Top 5 Careers: Seasons of Jobs and Internships

525,600 minutes, that is how much time you have in a year to put towards an awesome job or internship!  It is also the catchy, yet sentimental line in the beautiful song from Rent.  Either way, this week’s Top 5 Careers gives you options for finding a job or internship in any season.  Looking for a full-time position?  We have you covered.  Check out open positions at Bancroft and Publicis Health Media.  Ready to gain exciting experience this Spring?  FringeArts wants you!  Do you want to put your skills to use this summer?  We have opportunities for you as well at Vanguard and URBN.

Bancroft:  Program Associate (Direct Support Professional)

Looking to make a meaningful impact on the lives’ of others?  Bancroft, a leading provider of programs and support for children and adults with autism,  intellectual or developmental disabilities, and those in need of neurological rehabilitation, is looking for a Program Associate to join their team full-time!  In this position you will provide supervision, guidance, instruction, skill building, and/or rehabilitation to assigned persons served within a specific program site regarding daily living activities, safety, vocational activities, and interaction with others.  Some of your responsibilities would include helping assigned persons achieve their goals while promoting independence, assisting them with daily activities, coordinating their transportation, and assisting them with schoolwork or employment activities.  Support Bancroft’s mission of “One World. For Everyone;”  don’t wait another minute. Apply now!

Publicis Health Media:  Media Technology Associate

Publicis Health Media, a division of Publicis Healthcare Communication Group that develops breakthrough programs that ultimately help people make healthy decisions, is looking for a Media Technology Associate to act as a liaison of technology to the rest of the Media team.  You will assist the Media Technology Manager with keeping on top of the latest media technologies and bringing forward innovative solutions to the media team.  Some responsibilities of the position include understanding internal departments and processes, demonstrating advanced knowledge of Office, providing progress reports, and attending presentations and conferences.  Let your passion for technology shine and check out this opportunity!

FringArts:  Graphic Design Internship

Immerse yourself in the art scene as the Graphic Design Intern at FringeArts, Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performance, presenting progressive, world-class art that stretches the imagination and boldly defies expectation.  Apply your skills in photoshop, communications, and marketing to help this organization communicate to diverse audiences.  Your responsibilities will include helping to maintain consistency in FringeArts’s visual identity through print and web materials, communicating with local printers, collaborating on campaign materials, and designing Festival-specific signage.  Put your skills in the spotlight and join their team by applying today!

Vanguard:  College to Corporate Business Internship

It’s time that you spend your summer working towards your dreams!  Vanguard‘s College to Corporate Business Internship Program is looking for highly motivated students, who are seeking real-world experiences and professional connections, to join their team this summer.  This full-time, paid internship will allow you to become immersed in Vanguard’s business while exploring a department that is related to your interests, which include finance, sales and marketing, information technology, client relationship management, and investment management.  Upon completion of the program, you will be considered for a full-time position!  They are looking for someone with effective leadership, communication and problem-solving skills, the ability to work both independently and on a team, who takes initiative and is adaptable, and has a strong commitment for strengthening communities.  Make strides to a full-time career by applying now!

URBN:  2016 URBN Summer Internships

Do you want to sit around bored all summer or would you rather be amazing?  Well, being amazing is part of URBN‘s mission in their Summer Internship program.  Through their dynamic program, college students will receive hands-on experience on what it’s like to work in the real world of fashion.  You will have the chance to meet with executives, visit their stores (which include Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People), and learn about every facet of their business.  They are looking for students to work in a wide range of positions for their different stores.  If you are ready to walk or cat walk to a successful career, this could be the opportunity for you!


Take the Awkwardness Out of Your Informational Interview

You are at a coffee shop sitting across from an employer that you have never met.  You are ready to ask them questions about their career and experiences.  As casual as chatting over coffee may seem, an informational interview like this can feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable.  The fear of the awkward should not deter you from setting up an interview and meeting with professionals in your field!   These interviews can be the perfect opportunity to narrow your career focus, find out about an organization you are interested in, and expand your network.  So where do you begin?

