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This year’s Inclusive Leadership Conference theme was “Find Your Voice: Advocating for Inclusion and Respect.” Whether you are an activist, writer, artist, or entrepreneur, YOUR voice is what we need. If you do not yet know your voice, or if you want to discover more ways to use your voice, ILC will engage you in conversation and activities around inclusion and respect for your voice and others.

On Saturday, February 11,  Temple University’s Howard Gittis Student Center was teeming with students from various colleges and universities in the Philadelphia region– such as Temple, Moore, Rowan, Drexel, CCP, UArts, and many more– who were ready to educate themselves on the importance of inclusion. The conference was an eye-opening experience on how inclusion can affect people from both a personal and interpersonal standpoint.

As part of the Campus Philly team, I had the opportunity to cover the buzz. Jumping from room to room, I got a feel for some of the workshops and presentations delivered by local leaders. My biggest takeaway from the event was the recurring theme of mindfulness.

The nuances and subtleties when interacting with people who are different from you can be all the difference in fostering an inclusive relationship and environment. Nothing supported that claim more than listening to students share their personal stories and takes on some serious subjects. People right around my age divulged their thoughts on race, gender, identity, culture, discrimination, and mental illness just to name a few. Workshop leaders stressed the point of speaking up, challenging the status quo and voicing your stance on inequities is imperative to creating an inclusive environment.

The workplace is often a place where people face discrimination on many fronts, it was telling to see just how to tackle these problems. I dropped in on workshops like Trans 101: How to be Inclusive of Trans People When Leading, Eliminating Social Stigma, Effective Strategies for Inclusive Leadership, Cultural Sensitivity, and Closing the Gender Gap. Unfortunately, there’s only one of me so I couldn’t get to each and every seminar, but I left each one with an important takeaway.

Even with all the serious discussions and constructive activities, there was still time for students to get to know each other and relax. Ending with a massive Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and a Swag Swap. Capping the day on a more playful note left everyone feeling visibly happier. I strongly believe attendees left with a sense of purpose.

At ILC, the goal of inspiring and educating the leaders of tomorrow on the values and importance of inclusiveness was achieved. It’s a personal responsibility that is part of a much bigger picture: improving the fabric of society.

If you’re looking to continue the conversation, you should consider becoming a part of our Student Leader Network.

January 30th, 2017 by Brynn Monaghan, Communications Manager

Get to Know: Campus Philly’s Spring Interns

As a welcome exercise, I asked my spring interns–Haley, Dan and Lindsay– to share their Philadelphia story– how they found out about Campus Philly internship opportunities, what they hope to learn and what their perfect day in Philadelphia is like. 

Haley Monson, Brynn Monaghan, Dan Jacob and Lindsay Allen

Hi! I’m Haley Monson and I’m the new Multimedia Intern for Campus Philly. I am a senior at University of the Arts but I have been living and exploring Philadelphia for five years. Campus Philly has been a huge part of my college experience as a student and a residential assistant so it felt like a natural step to apply for the internship. I found the position on their Online Job & Internship Fair, which I encourage all of you to explore in March! My goals for this internship are to:

-Narrow my focus on post grad opportunities I want to pursue

-Develop a better understanding of Philadelphia’s animation needs in the workplace

-Find what best reaches audiences and connects the Philadelphia community

-Have fun!

My perfect day in Philadelphia usually starts at Penn’s Landing hanging out by the water and ends with sneaking cheese samples from Di Bruno Bros near Rittenhouse, most likely while catching Pokémon on my phone. I am also partial to sitting by myself in Ritz at the Bourse and watching indie films.

Dan Jacob, Editorial Intern at Campus Philly, here! I am currently a junior at Community College of Philadelphia with a focus in Business Administration. Finding out about this position at Campus Philly took a bit of patience. I probably Googled something like “Philadelphia internships,” which led me to Campus Philly’s website. Ironically, after using Campus Philly to apply to as many internships as I could, I scored a position here.

During my internship at Campus Philly, I want to:

-Listen and collaborate with as many people as possible.

-Develop my skill set alongside my fellow interns is something I strongly look forward to. Upon meeting them I was astounded by their varying backgrounds, interests, and future goals. I hope to gain insight on content creation by collaborating with young talented people, under the guidance of the Campus Philly team.

-Furthermore, I would like to see what it feels like to be a part of a team that enables students to make the best of their opportunities.

