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September 6th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Philly Love Note: Temple University

Favorite Spot: Temple University

I am: a recent graduate

Years in Philly: Four

Current Home: Loft District

Less than a month ago, I finally said goodbye to my TempleTown apartment and moved closer to center city. It was something I had been dreaming of during the entire four years I had spent at Temple University ever since I first moved into my dorm: 1300.

It wasn’t until I was sitting outside of the library, munching down on some cheese covered tater tots after returning my apartment keys, that I realized just how much I’d miss Temple.

Here’s what I’ll miss the most:

Tech Center

Need to print a paper out quick before class? Head to the Tech Center where you can usually find a computer quick during the day (unless it’s finals week). It can be a lifesaver when your printer’s broken (or your roommate used up all of your paper). You even have access to the Tech for a year after you graduate (something I plan on taking advantage of this year).

The Library

Many of my classmates spent hours upon hours, late nights, cramped into the Tech Center to study and write papers. And while I spent a few late nights there, let me share a secret with you: get your homework and papers done at the library instead. While you’ll probably have to bring your own computer (they have a limited number on the first floor)–you’ll be able to spread out and have more moving space than you would at the Tech Center. My best friends always knew where to find me during the day when I wasn’t in class: my usual “spot” on the 3rd floor of the library.

What’s even better? If you’re an avid reader like I am, the library has all sorts of fiction and nonfiction books that go beyond your typical class subjects (as well as popular movies, too).

Study Days

Temple has a fall break,  just like every other school in the area. But do you know what we get, that most schools don’t give out? Study Days. Two days off between the end of classes and the start of finals. These days, they can be a lifesaver–whether you’re in desperate need of cramming for a final or a break from college for a moment (I took a trip to the zoo freshman year on a study day and it helped clear my mind immensely). Savor these study days if you’re a Temple student– they’re extremely helpful.

The “Wall”

I’m not even sure why Temple students have deemed these shops outside Anderson Hall (located next to the Tech Center) the “Wall,” but they do. Here you can get relatively cheap pizza as well breakfast from Richie’s (my favorite breakfast spot on campus) and pho and fried dumplings from Tai’s Vietnamese Food. This was always my favorite place to spend Diamond Dollars when I didn’t feel like eating dining hall food.

Food Trucks

The Creperie is my all time favorite food truck at Temple. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet (the Berries crepe has strawberries, blueberries, Nutella and Boston cream!) or something savory (the gyro crepe is my favorite)–it’s a fairly cheap meal coming in at under $5. There’s also the new TotCart on campus which serves up yummy tater tots covered in cheese. Note: It’s best to avoid food trucks (especially the crepe truck) during the normal lunch rush hours to avoid waiting in a long line.

While I have to admit I don’t regret the move now that I’ve graduated, there are several things that I miss. The good news is that I’m sure I’ll be spending some time on campus taking advantage of the resources still available like Tech Center and the Library. You can bet that I’ll be picking up some of my favorite foods as well!

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August 28th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

“Check the ‘O,’ Before You Go!”

“Check the ‘O,’ before you go!”, that is.

Open Arts, Campus Philly’s new arts and culture program, will provide you with discounts, student rush information and group discount deals to arts and culture events, shows, and museums all around the city. The program will also offer 15,000 students from our partner schools deeply discounted (or free) tickets to shows and events in the city.

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for the Open Arts program at the Comcast Center to learn more about what this program will offer to students and how the program was funded by the Knight Foundation and Comcast.

“Now thousands of college students are going to discover Philadelphia through discovering our arts and culture,” said Campus Philly President Deborah Diamond. “There’s really no better way to discover Philadelphia, and it will be accessible to so many more students than it was before.”

As someone who recently graduated from Temple University, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you get out there and experience as much as the city has to offer–especially with the Open Arts program available to you as students. I saw the Lion King at the Academy of Music for five dollars, saw the Liar at The Lantern Theater Company with a cheap student rush discount, visited Eastern State Penitentiary, and I won tickets to the PA Ballet twice.