First, what is an informational interview?  I’m glad you asked.  Simply put, an informational interview is a conversation.  You sit down with a professional in your desired field, a career path you may be interested in, or a company you want to find out more about and interview them.  It is a learning experience for you as you navigate the career search process and it can help you improve your interviewing skills in a more casual, low stakes environment.  You prepare the questions to get exactly what you want out of the interview.  Don’t mistake this for an opportunity to land a job with the employer you are interviewing.  Informational Interviews are meant mainly for you to make connections and discover information about possible career avenues.

How do I land an informational interview?  Figuring out where to begin can be really challenging.  Start by finding someone you are genuinely interested in talking to.  You can do this by looking at employees of a company you find interesting or talking to your current connections to see if they know anyone in your desired field.  Even simpler, you can browse LinkedIn for the perfect person.  Once you find someone, reach out through email.  In this message be clear about why you are contacting them and what you are looking for.  Also express your thanks and gratitude right away for their consideration to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you.  After this email is sent, you play the waiting game.  Don’t be afraid to follow up if you are waiting on a response from someone you feel passionate about talking to.

How do I make the conversation feel natural?  Whatever your reason for setting up an informational interview, there is one key factor that unites them all:  wanting advice.  If you look at the interview from this lens, it should alleviate some of your stress and nerves.  Think of it as going to a mentor for help or sitting down to talk with one of your favorite professors.  The questions should be crafted around your curiosities, which should naturally propel conversation forward.  By bringing prepared questions that focus on your interests, goals and aspirations you will have a concrete plan laid out in case your nerves get the best of you.  Have this plan prepared, but also be flexible to adjust to where your interviewee takes the conversation.

What kinds of questions should I ask?  You want to ask questions that foster a meaningful conversation.  These questions should be open-ended and geared towards what you want to learn.  Make sure your interviewee the star; they should be talking more than you!  Here are some example questions to help when developing your own list:

  • How did you get started in this field?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What is the most rewarding aspect about working in this field?  What is the most challenging?
  • What are your responsibilities in this position?  What skills do you use?
  • What are the challenges you face on an everyday basis?
  • What is the hiring process like in this field?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What types of experiences would be beneficial when preparing to enter this field?
  • Who else would you recommend I talk to?

How do I follow up?  Thank them.  The person you interviewed took time from their busy schedule to help you better your career search.  Make sure to send a follow-up note or email expressing your gratitude for the experience.  Also, make sure to stay connected.  Connect with them on LinkedIn or send them an email after making progress in your job search.  Then, reach out to the other professionals who they told you about.  Now you are ready to start the process over again!


Top 5 Events: Ghostbusters!

Choosing a song this week wasn’t easy.  There are just so many to choose from!  I could have gone the red jacket route with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or old school with Bobby Picket’s “Monster Mash.”  There’s Kanye West’s “Monsters” and Rihanna and Eminem’s “The Monster,” practically any Rocky Horror song, and “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Nina Simone, and more recently Annie Lennox.  However, the new Ghostbusters film is coming out this coming summer and I am ridiculously excited about it.    So –

Who you gonna call?

Terror Behind the Walls

When: View Schedule Where: Eastern State Penintentiary Cost: View Prices; Student Discount Sunday after 7:30pm, save money and buy your ticket beforehand online

This huge, castle of a prison located in Fairmount housed famous criminals like Al Capone and Willie Sutton from 1829 to 1971.  Once considered the most expensive building the US, the restored penitentiary now accommodates one of the top rated haunted attractions, Terror Behind the Walls.  You can choose to be a part of the action and potentially be grabbed and taken into hidden passageways.  This year, they’re bringing two new attractions: Inside Quarantine:4D where you “experience” hallucinations and mind bending visuals, and Break Out, a prison break adventure.  Don’t miss a prison riot in what is said to be the most haunted part of the prison – who knows, maybe you’ll see a real ghost!