Campus Philly aligns seamlessly with my idea of a perfect day in Philly. To me a perfect day in Philly starts by doing inspiring and creative work, grabbing a bite to eat somewhere downtown, followed by taking part in whatever event Philadelphia offers on that given day.  

Hello there! I’m Lindsay Allen a freshmen at Temple University studying Film and Media Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  I am not native to the wonderful city of Philadelphia— or even the state of Pennsylvania—but I am far from being a newbie to the city life, and hope one day soon to be considered a savvy, well-informed Philadelphian. When I moved here from Maryland, I was eager to dive into the city and take in everything it had to offer. As I sat alone in my newly decorated box, a.k.a. my dorm room, I noticed a tiny booklet on my desk. To hold my homesick tears back, I began to mindlessly flip through it. I realized this information was useful and would soon be my key to getting around and learning more about this great city.

That booklet was Campus Philly’s Insider Guide to Philadelphia, my first introduction to this great non-profit organization. I quickly followed them on every social media they had to offer and started to scope out the website. I quickly discovered their job and internship portal and started on my journey to fulfill my dream of interning in the city.

As the Editorial Intern, I will be working alongside Brynn Monaghan, the Editorial Director, to create the 2017-2018 Insider Guide and hopefully inspire more students to take a chance and explore this magical city. I have also been given the task to explore the city and write about my adventures, and I am super excited. I hope I can reach the college students of Philadelphia and get them off campus and into the city for the true Philadelphia college experience.

I still have so much to do here, but I think my perfect day in Philly is the day you do not intend on that happen to be the best. I am a runner and I like to capitalize on my surroundings through my runs, which makes it all the better. I can run for miles on end and see anything from the foliage to the skyscrapers and whatever is in between.

December 8th, 2016 by Zipporah Dixon

Students of Philadelphia: Meet Your Campus Philly Interns

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.

Meet Campus Philly interns, Zipporah Dixon and Nakie Uzeiri from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: The Interns from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Now that you have a feel for some of the creative students all around Philadelphia, we thought you may like to know about the people who’ve brought Students of Philadelphia to you. We are two of Campus Philly’s interns, Zipporah Dixon and Nakie Uzeiri. We came up with the idea for this piece, because as two seniors in college, we both realize how amazing it has been to be able to be in Philly for the past four years. We wanted to celebrate people we know, people we don’t know, things we love and things that are special to us that many people don’t notice in the city. We’ve interviewed others about the City of Brotherly Love, so now we want you to know a little bit about us:

Zipporah Dixon: So Nakie, is there anything you learned while we’ve interned here at Campus Philly?

Nakie Uzeiri: Campus Philly was more than just an internship experience for me. I learned more about what I want to do post-graduation and definitely did more than just ‘gain experience.’ I was able to connect with the city of Philadelphia in a way I honestly had never done before. I was given opportunities to explore different neighborhoods in Philly and different museums, which allowed me to see a different side of the art scene throughout the city. I really enjoyed the work I did while here; video editing, blogging and representing the ‘student view’ of Philly. In my eyes, Students of Philadelphia was a huge success and if it is continued after I’m gone, I will definitely keep an eye out for it! The best thing about my past semester here would have to be everyone in the office. This is one of the most welcoming working environments I have ever been in and the entire staff cares so deeply about what they do. Seeing people extremely passionate and considerate for the students of Philadelphia is inspiring to see as young professional, and it is how I strive to be when I enter the professional world.

ZD: I’m glad you got a lot out of our time here! I definitely think we landed an awesome place to have an internship.

NU: Yeah me too, what about you, Zeph?

ZD: While being an intern at Campus Philly, I definitely learned a lot about myself not only professionally, but also personally. As corny as it may sound, it’s given me the chance to go out and explore Philadelphia and see all the neighborhoods that I’ve been saying I’d go see. I love art and museums, so I got to go to some ones I’d never even heard of before. I had the chance to just go and find some places around the city that I really love. As Campus Philly’s editorial intern, I’ve been reassured that I really do love writing and reviewing places. I looked forward to doing my “Weekly Picks,” reviewing events or seeing things I thought other college kids would be interested in. I liked being able to give my opinion on things and inform people about what’s going on around the city. I also just really loved everyone at the Campus Philly office, everyone is so nice and helpful and really funny, I’m definitely going to miss coming into the office every week!

ZD & NU: Well, we’re signing off, folks. This has been a great experience and we hope you enjoyed learning about people just like you, the students of Philadelphia!

