All The Details on the Online
Job and Internship Fair, 3/23 – 27

What’s Happening:

We’re sure by this point in the year, well-meaning relatives are starting to ask you what you’re going to be up to this summer/after graduation/for the rest of your life. We at Campus Philly want to help you be able to give an actual answer to those questions through our Online Job and Internship Fair! From March 23 – 27, there will be hundreds of opportunities for summer internships, jobs (for current students as well as soon-to-be and recent grads), and other opportunities in industries from accounting to zoology, all located in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

What This Means for You:

It means you’ll get to give your grandmother an answer to the “what are you doing?” question that she will be able to tell all her friends about. (“She’s got an internship at Beneficial Bank! Couldn’t be more proud!”)

But seriously, this means that you’ll have a great opportunity to get a job or internship, experience in an industry that interests you, explore Philadelphia during the summer or as your post-grad city living locale, and just have an all-around great time.

The Nitty-Gritty:

The process is simple — just four steps:

  • Create an account today at
  • Get that resumé updated and uploaded
  • Log on beginning Monday, March 23 to search for open positions
  • Keep checking back — new jobs and internships are posted daily

The Expert Advice:

For those of you who are a little nervous about the quality of your resume, cover letter, or interview skills in terms of landing an internship or job, we’ve got you covered. Anthony Gold, a local career expert whose blog Anthony’s Desk is a font of career advice and knowledge, will be will be hosting a free webinar on March 24 from 6:00 – 7:15 p.m. on how to develop a killer resume, cover letter, and ace any interview.

Gold began advising others when former colleagues reached out to him to ask for help finding jobs. He explains that he’d “give feedback to them and after months and months I was giving the same feedback over and over to everybody.” He began writing about the topics of resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and salary negotiation so that he could reach more people than just the ones who were seeking him out for advice. Eventually, this grew into Anthony’s Desk and his forthcoming book on how to craft a great resume. The impact of his advice has been substantial, including helping one woman land her dream job at Zynga with a significant bump in starting salary.

His webinar on March 24 will focus on three very specific and relevant topics to anyone looking to land a job or internship.

“The reasons I picked the topic of resumes, interviewing, and cover letters is that those things will make so much of a difference in getting your immediate job as well as throughout your career,” he explains. He recommends that you have your resume open throughout the webinar so that you compare his tips for do’s and don’ts with what your resume currently looks like.

And the best part? The advice that he will be giving comes from decades of practical experience in hiring decisions, so you know that applying it will ensure that you’ll be good to go and ready to be hired.

“Everything that I write and teach isn’t theoretical. I interviewed people for interns, software designers, hardware designers, marketing, sales, legal, HR, CEOs, Board of Directors. I’ve interviewed for every role imaginable so I’ve reviewed probably tens of thousands of resumes, I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people, and made countless hiring decisions, so everything that I write about is not ‘hey, this might be a good idea,’ it’s ‘I know exactly what works’” he explains.

Want to get a taste of some of the great tips you’ll get? Download this handy guide to salary negotiation from Anthony to get started on the path to landing your dream gig!

The webinar is free, but spaces are limited, so be sure to register here to reserve your spot!

The Least You Need to Know

Get an awesome job or internship through the Online Job and Internship Fair from March 23 – 27, brush up on your career skills with Anthony Gold on March 24, and be prepared to have an awesome experience in Philadelphia this summer (or beyond!).

Top 5 Careers:
All About the Arts & Development

The newly spring weather might be a little too hot and cold, but that doesn’t mean your future has to be. This week’s Top 5 is all about creativity and development, whether you are interested in the arts or prefer a career somewhere in the communications or finance industry. Develop your flair for the arts or jump start your career with one of the other unique opportunities, plus it never hurts to complete that internship requirement early or to start making money early. Check out all of this week’s opportunities!

Campus Philly: Online Promotions Intern
It’s never too late to join the team here at Campus Philly, and we’re currently looking for a creative and motivated student to contribute to Open Arts events and marketing promotion activities. Use your creativity and help fellow students connect to arts and culture all around the city of Philadelphia.

