Top 5 Careers:
Communicate and Design this Fall!

Are you looking to use your communication or design skills this fall?  This week’s Top 5 Careers will help you find the perfect opportunities to get experience in one or both of these fields!  Bring your interpersonal and writing skills to the table for USA250, United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern NJ, or Bentley Systems.  Or bring out your creative side in graphic design for ArtJawn or right here at Campus Philly!  Start exploring the possibilities today!

USA250: Research and Communication Intern
Are you ready for America’s 250th Anniversary? USA250, a nonprofit organization making BIG plans for celebrating America turning 250, definitely is!  As their Research and Communication Intern, you will be conducting best practice research about major events in America and around the world, assisting with supporter and donor communications, engaging supporters on USA250’s website, Twitter and email properties, writing for development and outreach materials, and supporting multimedia designs.  They are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and who can blend solid writing, creative problem-solving, and savvy social media chops!  If you are ready to help coordinate the biggest birthday bash this country has ever seen, this position is right for you!

ArtJawn: Graphic Design Internship
Looking to get immersed in Philly’s art and design community?  Start your journey with ArtJawn, a website for art, trade, craft and design where you can buy, sell, connect and research.  They are built to give access to all of Philadelphia’s art museums and events in one place!  Your responsibilities will include creating promotional graphics for the website, making recommendations to the team regarding best practices in web content and web usability, and flexibility to meet on sight for meetings while also completing work off-site independently.  They are looking for someone who has a high proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and HTML, knowledge in Javascript, and strong graphic design, layout, and typography skills.  Get ready to take the Philadelphia art scene by storm with your own creative flair!

United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern NJ: Communications Intern
United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern NJ is an organization that looks to harness, leverage and strategically invest the collective power of donors, advocates and volunteers to drive measurable results that improve the lives of people in our region.  They are looking for a Communications Intern!  You will learn and contribute to their mission by developing a robust portfolio of samples and communications work, learning about communications, branding and public relations strategy for serving internal clients, supporting the regional media relations plan, assisting with digital and social media efforts, supporting planning and execution of events, and supporting the internal communications strategy.  If you are proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, have excellent organizational, planning, and time-management skills, and strong oral and written communication, apply today!

Bentley Systems: Corporate Communications Intern
Are you ready to put your stellar communication skills to the test?  The Corporate Communications Intern at Bentley Systems could be the position for you!  Bentley Systems is dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.  You will gain experience in drafting communications for Bentley’s intranet and social media platforms, coordinating elements of global programs, planning events at Bentley’s corporate headquarters, supporting video creation by drafting scripts and completing minor editing, and assisting with other administrative and organizational support tasks.  Pull together your skills in Microsoft Office, social media platforms, Microsoft SharePoint, and photo and video editing to land this internship this fall!

Campus Philly: Graphic Design Internship
Blend your passions for Philadelphia and design! Apply to be our Graphic Design Intern at Campus Philly!  Your work will be featured on Campus Philly online properties, as well as print work in support of programs and events.  You should be highly motivated to learn new skills, add to your  portfolio, and take advantage of the networking opportunities available at Campus Philly.  We are looking for an enrolled student or recent grad to share our love for providing opportunities for students in Philadelphia!

Open Arts College Night Series

Campus Philly has teamed up with several of our Open Arts partners to bring three spectacular events free of charge to Philly’s college students.  Check out an opera, an orchestral concert, as well as post-impressionist paintings on three nights of fun.  To get your tickets, you just need to sign up on with Open Arts using the code INSIDER1516.  Keep in mind that you must register beforehand, but the events are free.

Created in 1975, Opera Philadelphia has provided Philadelphians with both traditional and innovative operas, like the lively cabaret opera about Andy Warhol, ANDY: A POPERA.  These are the kinds of productions the Opera puts on: modern, risky, and fun.  Even their more traditional shows have a twist.