Get out there and explore them all–dance, theater, museums–don’t limit yourself to what you know. I didn’t, and the four years I spent at Temple were better because of it.

But you’ll have even more opportunities like this with Open Arts [I’m jealous] to get out there and explore the wonderful arts and culture opportunities in our city. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a key card to get access to the discount and free tickets, don’t pass the opportunity up.

August 27th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Top 5 Career Listings: Marketing, Management, and More

Macy’s: Tourism Development Specialist Philadelphia

If you have experience in sales, supervising, and administration then this job as a Tourism Development Specialist at Macy’s may be just the position for you. It’s a huge plus if you have previous experience in the travel or hospitality field–but it’s not absolutely necessary to land this job. This position, which reports to the Tourism Manager of Macy’s, will require you to be responsible for operational and marketing support for region specific Macy’s stores as well as supervising the visitor center team when Tourism Manager is not in the building.

Allen & Gerritsen: Marketing Internship

Eager to learn about the marketing business? Are you a creative thinker who possesses business savvy and good organization skills?  Then consider joining Allen & Gerritsen‘s team as a marketing intern. This paid internship will have you working on accounts in several interesting and varied categories, as well as jumping  in on many different projects.

FringeArts: Arts Management Internship

This internship with FringeArts is designed to have you gain administrative, development and marketing experience in an nonprofit arts environment as well as gain college credit. The perfect candidate will have experience with databases (such  as Tessitura and QuickBooks) and an academic background in arts administration, business, English, marketing, or development as well as an interest in the arts.

Resonate LLC: Sustainability Product Development Intern

Resonate LLC is now accepting applications to its 2013-14 internship program. The program will focus on supporting the development of their online sustainability management and planning platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Possible assigned tasks include the following: research, writing, product testing, business development, product marketing, product design, product technology and usability development. This internship will have you working 4-8 hours a week with at least 4 hours in their office at Berwyn [a local transportation stipend will be provided].

French-American Chamber of Commerce: Administrative and Support Services

You’ll be perfect for this Administrative and Support position with the French-American Chamber of Commerce if you familiar with communicating in French. This part-time position will require you to provide administrative support for a thriving, nonprofit, membership-driven business association that is proudly supported by 400 globally-minded American and French businesses.

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Things are going great for Drexel University student (and South Philly native) Chelsea Myers: not only did she land the internship of her dreams at Happy Cog, but also had her design featured as the logo for MTV’s Online Music Awards.

Although Happy Cog didn’t have a co-op program with Drexel, Myers decided to reach out to them anyway. She always admired their work and involvement in the web community, and knew it be the best place for her to get experience.

Christopher Cashdollar, Vice President of Design at Happy Cog, knew she’d be perfect for the Happy Cog team when she applied, too.

“Chelsea was already very familiar with the company, our culture, and what makes us different in the market,” says Cashdollar. “Being able to articulate ‘why’ you want to work somewhere has consistently been a huge clue for me to help determine if someone will be a good fit or not. Most of all, Chelsea has an obvious hunger to learn. In addition to her school work, she was putting herself out there already–working with her own freelance clients. You can’t teach that.”

Senior Interactive Designer Yesenia Perez-Cruz wasn’t surprised when Myer’s design was selected by MTV because she knew it would work well when she submitted it.

“Of the options that Chelsea presented, the one I ended up sending over to MTV stuck out to me immediately because it was compact and concise,” says Perez-Cruz. “I already knew that this design would work the best in the many applications it needed to work within, so I wasn’t surprised when MTV chose it. I was excited to share the news with her though.”

I asked Myers a few questions* to learn more about how she made the most of her internship and what it was like to have her logo on MTV:

What was your reaction when you received the internship?

I felt pure joy when I got an email from the Vice President of Design, Chris Cashdollar (a Drexel alumnus), offering me an internship. I was frozen for a while and I just read the email over and over again until my brain caught up and I began calling my whole family. It was extremely exciting and unbelievable.