Beneficial Bank: Loan Operations Intern
Boost your customer service skills and try your hand at finance as a loan operations intern with Beneficial BankAs the loan operations intern, you will assist the loan operations administrator with daily operations of the Loan Operations Department such as processing loan payoff requests and providing internal and external community service.

City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce:2015 Communications Fellow
Got an eye for business? Admired for your communication skills? Then you’re a perfect fit for the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, who is currently seeking a fellow to assist and support the Department with its communication efforts to the business community. The opportunity is a paid position and will take place over a four to six month period.

Zonoff, Inc.: Javascript UI Developer
Zonoff, Inc. is offering an opportunity for anyone who is tech and design savvy to help design and create HTML5 and Javascript. Responsibilities of the role include use of Javascript frameworks, service integration, and implementing HTML5/Javascript.

International Sculpture Center: Arts Internship
Get involved with the arts and the non-profit world as an arts intern with the International Sculpture Center, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to all things sculpture. They currently need interns for the summer to assist the advertising, conference & events, development and fundraising, library, membership, portfolio and web departments. There are plenty of perks besides working with a great organization: you will receive a travel stipend and access to exhibits among other things. Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter.

Work & Play: Summer Fun in Philly

Getting a summer internship is one of the best ways to build your resume and to gain professional experience. But it’s summer! You shouldn’t feel like you’re sacrificing all the fun that comes with summertime by getting some work experience; and if you secure an internship in Philly for the summer, you definitely won’t feel like you’re missing out. There are countless awesome events going on throughout the warm months in the city, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer events going on for all the students lucky enough to be hanging around Philly.


Longwood Gardens “Nightscape”
Starting in July, Longwood Gardens is offering a nighttime show that is complete with moving imagery and lights set to original music. The backdrop is the natural landscape of the gardens, with beautiful plants, trees, stonework, and water. “Nightscape: A Light and Sound Experience”  is a great chance to spend a summer night outdoors enjoying nature and the art of Philadelphia artists Klip Collective, who designed the show. There will also be a beer garden (21+) on location only for this event, where you can enjoy delicious food and Longwood brews and take in the starry nightscape. On Thursdays, there will also be live music in the beer garden.

PECO Multicultural Series at Penn’s Landing
This annual series celebrates the diversity of Philadelphia. Every Sunday, a different culture comes to life on the waterfront at the Great Plaza. Past celebrations  have included: an Israeli Festival, with performances from Israeli singers and bands, falafel and other festive food, and games of Ga Ga (Israeli dodge ball); an Irish Festival with dancers, bagpipers, traditional foods, and an outdoor market with Irish goods; a Portuguese Festival with food and wine, folklore dance groups, and revolutionary art; and many more! Caribbean, Mexican, African, Southeast Asian…the list really does go on. What better way to spend a summer weekend than enjoying world cultures on the banks of the Delaware? The dates for this event have not been released yet, but it regularly runs on weekends on all summer long. Be sure to check back for the exact dates!

Night Market Philadelphia 
Philadelphia is known for its street food, and Night Market Philadelphia is a way to experience some of the city’s best. This event attracts thousands of visitors from around the region, so you could say that it’s pretty popular. The city’s top-rated food trucks and restaurants converge on one Philly neighborhood, providing a night of delicious eats. In addition to the great local eateries, live entertainment from local musicians and artists round out a night of great food and great fun. This evening celebration of food, music, and community is held varying neighborhoods, so be sure to keep an eye out for where the Night Market is stopping next—you don’t want to miss it!

Arts Festivals 
Philly is budding with cultural opportunities, and the summer is a great chance to experience some of the city’s best arts-related festivals. The Manayunk Arts Festival, held from June 20 to 21, is the area’s largest outdoor, juried arts festival, and features an array of fine arts and crafts from across the nation. Main Street in Manayunk is converted into an arts bazaar as over 300 artists present their work, and you’ll have the chance to peruse all the local talent. While you’re there, don’t miss out on all the other fun that Manayunk has to offer too. Not sure you’d enjoy the arts festival? Try the BlackStar Film Festival then, an event that has been heralded as “The Black Sundance” by Ebony magazine. The festival celebrates the visual and storytelling traditions of the African diaspora, and showcases the work of black filmmakers, writers, and producers from around the world. You can enjoy a variety of different mediums, including film shorts, music videos, experimental films, narrative features, or documentary films. This signature Philly film festival also features panel discussion with directors, multimedia workshops, parties, and more. Check back to their website or Facebook page to learn about the theme of this year’s festival and the schedule of events.

