Things To Do

When we say there is something for everyone here, we really mean it.
Each neighborhood has its own vibe; there are museums galore, covering multiple cultures and oddities you would never think could exist in such mass quantities. The music scene is always hoppin’; everyone wants to play here. Sports? Well, our teams are some of the most talked about…for a variety of reasons. And the food. You’ll never eat as good as when you’re in Philly—Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese, plus local favorites such as cheesesteaks, water ice and pretzels.
Use your time here to explore and experience everything you can. Trust us—at the end of four years, you’ll want more time.

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A few of our favorite things to do:

Solutions to Resolutions: Explore the Philadelphia Food Scene

Go beyond the dining hall and explore the flavors of Philadelphia! From grabbing a coffee to ending your night with a sweet treat, we hope our suggestions will get your stomach gears turning. Happy exploring and eating! Grab a coffee! There’s always time to get a hot (or cold) cup of joe from one of […]

Solutions to Resolutions: Get Fit in Philadelphia

It’s so much easier to get motivated about doing anything fitness related when you have a friend by your side. We all have those days when you just don’t want to workout but your bud is counting on you, so off you go. You love-hate this person, but mostly love because you feel and look […]

Solutions to Resolutions: Get Involved in Philadelphia

It’s a new year and you’ve resolved to be an active participant in your community. Now what? Luckily, there are tons of local organizations who need your great mind and helping hands. Double luck: There are a lot of resources on how to take action and make an impact. Check them out and get inspired! […]

Tips: 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend College Nights

We’re partnering with some of Philly’s best venues for THREE cool, creative and exclusive Open Arts College Nights this spring! Join Open Arts and hundreds of other college students this semester for: Friday, February 10 – Opening Night at the Opera Wednesday, February 15 – Sittin’ In at the Kimmel Center Friday, April  7 – Pennsylvania […]