What was your reaction when your logo was selected by MTV?

I was so shocked. This was the first thing like this that has ever happened to me. I never thought I would be doing work for MTV when I applied to Happy Cog, but there I was. I was ecstatic and extremely grateful I got the opportunity to do that kind of work.

How did your friends and family react about your logo being selected?

My friends were very happy for me and my family was immensely proud when I told them my logo concept was selected. My mom cried a bit, but that is what mothers do. Everyone wanted to know when the logo was going to be up, or how they could see it for themselves.

What are some of the best experiences you’ve had as an intern with Happy Cog?

My time here at Happy Cog has been my most educational experience. Some of the best times here are just talking to my coworkers and picking their brains. Everyone here is so incredibly talented and I have so much to learn from them. Just hearing everyone talk about their passions, whether it’s design, marketing or development is a great learning experience.

One of the projects where I learned the most was when I worked under Senior Designer Yesenia Perez-Cruz and Developer Allison Wagner. With them I helped design a theme for a restaurant’s website and then took that design and developed it. It was a wonderful to work on a project from design to code and get to work on it every step of the way.

What are some valuable things you’ve learned during your internship?

From working at Happy Cog, my technical skills have immensely improved. The most valuable thing I have learned though is how to collaborate. Back at Drexel, I worked on a lot of web projects alone. Coming to Happy Cog placed me right in the middle of a large and still growing team. I have learned how to work with others and I love it. Collaboration makes everything better.

What is your goal after you graduate from Drexel?

After I graduate Drexel, my goal is to get an awesome job as a front-end developer. I am not exactly sure where, but I know I want to work for a web design agency and not in-house for just one company. I love working somewhere that makes a lot of web sites for a lot of people. Each project is different, meaning there are new things to learn.

I plan on revamping my site,, as well and starting to do more freelance work. I also plan on starting to go to a lot more web design conferences, and hopefully starting to teach web development on the side.

What advice would you give to other students who are in the process of going after their dream internships?

The best advice I can give to people going after their dream internship is to practice what you love in your free time. Companies want to see that you love what you do.

Freelancing is a wonderful way to do this. Get hired for small time gigs while in class. Whether you love painting, writing, or animating, if you do it in your free time too, people are going to be impressed.

What do you think about the design community in Philadelphia?

I think Philadelphia is one of the best places to be a designer. New York is way too much for me (and expensive). It is so easy to find a design group in this city. There are even tons of design agencies that people do not know about. I use a lot to find design gatherings. Designers in Philadelphia are super friendly and very welcoming. But what else would you expect from the city of brotherly love?

Speaking of finding people to ask questions and discuss design with, Chelsea would love it if you’d reach out to her. You can follow her at @chels_myers on Twitter or sending her a message via her website, “I love talking and helping people,” she says. “Don’t be shy!”


*Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

August 21st, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

#LikeABossYIP: How to Take an Idea to a Thriving Business

I’ve always admired those who’ve started their own business. Christopher Wink, the moderator of the Like a Boss panel and co-founder of Technically Philly, has always been one of the people I’ve looked up to. I was super excited to see what Wink and the other young entrepreneurs were willing to share about starting their own businesses. This event was co-run by YIP and Fresh Wisdom. Here are some of the memorable points I took from the evening’s panelists:

Antoinette Marie Johnson of At Media

  • Test your idea for a business with at least ten people.

  • Make sure you have a viable market and target audience. Too many people don’t have a target audience and fail because of it.

  • “Make the rule: I will not hire friends. I will not hire family.”

  • One of the first steps you take when starting a business is finding out if the name you want is trademarked and if the domain is available.

  • Sometimes entrepreneurs start too early in life and don’t get experience in the workplace, which is extremely valuable.

  • Women’s Business Development Center offers great classes that can help with starting your own business.

