Introducing Campus Philly’s Student of the Month!

Photo © Villanova University

Students–are you or a friend doing something truly spectacular for your community?

College Faculty and Staff–do you know a student leader making their mark on campus?

Employers–is one of your interns making a noticeable difference in your office?

Campus Philly’s Student of the Month profiles a student from a local college or university who is doing great and interesting work for their community, campus or office. Peers, faculty and employers are encouraged to nominate these students to be acknowledged and featured in our monthly profiles. The only requirement is that the nominee be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a Greater Philadelphia college or university.

Nominating your favorite, hardworking student is easy! Simply e-mail the nominee’s name, contact info and a brief explanation telling us why we should pick your student to

We’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen and for which month. As part of a partnership with Flying Kite, your profile will also appear on their website; we will also share your story on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Read up about past students we’ve featured:

March 2012:  Stephanie Alleman

Stephanie Alleman almost didn’t make it to Philadelphia.  Now that she’s here, her impact working with young children at Tree House Books is so incredible, we could hardly imagine a city without her. Read more!

April 2012: Erica Falvey

Through her work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Vanguard School, and Socks for Summer, Erica Flavey has touched the lives of many young children. Her motto: “There’s a need for it, so I want to fulfill it.” Read more!

May 2012: Ian Klinger

When Ian Klinger graduated from high school, he knew that he wanted to make the change from small town to big city. Now two years later and only a sophomore, Ian is giving back to the city that took him in. Read more!

June 2012: Kenneth Horner

Between double majoring at La Salle University, where he is an honors student, successfully completing three internships, managing the student newspaper and giving back through La Salle’s charitable organizations, Kenneth Horner’s made the most of his Philly college experience. Now that he’s graduating, he’s ready to explore even more of what Philadelphia has to offer. Read more!

July 2012: David Martinez

Although he is originally from the Dominican Republic, David Martinez was raised in Philadelphia and has brought all he’s learned from the city to Penn State, where he will be graduating from next year. Read more!

August 2012: Atiya Goldsmith

Mother of three, and aspiring community superhero Atiya Goldsmith didn’t let a lack of funds slow down her desire to get an educationShe got busy and worked her way through community college before winning scholarships to pay for her tuition at Peirce College. Read more!

September 2012: Matthew Meyer

In his four years of college, Matt Meyer became a true Philly explorer. He did not only take classes about the region but tried to branch out from his campus to really get a feel of Philadelphia.  Read more!

October 2012: Bridget Kiley

This Villanova senior is tearing up Philadelphia and leaving a trail of kindness in her wake.  Read more!

November 2012: Thomas Green

Thomas’ heavy involvement in planning events with Temple’s Main Campus Program Board, organizing sold-out poetry performances with Babel, and speaking on the panel for NCOW has helped him conquer Temple’s Homecoming and be crowned king victorious.  Read more!

December 2012: Amanda Mathew

Amanda Mathew did not decide to come to Philly—her parents put down her deposit for Villanova without even asking her. But she came with enthusiasm and threw herself into every club she could find  Read more!

January 2013: Michele Hannon

Temple University senior Michele Hannon started her own independent film company, Mirrorwall Productions, in May of 2008 as a junior in high school. In her junior year at Temple, Michele and her crew began to produce  “Mirrowall Minutes.”  Read more!

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