Top 5 Careers:
Opportunities for the People-Person

The five opportunities this week will get you working with teammates, clients, volunteers, and community members! Check out this list which includes salaried positions and internships complete with stipends. From tabling events for Campus Philly to working on a marketing team at Lemonpeak, there is something on this list for every people-person.

Campus Philly: Meet Philly Tour Street Team
Our own Campus Philly is hiring awesome people who want to share the great opportunities the City of Brotherly Love has to offer with other college students. By working with the Campus Philly’s Program Manager for Student Engagement and the marketing firm Witty Gritty, you will meet and greet fellow college students at tabling events, photograph the events, and survey students after the event. This internship comes with a multitude of perks, such as free swag, extra cash, and great experience for future positions. Check it out and apply before June 26!

TherapyNotes, LLC: Microsoft Windows IT Infrastructure Engineer
If you are a recent grad interested in technology and healthcare, this full-time, salaried position at TherapyNotes, LLC is for you! The company wants applicants to be detail-oriented and knowledgable about technology. Duties will include managing operations for network, server, and applications, assisting in the maintenance of a disaster recover plan, and providing desktop support for managed IT clients and company employees. TherapyNotes, LLC would like someone to start in the beginning of June, so hurry up and apply!

Citizenship Counts: Outreach Coordinator Internship
Are you interested in education but not quite sure if you want to work in a school? Here is an opportunity at Citizenship Counts, a nonprofit organization that partners with schools, government agencies, and donors. They are looking for an intern who is passionate about education, familiar with social media, and capable of redesigning their interface. A bonus is the internship comes with a stipend!

The DREAM Program, Inc.: AmeriCorps VISTA Program Empowerment Director
Have you always wanted to make a difference in a community but weren’t sure how? A position in the social services is for you. This opportunity at The DREAM Program, Inc. is great because it is salaried! As an AmeriCorps VISTA Program Empowerment Director, you will be responsible for guiding and supporting volunteer mentoring student groups. Other duties will include recruting mentors and mentees and facilitating and implementing the teen “Mentor-In-Training” program.

Lemonpeak: Social Media Summer Intern
Yes, awesome summer internships are still available! Lemonpeak, a digital marketing firm, is looking to add a social media summer intern to their marketing team. They want someone who is motivated, independent, and of course savvy at social media. Lemonpeak would like applicants to be familiar with Microsoft Office and Wordpress. Responsibilities will include planning social media campaigns, researching trends, and developing web content.

All Summer: PECO’s Multicultural
Series at Penn’s Landing

Philadelphia is known for being a hub of diversity and a melting pot of many different cultures, all mixed together within the city’s limits. Every summer for the past 15 years, PECO has held a multicultural festival at Philly’s own Penn’s Landing, where a different culture is featured nearly every weekend from June to September. This fun outdoor festival series is meant to celebrate all the different cultures in Philly and offer diverse entertainment every weekend at the Great Plaza stage. It’s no surprise that PECO hosts this annual event, because they are one of Philadelphia’s most civically active corporations – they sponsor many community programs and organizations, specifically in culture, education, environment, and economic development. This summer-long festival series is educational in the sense that attendees can learn about many different cultures, but also entertaining and perfect for all ages. All the events are free and open to the public, so this season-length celebration should be at the top of your summer bucket list!

The multicultural series kicks off with the Irish Festival on Sunday, June 7, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. This day is focused on celebrating the luck of the Irish, offering food, music, and Irish dancers and bands performing their complex routines. There will also be merchants selling traditional Irish goods, making for an educational and interesting family-friendly day.

The next event will be the Islamic Heritage Festival on Saturday, June 13, from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. The weekend starts off with the Unity in Diversity Parade, which begins near the Historic District and will make its way through Old City and end at Penn’s Landing. Following the parade, the Islamic Festival will offer boat rides, a health and wellness fair, kid-friendly games, face painting, free prizes, and a traditional open-air market bazaar. The event will also host singers and entertainers for the audience to enjoy — in past years, artists have included famous jazz artists, Muslim rap artists, and R&B artists.