We will miss you, Nakie and Zipporah! The special thing about interning at Campus Philly? You can always come back and visit. We look forward to getting our first post-intern visit from them! Do you know an inspiring, Philadelphia-based student who we should keep our eye on for a future profile? Send them our way!

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.

Meet Maura Weaver from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Maura Weaver from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

MW: Hi! My name is Maura Weaver, I’m 21 years old, and I’m an international studies major (pre-law) at Arcadia University.

ZD: How do you like living in Philadelphia?

MW: I really like Philadelphia because I’ve been discovering really cool parts, like Spruce Street Harbor Park. Plus, it’s the most historically important city in America and I’m all about history. 

ZD: What’s your favorite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

MW: My favorite spot in Philly is Rittenhouse Square because you can just sit, have a cup of coffee, and people watch.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

MW: Since I’ve come to Philly and started at Arcadia, I’ve realized I have a talent and a knack for ceramics!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your art form? Has the city inspired you in any way?

MW:  I never really saw Philly as an “art city,” but that changed very quickly after I moved here and went to all the awesome museums and cultural venues (a lot of them have great student discounts, by the way). Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street really influenced my ceramics because I took a lot of what I saw in there and tried to add it into my own work. 

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? 

MW:  I really love shawarma and there are some really good food trucks in Philly that serve it!

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

MW: My best advice for students in Philadelphia would just be to explore. Try things you’ve never tried! Random foods, different places you’ve never even thought of going to– that’s how I discovered Spruce Street Harbor Park! I just happened to stumble upon it one day because I was exploring.

You heard Maura– get out and explore your extended campus, the City of Philadelphia! If you know someone who should be featured, let us know

November 30th, 2016 by Brynn Monaghan, Communications Manager

A look back on my first semester in Philadelphia

Written by: Katie Bishop, Open Arts Analytics Intern 

I though a lot during the summer before my junior year of high school in Pittsburgh, PA–where I would live for the next few years? #1 on my list was the historic and far enough/close enough to my parents, Philadelphia. This city was so vital during the Revolutionary time period, there is a distinct history here that no other American city can boast; that was something I wanted to experience first hand. Secondly, it’s in the perfect geographical location! It has easy access and is in close proximity with New York City, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. They’re only a short train or bus ride away.

The rich history and convenient geography were my intial reasons for liking Philadelphia, but now I have reasons for loving it. Philly is a classic city that runs at its own pace. Like other cities, it’s always bustling with a sense of urgency and purpose, but here, you can always join in and be part of the collective experience. It’s the kind of pace that keeps you moving but doesn’t overwhelm you. Oh, and the culture! This place is the jack of all trades– the sports, art, entertainment, food, music, and parks all bring Philly to life! It is an inclusive culture where anyone can find a way to surround themselves with the things they love. It truly is the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

From the easy access to opportunites– in my first month here I received a paid internship! — to being able to delve into any kind of culture you want — becoming a huge Eagles fans or become regulars of the local music scene– this culturally rich and perfectly paced city welcomes newcomers with open arms and makes you feel right at home.

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.  

Meet Kelsey Pendergast from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Kelsey Pendergast from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Can’t get enough of Kelsey and her awesome scientific illustration? Here’s a little more about her!

Zipporah Dixon: Hey Kels! Would you mind introducing yourself to us?

Kelsey Pendergast: Hi! I’m Kelsey, an artist at Arcadia University studying scientific illustration!

ZD: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? What do you think of it now?

KP: Since I grew up right outside of DC, it was kind of just different and new to me. Philly has really grown on me and I actually miss it when I go home.

ZD: What’s your favourite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

KP: I have a few! I really like Germantown, because it’s cute, quaint, and has a whole bunch of local shops. Another one would be Fishtown because of vibrant Frankord Avenue that’s home to great restaurants, shops and La Colombe’s headquarters.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

KP: One thing that’s definitely changed while I’ve been living here is my art style. Before, I didn’t do color at all, I avoided it like the plague! My advisor/professor had a lot of projects that had to deal with color, so it was you either do this or you fail. It forced me to get into an area that I never really experienced and I actually really enjoy it so, it’s fun.

ZD: What is your artform/creative expression? Can you show us?

KP: Scientific illustration! Mostly medical art, I really like to explore the human body through figure drawings, I do a lot of drawing in my science classes and I can’t wait to get more into the medical side of it!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your artform? Has the city inspired you in any way?

