April 29, 2015 |

The Perks of Procrastination


It’s finals season, which everyone knows can be hectic and stressful. Whether it’s finishing papers or studying for tests, there’s a lot of pressure to perform well at the end of the semester. But you can’t be studying every minute that you’re awake—that’s an ineffective study strategy because you’ll burn out and be super stressed. That’s why breaks are so important! We’ve compiled some of the best ways to procrastinate and get away from schoolwork, which will help you keep your cool and clear your head (and don’t include surfing the internet for hours). Take this with a grain of salt, though; studying is important, so don’t let your procrastination own you! Use your time (and breaks) wisely.

Yes, eat! Procrastination can take the form of frequent snacking. But instead of noshing on potato chips and stale Cheetos, treat yourself to some good food! You probably know all of the eats near your school, but you could also take a break and head somewhere else in the city.

  • Rosa’s Fresh Pizza
    Perks: Slices are $1; you can “buy forward” a slice of pizza for a homeless person and leave a post-it note on their colorful walls; they’re open until 3:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Federal Donuts
    Perks: Coffee, donuts, and/or chicken are what every stressed college student needs and they’re free during finals; variety abounds (blueberry mascarpone donuts, chocolate peanut butter donuts, honey ginger fried chicken, etc.); locations in Pennsport, Rittenhouse, University City, Northern Liberties.
  • Cantina Los Caballitos
    Perks: They serve brunch until 4 p.m. (that’s right, huevos rancheros until 4 in the afternoon!); solid vegetarian options; extensive drink list for the 21+ crowd; all their delicious Mexican dinner items are served until 1 a.m.


It always feels better to procrastinate when everyone is joining in on the fun. Play games or watch movies together on campus, or head out of your dorm or apartment for similar events. Here are some fun activities that you can do with your friends to take a break from studying away from campus.

  • Game Nights at Jeri’s Curio
    Perks: Game nights at this artsy novelty shop include Scrabble, Chess, or Backgammon; they’re FREE and BYOB (21+); atmosphere is relaxing and unique.


Really, get off campus if you can! Being cooped up in your room or in the library for night after night is a sure way to become too stressed to be productive. Explore the city, or even combine some of the above suggestions with these ones.

  • Go to Parks 
    Perks: Fresh air (woo!); literally “getting out” of your study space for a little bit; you can bring a glove and a ball, a Frisbee, or the like, and play with friends (exercise will keep you energized and is good for mental well-being).
  • Go to Bookstores
    Perks: You might be thinking why would I want to be around more books, but being in a quiet space like a bookstore can be both relaxing and fun; you don’t have to read if you don’t want to; you can try to hit up a bunch as a fun adventure.


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