Things To Do

When we say there is something for everyone here, we really mean it.
Each neighborhood has its own vibe; there are museums galore, covering multiple cultures and oddities you would never think could exist in such mass quantities. The music scene is always hoppin’; everyone wants to play here. Sports? Well, our teams are some of the most talked about…for a variety of reasons. And the food. You’ll never eat as good as when you’re in Philly—Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese, plus local favorites such as cheesesteaks, water ice and pretzels.
Use your time here to explore and experience everything you can. Trust us—at the end of four years, you’ll want more time.

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A few of our favorite things to do:


Campus Spotlight: Food Trucks

Philly is known for its street food, and being a student in the city makes it easier to try them all! Check out some of the most popular food trucks on three of Philly’s urban campuses.


South Philly Spotlight: South Street

For a day of comedy clubs, live music, tasty food and the work of talented artists, check out all the diverse and unique attractions on South Street. Start exploring South Philly here!


5 Tips for Surviving Finals

Want to know some tips and tricks to beat finals week stress? Get some insider advice from a college senior who’s been through a few rounds of finals herself.

Campus-Philly_flowershow-9-article (2)

Top 5: Philly’s in Bloom

Don’t miss your last chance to experience the Phily Flower Show and check out our Career and Profiles intern’s highlights from the show, from Disney to Alfred Hitchcock!

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