Weekend Getaways 
But wait, isn’t the quintessential summer supposed to feature a beach and sea shells and water? What if you like to lay in the sand and hear the waves rolling up the shoreline, or build sandcastles and hang out on the beach? Or what if summers for you just aren’t complete with a stroll down the boardwalk? While the streets of Philly offer a lot, the beaches and shore towns of the Jersey Shore aren’t far.  Whether you’ve been or not, the Jersey Shore offers many opportunities for beach time and other activities. So take a weekend adventure! Pack a cooler, bring a towel, and enjoy some time away from the city. You can check out our guide to some nearby shore towns here.


Clearly this list can’t be all-encompassing; there are too many beer gardens, nights of music, outdoor movies, and festivals to put it all in one list. But this is a flavor, at least, of what a summer in Philly can look like for you. You can check out some of the other cool happenings in town during the summer months here or here. So if you’re thinking about what to do this summer, you can’t go wrong getting an internship around Philly—there will be plenty of fun things to do when you’re not working!

Top 5 Events: Appreciating the Arts

In a world where technology seems to be creeping further and further into every aspect of society and our lives, the arts still hold important cultural and societal value. And that doesn’t mean ancient statues or paintings that art history labels as important (although they’re cool too); it means everything that people create and share, and you don’t have to be an expert in painting techniques or dance to appreciate and engage in the arts. This week’s Top 5 captures some of the creative and artistic endeavors going on around Philly, with everything from theater to hip-hop for you to enjoy.

Selections from the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
When: March 26, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Where:  International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: $7 each

This week, International House is showing selections from the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, which is a collection of fiction, documentary, and animated films about human rights. The first film being presented is A Quiet Inquisition, which follows the ethical dilemma of a Nicaraguan OB GYN who must choose whether to follow a new law that bans all abortions or to provide the care that she believes can save a woman’s life. The second film, Private Violencedepicts two women who are domestic violence survivors and pose provocative questions for addressing this societal issue. Lastly, Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars documents the story of Sepideh, a young Iranian woman who dreams of becoming an astronaut despite the societal and familial pressure she feels to check her ambition. All three screenings tell captivating stories of people rising above their situations, so be sure to catch at least one of these inspiring films!

Wednesday Nights at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
When: March 25, 5:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: Pay what you wish

Wednesday nights at the Philadelphia Museum of Art aren’t your typical experience. You can get creative at art-making workshops, get your poses on at a yoga session, play games, explore the galleries, or enjoy regional artists and musicians. This week’s museum-at-night-exploration includes poets, performers, and scholars who will guide visitors through an evening inspired by Represent: 200 Years of African American Art. A multimedia piece explores the historic impact of the MOVE bombing of 1985, Tracie Morris will present original poetic works, and a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon will allow visitors to help improve how African American artists are represented online. Grab your friends and don’t miss this fun night at the museum!

JT Hip-Hop Workshop
When: March 28, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: Headlong Dance Studios, 1170 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia Cost: $20

This hour-and-a-half-long dance session will have you dancing like Justin Timberlake. Ok, maybe not exactly like JT, but pretty close. You’ll be doing slides, shoulder shrugs, spins, and any other move that the master beat-boxer, singer, and dancer pulls out in his music videos. Don’t worry if you don’t have dance experience–the combination are easy to follow and instructors will break down the steps for the routines. Past and present hits will be the soundtrack for the session, and you’ll be inspired to move with the fun choreography lined up. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the work of Timberlake and to spend the afternoon dancing. 