Philadelphia Candlelight Ghost Tour

When: 7:30pm nightly; additional 9:30pm tour Fri and Sat. Where: Signer’s Garden Cost: $17, save $2 if you buy your ticket over the phone or online

Rated one of the best in the country, this candlelight ghost tour takes you around Old City, Independence Park, and Society Hill through secret gardens and hidden back streets.  You will learn of the Yellow Fever Epidemic, star crossed love tragedies, paranormal activity, and famous betrayals. Experience the most historic and haunted city in America, if you dare.

Mischief at the Mütter

When: Oct. 29th 6:00-10:00pm Where: Mütter Museum Cost: $20 regular admission

If you’re above the age of 21, you can party it up next to brains.  And no, that isn’t slang for a smart person or a reference to the PBS Kid’s Arthur character.  I’m talking “little grey cells” (Yes, my Agatha Christie fans, I did say that with a Belgium accent in my head.) drenched in alcohol and water.  Check out what is probably the creepiest and freakiest museum on Earth that Thursday night before Halloween.

Pennhurst Asylum

When: Thursday, Sunday 6:30-9:30pm, Friday, Saturday 6:30-10:30 Where: Spring City Cost: Varies

Before it became a “haunted house,” awareness of the toe cringing conditions of the Pennhurst Asylum led to a human rights movement that changed the way we take care of the mentally and physically handicapped.  Now though, this haunted attraction features a “Dungeon of Lost Souls” with a labyrinth full of science experiments gone wrong, a “Tunnel of Terror” guaranteed to produce screams, and a self-guided “Ghost Hunt.”

Ghost Tour of the Haunted USS Olympia

When: Select weekend nights at 8:00pm  Where: Penn’s Landing  Cost: $19

Commissioned in 1895, this hulking battleship’s secrets have attracted ghost hunters for over 100 years.  You will be led through the “creepy nooks and crannies of three decks,” including the sick bay and the captain’s cabins while listening to stories about ghostly voices and unexplained paranormal activity.  You may even see their most famous ghost, “Gunner” Johnson!

If you encounter a ghost during any of these experiences, you know who to call.


Top 5 Careers: Find Your Passion

Are you unsure of where your passion lies?  Or do you have a passion but don’t know where to let it shine?  This week’s diverse Top 5 Careers can help you find a career or internship in an exiting or unique field that may be the perfect place for your skills and interests!  There are opportunities in merchandising, marketing, business, communication, and IT ready to be taken advantage of.  Use your eye for fashion at Primark, your combination of dare and determination at NAMZ Custom Cycle Products, your business smarts at Swift Capital, your social media savvy at Witty Gritty, or your IT expertise at USLI.  Whatever your passion may be, you can bring it to life in the professional world by checking out these careers!

Primark:  Visual Merchandising Assistant

Do you have an eye for fashion?  Then apply to be the Visual Merchandising Assistant at Primark, a widely established destination for keeping up with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank.  Originating in Ireland, this global organization is looking for someone to help implement the company visual merchandising proposition across the store in order to enhance the customer shopping experience and drive sales.  In this position your responsibilities will include providing superior customer service in a fast paced environment, influencing the visual proposition and design standards across the store, and supporting the VM manager in the delivery of retail initiatives.  Put your strong communication skills and flare for fashion to use and apply today!

NAMZ, Custom Cycle Products, INC:  Marketing & Digital Media Intern

Get ready to take a ride on the wild side in this internship.  NAMZ Custom Cycle Products, the leader in OEM harness & electrical component design & assembly for motorcycles, is looking for a Marketing and Digital Media Intern to join their team!  As their intern you will be working on website design, press releases, and other marketing avenues.  They are looking for a student with a focus on Advertising, Marketing, or Graphic Design to help them achieve their mission of providing the best motorcycle parts and services available.  Get your gears spinning and apply now!

Swift Capital:  Risk Associate/Customer Service Advocate

Think applying to for a career in the business world is risky business?  Not at all!  Swift Capital is looking for a Risk Associate/Customer Service advocate to help them advance as an organization.  In this position you will be responsible for communicating with small business owners regarding their current and overdue accounts.  This will include communicating with business owners, discovering alternative solutions based on financial and bank statements, and performing creative skip tracing techniques to locate customers.  This supportive team is looking for someone who is motivated and ready to work in a collaborative, innovative workplace where you will be encouraged to make a difference.