KP: A lot of my photography has been in Philly, because I thought Philly would be really cool to photograph. My favorite photo day was when the Pope came in, there was a grata and everyone put prayers on it and tied them to the structures outside the church, it was a lot of fun to photograph.

ZD: Have you immersed yourself into Philadelphia’s art scene? Have you considered it?

KP: I’d like to! I really like the mural concepts, I’m trying to look into an apprenticeship with one of my professors who does murals throughout Philly, so I’d really like to get into that.

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? Have a cuppa joe?

KP: Oh man, this is a hard question for me! I am a BIG fan of sushi, so Queen Sushi is my go-to. Oh and Wawa! Keswick Tavern, that’s a good local one.

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

KP: Explore the city. I know a lot of people who say, ‘I don’t want to go into the city, that’s a long way.’ It’s not far, and it’s a $7 trip there, $7 back! Some kind of awesome event is always happening and there’s so much to explore. Going into the city was one of the things that made me feel at home, especially freshman year. Walk down a main street, check out some shops, have dinner– do whatever you want! Just don’t stay cramped up in your dorm room.

So that’s a bit about Kelsey! Check back soon for our next featured Student of Philadelphia!

November 10th, 2016 by Zipporah Dixon

Students of Philadelphia: Meet Joseph from Arcadia

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.  

Meet Joesph from Arcadia University: 

Students of Philadelphia: Joseph Ferenchiak from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Here’s a bit more about Joe, his music, and how he feels about Philadelphia!

Zipporah Dixon: Hey Joe! Would you mind introducing yourself to us?

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetJoseph Ferenchiak: My name is Joseph and I’m a fourth year International Business and Culture major with a double music and French minor here at Arcadia!

ZD: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? 

JF: Well, technically the first time I came to Philadelphia, I was in the fifth grade and I saw all of Old City specifically. We visited all the must-see historical spots. When I was coming into college, my impression was through tourist’s eyes.

ZD: What do you think of it now?

JF: Right now Philly is kind of like a home city where I do my day-to-day activities, like work or hanging out with friends.  

ZD: Where’s your getaway spot in the city?

JF: For me, my favorite neighborhoods are Center City and the Gayborhood. It just has that “city” feel to it, the Center City skyscrapers and the Gayborhood’s colonial charm. 

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

JF:  I was really awkward back in high school and since coming to college, I’ve really come out of my shell.  Philadelphia has really helped with that since I was able to meet a bunch of new people and do a lot of stuff that I was not able to do before.

ZD: So you’re a pianist?

JF: I am, I’ve been playing for 15 years.  I’ve also picked up singing a bit since I’ve come to school

ZD: Has Philadelphia influenced you with your artform in anyway? 

JF: Well, Philadelphia has influenced it in a lot of ways through music events and concerts and just working with my professors at my school.

ZD: So we know about the Philly Cheesesteak scene, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat or have a cuppa Joe? 

JF: My favorite place to go actually is this little coffee shop in Chestnut Hill, the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company. I go there every Tuesday to have my little cup of Joe (pun intended) and a pastry while I’m doing homework.

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

JF: Just do it! Philadelphia has a really good arts scene and it’s different from other cities. It has this very unique culture to it that you won’t find in say, New York City of Chicago. It’s very down-to-earth. If you’re looking for an at-ease city, where you can be your nice little hipster self, Philadelphia is just for you.

ZD: Thanks for sharing your Philly story, Joe. I’m headed out to lunch. Dare I get a cheesesteak?

JF: Whiz wit, Zipporah.

That was fun! Check back soon for our next featured Student of Philadelphia! And if you know someone who really embodies the qualities of our city, let us know. We definitely want to meet them and hear their Philly story. 

April 5th, 2016 by Brynn Monaghan, Communications Manager

What Makes a Student Leader?

Keyonna Butler – Philly U
Being a student leader at Philadelphia University has been a great way to connect with great people and learn about many amazing opportunities. Being part of organizations here has helped me network with like-minded students who are ready to make a change in fashion and helped me with my confidence, steering me away from being shy.

Deepika Satyadev – Drexel  
My name is Deepika and I am a Dragon; well, not the fire-breathing kind. I am a sophomore at Drexel University majoring in Marketing/International Business. In February, I participated in the Corporate Advisory Council meeting. I had the chance to speak with Philly professionals across various industries and share my thoughts on how they can retain Philadelphia’s college graduates. While I have been asked about my thoughts innumerable times before this meeting, I never felt like I was being heard. However, at this meeting, I was able to use my experiences as a student and working adult to provide some insight. Reasons like this make me extremely proud and happy to be a part of the Student Leader Network.

