Things To Do

When we say there is something for everyone here, we really mean it.
Each neighborhood has its own vibe; there are museums galore, covering multiple cultures and oddities you would never think could exist in such mass quantities. The music scene is always hoppin’; everyone wants to play here. Sports? Well, our teams are some of the most talked about…for a variety of reasons. And the food. You’ll never eat as good as when you’re in Philly—Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese, plus local favorites such as cheesesteaks, water ice and pretzels.
Use your time here to explore and experience everything you can. Trust us—at the end of four years, you’ll want more time.

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A few of our favorite things to do:


The SPARK that ignites and inspires

Written by: Debora Charmelus, Campus Philly Program Manager  SPARK:Philly is only days away. Now’s the time for you start prepping for the evening. We wouldn’t be Campus Philly if we didn’t recommend some great spots for you to check out. Here are our tips for making the most of SPARK: Do your research on the […]


CollegeFest: Where Students Meet Philly

What’s the best way to explore the city you live in and beat the heat? CollegeFest! On Saturday, September 10th was Campus Philly’s CollegeFest; a great way for students, new and returning, to get around Philadelphia and explore all the city has to offer (for free or a very low price, I might add). As a senior […]


The Real Deal: Careers

Written by Debora Charmelus, Campus Philly Program Manager  Let’s face it– figuring your life out is scary. At one point, you were lost on campus searching for your math class. Now you’re at the tail end of your college career staring head on at the always looming question: “What’s next?”  Maybe you’ve known what you wanted […]


Post-CollegeFest Hang Out Spots

Written by Campus Philly Interns, Ashley Cappetta & Brenna Fallows The fun doesn’t stop when CollegeFest ends! After, be sure to check out these well-known Philly spots: Spruce Street Harbor Park Take the Philly PHLASH Downtown Bus Loop to Penn’s Landing (Stop 1) and head over to Spruce Street Park! Featuring food trucks, hammocks, games, and ample […]