Manayunk Fit Festival

As summer hits us full throttle, more and more people are taking the necessary steps to stay fit! Join us at the Levering Street Parking Lot June 1, 2013 from 9AM-3PM for the Manayunk Fit Festival. You’ll get the chance to participate in FREE 30-minute outdoor workout classes, on-site health screenings, and other fun activities. Best of all-its for all ages! Bring your roommate, parents, brothers, sisters, and learn the ways you can have a happy, healthy summer!

The Fit Fest will kick off Manayunk’s Fitness Week which will run from Sunday, June 2 through Friday, June 7. Fitness week passes will also be sold for $25 which will benefit the Neighborhood Bike Works,-a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase educational, recreational, and career building opportunities for urban youth in undeserved neighborhoods.

So grab your favorite running shoes, your water bottle, your yoga mat and come exercise your way into a happier, healthier YOU!

Top 5 Career Postings

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp (GPTMC): Research Analyst

Interested in Philadelphia tourism opportunities? GPTMC is seeking a Research Analyst who will join the in-house research department and track marketing programs as well as consumer behavior in order to facilitate decision making. Great opportunity to conduct research on various demographics and social trends.

All Star Baseball Academy: Event Operations or Office Operations Internship

Three strikes and you’re out! It’s baseball season of course! As an event operations intern, you’ll be assisting in game management and record event data. With the office operations role, event social media marketing and data collection will be your primary tasks!

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Marketing Public Relations Intern

If you’re passionate about medicine and want to take one step forward in curing cancer, try your hand in nonprofit management! Writing press releases, media alerts, and assisting in media coverage during special events will be your tasks at this organization that specializes in lifesaving blood cancer research.

Vanguard: Client Relationship Specialist

Named one of the best places to work, Vanguard is seeking a Client Relationship Specialist who will either join the Business Development Group, Retail Client Account Services, or Flagship group and assist clients in their financial goals. Learn investment tools of the trade from the best of the best! Pennsylvania Community Organizer

Growing from only 10 students to a national Millennial movement, is seeking an entrepreneurial Community Organizer to work with local partners, and build an influential community-based coalition that increases engagement and leadership throughout the community!

You can contact Robin at

Interviewing Tips From Me to You

After successfully completing seven internships in college and going on countless number of interviews throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and California, I’ve brought back a tip or two on how to turn your interviews into successful internships!

So you’ve applied for the role, got the green light to come in for the interview. What do you do next?

1. Research, research, research. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve gotten questions that ask what the employer does, what year they were founded, the whole nine yards. By researching beforehand and knowing your information, you’ve not only impressed the employer, you now know what the company you’re interviewing for does! How can you be successful at the position if you don’t know what products or services the company sells or what market the clients are in?

2. Be prepared to answer common questions the interviewer may ask you. A list of common questions can be found online. They will ask you to tell them about yourself, why you applied for that specific position, what’s your strength, what’s your weakness and more. You may also have to describe situations where you didn’t get along with an employer or a situation when you showed leadership at a job or school organization.

3. Have questions prepared for the interviewer. This is your opportunity to show enthusiasm about the company and your chance to learn more. Ask how they came to be where they are today or the day-to-day tasks of the role. You could ask about the company culture, how does the company maintain work-life balance, etc. These are questions I ask all the time. People love to talk about themselves so your interviewer should have no problem telling you their story!

4. Have a conversation with the interviewer. This is my favorite one. I love having a conversation with the employer instead of going back and forth and just answering questions. The interview flows better and now they have a sense of your personality. Show the employer your personality and what your interests are outside of the work environment. Do you like to collect things, traveled to a cool spot? Tell them that. Be personable!

5. Dress the part. Self explanatory.


These are tips coming from my own personal experiences. Following these will help you land the internship of your choice this summer. You’ll be well on your way to working and gaining experience in the job market!

