Campus Philly is sharing legit tips — real advice from real professionals working at successful Philadelphia companies like Urban Outfitters, Comcast, Vanguard, Deloitte, IKEA, Curalate and Bentley Systems. These are seasoned pros who are telling it like it is when it comes to launching your career in Philly. Take the advice and run with it!

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Don’t be afraid to take an
internship that’s in a field other
than your academic major or
other coursework. #SpreadYourWings


Build relationships with fellow interns
and professionals in other departments during
your internship; these people can become
your network for professional advice, mentorship
and jobs. #MakinFriends #LegitCPtips


Get a mentor – mentors are very
important in advancing your career.
Mentors come in different forms –
they can be older, but they can also
be your peers. #LegitCPtips


It’s never too early to join a professional network or group – many groups have special events/chapters for “young professionals. #MovinOnUp #LegitCPtips


Don’t wait to be invited to volunteer for a cause or participate in civic engagement – raise your hand, show up, join in! #LegitCPtips


Before an interview, do your homework, research the company, and be prepared
to ask questions in the interview. #KnowledgeIsPower #LegitCPtips


Students should take the internships seriously, as a three-month job interview; the employer is looking at you as a potential employee. #SeriousBusiness #LegitCPtips


Professional networks and groups can effectively help you build your own professional network and they are worth your time and effort, so make sure you attend events and be an active (not passive) participant. #DefinitelyWorthYourTime #LegitCPtips


Mentors aren’t necessarily for life – people go through phases and need
different types of advice at different stages. #FindTheRightFit #LegitCPtips


Join professional groups that speak to your passions
and not just organizations that you “should be joining.” #FollowYourBliss #LegitCPtips


Community service not only makes your community better, but it makes you a better person — you will learn new things, have new experiences and meet
new people. #BetterYou #LegitCPtips


Make sure your social media accounts are reflective of your passions and professional interests. Clean up your posts and pictures before applying or, better yet, never post anything questionable. #LegitCPtips


Be true to yourself, but also be
open-minded when looking for your first job. Don’t write anything off too quickly! #YouNeverKnow #LegitCPtips


You have to take the initiative in
connecting with a mentor, but also be
careful and respectful of people’s time
and busy schedules. #LegitCPtips


Know that networking and mentoring are very different things. You should be more targeted in your approach for a mentor. They have to be the right fit and the timing has to be right for both parties. #whatsbestforeveryone #legitcptips


When you get advice from your mentor, you still
must be the one to decide if it’s the right advice
for you. #knowthyself #legitcptips


Professional networks are groups are
great for learning new and most
current information about various industries/communities. #legitcptips


Volunteering and civic engagement
are great ways to start building
and expanding your peer and
professional network. #legitcptips


Volunteer service and civic engagement activities
can give you a competitive edge in your job application, so be sure to note volunteer
experience on your resume and/or
Linkedin profile. #legitcptips


Volunteering is a great way to learn more about your city/region — learn what the challenges are and how you can make a positive impact and difference. #legitcptips


Don’t forget you are still interviewing once you have the job — dress for the next role you want. #dressforsuccess #legitcptips


Do your job well and bring new ideas and creative thinking that demonstrate you have more potential
to grow. #bringyouragame #legitcptips


Once you land the job, seek out professional advocates who can help you advance your career. #legitcptips


Leverage your relationships with professors and
career service officers to find good career
opportunities – people that can help open doors
and provide important advice to you when applying/interviewing. #legitcptips


Your family members can also be helpful when
looking for a job – after all, they most likely have jobs/networks too – but make sure you don’t rely on your parents too much. #legitcptips


Do your job well and bring new ideas
and creative thinking that demonstrate you have more potential to grow. #alwaysimproving #legitcptips


When sending files to potential employers, always include your last name on the end of the file name. #commonsense #legitcptips


@Campus_Philly Career Programs Manager says
“when in doubt, do without” about excessive designs
on your resume. #keepitsimple #legitcptips


Have a big email to write? Add the recipient email address(es) at the end. This will prevent accidental sends.
#lifesaver #legitcptips


Everyone has a different work style. Be respectful and flexible when it comes to personality types in the office. #truth #legitcptips


Get up, move around, or take a walk periodically. Your brain will thank you and you’ll be more productive. #workitout #legitcptips


A hand-written note as a follow-up after an interview goes a long way #gotheextramile


Anything you do can be a resume booster: creative hobbies, volunteer activities, computer programs are all skill-builders #legitcptips


Your desk is your sanctuary, bring things from home that help make you smile on the tough days #hardknocklife #legitcptips


When looking at resumes, CP Career Programs Manager Jen Devor says relevant experience is the most important thing. #legitcptips


Do informational interviews: speak with professionals in diverse fields to see what type of work would be interesting for you #legitcptips


Keep up with contacts in organizations
and fields that interest you: you never know when a job opening might become
available! #legitcptips


Read your cover letter and resume out loud before submitting them for any application. You’ll catch more mistakes that way! #legitcptips


Better to submit one stellar application than four mediocre ones. You only need one person to hire you. #qualityoverquantity #legitcptips