On October 3, bring your friends, food, and drinks to meet other college students behind Independence Hall at a picnic-style Opera on the Mall.  La Triviata, an opera about a Parisian courtesan, is guaranteed to be loads of fun!  This annual event sees between four thousand and five thousand people of all ages.  The first 1000 audience members get a free seat cushion, so make sure to get there at 5:30pm when the gates open! Don’t worry about not understanding the songs and dialogue – there are subtitles for all their shows – and, anyways, the acting is superb, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

If you can’t make it to this event, Open Arts has teamed up with Opera Philadelphia to provide $10 advance student rush tickets for most of their shows.  Dress code is dressy casual for the most part.  You can dress up as much as you want, but don’t come wearing a swimsuit, coverup, and flip flops!  They will not let you into the building.  Slacks and a nice blouse or shirt will do nicely.  Or some dark jeans and a button up.  Or a cute skirt with –


One of the world’s best and most distinctive orchestras lives right in our own back yard!  The Philadelphia Orchestra presents their Free College Concert on October 20 at 8 p.m. to open their eZseatU program. Let this world-renowned orchestra tug on your heartstrings (Get it?  Heart strings?  Nevermind).  These super stars of the Orchestra have performed Lord of the Rings and Zelda in addition to their more classical repertoire, so I personally can’t wait to see what they have for us this season.  It will be crowded, so make sure you get there early to snag a seat.Head over earlier to check out the Kimmel Center’s amazing architecture and the Campus Philly Open Arts table (it is entirely possible that there will be giveaways).  And while you’re there, you might as well sign up for eZseatU, their $25 student membership program.  You’ll have unlimited access to their 80+ events and purchase additional $8 student tickets for your friends.


Albert C. Barnes, a chemist who made his fortune at the turn of the twentieth century, collected what is considered by many to be the greatest collection of post-impressionist and early modern art.  Tied by a very, very strict will, Dr. Barnes’ collection was finally moved from its campus in Merion to its current location on Benjamin Franklin Parkway after a two year legal battle.  Dr. Barnes designed The Barnes Foundation’s collection very specifically to promote “the advancement of education and the appreciation of the fine arts.”

This legendary collection is partnering with Open Arts to bring you Open Arts College Night at the Barnes on November 13!  Enjoy live music from Worldtown and Temple University’s Eric Montague Quintet as well as a dance performance by University of the Arts’ alumni choreographer Inger Cooper, while sipping (non-alcoholic) drinks and snacking on a variety of bruschetta alongside Van Goghs and Cezannes. We’ll party ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Or, rather, until about 10 p.m. or so.

Open Arts members get free weekday admission, so if you’ll have a chance to check out the beautiful exhibits if you can’t make it.

Top 5 Events: Hallelujah

The song of the week is Hallelujah, originally by Leonard Cohen, then by Jeff Buckley, and then by John Cale in Shrek.  With the Pope coming into town this weekend and religion making the headlines, let’s have a heads up into all the religious events happening around Philly!

Sacred Stories: The World’s Religious Traditions
When: Through Jan 30, 2016 – Closed during Papal Visit Sept 26 and 27 Where: The Free Library of Philadelphia Cost: Free

In honor of the papal visit this weekend, the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Rare Book Department has opened an exhibit showcasing their selection of rare and religious texts.  In addition to the first Bible printed in America, the exhibit also has the first translation of the Koran into English and an illustrated Hindu text (the Mahabharata, the longest story ever written).  The beautiful texts narrate over 1000 years of religious history.

Catholics in the New World
When: Through Jan 31 Where: The Rosenbach Museum and Library Cost: Free, Sept 22-25

Did you know that the first Catholic books rolled off the press in Mexico City 65 years before English settlers set foot in Jamestown?  This exhibit presents 16th-18th century documents and works that show Catholics’ relationship with the Americas, including the oldest surviving book printed in the Western hemisphere, Doctrina Breve, published in Mexico City in 1544.  It also includes prayers books translated into Native American languages from across the Americas, including Aymara, Zapotec, and Montagna.

Vatican Splendors
When: Through Feb 15 Where: Franklin Institute Cost: Daytime Hours – included with admission; Evening and Extended Hours – $22.95

Paintings dating back to the first century and venerated relics (aka, saintly bone fragments) are only a few of the many objects present at the Franklin Institute.  It is one of the largest Vatican collections to ever tour America and contains pieces that have never been in public view or left the Vatican.  See how the Catholic Church has impacted art, culture, and history in an environment that imitates the catacombs and the papal chambers in the Vatican itself.  Don’t forget to stop by The Art of the Brick to check out the Lego Vatican.