Following the Islamic festival, the Portuguese Heritage Festival will be held on Sunday, June 21, from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. The purpose of the Portuguese Festival is to show Philadelphians how Portuguese immigrants have contributed to the well-being of the city through their work. Merchants set up around the event will offer traditional Portuguese dishes and wines for free samples or purchases. Every year during the festival, the Tall Ship Gazela, a Portuguese ship home ported in Philadelphia, is blessed in front of the crowd. The blessing of the ship along with displays of Portuguese art, performances of folklore dance groups, and international music playing is meant to give local Philadelphians a glimpse into the history of the Portuguese culture in their region.

Next is the Hispanic Fiesta, held the weekend of July 11, from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The Hispanic event is the most popular of all the cultural festivals held at Penn’s Landing and attracts more than 15,000 people each day. The event is meant to raise awareness of Latino culture in Philadelphia and offers a fun celebration of music, dance, and entertainment from top Latino artists that attract a large audience. The celebration also offers delicious ethnic foods and traditional, handmade crafts from many Latin American countries.

The next celebration is held by the African Cultural Alliance of North America on Sunday, August 2, from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. The African Festival is mostly recognized as a concert offering a wide range of African entertainment, varying from traditional African dance to popular modern dance and reggae music performances. The concert is free and will also include vendors selling authentic African cuisine, clothing, and pieces of art.

Following the ACANA Festival is the Festival of India, held on Saturday, August 15, from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. This celebration of Indian culture is hosted by the Council of Indian Organizations and is held on the same date of India’s Independence Day. Thousands come to attend this vibrant collection of Indian art, music, dance, and cuisine, which offers something for the whole family.

Next is the Caribbean Festival, which takes place on Sunday, August 18, from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. Currently in its 28th year, the Caribbean Festival celebrates the culture and unique music from 14 different Caribbean islands. The festival this year will offer a children’s corner for child-friendly activities, a Caribbean “workshop” to learn more about the culture and a Caribbean marketplace with traditional island foods. Most importantly, the festival is used to raise scholarship funds for college students of Caribbean descent.

The Mexican Independence Day Festival is on Sunday, September 13, from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. Planned to commemorate the independence of Mexico, the celebration offers traditional arts and crafts, tasty Mexican cuisine, face painting, prizes, and popular Mexican rock bands.

The last event to wrap up this season of PECO’s multicultural festivals is the Brazilian Day Festival, which will be held on Sunday, September 20, from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. This festival will demonstrate true Brazilian culture through its authentic music and dance performances with all the popular rhythms and dances from Brazil. Performers will showcase the samba, forro, pagode, capoeira, samba-reggae, and more.

Throughout the wide variety of cultural festivals held this summer, local residents and tourists alike will have the chance to learn and engage in new, exciting cultures on the shores of the scenic Delaware River Waterfront. What better way to spend your relaxing summer weekends than learning about cultures that are all around you in your city?

Philly Women in Tech Summit:
Two Student Perspectives

Last month, women in the technology field from all over Philadelphia gathered for the Philly Women in Tech Summit. Led by a keynote speech from Kelly Hoey, named one of five women changing the venture capitalism world by Forbes, the conference focused on helping women develop the skills they would need to succeed in the tech world in Philadelphia.Workshops ranging from cyber security and career development to scalable vector graphics and supporting other women in tech were presented by some of the top women in tech in Philadelphia. Campus Philly gave away tickets to the Summit to two students, and we caught up with them afterward to hear about their experiences at the conference and as women in technology in Philadelphia.

Robin Zheng, a student at the Tyler School of Art at Temple studying graphic and interactive design, knows that even though she will most likely not be working directly with software and programming, it is important that she understand the nitty-gritty of the tech world.

“I expect to be working pretty closely with developers, programmers, software developers, so it was really important to me to go to the conference to understand where they’re coming from and the way they think and the tools they’re using and what they’re concerned about to be able to collaborate with them.”

Going into the conference, Robin wanted to “get to know the women in tech community” and, once at the conference, she “felt very comfortable and at ease. I’ve been to a few other professional events like these, and it wasn’t as natural to speak to people.”

When asked about her experiences as a woman in tech, whether in the classroom or a professional setting, Robin said that “it’s intimidating when I go for an internship interview and I see that almost all of the team members that I’m going to be working with are male.” This is a fairly common experience for many women in tech, unfortunately, as only 26% of computing professionals today are women, according to the American Association of University Women.

But she feels “pretty optimistic, because I think that with my generation, things seem to be getting better with women in technology, although there’s still a lot to overcome.”

