the whole experience more than worth it.

It is true, Scoop Deville has admittedly made me an ice cream snob but I mean once you taste greatness, can you ever really go back?

April 8th, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Temple University offers new Summer CSI course 

Does watching an episode of NCIS leave you on the edge of your seat? Do you secretly dream of playing Ice Cube’s part on SVU? Well, then does Temple University have the course for you?! For this first time in its long history, Temple is offering a CSI course where students can immerse themselves in the duties of solving a murder mystery. This exciting course is will have your heart racing for more!

Carson Kressley announced as PhilaU 2013 Commencement Speaker

Carson Kressley of famed television shows How to Look Good Naked, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, True Beauty, and more will be addressing Philadelphia University graduates at this year’s 129th commencement ceremony. Kressly has made his mark on the world of fashion in a positive way by promoting a healthy message of self acceptance. His success is sure to inspire the new grads!

“Compare yourself to yourself and say, ‘How can I be better? How can I be the real me?'”- Carson Kressley

Penn State Brandywine adds Softball to the lineup 

Break out those bats ladies because at Penn State Brandywine there is a new sport in town! Penn State Brandywine is adding women’s softball to their spring sports roster and head coach Mark Caserta is ready and waiting! The Penn State Brandywine athletic director Jim Gastner, is positive that this new addition will be an overwhelming success stating that he expects that the team will be a “contender right out of the block.”

Bryn Mawr Student Receives Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Argentina

Soon to be Bryn Mawr graduate Ellen Vari ’13, has recently been awarded the Fulbright scholarship to participate in a teaching assistantship program in Argentina! Attending a Spanish immersion school at an early age, Vari is bi-lingual and is excited to be traveling to Argentina to flex her skills as well as exercise her passions for education and exploration! Vari is a psychology major with a dual minor is education and child and family studies. In Argentina, she will be teaching elementary school students English as a second language.

 Arcadia Launches Running Injury Clinic

Dr. Brian Eckenrode ’97, ’99MSPT, assistant professor in Arcadia‘s physical therapy department, has recently launched a running clinic on the university’s campus. As a part of this new program, students are welcome to walk in to recover from, diagnose, or prevent any running related injury. Doubling as a clinic and a interdisciplinary learning and research lab, this program also blends the Doctor of Physical Therapy students and undergraduate Health Administration majors to treat incoming patients.


April 3rd, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

CP’s Student of the Month:
Jaimee Swift

Name: Jaimee Swift

Hometown: Abbington, P.A.

School and Year: Temple University 2013

Major: Communications

Job: President and Campus Correspondent for

Claim to Fame : Jaimee Swift recently ran a program through Her Campus Temple and the iChoose2live campaign called Peace in the City: A Non-Violence and Suicide Prevention Theatre and Music Fest. The program championing suicide awareness, caught the attention of the local media and Jaimee has since been featured in many news publications!

Tell me a little bit about Peace in the City?

It was an event that brought to light the pervasiveness of suicide on Temple University’s campus, in Philadelphia and beyond. Since I have been here at Temple, there have been four suicides that have occurred on campus and we wanted to spread the message that life is worth living. Her Campus Temple collaborated with iChoose2live, which is a nonprofit in Philadelphia whose mission is to inspire and motivate young adults through art, education, and community outreach.  At the event, there was poetry, a vigil for our fellow Owls who lost their lives to suicide, a play, giveaways and more! The Honorable Mayor Michael A. Nutter was also in attendance.

How do you feel the program went and do you plan to do anything like this program again in the future?

The program was so successful! Over 300 people were in attendance and it really impacted and touched people’s lives. That was so important to me. To be able to touch people and impact their lives in a positive way–that is what I wanted to do.

Tell me a little bit about Her Campus Temple?

Her Campus Temple is a branch of a nationally recognized online magazine for college women. Our mission is to promote the thoughts, voices and ideas of women of all different backgrounds, races, ages, sexual orientations, religions, political affiliations and more.

Has your experience as president been rewarding?

The experience has been so rewarding. I love Her Campus Temple with all of my heart and I am going to miss it so much. I have learned so much from the women in the organization and they definitely have inspired me to be a better person!

Tell me about yourself, what are your goals after college?

Well, I will be attending Graduate School at Howard University for Political Science, with a concentration in International Affairs. My goal is to become a Foreign Correspondent or a Foreign Service Officer, to travel the world and help others in the process. I want to give people a voice where they feel like they are voiceless. I want to help others and give back, create recreational centers for the youth; buy houses for people who are homeless; pay for medical bills and health insurance; pay for students’ college tuition–I want to do these types of things and so much more.

Favorite Place in Philadelphia?
South Philly, Italian Market. I love that place!!! And also, Mighty Writers, an awesome nonprofit whose mission is to eradicate illiteracy in Philadelphia!
Favorite Restaurant in Philly? Time Restaurant. They have dope music and great food!
Favorite thing about Temple University?
The people. I believe that when you want to experience a place or a culture, you have to connect with the people. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people on this campus. It has been my pleasure and honor to get to know and be around them!
If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be and why?
Bruce Lee. I have been in love with that man since I was six years old. He was all that.

This profile is part of an ongoing series in partnership with Flying Kite, a weekly online magazine focused on what’s next for Philadelphia and its suburbs.  Read this story on Flying Kite and more at

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April 2nd, 2013 by Cindy Stansbury

Campus Newswire: Top 5

Villanova Business School Named #15 in the Nation

Villanova’s business school has recently been named #15 in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek! This ranking was awarded based on Villanova’s excellence in a variety of categories including, academic quality, professional development, business relevance, and student satisfaction. Way to go Nova!

Philadelphia University Students Spend Spring Break with Habitat for Humanity

During their Spring Break a team of students from PhilaU traveled to Maine to build homes as a part of the Habitat for Humanity Program. The students collectively helped build a triplex style home for three families in Freeport. The housing project is expected to be completed by October of this year!

Temple Students Show their Skills in PA State Capital 

Through a Temple program entitled “Cherry and White Week,” Temple University arts and athletic students traveled to the Pennsylvania State Capital to show elected officials what their university is all about. The student performers showed off their skills in the rotunda of the Capital Building to finish off the event!

Drexel Women’s Basketball Team Enters WNIT with Sweet Sixteen Win over Harvard

For the first time in history the Drexel Women’s Basketball team has earned a spot to compete in  the Sweet 16 of the Women’s National Invitation Tournament! Drexel achieved this great feat with a 82-72 win over Harvard on March 23. The team was led to this victory by senior Hollie Mershon whom scored 32 points during the game.

La Salle Student Chosen for Disney Accounting Program 

La Salle University business student Marcelina Hollender, has recently been awarded the opportunity to study in The Disney Company’s Accounting Rotation Program. A program of high prestige, only 8 students in the nation are in accepted per year! Hollender starts her new Disney adventure  in January 2014 and is very excited to be seeing Mickey Mouse soon!