Witty Gritty:  Communications Role

Twitter, Instagram, social media, oh my!  If you are savvy in social media, look no further than the Communications Role at Witty Gritty, a socially driven marketing and events firm.  They are looking for someone who can keep a pulse on all current social media trends.  In this position you will combine skills in social media, writing, email marketing, and engagement to manage social media accounts, copywriting, and content creation.  Use your eye for design to help non-profit organizations thrive!  What are you waiting for?

USLI:  IT Programming

Join the Information Technology team at USLI, aspiring to be the very best insurance company for underwriting insurance for small businesses along with a select group of specialty products, as their IT Programming Intern.  In this position you will work to maintain Excel spreadsheets, report bugs and enter test cases, in hardware/software support and application development.  They are looking for a current undergraduate student who is willing to learn and grow in a team oriented environment!


Land the Perfect Job or Internship: Be True to Yourself and Your Experiences

Who are you?  This may sound like a big, philosophical question.  But it is something that is essential to think about when beginning your job and interview search process.  Knowing what your values are, combined with a clear understanding of your experiences and how they have impacted you, will help you land a position with an organization that is satisfying and rewarding for you.  Overwhelmed on where to begin your journey?  Start here.  By defining goals for yourself and molding your personal brand, you will be able to make the search process much easier.  Then you will be ready to dive right in at our Online Job and Internship Fair from October 26-30!  We spoke with Dave Thoma, Senior Developer and Software Development Supervisor from Therapy Notes and Laurie Mellon, Vice President, Talent Acquisition Programs at Publicis Healthcare to give you insight on what companies look for during the hiring process.

Own your experiences.  It is important for you to be able to explain the significance of the experiences you have been a part of.  Laurie advises, “Focus on the “so what?” factor. You organized a fundraiser on campus? Be able to explain why that’s a benefit to your potential employer.  What did you specifically do to ensure success of the event? How did it go? What were the results?  Be prepared to tell me this story and show me that you know your skills and value to our company.”  To do this, think of experiences that have been the most impactful in terms of skills you learned, challenges you overcame, or accomplishments that helped push you forward on the path to your desired career.  Make sure you can explain how your role in this experience can directly apply to the company or organization you are looking to work or intern with.

Showcase these experiences in your resume and cover letter.  As Dave notes about resumes, “It is the most important thing that you can work on.”  This will be a company’s first impression of you and what you have to offer.  First, make sure it is edited to perfection and contains no grammatical or spelling errors.  Then, make sure it is tailored to the position you are applying for.  That experience you have from being a dog walker in high school?  Maybe not the most relevant use of space.  Laurie explains, “We are looking for experiences and key learnings, not just coursework. We want to see that you are eager to gain a wide variety of experiences that will help you to be a contributor to our business and our culture. These may be on campus, in the community, at part-time or summer jobs or on sports teams.”  Whatever the experience may be, the way you explain the transferable skills in your resume and cover letter are key.  If you get stuck, go back to owning your experiences.  Why are these experiences worth telling?

Find an organization you can picture yourself with.  When you are frantically looking for a job or internship, you may have the impulse to apply for any position that you qualify for.  And although this is ambitious, it is not the best approach.  You want to find an organization that aligns with your goals and values that we discussed earlier.  If you can relay your passions and how you see yourself fitting into a company, the better your chances are at landing the position.  Dave believes, “Regardless of the nature of the position, nobody is hiring an intern and expecting them to arrive at a job with all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.  Is this somebody we can see growing into this position and really being able to provide value what will be a good fit culturally for the team?”  In order to know if you will be a good fit for a team, you will have to do research.  I know, research can be a lot of work.  Start at a company’s website; learn their mission and what they are currently working on.  Then branch out to a wider search; look for publications that may have been printed about their company, work someone on their team recently completed, or find something that you really connect with that they value.  Dave suggests, “One thing that can make you stand out is to go above and beyond just going to the company’s website, anyone can do that.  Going further and doing more online research and finding something that isn’t super obvious, that can make you stand out.