The Gender Weave Project
When: Through March 29 Where: Mt. Airy Art Garage, 11 West Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

In observance of Women’s History Month, the Mt. Airy Art Garage presents “The Gender Weave Project,” an exhibition featuring the work of Moore College of Art & Design students. It will also feature the work of professional artists like Carol Loeffler, Arleen Olshan, and Kathryn Pannepacker. All of the works explore gender and identity, focusing on the respective artist’s own relationships to those categories. Art forms and approaches vary; some of the women employ photography, and others present paintings. Traditional depictions of gender and identity are on display, but so are convention-challenging pieces and ones the explore the multiple identities one person can harbor. All of the works share one similarity, though: they all seek to raise awareness of and overcome social prejudices and misconceptions. This is a great opportunity to enjoy contemporary and captivating art for free!

Hamlet at The Wilma Theater
When: March 25 through April 19 , regular museum hours Where: 265 South Broad Stree, Philadelphia Cost: $10

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare‘s most renowned plays, following indecisive Hamlet as he struggles to make a decision about just about anything. The fight for the throne of Denmark unfolds in the background as the play explores morality and vengeance. But the Wilma Theater isn’t interested in the historicity of centuries ago–instead, their rendition places the intricate mental musings of Hamlet into a 21st century context. Hamlet is played by accomplished actress Zainab Jah in this modern twist on the classic tale. Student tickets are discounted at $10, so be sure to catch this entertaining and innovative approach to one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies. 

Not Your Average Internships
This Summer in Philadelphia

The end of midterms and the arrival of sunshine have stirred up feelings of all things summertime fun…like beach trips for no reason, ice cream for dinner, and internships? As the spring semester draws to a close and seniors get ready to graduate into the “real world,” it is easy to forget that making the summer as productive as possible is crucial in order to start building up professional contacts and to diversify your resume. If nothing else, scoring a unique internship or job opportunity is better than marathon-watching Netflix all summer. Read all about my interviews with four local companies that are about making your summer experience anything but average and find out how you can make your summer in Philly professionally and personally rewarding.

Kelly Poulson, Vice President of Talent & Operations, whose job is to “find the best talent and keep them happy, growing and developing,” described Allen & Gerritsen (A & G) as a “fiercely independent advertising agency located in the cities where independence was born, Boston & Philadelphia.” A & G also aims to “spark and facilitate powerful conversations between consumers and brands…and constantly find new ways for brands to engage with their audiences in ways they never could have imagined,” said Poulson.

Although tech-savvy students may not usually consider advertising as a place to jumpstart their career, A & G provides the opportunity to do just that with their Labs Program, where they “test out new technologies in order to help make smart recommendations to either our clients or consumers as we also spend time developing products within that team” said Poulson.

The Labs Program provides a unique opportunity to college students who are focused on technology to see advertising as a possible career industry and to offer their perspective and voice on future developments. Students can also get involved with A & G by working as interns in other departments of the agency such as public relations and design. Poulson also emphasized that “all departments do a great job of allowing interns to sink their teeth into real work while also having some fun along the way.”

Apply for the positions online and be prepared to upload a resume, cover letter, and references.

Sarah Lowe, Chief of Staff at United States Liberty Insurance (USLI), provided some insight into their College Help Programwhich currently employs around 130 students year-round and gives them an opportunity to gain professional experience and begin the task of paying off student loan debt. Students can work in various departments from graphics and social media to accounting.

When asked about what makes the program unique besides the fact that the internships offer not only competitive pay but also loan assistance, Lowe said, “we try to invest in young people.” There is also an emphasis on “students getting to work with their peers, learn from each other, and receive peer-to-peer coaching feedback.”

Interns here are responsible for a wide array of tasks depending on what team they are assigned to, such as working on “marketing materials and design…underwriting, researching insurance marketplace, data entry and filing, sales calls, and helping service customers,” said Lowe.

Apply online and have a copy of your college transcript handy to upload!

Comcast is a media and technology company, more so all the time. We are a future-focused company, bringing entertainment to our customers [and] our recruitment reflects that…half our internships are roles in the engineering and technology space in the campus base,” said Amie Ryno, who manages all of the university relations for Comcast.