Religious Liberty and the Founding of America
When: Aug. 21 – Jan 3 Where: The Constitution Center Cost: Free with Admission

America’s colonial history began when thousands of Protestants, Catholics, and Jews came to escape persecution in Europe.  This tradition continued long after Independence – to the point where now America has over 100,000 different sects of religion.  The Constitution Center’s exhibit shows the role that religious liberty had in influencing the Founding Fathers and creating the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Papal Visit – Festival of Families
When: Sept. 26, 7:30 Where: Benjamin Franklin Parkway Cost: Free  

This list would be remiss if we didn’t include the biggest event of the weekend – the Papal Visit!  Italian immigrant, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was born in Buenos Aires in 1936.  Starting out as a priest, he was eventually elected to Pope after Pope Benedict XVI resigned.  A staunch supporter of forgiveness and supporting the poor, he chose the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, a “man of poverty.”  He is generally considered a progressive papal reformer and pushes for a more open, welcoming church.  This weekend, he will be in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families.  At the event, he will likely address the crowd.  Check out the schedule on the website for more information.

Fall 2015 Career Events

Are ready to tackle some real world experience?  Do you want to talk to someone in your field about the steps they took while transitioning into the professional world?  Look no further!  There are some exciting career events happening this fall to help guide you from student to professional in the Philadelphia area!

The Finance Fast Track

Employers these days are not looking for someone who can fit into a cookie cutter position. Rather, they want someone who can fit into the culture and climate of their company.  During this event you will get to interact with regional finance professionals in the management, accounting, and marketing fields, like Vanguard and Beneficial Bank (just to name a few)!  Be prepared to talk to companies in a discussion-style setting about a topic that is specifically important to their mission.  This is not your typical career fair event!  Your contribution to discussion and connections made with companies will prepare you for moving into the professional world. Following the event, attend the recruiting reception to get an opportunity to further network with employers.  This is the time to connect if you didn’t get the chance to be a part of a discussion that interested you or if there is a company you wish to delve further into a topic with.  

Event details:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 5:00 p.m.)
Beneficial Bank
1818 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Innovative Healthcare Careers in Philly

Are you pursuing a degree in the healthcare field?  Are you someone who just finds this field a fascinating area to work in?  All majors are welcome to participate in this dynamic and open event.  Learn from Philadelphia-based innovators in the field through a series of quick lightning talks to get a glimpse into a wide range of health care innovations from tech to educational.  Meet representatives from Independence Blue Cross, GlaxoSmithKline, Blackstone, Jefferson Health, and more!  Following these talks, there will be an “ask me anything”-style discussion where you can get your general questions answered by members of the panel or target a question to a speaker who meets your specific needs.  The evening will conclude with a formal networking and recruiting session to connect with more employers in the field and meet representatives from some graduate school programs.

Event Details:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 5:00 p.m.)
Thomas Jefferson University’s Dorrance H. Hamilton Building
1001 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Createadelphia:  How to Launch Your Creative Career

Do you have a flair for the arts?  If you are looking for a career in the creative sector of Philadelphia this is the event for you!  Learn from a panel of local professionals to hear about how they got their start in this field, including the advertising firm Allen & Gerritsen.  Take the time to ask questions specific to your interest and see what you can start doing now to prepare for your future.  The panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception to build greater connections with the panelists and meet other students who are also interested in working a creative career!

Event Details:

Tuesday, October, 13, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. (registration opens at 5:00 p.m.)
Allen & Gerritsen
1619 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19103

Online Job & Internship Fair

Are you looking to score that perfect internship or job in the field of your dreams?  If so, you should sign up for the Online Job & Internship Fair.  There will be hundreds of jobs and internships available October 26-30 to search from the comfort of your own home (there is nothing better than finding an awesome internship while wearing pajamas in bed)!  It is free and exclusive for Campus Philly Partner Schools and those outside the Greater Philadelphia region by logging on to our career site,  

Tips and Tricks for the Events

Bring Your resume:  Your resume will be sent out to all the employers attending the event.  Make sure to bring a copy for each company to ensure your networking doesn’t end when the event does.

Bring business cards:  If you make a meaningful connection with an employer, you want them to be able to continue to connect with you.  By providing your business card, this company now has your contact information to share available opportunities.  If you don’t have a business card, we will provide blank ones for you at each event.

Dress to impress:  Business casual is the way to go.  You don’t want to be too formal, but you also don’t want to look like you would rather be lounging in bed.  Look professional, yet comfortable and don’t be afraid to show your style!

Do your research:  If you know some of the employers attending your event, it helps to get to know their company.  Learn their mission statement and values so you can personalize your discussion and stand out among your peers.