Lori Becker came into the tech world from a entirely different path — after working as an English teacher, she made the decision to go back for her master’s degree in computer science.

“I was an English teacher before I got into tech, but I was always very technical. I surrounded myself with a bunch of people who were computer science majors in college and I always got along with them because I liked how their minds worked.”

She explains that her husband always told her that she would be a good fit for tech, and “he found out through a coworker that Penn has the Master of Computer and Information Technology program, which is for people who have a degree in something else and want to break into computer science. I felt that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Lori’s experience with being a woman in technology at the University of Pennsylvania has been an overall good one, as “Penn does a really wonderful job of trying to recruit more women into STEM fields and computer science. I’d say my MCIT program is 30-40% women.”

In terms of the actual conference, Lori particularly enjoyed “one talk on mapping and how to use data and plug it into Google Docs and export it out to CartoDB. The women giving the talk gave a wonderful hands-on demonstration in which they showed you how to import data from the city, and what we did was import data about stolen bikes in the city to find out where the most bikes are stolen in Philadelphia.”

After graduating from her master’s program, Lori hopes to work in the field of educational software, drawing on her experiences in both teaching and computer science. When asked what advice she would give to female students interested in the tech field, she emphasized that “getting out of your comfort zone is really important, and exciting.”

Interested in other resources beyond the Philly Women in Tech Summit for women in technology? Be sure to check out Girl Develop It, TechGirlz, She Tech Philly, or any of the many women in technology meetups in the Philly area.

Top 5 Events: Get Fit Under the Sun

Many people imagine their days off in the summer months at the beach or on their back porch, lying on a chair and baking under the hot sun with a cool drink in hand. As relaxing as it is to spend an entire day reading a book and sunbathing, it feels even better to be active and not let the lazy summer days get the best of you. It’s important to get that daily dose of Vitamin D during the summer when the sun is always out, but there are many ways to be more active while still getting your daily dose of sunshine. There are countless outdoor activities available for Philadelphians to enjoy this summer — here’s a list of some outdoor options to get your daily workout in under the sun.

Fishtown Beer Runners
When: Every Thursday at 7 p.m. Where: Start at 2346 E Susquehanna Ave Cost: Free!

Fishtown Beer Runners is a club of runners from all over the city who gather once a week to run three to five miles and end at a local pub for some post-run beers. The FBRs were voted Best Running Club by Philadelphia Magazine “Best Of Philly” awards in 2012 and 2013. The FBRs started their club after learning about a study done by doctors that beer can actually hydrate you after exercise. If you’re a runner and also like to socialize and have a couple drinks, this club is a fun way to get your daily exercise in around the city. 21+.

Yoga On the Banks
When: Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Where: Grass area at 25th and Locust, near the Schuylkill River Banks Boardwalk. Cost: Free, donations are appreciated

Yoga On the Banks was started in April 2014 when a yoga teacher was inspired by the success of Yoga on the Pier and the yoga program on the Delaware River and wanted to bring accessible outdoor yoga to the western part of Philly. This year, Yoga On the Banks has grown with an expanded class schedule and expanded teacher base. Yoga in itself is a great way to get in touch with your inner zen, but outdoor yoga provides even more inner- freedom and relaxation with the fresh air and green surroundings.

Indego Bike Sharing
When: Bikes available 24/7, 365 days a year. Where: Stations located throughout Center City and Delaware River area. Cost: Without a membership, $4 for every 1/2 hour.

Philly is also becoming more easily accessible with it’s newest innovation, Indego Bike Sharing. With over 600 self-service bikes and 60 stations strategically placed around communities, Indego makes it easy and cheap for Philadelphians to ride around and get some fresh air on a nice day, or to use the bikes as their sole mode of transportation around the city. Whatever you decide to use Indego for, it’s simple, clean, reliable, and a great workout.

Canoe with Perks
When: Every Thursday from mid-May – September. Where: John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. Cost: $15

If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the city and into the greener suburbs, a guided canoe tour on a quaint creek can be just what you need for your short getaway. The price includes a canoe, oars, a lifejacket, and a guided tour by one of the Perkiomen Creek educators. The guide will take you on a relaxing and informative tour of the scenic nature around the creek, pointing out animals, bugs, and trees. This calm afternoon of nature on a canoe is a great way to stay active, not to mention, it’s much cooler in the woods.