Students can get involved with the company through the Comcast Center Internship,  and “there are well over a hundred roles.” While the program has been known to attract many communications and liberal arts majors, there is also a thriving engineering and tech program, which is still actively recruiting for the summer.

There is also the Home for the Summer program, which is strictly for freshmen and sophomores, and “the whole point is to bring Philly students back to Philly to work in the city,” said Ryno. Home for the Summer is  unique in that students work at Comcast for half of the duration and then at a local startup for the other half. The program starts on May 27, and there is competitive pay and every student is matched up with a mentor.

Some of the unique aspects of the program are that “we have a end of summer party, professional development throughout the summer, and a mid-summer career fair where students can learn about full-time opportunities, rotational programs, and future internships,” said Ryno.

Interns are also granted access to perks and various employee resource groups such as a women’s network and young professionals network.

You can find the full list of internship opportunities and apply online here.

No “not so average” internship list would be complete without information about the home team here at Campus Philly. The summer is the perfect time to apply for the My Philly Summer (MPS) internship. We are dedicated to fueling “economic growth by encouraging college students to study, explore, live and work in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region,” and you can come be a part of Campus Philly by participating in an exciting program we host for young professionals completing a summer internship throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

What’s unique about the program? “Through the My Philly Summer (MPS) program, we work with dozens of regional employers to meet their interns at the beginning of their internships and invite them all to a big networking party in July where they can meet new friends and explore all that Philly has to offer,” said Jen Devor, Program Manager of Careers Programs and Corporate Relations here at Campus Philly.

“This provides the MPS intern with a very unique and awesome networking opportunity and a chance to build professional contacts at several companies in a variety of industries, like Comcast, Deloitte and Urban Outfitters.” Be sure to get your application in today!

Great opportunities don’t just stop when the summer ends. All of the companies featured here also offer various volunteer, semester internships, and post-grad opportunities year round.

All of those interviewed offer some parting advice on how important it was to take advantage of summer opportunities and the general consensus was that summer internships/jobs allow you to “test drive” careers and really hone in on what you do and do not like and begin to build a professional network.

For more info about how to apply or get more details about each of these programs, be sure to click through the article links to access each company’s website.

Top 5 Careers: Making Investments
in People & Your Future

The weather’s getting warmer and opportunities for summer jobs and beyond keep getting hotter. This week’s Top 5 Careers are all about being invested, whether it’s being being invested in providing great customer service or help to others or investing in your own personal professional development. Come play for the home team here at Campus Philly as a summer intern and inspire fellow students to work and play in the City of Brotherly Love. Or if internship requirements still looming over your head, check out all of this week’s “hot” opportunities.

Campus Philly: My Philly Summer Program Intern
What better place to spend your summer than right here at Campus Philly? Gain hands-on experience in the nonprofit world by assisting in everything from marketing to event planning. Come be an essential part of our careers program and encourage other students to see Philly as one of the best places to live, work, and play.

Republic Bank: Customer Service Associate
Perfect for anyone looking for a job in the finance industry. One of Republic Bank‘s objectives is to “turn their customers into fans,” and as a Customer Service Associate it will be your responsibility to do just that by completing customer and system transactions, understanding retail banking policies, and strengthening customer relationships.

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America: Fundraising Intern
Get involved in grassroots marketing, social media, database management, and sales assistance as an intern for the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and be a part of their Team Challenge and Take Steps program. Candidates should be energetic and passionate.

Resources for Human Development: Political Advocacy Intern
Resources for Human Development is on the hunt for an intern who can perform political and social advocacy work for the summer. Duties would include event planning, research and evaluation, and policy advocacy. Applicants should possess “excellent project management,” and good writing and interpersonal skills.

Brownstone Apartments: Real Estate Paid Internship
If you’re smart and entrepreneurial with an interest in real estate, and looking for a long-term position, then Brownstone Apartments wants you. Interns will work closely with a team of experienced investors and responsibilities will include bookkeeping and leasing tasks.