Be confident to talk about yourself.  Now that you owned your experiences, showcased them in your resume and cover letter, and have found a few organizations that you can picture yourself with, it is time to put it all together.  Go into the job and interview search process with the confidence to be true to yourself and your experiences.  There is nothing more attractive to a company than someone who talks about their experiences and how they can be applied to their organization with passion in their eyes.  Laurie says, “We want to know that you are as invested in learning as we are in providing you the experience.”  You do not need to have all the answers or expert experience in the field.  You do need to know what makes you unique and how that it is valuable for the positions you are seeking.  

Don’t forget to find a job or internship that is right for you at our Online Job and Internship Fair from October 26-30!

Top 5 Careers: Manage and Develop Your Way to Success

Get ready to manage and design your way to a great internship or career in this week’s Top 5 Careers!  If you want to put you experience in Business, Technology, or Development to use, these careers are waiting to be explored by you!  Help in the development of a project that will be impactful across the world with Ycenter, assist in providing software solutions with IT at Bentley Systems, unify business and design at BluPath Design, support the people of Philadelphia at the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology, or test your business skills in insurance at USLI.  There’s no business like development and technology business!

Ycenter:  Project Manager for Software Development 

You can contribute in the development of a project that will help people across the world.  If this sounds interesting to you, apply to be the Project Manager for Software Development at Ycenter, an organization that creates community projects in Africa and India to improve social conditions through better healthcare and education.  In this position you will be responsible for managing their open source software development project that will be implemented in Africa and India within the restraints of scope, quality, time, and cost.  You will have the unique experience of working with the team on-site in Philadelphia, and also working remotely with the development team in India and client in Africa.  Put your skills in Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Skype, and Software Development to good use!  Apply today!

Bentley Systems:  IT Intern

Are you ready to get professional experience in Informational Technology this winter?  Bentley Systemsdedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, is looking for a motivated student like you to be their IT Intern!  Your responsibilities would include account provisioning, infrastructure monitoring configuration, audits, and documentation.  Use your stellar troubleshooting and hardware skills, detail-oriented work method, and ability to multi-task to advance design and infrastructure for companies worldwide!   

BluPath Design:  Business Development 

BluPath Design seeks to design simple, elegant and environmentally sensitive spaces that inspire.  As their Business Development Intern, you can help make this mission come to life.  You will have the opportunity to work alongside two local and experienced architects.  While working closely with these experienced architects, you will organize and execute plans for outreach and business development, assist with content publishing in marketing materials, social media, website maintenance, and presentation editing, and potentially assist with architectural drafting.  Get ready to merge business and creativity, and apply for this position!

City of Philadelphia, Office of Innovation and Technology:  OIT Innovation Management Intern

Do you want to work to better the Philadelphia community?  The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology‘s Innovation Management group focuses on using innovation in public technology to make technology more accessible and useful for Philadelphia’s residents.  In this position you will help oversee daily activities in the City of Philadelphia’s Innovation Lab to serve as the on-site contact person for employees utilizing the lab.  OIT is looking for someone who is a self-starter, has strong organization, writing, and communication skills, and working knowledge of technology.  Lend your hand in providing assistance to the Philadelphia community and check out this internship!

USLI:  Business Development

Join the Business Development team at USLI, aspiring to be the very best insurance company for underwriting insurance for small businesses along with a select group of specialty products.  Work to support the Business Development Managers with their travel procedures by tracking and reporting their daily/weekly visits and assisting with any clerical needs that they may have while traveling.  Your responsibilities will also include generating welcome e-mails to newly appointed retail customers, providing statistics to support any customer contests and assisting in tracking customer visits.  This position will give you exposure to professionals in the insurance industry and allow you to work a flexible schedule.  Don’t hesitate and get started in the business world today!