Be prepared for discussion:  You will only get as much out of an event as you put into it.  If you come in with the mindset of being ready to contribute to discussion and make valuable connections with others in your field, you will walk away from the event feeling successful.

Be yourself:  Through your business casual attire, knowledge of the companies, and ability to participate in discussions, it is essential to let your personality shine.  Keep true to your values and goals to show employers how you will fit in with their company.

Top 5 Events: Here Comes The Sun

It’s alright! Bring your guitar and your friends and enjoy the sun before it disappears for several long, months of winter.  Market Season is almost over, but not quite.  These markets are open this week, so stock up on fresh produce (but not too much because, you know, it spoils), adorable knick knacks, and cool indie crafts.

Common Ground Marketplace
When: Every Sunday until Thanksgiving; 12-4pm Where: Common Ground Marketplace

This small market features several small businesses, including Smear It and Babycakes, in conjunction with both The Food Trust and Congregation Rodeph Shalom staff.  Tours are available at 11am and 1pm for local urban farms.  In addition to offering affordable local produce and artisanal vendors, the Food Trust market offers line dancing, cooking demos, and food trucks.  It’s sure to be a blast!

The Philly Flea
When: Sept. 19th; 8am-4pm  Where: St. Peter’s Church

Check out the largest indoor/outdoor flea market in Center City!  Specifically focusing on antiques, the Philly Flea is taking place this Saturday.  The vendors will be featuring collectibles, vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories, and more.  New and handmade goods are specifically NOT allowed, so if your heart’s in the past or if you want something quirky to put on the walls of your dorm room or apartment, head on over!

University Square Farmers Market
When: Wed 10-2 until Nov. 25th Where: 36th at Walnut Street

This one’s for y’all at UPenn and Drexel!  In your backyard, The Food Trust farmers markets provides IPM fruits and berries, conventional vegetables, dairy products, Amish canned and baked goods, European-style baked goods and more!

Taste of Philadelphia: Market Tours
When: Sun, Sept. 20; 10am all year round Where: Reading Terminal Cost: $15.95 (reservations required)

Learn more about the 114-year history of the markets and where to get the best cheesesteak and pretzels at this tour of Reading Terminal Market.  And after the tour, grab a gyro from Olympia Gyro or a hot apple dumpling from the Dutch Eating Place.  There’s fresh produce, a vendor that sells different kinds of oils, and a delicious crepe place.  Also, Reading Terminal Market is considered a public market instead of a farmers market due to the fact that most of the produce vendors are not the ones that grow the produce.  The tour leaves from the Market information desk at 12th and Filbert streets.  The market is open daily.

Art Star Pop Up Market
When: Sat. 11-4 pm until Sept. 26th  Where: Spruce Street Harbor Park

This market, supported by Art Star, a gallery and boutique, features arts and crafts vendors.  The artists behind Art Star have chosen a rotating array of the best indie crafters displaying their artsy products including decorative housewares, jewelry, prints, accessories, and more.  Enjoy their affordable, handmade goods along with live music, a pop up restaurant, and HAMMOCKS!

Student Veteran Resources:
The Travis Manion Foundation

Veterans make up roughly 4 percent of the college student population, and in 2013-14 alone, over one million veterans received education benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans. But the road from military to college to professional can be a rough one, with veterans figuring out how to transfer the skills they learned on active duty to the world of higher education and then to the fields of business, finance, healthcare, and more. The Travis Manion Foundation, based in Doylestown and San Diego, recognizes the unique challenges that veterans face in transitioning from military to civilian life and provides resources that veterans, and especially student veterans, should look to take advantage of.

The Travis Manion Foundation was started to honor the memory of 1st Lt. Travis Manion, United States Marine Corps, who was fatally wounded while helping and drawing fire away from his wounded comrades in Iraq in April 2007. The organization’s mission is to assist our nation’s veterans and  families of fallen heroes, through several  multifaceted and far-reaching programs.

One such program that would be of direct interest to student veterans in Greater Philadelphia is their Mentor and Advocacy Program for Veterans (MAP-V). Designed specifically for post-9/11 veterans to assist in their transition from military to civilian life, this program is a ten-month, two phase program comprised of seminars, mentorship, and a fully-funded internship program that helps veterans set out onto a fulfilling career path. Hugo Lentze, Program Manager of the Mentor and Advocacy Program for Veterans in Doylestown, describes the story of one veteran’s path from military to law enforcement.