Saturday Wellness Walks
When: Last Saturday of every month at 2 p.m. Where: Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, 8480 Hagys Mill Rd, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The Schuylkill Center offers a Wellness Walk for adults, an invigorating walk through their scenic nature trails. The walk is led at a moderate pace on a generally level trail, giving participants friendly companions, open skies, and clear air. If you’re feeling lazy or sluggish in the summer heat, take advantage of the opportunity to replenish and re-fuel your health and mind through the peace of nature.

Top 5 Careers: Internships
with June Start Dates

If your school has a late end date or you want some time to relax with Netflix or a good book before you start again on the daily grind, an internship with a June start date is ideal for you. This summer’s hot internships are definitely not all filled. Here are five cool companies looking to welcome new employees next month, including our own Campus Philly, which is hiring a Meet Philly Tour Intern. Republic Bank, CubeSmart,, and QTEK LLC are also offering fantastic opportunities for students this summer.

Campus Philly: Meet Philly Tour Intern
An internship where you get to spread the word about Philly being a great city for students and young professionals seems like a pretty sweet one in our (unbiased) opinion. Bragging about the opportunities in Philly is exactly what you will be doing as the Meet Philly Tour Intern. As an intern at Campus Philly, you will be responsible for organizing the program schedule, managing event collateral, uploading student contacts to Salesforce, communicating with Meet Philly Tour representatives, following up with students and student groups met during the Tour, representing Campus Philly at tabling events and/or facilitating “Philly 101” presentations. The bonus is the position is paid!

Republic Bank: Customer Service Associate FT and PT
This month’s employer of the month, Republic Bank, is offering an awesome internship for friendly and professional students interested in customer service. Responsibilities will include greeting the customers, answering the phone professionally and completing transactions on the line, and balancing the vault and the ATM. The start date is flexible and the position is paid. Check it out!

CubeSmart: Accounts Payable Representative
For all of those with an associate’s degree and a couple of years of accounts payable experience, this full-time position is a great opportunity. CubeSmart wants to add a detail-oriented person with a strong knowledge of Excel and Vlookup to their team. Some of the duties will include accurately indexing vendor invoices, collaborating with teammates to research and resolve account discrepancies by contacting vendors or field representatives, and providing general ledger guidance for invoice coding. Graphic Design Intern is a nonprofit organization looking for a creative design intern. The intern will assist the Creative Design Manager with a wide range of web and print projects. Applicants should have graphic design experience and a portfolio to illustrate their ability.

QTEK LLC: Healthcare Startup Intern
If you are considering making a career in the healthcare sector, this summer internship at QTEK LLC, a healthcare start-up, will give you an idea of the ins-and-outs of the healthcare industry. This company would like to hire someone who is comfortable participating in brainstorming sessions and is always up for a challenge. The perks of this position are that it is flexible and paid.

Recap: TEDxPenn 2015

The TEDxPenn 2015 conference took place on Sunday, April 12, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and this year’s theme was “What Lies Ahead.” The day was filled with a wide range of eclectic and eye-opening speakers of all ages and from all facets of life and provided inspiration and motivation to students and conference-goers alike. The many presentations were especially eye-opening for me as a soon-to-be college graduate, and I think there was something thought-provoking and memorable to take away from the experience for any student who attended. For those who unfamiliar with TED Talks, TED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, that has been devoted to spreading ideas through series of short talks and presentations since it began in 1984.

TEDx events have the same mission in mind, but are independently organized events in communities around the world.

This year’s TedxPenn Conference’s theme was “What Lies Ahead,” which was all about the exploration of where life and society are headed, some of the questions that the conference aimed to explore were “How can we create a ripple effect that will leave the world as a better place?” and “How would we think about our actions in retrospect?” P.R. and Marketing Director for TedxPenn, Osama Ahmed, described the conference in three words: “inspiring, ambitious, and transformative.”

The presentations were broken down into sessions each with its own unique focus.Although the day was filled with many charismatic and creative speakers, here were some of my favorites.

Jonathan Iwry

The University of Pennsylvania graduate and freestyle rapper started off with a twist by having the audience tweet random words that appeared on a projection screen and then performed an impromptu rap live, as the words appeared on the screen. His presentation was all about the importance of improvisation and how it applies to not just rap but all aspects of life, he called human beings “one big improv troupe.” His most memorable quote was his definition of improvisation as “the application of creativity to the present moment.”