Top 5 Events – Paperback Writer

Books and storytelling inspire us.  They tickle our imagination and create worlds that we never dreamed of.  From tales of witchcraft and wizardry to visual narratives, this week’s Top 5 is focused on storytelling and the people they touch.


When: Times Vary, Until Nov. 8 Where: Wilma Theater Cost: $10 students, $25 everyone else

The Wilma Theater joins with Attis Theatre of Athens, Greece, to launch the Wilma Hothouse, an ensemble-based approach to creating theater, in the Greek tragedy, Antigone.  Join Antigone as she fights against Creon, the ruler of Thebes, for the right to bury her brother.  The international ensemble, led by renowned director Theodoros Terzopoulos, performs a physically rigorous performance inspired by a New Yorker essay about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.  The play will explore issues surrounding “moral, religious, and political dilemmas regarding the unburied dead.”

Opera on the Mall: La Traviata

When: Friday, Oct. 16th. Gates open at 5:30pm, performance starts at 7pm Where: Independence National Historic Park Cost: Free

Part of our Open Arts College Night program, the original Opera on the Mall was rescheduled for this Friday due to rain.  The “magnetic” soprano Lisette Oropesa plays Violetta, a Parisian courtesan, in Verdi’s classical work.  Modernity and tradition collide on this golden-hued Baroque stage. One more modern element is the mid-20th century fashion sense.  So, don’t be surprised to find our main character wearing pants!  This performance is sure to drive you to tears, so don’t forget to pack tissues in your picnic basket along with snacks and drinks.

Harry Potter Festival

When: Oct. 17th Where: Chestnut Hill Cost: Most activities are Free

Are you still upset that you didn’t get your letter at age 11? (I know I am.)  Be a Witch or Wizard with other “Potterheads” for the day at the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival.  There will be a Quidditch Tournament as well as a Sorting Hat Demonstration. A complimentary Knight Bus Trolley will be available to transport “Wizards and Muggles all over town” to Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, a straw maze, and Harry Potter themed retail stores.  Hogsmeade Station is located at what was formerly known as the Chestnut Hill West Septa Station.  Rumor has it there will be a Hogwarts Train on display as well.

Paper Menagerie: Animals on the Page

When: Thursday, Oct. 15 5:30-7:30 PM Where: Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center Cost: Free

In honor of Archive Month Philly, UPenn’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts is putting together an exhibit full of “paper animals.”  Check out the “vicious lions, colorful fish, beautiful bugs, and perhaps even a few zoological mysteries” with the cataloging staff. See the human fascination with animals come to life through this literature exhibit.

Open Source Walking Tour 

When:  Sunday, Oct. 18th 1:00pm Where: Open Source Hub at The Graham Building Cost: Free

Conrad Benner, photojournalist and founder/editor of photo-blog, leads this visually oriented tour of several murals made public through Open Source, part of the City of Philly Mural Arts Program, the nation’s largest public art program.  These community focused explorations tell the stories of a variety of topics including “immigration, recycling, mass incarceration, the environment, community reinvestment, and displacement.”  The Program brings together 14 amazing artists from around the world and in the Philly area. Don’t forget to use tag your pictures with #OpenSourcePHL.

Top 5 Events: Breakfast in America

We’re heading back into the archives for this food themed Top 5.  This Supertramp song isn’t technically about food, but there’s “nothing better to do” than eat.

Subsidized Starvation

When: Tues, Thurs, and Sat. 12 – 6pm through October 17th Where: Paradigm Gallery + Studio 

Abby Elizabeth’s pieces in this exhibit explore the modern, subsidized agriculture industry and its effect on young children through images created from thousands of grains of rice, barley, wheat, corn kernals, and children’s toys.  In her words; “People eat food. The way that food gets to our plates is often neglected in our daily quest to eat it. When you consider the amount of people eating food on our planet, individual choices matter quite a bit. How we get food has a direct impact on the viability of our planet and what we eat dictates the market forces in play. These works mark my exploration into our convenient yet complicated and pernicious food system.”