Kawtar Latrech – CCP/Temple 
“The Path of Possibilities,” that’s our motto! Community College of Philadelphia has taught me that when one door closes another one opens. To be a student leader here is similar to other college; strong academics, leadership skills, and motivation. It’s not the easiest job in the world but at the end of the day it is sure worth the hard work and effort. Besides, I am proud to be a Colonial!

Antonia Nuzzolo – Rowan 
Being a leader is not easy, but it a challenge that I have embraced here at Rowan University. I currently hold many leadership positions on campus one of the most rewarding aspects about being a leader is when students of all ages genuinely look up to me for guidance. I still do seek help from others, but I have proved to students here, through my confidence and positive attitude, that I am a worthy mentor.

Bryant Washington – Arcadia 
To be a Student Leader at Arcadia University you must be driven and willing to take opportunities. Arcadia does a great job at creating opportunities available for students, but it’s up to the students to keep an open eye and open mind to what is available. As a student leader, it is up to me to spark a fire among the student body, I must motivate, inspire, and assist students to achieve in the community that we have here at AU.

Yue Xiang – Haverford 
Haverford students jokingly refer Haverford as the “Haverbubble”. In this beautiful boutique campus, we have a duck pond, maybe a tab too many Canadian geese, an Honor Code, and most importantly, some of the most brilliant, and creative people I have ever met. With that said, being a student leader on this campus means creating my own legacy. By the time I have to leave Haverford, there may be people who remember the advice that I gave, a mistake I made, but moreover, the inspirations that we shared, the drive and the self-starting spirit that extend beyond the “Haverbubble”.  That will be my legacy at Haverford.

January 20th, 2016 by Brynn Monaghan, Communications Manager

Meet the Interns: Abby, Kristen, Logan & Ryan!

Abby Zweigle | La Salle University ’16

Abby is working as the Communications intern at Campus Philly. Fresh off the Semester at Sea ship, traveling the world, she’s back on land and has just started her last semester at La Salle University. She will graduate in May with a degree in Marketing and minor in Communications.

In her college career, she’s been very proactive with gaining professional experiences early on, landing 5 internships working with companies in multiple fields such as event planning, public relations, online marketing and even a local startup.

“I take advantage of Philadelphia and all it is able to offer to me professionally.”

She’s thrilled to be working with a company that has direct access to the city and it’s events, and most importantly, the students. Being a student, Abby is excited to offer her outlook and ideas to the Campus Philly team and to make opportunities more exciting and purposeful for you! She hopes to learn how to better serve our city through social and professional events, opportunities offered for internships and jobs, being an outlet for colleges and universities, and of course, learning ins and outs of Philadelphia along the way.

Abby’s perfect Philly day: “Breakfast at King Oaks, head on Kelly Drive for a afternoon walk, visit Reading Terminal Market, and finish my day off at Morgan’s Pier for some nice weather and views!”

Kristen Willie | Temple University ’18

Kristen is a sophomore Advertising major with a concentration in Research and Strategy from Temple University. She have two minors in dance and general business studies, not to mention she’s in the process of applying to study abroad in Rome in Fall 2016!

Kristen is a Philadelphia native who says, “there is no place I love more than the City of Brotherly Love!”

At Campus Philly, Kristen will be working as the Open Arts Events and Marketing Intern. She will have a chance to work on many different marketing projects and have opportunities to attend events for Campus Philly. She’s already been able to apply some of her research background to help Campus Philly better connect and reach our Open Arts members!

During her time here, she hopes to learn how to plan and organize events, as well as, learn how to effectively market to students through Campus Philly.

Kristen’s perfect Philly day:  “When I am not studying, my perfect day in the city would include eating Franklin Fountain ice cream in Olde City, shopping in Eye’s Gallery on South Street, and taking photos to upload to Instagram.”

Logan Beck | Temple University ’17

Logan is acting as the Online Promotions Intern for Campus Philly’s Open Arts program. She’s a junior Journalism major at Temple University (go Owls!), and she couldn’t be more excited to help connect my classmates and fellow college students to all of the sights and sounds Philly has to offer!

In true millennial fashion, Logan loves social media, and she can’t wait to have a hands on experience with our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Logan’s perfect Philly day: “My perfect day in the city would involve sunshine, and reading a classic novel in Rittenhouse with macarons from Miel Pattiserie in hand.”

