Food Truck Lineup

Four vendors will be serving on-site. Check out their websites for more details on each, and visit their social media accounts to find where else they’re serving throughout the year.

Bao Boy [websiteTwitter] is a local, family-owned business that specializes in sandwiches featuring traditional Asian flavors with a nostalgic twist, sauces from the most popular Asian take-out dishes and a few delicious Asian comfort foods.

South Philly native, and former UPenn head of dining, Mike Sullivan taught himself how to build a food truck from scratch, but he’s a pro behind the grill at the Cheese E. Wagon [websiteTwitter]. “With cheese, you can do anything…You can get fancy or you can go simple, and – if you use good ingredients – it’s all going to taste delicious.”

The FS Taste Truck [websiteTwitter] is stopping at CollegeFest as part of a nine-city, 1,000-mile culinary tour of the east coast, and features a unique menu crafted by chefs from the Four Seasons’ hotels and resorts along the way!

Born in Philadelphia in 2012, honeygrow [websiteTwitter] aims to bring people together over quality, wholesome, and simple foods, celebrating “honest eating + growing local.”