You can contact Robin at


Top 5 Career Postings

Vanguard: Client Relationship Specialist

Passionate about investments and finance but also looking for a career that involves working with people?  This career choice is knocking on your door! Vanguard is currently seeking a Client Relationship Specialist who will work with the Retail Investor Group to help clients reach their financial goals.

Black Teal Brick and Steel: Assistant Fashion Designer and Production

Have a passion for fashion? Alright that sounded a bit cliche. Black Teal Brick and Steel is looking for an experienced fashion design and apparel student to cut, sew, and produce a new fashion line! It’s called, you guessed it: Black Teal Brick and Steel. You’ll even get a chance to attend the fall Philadelphia Fashion Week! Okay you better take up this awesome deal before I do! 🙂 Pennsylvania Community Organizer

Growing from only 10 students to a national Millennial movement, is seeking an entrepreneurial Community Organizer to work with local partners, and build an influential community-based coalition that increases engagement and leadership throughout the community!

Friends Center City: Mobile App Designer

If technology is your thing and you’re innovative enough to write a mobile app, this could be your new project. Friends Center City is looking for a designer that can design, program, test, and implement a new app that will make key elements of the website accessible to all members!

Philadelphia Chocolate Tours: PR Marketing Intern

Remember that Johnny Depp film, Chocolat? Well speaking of chocolate, Philadelphia Chocolate Tours is seeking an intern who can market tours, assist in certain events such as Chocolate and Fashion tours, and work with an energetic team that believes in the glory that is chocolate. And hey, free chocolate would be your added bonus!

You can contact Robin at

Top 5 Reasons to Stay
in Philly This Summer

Spring is here but summer will slowly creep up on us! Why go away this summer when Philly has everything you could possibly want to do here. Campus Philly gives you our Top 5 Reasons why you should make Philly your home this summer (if it’s not already).

Night Market 

Get ready for the Night Market to come back to Philadelphia this summer! More than 50 food trucks will be around to serve food that will simply make your mouth water; along with live music acts and art displays. The Night Market chooses a different location each time so stay tuned to see where it’ll take place this year! You can even sign up to be notified via email. It’s completely worth it.

My Philly Summer 

My Philly Summer is a Campus Philly event that takes place from June-August every summer. Get a chance to meet and mingle with other interns working in and around the Philadelphia area. Some companies from the past have included: Deloitte, Vanguard, and Brownstein Group. Sign up for the Campus Philly Insider Newsletter so you can stay tuned in to dates and locations for this year’s events!

Opportunity Fair 

Graduates deserve the chance to make their mark on Philadelphia, too! This is a free event sponsored by Campus Philly every summer that gives recent graduates the opportunity to network with professionals in the Philadelphia area as well as learn about graduate school programs and volunteer opportunities.

Make Music Philly Day

Ever dream about a day where all of Philly’s musicians come out and play all over the city? What if the whole thing was free? Make Music Philly Day is coming to the city on June 21, 2013 this year. Musicians will team up with cultural institutions and concert promoters such as The Kimmel Center and Live Nation to bring you a day filled with music that will surely move you!

Phoenixville Blues Festival 

This year, The Steel City Blues Society brings you the Phoenixville Blues Festival which will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Reeves Park. This event is free to the public and brings together the sights and sounds of Phoenixville. Lay out in the sun and enjoy the performances of local artists while also trying cuisines from various vendors that will be present at the event!


Want to know what else is going on this summer? You’re in luck, we have an entire list on our site:

Top 5 Career Postings

Simple Twisted Frozen Yogurt: Team Leader

Simple Twisted Frozen Yogurt is opening another location and is looking for someone who is self-motivated and loves talking with customers. Get some hands-on experience with daily store operations and leading associates to a successful new location  Treat yourself and work in a cool place (yes, we love puns).

Vy Corporation: Software Engineer Internship Google Map

This paid summer internship will help strengthen your skills in developing shape detection capability within Google Maps. Experience with web development is required as well as familiarity with Google Maps API. If you know PHP, that will be helpful in landing this position.