“We have a veteran who is interning in a local law enforcement agency. He came into our program with an ineffective resume and was not really able to articulate his experience and why he wanted to go into law enforcement. We helped with his resume, and I remember him saying ‘Wow, I did some cool stuff!’ We also helped him with interviewing, putting him through four iterations of practice interviews, and we were able to find him an English grammar tutor for the sheriff’s exam. He boosted his score on the exam more than 20 points to 97%, and did very well on his interview. He is now in the final stages of being accepted for a position,” explains Lentze.

The internship and career path of each veteran is unique, but the MAP-V program benefits are the same for everyone who is accepted. Participants meet twice a month for personal and professional discussion seminars, and receive support in the form of resume and cover letter editing, mock interviews, and personalized career support as needed (as seen in the example of the English tutoring for the sheriff’s exam). During the second half of the program, participants complete a 16-20 hour/week internship. Internships have ranged from working at a real estate agency to teaching at environmental education centers, all based on the veteran’s career interests. At the end of the program, the veterans are career-ready, having both professional experience and the ability to articulate their unique skills.

Interested in participating in the MAP-V program? You can fill out an application here. Applicants must have served a minimum of 24 months (unless serious injury prevented further service) with an honorable discharge after September 11, 2001, and must no longer be on active duty or serving with the National Guard.

But, as Lentze says, “student veterans need to understand that the Travis Manion Foundation is more than just the Mentor and Advocacy Program for Veterans.” Other programs include the 9/11 Heroes Run 5K Race Series, Survivor Services, and the Character Does Matter Program. The Character Does Matter Program connects the heroes of today — veterans, active duty personnel and families of the fallen — with the leaders of tomorrow.  The purpose of the CDM program is to inspire young adults to live with character, develop their values-based leadership skills, and activate them to serve their communities in honor of our nation’s fallen heroes.

“Everything we do in the Foundation embodies the ‘If Not Me, Then Who…’ mentality” says Lentze, referring to the crux of Travis Manion’s beliefs about the notion of service. Service is at the core of what the Travis Manion Foundation stands for, and in doing their work, they assist both the community of veterans and the community of civilians at large. So whether they’ve just ended their active service or they are a couple of years into college, student veterans can turn to the Travis Manion Foundation to make their career path smoother and make a real difference in their community.

Top 5 Careers:
Media, Marketing and More

If you know your way around words and marketing, this week’s batch of internships are for you. Is digital media your thing? Open Arts and the City of Philadelphia are looking for you. How about communications and marketing? TargetX and United Way are your best bets. And finally, for all you sports fans out there, check out the opportunity from YSC Sports Marketing.

Campus Philly: Open Arts Online Promotion Intern Fall 2015
Use your talents to connect other college students to arts and culture events around town as the online promotions intern for Open Arts! You’ll publicize upcoming events from our arts and culture partners and keep our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages updated with fun news and posts. You’ll write interesting content about upcoming events and venues and be the first to know about new events. The best part is having the opportunity to attend the great events that you’re promoting!

TargetX: Marketing Intern
TargetX, a leader in customer relationship management for higher education, is seeking a marketing intern. Responsibilities of the position will include assisting with lead generation for the sales team, assisting with conference and event logistics, a heavy emphasis on research projects related to new markets, and assisting with internal communications for the company. Interns will also have an opportunity to participate in copywriting for web, print, and social media sites. Apply today!

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey: Communications Intern
Expand your communications skills and work for a great cause at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey this fall as their communications intern. Your portfolio of work will expand considerably with press releases, media advisories, blog and intranet posts, as well as social media posts. In addition, you will support the regional media relations plan by researching potential new media contacts, conducting outreach to outlets, or drafting press materials. Other responsibilities include assisting with digital and social media efforts by researching potential new social media handles to engage with, brainstorming social media strategy, or updating various social media and digital channels.

YSC Sports Marketing: Sport Marketing Internship
Combine your love of sports with your love of marketing at YSC Sports Marketing this semester. YSC Sports Marketing works with clients such as Philadelphia Union, PPL Park, and Major League Lacrosse, and you would be working directly with the President of YSC Sports Marketing, and your responsibilities would include implementing sponsorship assets for YSC’s Sponsors, identifying and researching contacts for prospective new sponsors or clients for various properties, and researching new trends and analyzing competitors.