Top 5 Events: Learning & Growing

This week, see the world in different ways and experience different cultures or parts of society. Whether it’s hearing what it’s like to grow up as a Native American, viewing the world from a suffragist’s standpoint, or seeing a woman learn to live when her spouse is imprisoned, this week’s Top 5 explores a variety of outlooks and perspectives. So learn something new or see something in a different way this week!

Penn Humanities Forum: Middle of Nowhere Screening 
When: March 18, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Where:  International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The final installment of the Penn Humanities Forum’s series featuring New Black Cinematography is this week. This cinema series honors the work of Bradford Young, the acclaimed cinematographer whose work captures visions of African-American communities from New York City to Mississippi (including his recent work in the Oscar-nominated film Selma). The final film in this visually-stunning series is Middle of Nowhere, the story of a medical student whose life is transformed after her husband is imprisoned. Ruby, the protagonist, must fight to maintain her marriage and make big sacrifices along the way. Enjoy a night of film at this FREE screening!

P.M. @ Penn Museum: Ancients Ink’d
When: March 18, 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Where: Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: $20

This popular after-hours event at Penn Museum will explore the art of tattoos throughout history. The Penn Museum Williams Director, Dr. Julian Siggers, will discuss comparisons between ancient tattooing techniques and the ones used by modern tattoo artists today, as well as how the art form varies across cultures. In addition to this short talk, guests will have the chance to take a body modification tour through the galleries, have a henna tattoo drawn on them, and enjoy a performance from Philadelphia’s Olde City Sideshow. For the 21+ crowd, the ticket price includes a free drink (there will also be a cash bar). So whether you’re looking for a fun night with friends or a chance to network with other young people over drinks, this nighttime event is fun for everyone.

Modern Voices: The Medium of Hip Hop
When: March 21, 3:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Where: Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: $10

Have you ever heard of Native American rap and hip-hop artists Def-i, Tall Paul, Wake Self, or Frank Waln? While their music may not be blasting from cars or it at the top of international charts, these artists are just as talented. This unique program will include spoken word performances and a Q&A session that will highlight their experiences as Natives and how they discovered rap and hip-hop. Then at 8 p.m., each artist will participate in a live concert performance. The event is an opportunity to hear the voice of lesser-known artists with experiences and paths that we often may not consider. So come out, enjoy the art, and learn about these artists and their experiences.

Hear My Voice: A Living Voice Suffragette Performance
When: March 23, 12:30 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. Where:  New Century Trust, 1307 Locust Street, Philadelphia Cost: $5

This month is Women’s History Month (International Women’s Day was March 9), and to celebrate Philly has a long list of events. One particular performance follows the life of a young woman who campaigns for the ratification of the 19th Amendment despite the disapproval of her family and others in society. Hear My Voice: Win the Vote is a one-act play with single actress Elizabeth Rainer. Videos, photographs, and dialogue from other prominent story members will accompany Rainer’s performance. The other suffragists that Rainer meets include Ida B. Wells, Alice Paul, and Lucy Burns. This innovative and unique performance is the perfect way to celebrate Women’s History Month and enjoy a show!

Women’s History at The National Constitution Center
When: Month of March , regular museum hours Where:  National Constitution Center, 525 Arch Street Philadelphia Cost: Free with admission

If you’re looking for even more Women’s History Month fun, head to the National Constitution Center for information and activities. A self-guided tour through the museum’s exhibitions showcases important moments in women’s history, such as The American National Tree featuring women’s rights pioneers, artifacts from the suffragist movement, and other items that highlight the defining achievements of women in the last century. You can also enjoy an interactive show featuring Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video re-made to depict the women’s suffrage movement, or test your knowledge of women’s history at the Giant Game Board. Learn about women who made a difference with these fun activities!

Get Your Open Arts Tickets to
College Night at ECCO on March 20

At its core, the East Coast Chamber Orchestra is a testimony to friendship, egalitarianism, and the love of music.

On March 20 from 8 – 10 p.m., Open Arts is presenting College Night with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. The caliber of music that will be performed is reason enough for anyone to go, but the story behind the orchestra is even better.

