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Frontline Technologies is hiring! Do you love communicating through writing? Do you enjoy talking to people, exploring new topics and then sharing your learning through written content? Do you like finding creative ways to persuade your audience? Are you a little bit of a stickler for grammar with a solid understanding of the principles of great writing? Then you could be a great fit for our Content Marketing Intern! To learn more about this position and other opportunities, visit our job board today.

About Frontline

Frontline Technologies is a fast-growing, profitable leader in the K-12 software industry. Most people in the industry know us for Aesop, our SaaS solution that lets teachers register their absences and then matches those open spots with qualified and available substitutes. When we first came out with Aesop in 1999, offering both the phone and the internet for sub placement was, well, kind of a big deal! Nowadays, the “world wide web” isn’t so new anymore, but we’ve kept in the forefront of the industry by listening to our customers and constantly evolving both Aesop and our other products (including VeriTime, Applitrack, JobSpot, Teachwise and Jobulator).

Just recently, Frontline got a huge boost when a private equity and venture capital firm acquired a significant interest in our company. That means we are now full steam ahead with growing our K-12 platform by developing and acquiring new products – and that means hiring more people!

Our Culture

At Frontline, we’re unique individuals, but we all hold to a set of guiding core values. Ultimately, many of them can be summed up in being trustworthy. We build relationships through open communication, which includes honesty, vulnerability, valuing team input and practicing personal and corporate humility. We lead by serving the best interests of those around us before ourselves (we call this “servant leadership”). At Frontline, we hire the right people and invest in those people through mentoring and professional development. While we work hard, we also always strive to balance family and work. Our values constantly impact those around us, whether it’s by providing outstanding customer service or treating those outside the company with respect. And ultimately, we’re profitable, but as a means to building a great culture and company, not as an end in and of itself.

Check out our #allthehoopla on Twitter and Instagram to see a peek of our culture.


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