Judy Gelles

Photographer and artist Judy Gelles put together a captivating photography project and a  moving TED talk by asking three simple questions: Who do you live with? What do you worry about? What do you wish for? In response to the school and violence crisis in Philadelphia, Gelles created a project in which she took photographs of the backs of fourth graders (she was not allowed to feature their faces), and asked each student those three questions, she included both inner city and private school students from around the globe and the results were enlightening and a bit heartbreaking. Read more about “The Fourth Grade Project” here.

Nic Hanson and the Ninth Floor Band

New York University student Nic Hanson and his 3-to-12 piece band the Ninth Floor used blues, hop-hop, funk and soul musical influences to perform original songs about social issues and a call to eliminate prejudice. Not only was the ensemble talented, but they managed to use the universal language of music to put social issues into a relatable context.

“Our goal was to highlight exceptional individuals with transformative ideas that deserve to be shared with everyone,” said Ahmed. ” Ultimately, through doing this, we hope that people can find their passion, find like-minded individuals to partner with and transform bright ideas into much more.”

This year’s TEDxPenn conference definitely accomplished this. Interest in seeing TED Talks? Check out videos of talks from around the world here.

Top 5 Careers: Summer Positions
Still Available In Philadelphia!

As finals are wrapping up and you have to somehow find a way to move all of the stuff out of your dorm room or apartment, you may not have quite nailed down a summer job or internship. Never fear! Campus Philly is here to help you out on that front. Check out four awesome opportunities for this summer, from being a photography intern for United by Blue to an HR recruiting intern for Almac Clinical Technologies. Bonus for any graduating seniors: we’ve also got a great AmeriCorps opportunity for the entire next year starting in August.

Philadelphia Parking Authority: Web Application Development Intern
For all the computer science people out there — the Philadelphia Parking Authority needs your expertise! They are looking for an intern who is currently studying computer science (whether at a bachelor or master’s level) with expertise in .NET, Java, Python, or Ruby. Responsibilities will include designing and developing new features on existing web applications including UI, business logic, data access and data schema; troubleshooting defects and implementing code fixes; and implementing and executing unit tests. Apply today! 

United By Blue: Photography Intern
You may have seen the flagship store of this company dedicated to sustainable clothing and outdoor supplies near 2nd and Race. For every product sold at United by Blue, the company removes one pound of trash from the local oceans and waterways. They are seeking a photography intern who is interested in hands-on experience working within a highly creative branding environment. Applicants should be forward-thinking, flexible, and welcome more than a little dirt on their shoes. 

Houghton International: Customer Service Representative
Based in Souderton, PA, Houghton International is a specialty chemical company that has been in continuous operation since 1865, and you can apply to be a customer service representative with them today! Responsibilities will include processing warehouse shipments including scheduling the orders; verifying stock; reviewing key order information for accuracy and creating ship confirmations in a timely manner; and processing monthly billings for consignment sites and consolidated billing locations.

The DREAM Program, Inc.: AmeriCorps VISTA Empowerment Director
If you already have something lined up for the summer and are looking for something further down the line, check out this opportunity with The DREAM Program. The program is a youth mentoring organization in Philadelphia which recruits college students to serve as mentors to youth growing up in affordable housing communities, and you can apply to be a program empowerment director. Your duties will include providing leadership and direction to students and serving as a liaison between student groups and DREAM’s housing partners.

Almac Clinical Technologies: HR Recruiting Intern 
Dedicated to conducting clinical trials to ensure the best pharmaceutical and biotech products reach the market, Almac Clinical Technologies is looking for a customer service representative who will work directly with the HR recruitment staff to find the best talent possible. Responsibilities will include providing administrative support to recruiting staff; coordinating and scheduling meetings, interviews and assessments/verifications; and assisting with assembly and mailing of benefit and new hire packets. Applicants should have completed two years of college education.

Top 5 Events : Experience the Arts

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be rolling in the dough to enjoy art galleries and museums. Some of the most talented visual artists have work that can be viewed for free, as long as city-goers know when and where to go to experience this beautiful art. College students, this means you. Keep reading for a list of different art (and sometimes music) exhibits available in Philly this week — and all for free.