Intelligent Capital Network: Agency Recruiter

Are you a recent grad. looking for a full time position this summer? This job will help you build up your networking skills as well sales and marketing approaches. You will be involved in conducting interviews, evaluating candidates’ information, and much more.

Co-Ed Supply: Campus Ambassador

When students are sometimes missing the feeling of home they might receive a care package from family or friends. Well Co-Ed Supply is a recent company that has emerged and is delivering care packages that can include anything from healthy snacks to toiletries. If you want a fall internship that dabbles in social media, marketing, advertising and more while putting smiles on students’ faces then you should apply for this internship!

First Financial Group: Financial Services Representative

If you are looking for a career in financial services, this one’s for you. This full time job will help strengthen your skills in networking, maintaining relationships with clients, and expanding your knowledge in financial solutions. Start your career now with First Financial Group.


Top 5 Career Postings

Philadelphia Youth Network: Business Partnerships Intern

Join Philadelphia Youth Network to gain professional experience in business alliances and strategic networking! You’ll get hands on experience with event planning, marketing and communications, human resources, and partnership management. This role will surely develop your leadership and project management skills!

Health Market Science: Programmer Analyst

The pharmaceutical sector is hot hot hot right now! If you’re looking for a full time role as a programmer and you love technology, join Health Market Science! Knowledge of PERL, Ruby, and SQL is a plus.

Energy Efficient Buildings Hub: EEB Hub Undergraduate Internships

Show the EEB Hub your passion for creating energy efficiency and sustainability. The program will only be accepting 21 undergraduate and graduate applicants and it runs for only nine weeks so apply today! You’ll be lending planet Earth a helping hand in the long run!

The Communications Group: Assistant Video Producer Internship

Have a passion for film and broadcast media? The Communications Group is looking for an intern from May-July who will work with a film crew for a new internet talk show. Here’s your chance to show off your videography and editing skills!

Medical Mission Sisters Thrift Shop: Administrative and Marketing Intern

You’ll get hands on experience on the day-to-day operations of a shop. Share your ideas to improve processes that govern shop operations and outreach. Become a summer intern today!

You can contact Robin at


Successful Cover Letter Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

This week we’re bringing you the cover letter edition: Cover letter Do’s and Don’ts.

Since I recently graduated, I’ve had to deal with the daunting task of writing cover letter after cover letter. They can be tricky because you want to include enough but not everything. What gave me inspiration to write this piece was the fact that I was sure other students were in the same boat.

Here are a couple cover letter Do’s and Don’ts to consider before it hits the desk of the employer:


Do create a personalized cover letter for each position and company.  List the name of the company, address, and most importantly, the hiring manager’s name.

Do identify the position you’re applying for by including the reference number and where you found the position.  Was it through a college career fair? Or maybe through LinkedIn or CareerBuilder?

Do ask someone you trust to proofread and critique your cover letter in case you missed anything important!

Do provide concrete examples when stating your skills.

Do maintain a confident and enthusiastic tone.



Don’t go over one page. Usually two to three paragraphs is enough to tell your story. Make it concise but compelling.

Don’t assume. Make sure to proofread and let spell check become your best friend.

Don’t just repeat what is already listed on your resume. Highlight the most impressive accomplishments from your resume instead and explain the significance behind them.

Don’t end on a passive note. Make sure to include that you will follow up with the employer instead of asking the reader to call you.

With graduation around the corner for many of you and jobs looking to hire soon, I figured it would be helpful to share with you all tips that have helped me write a cover letter successfully!


You can contact Robin at

Top 5 Career Postings

Friends of Ofanim: Nonprofit Intern

Working as an intern for Friends of Ofanim is a great way to not only learn about nonprofit administration, but it’s also a way to explore Israeli culture. You’ll get a chance to manage the website and engage in donor and prospect research!