Ryan Murray | Temple University ’15

Ryan is a creative mind that likes to be unorthodox in his design methods.  As a recent Temple University graduate with an Advertising degree, he hopes to become an Art Director. In Ryan’s spare time, you can find him playing guitar, watching Philadelphia sports, playing Xbox with friends, or hanging out with his Corgi.

“Philly is my city and I hope to stay here for a long time. That’s why I’m glad to be working at Campus Philly where I can help others see all that Philadelphia has to offer.”

Ryan’s perfect Philly day: “A warm, early-summer day that starts off with a bike ride to Spruce Street Harbor to get lunch and hang out in the hammocks with a view of the waterfront. When dinner comes around, my friends and I would head over to the Brazilian Steakhouse, Fogo de Chao and get our fill of all they have to offer. Finally, to wind down and relax we would all head over to Frankford Hall for drink specials before heading back to my apartment at Temple University to end the day hanging out together.


July 2nd, 2015 by Sabrina Romano, University of Pittsburgh '16

Summertime in West Philadelphia

If you’re not “West Philadelphia born and raised,” it’s time to check out this thriving neighborhood. It has come a long way since the days of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and is getting livelier everyday. With so many inexpensive activities, you would be missing out if you didn’t spend a day there this summer.

Located west of the Schuylkill River and next to Center City, West Philly is easily accessible by public transit. Either hop on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line towards 69th Street (be sure to get off at 30th, 34th, or 40th Street!), take bus 42 or 21, or take trolley line 11, 13, 34, or 36.

The best urban neighborhoods  have green space and because of Clark Park‘s nine lush acres, West Philly has plenty of it. Feel free to relax with a friend or a good book in the shade, take a walk on one of the park’s many paths, and stop by for all of the special events happening this summer. Each Saturday of the year from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Thursdays during the summer from 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., Philadelphia Food Trust sponsors a farmers’ market in the park. One Saturday each month between April and October, the park transforms into Uhuru Flea Market, with a variety of vendors selling anything from unique jewelry to home goods and more.

Clark Park isn’t the only green space home to this summer’s outdoor events. The University City District will host the 40th Street Summer Series in the field behind the Walnut Street Library. Happening on the last Saturday of every month, these performances can range from ballet to orchestra and anything in between. Bring a blanket to lounge on and enjoy these free evenings out.

If you want to get a taste of the local restaurants and shops,the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, happening on September 24, is the place to spend the evening. Located on Baltimore Avenue between 43rd and 51st Street, many local eateries and small boutiques bring a bit of their shop to the street and sell $1 treats. Besides fantastic deals, expect live music and entertainment.

All of this walking is going to make you hungry. Between all the restaurants in the neighborhood, one of them is sure to have the cuisine you’re in the mood for. Craving Mexican food? Honest Tom’s Taco Shop offers inexpensive yet delicious tacos and burritos for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Looking for delicious local food in a restaurant with dog-themed decor? (We know you are). Founded in 1983, the White Dog Cafe uses environmentally sustainable ingredients to make some of the best food in the neighborhood. Do you want to dine in an atmosphere that is a bit out of the ordinary? Grab a drink or dine at William Street Common (21+); the space emulates an indoor beer garden with communal tables and rustic furniture. Guests are welcome to use the restaurant’s boardgames for their own game night or join in on the Quizzomania fun, a quiz game equipped with prize giveaways, hosted Wednesdays at 9 p.m. They are known for their prix-fixe Sunday brunch, which comes with three drinks and bottomless donuts. Something to remember: at William Street Common,  you don’t have to tip your server because the management pays the servers an hourly wage.

If you think nice restaurants are out of your budget, the 11th Annual University City Dining Days will prove you wrong. Running between July 16 and July 26, roughly 30 restaurants will be offering a three course prix-fixe menu for either $15, $25, or $35. Feel free to eat out a few times during Dining Days and taste the diverse and inventive food Philly has to offer.

West Philly isn’t only home to unique restaurants: they also have their fair share of quirky shops. The Last Word Bookshop is packed from floor to ceiling with used books. If you visit often enough, you will get to pet and feed the fat black-and-white cat named Lester who can be found roaming around the shop or perched on one of the many bookshelves. The A Space is a community center which hosts anything from clothing swaps to potlucks to meditation nights. Take a peek at the event calendar to see what The A Space has planned for the summer! Most events are free or cost a few dollars but donations are always appreciated.

West Philly has a packed summer planned for all of you!