  • “You’re never going to like being your own boss, remember that.”

Gabriel Mandujano of Wash Cycle Laundry

  • “Motivation is critical,” when starting your own business.

  • Get used to being rejected. “You’re going to fail, that’s a given, get used to it… Figure how much failure you should be tolerating.”

  • When starting a business, you need to ditch the perfectionist attitude and understand not everything is going to run perfectly. “You can only do someone’s laundry so well, and there’s no extra credit.”

  • You don’t necessarily have to have a business degree to start your own business. Although it’s useful, you can learn what you need to know without it.

  • Starting a business while in college is a great idea because the opportunity cost (what you give up to do something else) is low, BUT don’t forgo standard business practices just because you’re in college.

Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive

  • One of the things that made starting his own business possible was getting to the point where he didn’t need much money to survive.

  • “Own the fact that you are small. Keep everything up front. Own your weaknesses… Build trust with being transparent. It helps in the pitch… In other words, take me as I am, and if not that’s cool.”

  • Find a way to do what you love, whether it’s working for someone or starting your own business. “Find what you love… I’m not in it for the money… This gives us flexibility to do what is right.”

  • “If you can’t control it, don’t freak out about it.”

  • “You’ll be amazed at how far being a good person will get you.” You’ll get what you give in return.

Leo Voloshin of Printfresh

  • Take classes from PA Small Business. They’re extremely helpful and they’re fairly inexpensive.

  • Write your business plan down, even if you’re not sure where you’re going–pretend you do know.

  • 5 Levels of Leadership is a great book to read when starting your own business.
  • “Everyone who hires family complains about the family.” Don’t hire your family as employees.

  • “We didn’t know what we were doing from day one. But the resources in Philadelphia have been amazing.”

 I’ll never stopped being amazed at all the successful, wonderful things these young entrepreneurs are doing in our city. They continue to be an inspiration as I look to follow in their footsteps.

Search the #LikeABossYIP  tag on Twitter to see what everyone else shared about the evening and follow @yiphilly and @freshwisdomlive on Twitter for more about upcoming events.


August 21st, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Top 5 Career Listings:
Paid Opportunties

Campus Philly, Open Arts: Arts and Culture Marketing Intern

Do you love the arts in Philly? Then don’t miss out on this internship with Campus Philly and Open Arts. If you have a background in marketing or business communications and are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, consider applying for this internship for college credit or a stipend. Some of your duties will include publicizing upcoming events from their arts and culture partners using social media as well uploading free tickets events and discount offers to TicketLeap and In addition, you’ll help manage the Open Arts Facebook page and assist with other marketing campaigns.

3rd Ward Philly: Crew Member

3rd Ward Philly offers a wide variety of classes from jewelry to web design. They’re launching a new work/trade program, where staff members will assist full-time staff in a variety of administrative and creative capacities while providing excellent customer support to our community of members, teachers and students. Crew members will be paid an hourly wage and have free access to classes and 3rd Ward’s professional workspaces. Candidates should be able to work 3-4 days a week (including evenings and weekends) on a set schedule of at least three months.

UE LifeSciences Inc: Mobile App Developer

If you have experience in mobile app design, consider applying to join the UE LifeSciences Inc team. You’d be helping them develop a hand-held mobile medical device for breast cancer screening called iBE. They need help in developing an app that  receives data wirelessly (via Bluetooth) from the iBE device and display the test results on the screen, allows to enter patient demographic data and recall past test results, calibrates the device and syncs with a cloud server.

Anita T. Conner & Associates: Internship

This paid internship with Anita T. Conner and Associates is perfect if you have a background in business. You’ll be assisting them with financial management, preparation of individual, corporate, partnership and nonprofit tax documents, bookkeeping and other accounting functions.