“We started off as a group of close-knit friends who met at Marlboro one summer, and were sad to be leaving each other’s company at the end of the festival, both personally and musically,” says Michi Wiancko, celebrated soloist and a violinist with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra, “So we started a group that focused equally on high-level chamber music-making and on the quality of time spent together. We’d all block off a week or so to do nothing but explore repertoire, rehearse, cook, eat, and hang out.”

One of the unique aspects of ECCO is the fact that there is no conductor. Wiancko explains that this makes for a different concert experience, because “without a centralized leader to glue our eyes to, it becomes necessary to stay glued to each other. We make a lot of eye contact, and we are generally quite expressive with our bodies, our breathing, and oftentimes with our facial expressions.” The conductor-less aspect of the orchestra makes itself especially apparent in rehearsals, where, Wiancko says, “ECCO worked hard to solve the epic problem of how to create a nurturing, judgement-free zone in which every single person felt freedom to express their ideas while trying to prevent a chaotic free-for-all that might inhibit productivity.”

As with most nuanced aspects of any endeavor, Wiancko says there is no easy, simple answer as to how the rehearsals work without a central leader — it’s a matter of “exercising patience and creativity” as well as “learning how to pick our battles and collectively create space for each other’s thoughts and contributions.”

Two of the pieces that ECCO have selected to perform at the College Night in particular pay homage to literary and musical predecessors in complicated and fascinating ways. The first is Quartet No. 1, Kreutzer Sonata by Leoš Janáček, a piece inspired by the composer’s own tale of unrequited love, behind which “lurks the great masterpieces of Beethoven and Tolstoy,” says Wiancko.

The other piece is Last Round, composed by Osvaldo Golijov, who received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. The composition borrows from the life and work of Astor Piazzolla, one of the greatest bandoneon (a type of accordion) players Argentina ever produced. The piece transforms “a string orchestra into a living and breathing bandoneon” says Wiancko, with the different sections playing off each other to replicate the complete sound of the instrument.

Tickets to the ECCO performance on March 20 are free, and include a pre-show tour of the Kimmel Center and an artist meet-and-greet afterwards. So get your ticket today and come out for a unique music experience!

Career Fairs: Navigating the Sea
of Opportunity This Spring

There is a lot of helpful career advice out there, but one of the best things you can do for your professional future is to get to know people. Rosalie Shemmer, Senior Director of the Temple Career Center, notes that experience and internships are crucial, and that “the most common way to find a job is through networking.”

But how do you get that internship? And how can you build your connections? Career fairs (or job fairs) are an excellent way for students of any year or major to network with employers and to learn about companies or organizations. We’ve highlighted some of the upcoming career fairs in the area (including the Campus Philly Online Job and Internship Fair) and helpful advice for before you go; so be sure to spruce up your resume, put on your best business attire, and check them out!

Where to Start: Your School

One of the best places to jump start your career development is on your own campus. Career fairs are held throughout the fall and spring semesters, and are typically either industry-focused or general in setup. For example, Drexel University is hosting a Spring Career Fair on April 9 that welcomes students from all majors who are looking for co-op and full-time career opportunities (this event is open to other students in the area as well).

Drexel and other schools also host more industry-focused events, such as the upcoming communications fair or criminal justice fair at Temple. Since many campus career fairs are restricted to that school’s students, be sure to check out your own school’s career services website for upcoming fairs that you can attend.

Beyond Campus

But what if you missed your school’s spring career fair? Or what if you’re looking for a specific fair that your school doesn’t offer? There are still opportunities for you to get out and meet other employers:

  • Campus Philly Online Job and Internship Fair – Twice a year, we drive extra traffic to our 24/7 careers site that features jobs and internships in the Greater Philadelphia region for current students and recent grads. Sign up for an account today, upload your resume, and be prepared to apply to any of the hundreds of opportunities that will be available from March 23 – 27.
  • Greater Philadelphia Teacher Job Fair – If you’re an education major or you’re looking to teach after you graduate, this fair on March 18 is a great way to meet school district representatives.
  • @AnalyticsWeek’s #AnalyticsFair – While STEM majors looking for a career in data analytics or programming may need graduate experience to secure a job, it doesn’t hurt to see the opportunities available and make yourself known to industry leaders.
  • Philadelphia Nonprofit & Government Career Fair – If you’re interested in an internship, a career, or a volunteer opportunity within the government and nonprofit sectors, this fair is the place to go. Organizations representing issues from the arts to environmental concerns will be present.