Craft Phila – Liberty Bell Fair
When: Saturday May 16, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sunday May 17, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.Where: Independence Square (20 South 6th Street) Cost: Free!

Come out to the center of historic Philadelphia in Old City and enjoy an open-air artists and makers fair right across from the famous Liberty Bell. The fair will feature beautifully handmade craft and wares, visual arts, and fashion, all by talented independent artists from the area. The event will also offer delicious food from some of Philly’s top food trucks, craft brews, musicians and performers, prizes, and take-home crafts for children.

Word & Image: Contemporary Artists Connect to Fraktur
When: Monday April 13 – Sunday June 14 Where: Free Library of Philadelphia (1901 Vine Street) Cost: Free!

This intriguing exhibition is one of two held by the Free Library as part of their Framing Fraktur event, a three-month celebration of the manuscript art made by German immigrants known as Fraktur. This particular exhibit displays drawings, paintings, woodblock prints, and embroideries by seven international artists who created their work to convey their respective cultures.

Chester County Studio Tour
When: Saturday, May 16, 10 a.m. -6 p.m.; Sunday, May 17, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: Throughout Chester County Cost: Free!

A 2-day tour event featuring 100 artists and 47 studios, CCST encourages local art-lovers to view one of their maps, browse through participating artists, and pick a road to follow and stop at local studios along the way. The event has charted scenic roads for viewers to travel along until they reach all, or a few, of the studio destinations. Each studio features different types of visual art.

Kensington Kenetic Sculpture Derby & Arts Festival
When: Saturday May 16, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Trenton Avenue and Norris Street Cost: Free!

The Philadelphia Federal Credit Union is hosting this 9th annual fun, wacky, outdoor festival in the Kensington neighborhood. Local residents call it the “best day in the neighborhood.” It will feature nearly 200 art vendors along with a parade of human-powered sculptural floats. This non-traditional design competition encourages creativity and a sense of community through the hilarious costumes and quirkly float themes.

Haverford Spring Fest
When: Sunday May 17, 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. Where: 2 Brookline Blvd, Havertown Cost: Free, but $2 donation encouraged

Haverford Spring Fest is a celebration of spring and the blooming art and music culture of Haverford township. The festival will include art and business vendors and a performance lineup that includes generations of headliners from Philly’s music scene, along with food, drinks, and a fun zone for kids. This is a perfect chance to enjoy the outdoors in the new spring weather and celebrate a sense of community with neighbors.

Top 5 Careers: Pursuing Passions

Top 5 Careers

This week’s job, internship, and volunteer opportunities offer something for everyone. Whether you’ve got a passion for numbers, technology, creativity, or people, there’s an opening for you. You can design educational materials, gain experience in accounting, or build an interactive mystery game. Check out some of these great opportunities!

IKEA South Philadelphia: Human Resources Generalist
As a Human Resources Generalist, you’ll be working to keep IKEA South Philadelphia’s HR processes updated and effective. Human resources is typically involved in managing employees and policies, employee recruitment, and training and development. Working with the Human Resource Manager and Store Management Team, your job will be to establish, implement, and update the human resources procedures that ensure IKEA’s success. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain practical expertise and leadership skills.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals: Accounting Intern
Inovio Pharmaceuticals is a company devoted to producing improved immunotherapies, and behind every company are the numbers that make it run. As an Accounting Intern at Inovio, your responsibility will be to assist the Senior Accountant in their Plymouth Meeting office. Specific duties will include reconciliations, balance sheet analysis, preparation of month-end close binders, and other various projects. If you’re good with numbers and and analyzing financial information, apply for this internship!

Art for the Cash Poor 16: Volunteer
Art for the Cash 16 is InLiquid‘s annual two-day art sale and party that features over 100 artists, musical performances, and food vendors. This awesome event can’t run on its own, though–it needs volunteers! You can sign up for various days, times, and responsibilities, so you can decide what works best for you. Whether its working the VIP room with the bands, running a beer tent, or taking photos for the website, there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

Citizenship Counts: Outreach Coordinator Internship
Dedicated to educating students on citizenship, Citizen Counts inspires young people to  get involved as good citizens. The Philadelphia office is looking for someone who has a passion for education, and who possesses strong communication skills and social media knowledge. If you’re creative, get involved with this internship that involves redesigning products. You’ll also interface with company partners, including schools, educational groups, government agencies, and more.