Boom: Office Assistant and Marketing Intern

This paid opportunity with Boom will have you initially working 3 day a week assisting with marketing and administrative tasks.  The position will involve a great deal of writing and other tasks, such as signing up for company profiles on behalf of their clients, creating content for websites, updating websites, and more. Boom is a website design and search engine marketing company focused on getting their clients found on the Web. Their focus is on SEO (search engine optimization). After a 60 or 90 day review, the position has the possibility of becoming full-time.

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August 14th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Top 5 Career Listings: Tech and Business

Philadelphia History Museum: Marketing and Events Internship

Join the recently re-opened Philadelphia History Museum‘s team with their Marketing and Events internship. This unpaid position will have you working with the Marketing Communications Department in completing major marketing initiatives for the city’s history museum.

Tech Musings: IT and Web Support Intern

If you’re interested in being a part of the founding team of an online magazine, check out these internship options with Tech Musings. As part of their team you’ll cover topics such as entrepreneurial endeavors, highlighted startups, related legal news, general inspiration for those in the launching or development phases, and more. They’re currently looking for content contributors, researchers, IT/web support, social media assistance, and marketing consultants.

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC: Research Associate Consumer and Specialty Finance

If you’ve got experience in finance, including prior equity research experience (specifically covering mid-cap banks), this job with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC may be just the position for you. Land this position and you’ll be part of a team that conducts extensive industry field checks and company analysis. You’ll stand out even more when applying for this job if you’ve got MBA, CPA and/or CFA certifications.

CORE Scholars: Business Development Intern

Interested in nonprofits and business development? Apply to join the CORE Scholars team, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and college prep assistance to high school students.You’ll be a great match for this business development internship if you possess organizational, written and oral communication skills, effective interpersonal skills and have the ability to analyze data. This internship is paid based on experience but you must be work study eligible.

LeapStart IEE: Video Production Intern

If you’re pursuing a degree in film, media or related fields, this postion with LeapStart IEE may be just the position to jumpstart your future career.  This internship will have you producing, shooting and editing short web videos for LeapStart’s ESL program as well as assisting with video/projection content creation for Leapstart’s other marketing projects. While this internship is unpaid, it has the potential to turn into a paid position after three months.

August 9th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Philly Love Note: Girl Develop It

Favorite Spot: Girl Develop It Philly

Neighborhood: Multiple locations including University City (First Round Capital) and Old City (IndyHall)

I am: a WordPress lover, beginner coder

Years in Philly: 4 years

Current Home: Loft District

 My Love Note: 

I fell in love with Girl Develop It before I had even taken my first class, when I first learned about it while interning for Technically Philly this past fall. We interviewed Yasmine Mustafa, creator of the Philly branch of Girl Develop It about her own business. I immediately started following their social media accounts, but didn’t sign up to take a class.

Then when I started at Campus Philly in June, Girl Develop It again crossed my mind.  I interviewed Corinne Warnshuis about the organization.  I really wanted to take a class and although the classes were really affordable, they didn’t quite fit into my budget. I applied for a scholarship for a WordPress class, something I was dying to take, and was thrilled when I learned I received it.

Tracy Levesque, our WordPress instructor, as well as the TAs, were awesome. It was a great learning environment, and we had different course options to choose from depending on our skill level. Everyone who took the class was super friendly as well–we helped each other out whenever we had small issues. It was a great way to spend my birthday weekend.

My parents then graciously agreed to pay for an HTML/CSS class through Girl Develop It, since I thought it would be a useful skill as a journalist (you never know what skills might come in handy when you are job hunting and HTML/CSS is one I see listed often for all sorts of jobs). I was trying to teach myself HTML at home using, but I figured a classroom experience would speed up the process and reinforce my learning. Jenn Lukas was a great teacher, and was definitely funny enough to keep me up during the evening classes (I’m more of a morning person).

I’d definitely recommend GDI to anyone looking to try out some web development courses. They’re definitely a great community to be involved with and a great way to expand your knowledge, even if you’re still in school.


