June 23, 2015 |

Top 5 Careers:Climbing the Job Ladder


Every industry has its own job ladder and chances are, you have plans to climb your industry’s all the way to the top. Because we want you to succeed, we’ve compiled this list of five awesome opportunities which will give you valuable experience. TherapyNotes, LLC and Beneficial Bank are looking to hire someone who has previous experience while Bancroft, LIFT, and the International Sculpture Center want to hire someone straight out of school. No matter what rung of the ladder you’re on or want to be on, there is a position on this list for you!

TherapyNotes, LLC: Quality Assurance Engineer

Do you already have a couple of years experience in quality assurance and are looking to move up the job ladder? If so, this opportunity is for you! TherapyNotes is looking to hire a Quality Assurance Engineer, who will work with the software development team and project managers to ensure that all TherapyNotes software is free of defects and meets end-user requirements. Other responsibilities will include creating and executing test plans, performing application tests, and collaborating with developers and project managers on product and feature design. Plus with a salary between $55,000 and $65,000, you won’t ever have to eat Ramen noodles again!

Bancroft: Program Associate

Are you interested in social services and healthcare? The program associate position at Bancroft, a nonprofit organization that provides services to those with brain injuries, autism, or other intellectual disabilities, is perfect for you because it incorporates both industries. As a full-time program associate, you will have the opportunity to supervise, instruct, and provide guidance to people with disabilities. Responsibilities will include following medical guidelines to administer medication, assisting the assigned person(s) with schoolwork or employment activities, and gathering behavior data from the person(s) served. Apply today!

Beneficial Bank: Head Teller

If you’re interested in enhancing your customer service experience, Beneficial Bank has the position for you. As the Head Teller, you will be responsible for carrying out normal bank functions, such as processing deposits and withdrawals, educating customers about products and services, and training new tellers. To apply, you must be able to complete all teller duties and have a strong understanding of bank policies and procedures, have roughly two years of customer service experience, and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Apply for this paid position before someone else does!

LIFT: Member Service Associate

Because this position doesn’t require any previous experience, it is great for a student or an individual interested in possibly starting a career in the nonprofit realm. LIFT, an organization which helps community members gain economic stability, would like to hire advocates who will work directly with community members to help them create and reach goals by connecting them to housing, employment, and educational resources. This one-year position can be considered an internship or volunteer position.

International Sculpture Center: Executive Assistant

Do you consider yourself a highly motivated and organized individual? If so, an executive assistant position at the International Sculpture Center in Hamilton, New Jersey is great for you. The main responsibility of this position is providing administrative support to the executive director which consists of assisting in the areas of grant proposals, research, and presentations. And of course, what’s better than working around art all day?



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