So how do you stand out and make the best of your career fair experience? In short: do your research and make the most of your time.

“The common thread between standing out at a career fair and on a resume,” Shemmer highlights, “is that you have a brief amount of time to make a strong impression.” Since your time at the fair is limited, do your research beforehand. “All career fairs require students to conduct employer/organization research to find if their skills and experience match what a specific employer requires,” says Shemmer. You can do this by checking out the company or organization’s website and learning as much as you can about each employer and their values. Then, apply that information to your own skills or interests. This connection between you and the employer is imperative, so be able to link your interests to the company or organization. Lastly, hone the information you’ve gathered and the connection to your skills into a strong personal introduction (sometimes known as an elevator pitch). “Because your interaction with an employer or organization representative is brief,” Shemmer notes, “a great introduction is important.”

In general, Shemmer suggests that students prepare for a career fair the same way that they would for an interview. It’s important do your research, to dress in professional attire (business casual is always a minimum, but be sure to check a fair’s website to see if more professional attire is required), and to act professionally. This doesn’t mean that you have to be stiff and distant—just don’t talk to a potential employer the way that you would to a best friend over coffee. “Employers at career fairs are targeting qualified candidates for their positions,” says Shemmer, so bring your skills and your professional attitude.

While the process may seem overwhelming, being prepared and being confident are the best things that you can do to alleviate the pressure. Additionally, always be sure to utilize other services that your school’s career center offers, such as speaking to representatives about more fair preparation tips.

Top 5 Careers:
Summer Summer Summertime

In the midst of all night cram sessions and the demands of the spring semester, it can be hard to think ahead to summer jobs and internships. But have no fear, this week’s Top 5 is all about internships and the summer sun. Excited for festival season and a music lover? WXPN Radio Station is looking for you. Find the perfect summer opportunity whether you’re an everything artsy person or an innovative thinker.

Campus Philly: My Philly Summer Program Intern
If you’re looking for a productive and unique way to spend your summer, consider joining the team right here at Campus Philly! Come get your feet wet in the nonprofit world, and encourage fellow students to see Philadelphia as a thriving place to live, work, and play. Responsibilities will include outreach and assisting with event planning; candidates should be energized and motivated.

WXPN: WXPN Festival Production Internship
Just in case you couldn’t make it to Coachella this year, you can still get your festival fix as a production intern for WXPN Radio Station (88.5 FM). Interns will work directly with the Festival Producer to assist with the planning and execution of their XPoNential Music Festival, which will take place from July 24-26, 2015. Candidates must be detail-oriented and energetic.

Ellucian:Summer Internship Latin America Sales Operations
Work with seasoned professionals as an intern at Ellucian, a company that specializes in providing higher education software services. Interns will work closely with the Senior Manager for Operations and Sales by assisting with tasks such as researching and updating prospects account information and making recommendations for improving efficiency. Candidates must be a junior pursuing a degree in business, apply for the position here.

CBEI/Penn State at the Navy Yard: Summer Internship
The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI), is looking for summer interns to participate in projects in three different categories: modeling, indoor environmental quality, and education and training. Interns will work at the CBEI headquarters located at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, and will have the opportunity to engage with leaders in the field of building energy and efficiency. Candidates should preferably be recent college graduates or enrolled in a graduate program, but undergraduates students will be considered.

Milano di Rouge: Fashion Showroom Intern
Obsessed with all things street wear? Looking for a place to put your fashionable reputation to good use? Consider being a fashion showroom intern for Milano di Rouge, a local clothing company that is all about affordable luxury. As an intern you will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the industry, including sales, e-commerce, distribution, and customer service.