Steel Owl: Interactive Game Designer
Are you a tech geek, a game master, a programmer, or someone who has a passion for technology? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for Steel Owl, a group building an interactive room escape mystery game that’s opening this summer in Philadelphia. Students will assist in the game’s technology build, working to develop and create a centralized computer system and all the technology behind it. Candidates should be able to generate concept ideas, and should have experience in programming, robotics, computer science, mechanical engineering, or similar fields.

Top 5 Events: Creativity!

This week’s Top 5 Events all possess an artistic focus. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for everyone though–from popular music to movies and from Japanese paintings to popotillo, it’d be difficult not to find something that interests you. So check out some of the creativity, and even get crafty yourself if you’d like!

Rock on Philly: Billy Joel Themed Songwriters in the Round
When: May 7, 7:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Where: Tin Angel, 20 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: $10

Rock on Philly will be honoring the legendary “Piano Man” Billy Joel, at their Songwriters in the Round on May 7. Joel is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with hits including “Uptown Girl,” “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and “Just the Way You Are.” The showcase will feature some awesome musical talent, and each will perform a Billy Joel cover in addition to his or her original music. The acts include singer-songwriters Laura Cheadle, Dominic Tursi, Ashton John, Jennifer Logue, and Jen Pague. So come out and enjoy a night of music while celebrating one of the most iconic musicians of all time!

Jurassic Park Movie Marathon
When: May 9, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: Academy of Natural Sciences, 19th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway  Cost: Free with admission ($16)

Have you heard about Jurassic World, the sci-fi action film starring Chris Pratt that is set to be released this summer? The film is going to be awesome and is the 4th installment in the Jurassic Park film series, which explores how humankind’s scientific pursuits can lead to tragic consequences. The iconic-in-pop-culture first film follows a billionaire and small team of genetic scientists that have created a park of cloned dinosaurs on an island near Costa Rica, and later films portray other adventures in the same science fiction world. This is your chance to catch up on the original and the sequels before the new film this summer, so stay for the whole day or pop in to watch just one. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other great exhibits in the museum!

Scrabble Nights at Jeri’s Curio
When: Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Where: Jeri’s Curio, 1726 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia  Cost: FREE!

While this event may not involve the arts, its venue certainly does. Jeri’s Curio is a shop that features artwork, jewelry, gaming items, and other objects created by local artisans. It hosts a weekly Scrabble Night that is fun for beginners and pros alike. The novelty shop promotes the events as a time when phones are put down and face-to-face gaming and social interaction can occur. So instead of spending hours on Trivia Crack, enjoy some “old-fashioned” gaming with friends in the unique atmosphere of Jeri’s Curio. If words aren’t your strong suit, there are also Backgammon nights on Tuesdays, and Chess nights on Wednesdays. Seating is limited, so get there early. In addition to being free, all of the gaming events are also BYOB (21+). This is a great chance to play some board games that you might not own yourself, or to just spend time with friends.

Ink and Gold: Art of the Kona
When: Through May 10  Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: $12

This week is your last chance to see the stunning artwork of Ink and Gold, the exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that highlights the art of the Kano painters. Kano Masanobu established his school of painting in the 1400s, and for 400 years the lineage of painters continued an artistic excellence in Japan. This particular exhibition presents more than 120 works of art from the school’s colorful history. It includes large-scale, gold leaf folding screens, ink paintings, hanging scrolls, and folding fans. The majestic artwork provides a visually stunning experience, and offers pieces that are still captivating hundreds of years later. Be sure to check it out before the exhibit closes!

PECO Family Jams: Popotillo Paintings 
When: May 10, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Where: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, 1020 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: $5

PECO Family Jams at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens are artistic programs that are held every second Sunday of the month. This month’s program will feature Mexican popotillo art, which uses tiny dyed straws to create vibrant drawings. You’ll have the chance to see Luz Maria Salinas‘ work at the gardens, and then create your own popotillo painting! You can use your mini-framed art as a decoration for your future dorm or apartment, or you could even use the opportunity to make a Mother’s Day present for your mom. When you’re done crafting, take a tour of the Magic Gardens. Don’t miss this hands-on artistic opportunity!