September 3, 2015 |

Why CollegeFest Rocks,According to Students Like You

By Campus Philly

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So you’ve probably been hearing a lot from us about CollegeFest recently (I mean, it is the coolest party happening this whole year) and maybe you’re still deciding whether you want to go. So we decided to tell you why CollegeFest rocks from students like you. Check out the best stories from last year’s CollegeFest and get excited to meet new friends and meet Philadelphia on September 12 at Dilworth Park! RSVP on Facebook to let us know you’re going.

CollegeFest was Amazing Tweets

love it here CollegeFest

USciences CollegeFest

food at CollegeFestbest Saturday CollegeFest

cheesesteak CollegeFest

amazing time at CollegeFest

Beautiful Day to Go Museum Hopping CollegeFest

Eastern State Penitentiary CollegeFest

Beautiful Day For CollegeFest

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