AirCare Labs: Web Developer Internship

Here’s your chance to work with business people from UPenn, MIT, ITT, and Princeton. Intern for a start-up that is creating a mobile video tele-nursing platform that allows any patient to access any doctor/nurse at the touch of a button! Use your web development skills to take this venture off the ground!

All Star Baseball Academy: Baseball Instructor FULL TIME

If you’ve been a star athlete on your baseball team during college, you might want to consider this position! As a full time baseball instructor, you will provide instruction on all aspects of the game including hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching to young athletes! This is a great way to get involved and help today’s youth learn the game of baseball!

Next City: Marketing and Events Internship

Still looking for an internship for the summer? By joining as a marketing and events intern, you’ll be working with Next City’s editorial team in order to coordinate and promote events around the country, write blogs and social media content,  press releases, and recaps to track audience feedback. You’ll walk away with a portfolio of writing samples and develop your skills in written communication.

CDW: Inside Sales Account Manager

Passionate about working in sales? CDW provides technology solutions for business, government, education, and healthcare. Fill out an online application, take a sales assessment, and be well on your way to a career in sales!

You can contact Robin at

Top 10 Words to Avoid on a Resume

Students with resumes

Okay, so you’ve found a job posting you’re completely in love with. You review the job description, the skill set and you’re ready to submit your resume. Before you hit the send button, make sure to read our top 10 list of common words to nix from your resume so you can be one step closer to your dream job!

1. Hard Worker 

Almost all applicants claim to be “hard workers.” Saying you’re a hard worker doesn’t make you stand out from the rest of the crowd! To impress your employer, explain how you’ve gone that extra mile by citing examples.

2. Self-starter 

Instead of using the term “self-starter” on your resume, why don’t you illustrate times when you’ve taken initiative without managerial supervision? Hiring managers like examples, not just words.

3. Team Player 

This word is a given. Of course companies want you to be a team player. Showing that you have been a team player in previous projects and situations gives the employer the idea that you can collaborate in a group that has multiple ideas, help your team mates during stressful projects, and it also shows your ability to handle multiple personalities in a team situation. Show your employers how you’ve worked as a team player. 

4. Highly Qualified

Show the employer how you’re highly qualified for the position. Do you have skill sets or qualifications that prove that you’ll be a good fit for the role? Use descriptive language to quantify your biggest achievements. The employer will know if you’re highly qualified for the position based on how you describe your past achievements.

5. Dynamic

Unless you’ve created a way to cure world hunger or are a superhero, your resume will be just fine sans the word dynamic.

6. Problem Solver 

Employers want to see evidence that you’re a problem solver. How have you solved conflicts in a team setting? Or how have you overcome hurdles in your work or academic career? Maybe you’ve devised a better system to make something operate more efficiently.

7. Familiar With

When you’re writing your skill set and qualifications, instead of using the term “familiar with” to describe your knowledge of Microsoft Excel, use descriptive language such as beginner, intermediate, proficient, or advanced to portray to the employer your knowledge of the particular program. It will show your level of expertise in a detailed sense rather than broader one.

8. Reliable 

If I could give you my top word to omit from your resume, it would be the word “reliable.” Use the space to go into more detail. Employers expect you to be dependable and show up on time to work, team meetings, and any other projects. Being reliable allows others to trust you and trust in the work that you do.

9. Flexible 

Show your employer how you’ve adapted to changes in the workplace instead of just telling them. Change is constantly happening all around us. In the workplace, new managers are constantly coming and going, new employers are hired each and every day, and new regulations can be put into place at any time. Explain how you’ve successfully responded in situations which required you to adapt and be flexible.

10. People Person 

Showing skills of effective communication between coworkers, clients, managers, and stakeholders are a vital component in any job function that you do. Employers want to see that you can successfully communicate your ideas. This includes communicating with a party you may have a disagreement with, and showing that you can win over that client based on how you communicate the product or service.

The moral of the story? Words are a powerful thing, but when it comes to resumes, employers want you to show them why they should hire you for the job, not because you tell them to with any of the words listed above!

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