City of Philadelphia- Performance Management: Digital Media Intern
One of Mayor Nutter’s major initiatives, the Office of the Managing Director strives to improve organizational performance in City departments through performance management tools. The Office is looking for a digital media intern to work with digital and social media and increase engagement with the public. You will be working primarily with PhillyStat, editing videos highlighting important clips, taking pictures and videos of PhillyStat sessions, and completing other digital media projects as assigned.

Top 5 Events:
She Blinded Me With Science!

As you can probably tell by the title, this week’s post is inspired by an old Thomas Dolby’s song that has been stuck in my head for about a week.  From physics to biology to the delicate science of fermentation, take advantage of these sciencey events all over Philly!

Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest 
When:  Sun-Thurs 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.; Fri-Sat 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Where: Blue Cross RiverRink Cost: $3 admission fee, $10 Skate Rental

Experiment with physics at the new RiverRink in Spruce Street Harbor Park!  Go on a date with that cute girl/boy in your class or grab a group of friends to teeter precariously on wheels while enjoying views of the river.  Presented by Blue Cross, cardholders get in for free.   Tickets are available online.  Have fun learning how to skate backwards!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to do roller derby!

Point Breeze Pop Up
When: Thurs 4-10 p.m.; Fri 4-11 p.m.; Sat 12-11 p.m.; Sun 12-10 p.m. Where:1622 Point Breeze Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145 Cost: Free admission; pay for drinks and food

If you are of drinking age (21), enjoy the results of fermentation at this Beer Festival!  Try out the selection of 35+ beers and local food trucks for an experience that is both tasty and fun.  Beers include several drafts and cans.  Food trucks include Poi Dog, Curbside Creamery, and more!  Some of the proceeds will go towards Fair Food Philly, an organization dedicated to bringing “locally grown food the marketplace and to promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for the Greater Philadelphia region.”

Sittin’ In
When: Wed. Sept 9 – Doors Open at 8 p.m., Live Show at 9 p.m. Where: Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts  Cost: Free

Listen to varying wavelengths at the Kimmel Center’s live jam session, hosted by Julie Dexter.  Blending edgy horns, choice vinyl, cutting edge MC’s and soaring vocalists, each session is unique, led by a stellar lineup of guest hosts and their band of choice.”  Emcee Ciarra and The IIIVibe Collective will be performing in addition to others.

Clearly Beautiful:  Photographs by Adam Summers
When: Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Weekends and Holidays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University  Cost: Free with admission

Check out these gorgeous photos at Drexel’s Academy of Natural Sciences!  Adam Summer, a University of Washington biology professor, created beautiful images of the inner skeletal tissues of fish by soaking the specimens in dyes and enzymes to produce beautiful, elaborately geometric designs.  Sometimes science generates hard evidence, but other times, it produces works of art that speak to our souls.

In the Artifact Lab: Conserving Egyptian Mummies
When: Tues-Sun 10-5pm Where: Penn Museum Cost:  $10 with Student ID

This glass enclosed conservation lab allows visitors to watch members of the Penn Museum Conservation Department study, clean, and conserve Egyptian artifacts, including paintings, ancient funerary artifacts, and a real LIVE MUMMY!  The museum has a cool blog that shows what the lab is working on at any given time.  As of August 29th, they are working on the conservation of Nespekashuti, likely a “singing master” from the New Kingdom era.

Top 5 Careers: Kick Off the Semester With a Great Internship

So you’re back on campus, you’re starting your first classes, and you’re looking to maybe get some career experience. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a wide variety of internships and part-time opportunities for students this month, just waiting for you to come along and apply. Interested in working with Campus Philly (a.k.a. the coolest organization in town)? We’ve got a graphic design internship. Maybe you want to do marketing and communications? Beneficial Bank, Philadelphia Youth Network, and the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia are all looking for interns. And if you’re at Temple, City Year is looking for a campus recruitment ambassador.

Campus Philly: Graphic Design Internship
Campus Philly is seeking a student or recent graduate to work with our creative team! This intern will work closely with the Creative Manager, gaining experience in web and print design, email marketing and social media. Work will consist of daily and ongoing projects published on Campus Philly online properties, as well as print work in support of programs and events. The ideal candidate will be able to convey their passion for Philadelphia through typography and illustration. This person should be highly motivated to learn new skills, add to their portfolio, and take advantage of the networking opportunities available at Campus Philly.