August 9th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Top 5 Career Postings

Blue Claw Co.: Design Intern

If you’re looking to get into fashion design, check out this part-time internship with Blue Claw Co. This internship will give you the chance to contribute to a fashion line and assist with the design of bags, accessories, leather goods and more. Blue Claw Co.’s products have appeared in GQ, Esquire, Philadelphia Inquirer and other national publications. To land this internship, you’ll need experience with InDesign ADOBE creative suite as well as making tech packs. Being a great ping pong player is a plus as well!

B Lab: Standards and Program Intern

This paid internship will have you working with B Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This internship requires you to assist with developing and implementing the standards and tools for companies to evaluate their social and environmental performance as well as collecting, measuring, and reporting on the social and environment performance of sustainable businesses, Certified B Corporations and GIIRS-rated companies.

Temple University: Associate Director Student Center Operations

If you have experience in training, development, budget management, facility management, event planning, and excellent time and project management, this position managing the Student Center at Temple University may be just the thing for you. This great opportunity will have you in charge of four other staff members, two interns and one graduate extern. You would be a great fit for this role if you’ve got four years or more of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.

City of Philadelphia, Office for Policy Planning: Program Coordinator Intern Mayors Office

The Mayor’s Office of Policy Planning and Coordination is looking for a Program Coordinator Intern for Fall 2013 to work 12-15 hours/week with the possibility of continuing the internship in the spring. If you are organized, hard working, self-motivated, and highly detail-oriented, you’d be perfect for this internship. You’ll be helping to support the Richardson Dilworth Award Program for Distinguished Public Service – an annual employee recognition award program designed to honor distinguished public service.

United Public Safety: Technical Support Specialist

The perfect candidate for this position with United Public Safety has experience with Android, Windows Phone, and or Windows CE Operating Systems as well as previous experience in an IT Helpdesk or IT Support Desk role. Land this job and your daily responsibilities will include travel to client sites for installation and training of new client accounts, in office setup of new/current client accounts, client support and troubleshooting (phone and email support), data analysis, test and validation, maintenance of system documentation and other tasks.

July 30th, 2013 by Kristen Gillette

Top 5 Career Postings

Moore College of Art & Design: Part Time Instructional Designer

If you have a degree in a technology or arts related field, check out this part time instructional designer position with Moore College of Art & Design. You’ll be helping to develop demonstrations and training programs for faculty in the use of Moodle as an online teaching tool as well as helping with individual training and support in technology for the staff. You’ll be perfect for this part-time position if you have experience in PowerPoint, QuickTime, Prezi and Second Life; and knowledge of resources including to YouTube, HULU and Films on Demand that support online teaching.

MANNA: Events Internship

If you have an interest in event planning and social media, check out this great internship with the nonprofit MANNA. This fall internship will have you assisting the Events Manager with MANNA’s three signature events– Pie in the Sky, Shut Up & Dance and Nourish Awards & Health Symposium. You’ll also be helping manage website maintenance and social media efforts.

Resources for Human Development: One Step Away Intern

Ever wonder what it takes to run a street newspaper? This internship with Resources for Human Development will have you learning everything about what it takes to run One Step Away. This internship will require at least two days a week, preferably one of them being Thursday. The intern who lands this position will be exposed to all aspects of running a street newspaper, including fundraising, event planning, donor development, grant & foundation research, and vendor & volunteer management.

CoLabination: Blogging Specialist

A passionate writer and fashionista would be perfect for this graduate-level internship with CoLabination. This internship will have you writing engaging blog posts as well proofreading articles and features and collaborating with other writers. Working with this start-up will require you to be a self-motivated, goal oriented problem solver.

Please Touch Museum: Community Learning Intern

If you’re looking for a fall internship and have experience with volunteering or community service, check out the Please Touch Museum‘s fall community learning internship. You’d be perfect for this internship if you’ve got an interest in working with children and teens and have a willingness to lead programs. This internship will have you assisting with delivery of programs at various community sites such as schools, child care centers and social services centers as well as assisting in the development of curricula and preparation of program materials.