Beneficial Bank: Intern Marketing Social Media
Social media wizards: this one’s for you. The Social Media Marketing Intern will actively curate and manage Beneficial Bank’s online community, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This position will help maintain the company’s presence on various social media platforms and help create and execute content that their customers will love. The intern will source content for social networks and research how other companies are gaining social presence.

Philadelphia Youth Network: Communications and Marketing Intern
Are you creative? Are you currently pursuing a marketing, public relations, or communications degree? Philadelphia Youth Network is looking for someone like you. You’ll be working with the Communications and Marketing department, with a focus on public relations and publication management. The Philadelphia Youth Network is equipping young people with the skills necessary to accomplish academic achievement, economic opportunity and personal success.

Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia: ABC Marketing and Communications Internship
The Arts + Business Council is dedicated to building relationships between the arts and business communities in Philadelphia, and they are looking for a marketing and communications intern. Ideal candidates should have an interest in Philadelphia’s arts and cultural sector, strong conversational and writing skills, familiarity with social media, and the ability to work independently and with a team. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite is required. Responsibilities include database management, administrative and programmatic support, assisting with marketing and event metrics and evaluation, assisting in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials, and other marketing and communications projects as needed.

City Year Greater Philadelphia: Temple University Campus Recruitment Ambassador
This one’s for Temple students. City Year dedicates a lot of time and effort every year to recruiting the best corps of City Year participants possible, and they look to Campus Recruitment Ambassadors to help them. As a Campus Recruitment Ambassador, your responsibilities will include attending career fairs, executing marketing campaigns, outreach to student organizations and academic departments, scheduling and organizing information sessions, wearing City Year gear on campus, and other unique opportunities identified at a specific school. Apply today!

Top 5 Events: Turn Back the Clock

The first week of classes is upon us.  Good bye bikinis and tan lines (or, in my case, Netflix) and hello classrooms and textbooks!  Before exams and homework completely crush our social life, take advantage of the city and reminisce on an easier time when the first week of school meant no homework and you actually had time to go outside (but chose to watch TV instead – this is becoming a recurrent theme) and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight before it’s too late and we are surrounded on all sides by snow.  So, go and show off that summer glow and enjoy a nice, cold beverage to take the heat off this weather.

Movie Night on the Schuykill Banks
When: Thursday, September 3 from 7:30pm – 9:30 pm Where: Schuykill Banks near the Philadelphia Museum of Art Cost: Free

Take a break from your history textbook to join Bill and Ted on their excellent adventure through time as they try to pass history.  Grab a blanket, some snacks, and your friends to watch this movie on the green.  The movie will start at dusk and snacks are offered on a first come first serve basis.  The Schuykill Banks Movie Series is presented by CSX Transportation. PARTY ON, DUDES!

Art Splash
When: until September 9th; Tues-Sun 10-5, Wed until 7 Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art  Cost: Free after admission

Give your mind an artistic break at the PMA!  Join people of all ages to create art no matter your skill level at the Splash Studio and enjoy a nature-focused collection of art at the Art Splash Gallery.  Then talk a walk through art history by checking out the rest of the museum’s fantastic collections.

Second Nature: Junk Rethunk
When: 9:30 am – 5pm Sunday – Saturday Where: Philadelphia Zoo Cost: Free after admission

Head over to the zoo to see a Blue Gorilla and an alligator made from chewing gum at the Zoo! Artists from all over the world repurposed everyday materials into wonderful and creative works of art.  The art “engage, amaze and inspire so that reducing, reusing and recycling becomes Second Nature to all of us” and makes us think about reducing and reusing to save energy and therefore wildlife.

The Art of the Brick
When: Through October 4, 9:30 am – 5 pm Where: Franklin Institute Cost: $10 after admission

See contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO masterpieces. While some pieces show famous works of art including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, others portray human emotion and dinosaurs. After you check out the largest display of LEGO brick art, head on over to Ben’s Brick House to try your hand.  You’re never too old to play with LEGOs!

Made in America Festival
When: Sept. 5 and 6 Where: Ben Franklin Parkway Cost: A two day pass costs up to $150

Last, but certainly not least, listen to the former Disney star (and your crush in junior high) Nick Jonas, sing alongside Queen Bey, The Weekend, and others.  But get your tickets soon, they’re selling fast!