Blind Pigs and Bathtub Gin

When: Tues, Oct. 13 3:30pm tour beginning at City Hall; 4:30pm pop up exhibit Where: The Heritage Center of The Union League of Philadelphia Cost: Free but registration required

Enjoy this prohibition themed walking tour held in honor of Archives Month Philly!  The annual event presents a month full of historical and archive themed events.  Check out the full list of events!

Afternoon Tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel

When: 2-5pm daily Where: Rittenhouse Hotel Cost:

If you’re a fan of tea, continue the age old tradition of drinking tea at the Mary Cassatt room in the Rittenhouse Hotel.  Put on your gloves and sip (not slurp) tea at the place to drink tea from all over the world.  Their Executive Chef, Jon Cichon, has created a masterful selection of sweets and savories to accompany the delectable tea.

Old City Fest

When: Sun, Oct. 11th 12-6pm  Where: 300 Arch St.

This DesignPhiladelphia event is a celebration of “art and design, fashion and food, creativity and culture” in Old City.  The event showcases local designers, creative firms, restaurants, theater, culture, and more.  There will be live music, a design showcase installation, pop-up street performances, and over 100 local vendors selling food, beverages, art, and more.  The Design Showcase will feature room setting by Margurite Rodgers Interior Design.

Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market

When: Tuesdays, 10-2pm Where: Rittenhouse Square

Farm to City, a Philadelphia-based program that unites communities, families, and farmers year-round through good, locally grown food, organizes this farmer’s market at Rittenhouse Square Park.  Don’t miss the fresh bread at Philly Bread or the seasonal cookies from Flour and Oats!

Online Job and Internship Fair

We know how difficult it can be to find a college internship, co-op, or job. You’re already balancing school, extracurricular activities and your social life. It’s hard to find the time for anything else. That’s why we created our Online Job and Internship Fair to best connect students to hundreds of opportunities in Philadelphia. At the end of the month, October 26th through the 30th, you can login to our career site and partake from the comfort of your dorm! Connect to hundreds of employers, internships and jobs at your leisure and score the internship of your dreams.

Create a profile easily in a matter of minutes to have access to all of these new and exciting opportunities.  Go to and sign-up for a free new account. From there, set up your profile to include information you want employers to know about you. You can highlight your interests, awards, statement of purpose and more. Once your account is made and profile is set up you’re prepared to explore all of the gigs listed.

With hundreds of employers from companies like Bentley Systems, IKEA, Philadelphia 76ers and the City of Philadelphia- there is something for everyone. A new internship or job is just a few clicks away. Sign up for our Online Job and Internship Fair and get hired. It’s that simple.


Online Job and Internship Fair

October 26th-October 30th

The Philadelphia Orchestra Free College Concert

The Philadelphia Orchestra captivates and inspires their audience nightly. They exceed expectations with their distinct sound and artistic leadership.  Students can see and hear for themselves, for free, October 20th when  The Philadelphia Orchestra presents their annual Free College Concert at the Kimmel Center. The event is part of Campus Philly’s Open Arts College Night series – three major events welcoming students who sign up for a free Open Arts membership this fall.

Campus Philly interviewed Jeremy Rothman, the Vice President of Artistic Planning for The Philadelphia Orchestra, to learn more about the Orchestra’s talents and this exciting event.

“This concert is a chance for college students to experience a great conductor like Donald Runnicles and the exciting artistry of cellist Johannes Moser, so you’ll know you’re hearing some of the finest artistry in the world with the Orchestra,” said Rothman. “I am most looking forward to hearing the Elgar Cello Concerto again. Johannes performed it with us over the summer when the Orchestra was completing its summer residency in Saratoga Springs, New York, and his performance brought the audience to their feet. It’s a great piece and I’m looking forward to experiencing it again at home in Philadelphia.”

Students are able to enjoy The Philadelphia Orchestra easily between the Free College Concert and the eZseatU ticketing program- thanks to sponsorship from PNC. This concert and ticketing program allow students in the region access to world-class ensembles and guest artists weekly for a membership fee of just $25 for the year.

With the variety of sounds and a great repertoire, The Philadelphia Orchestra always has something new to share with students. Come as you are, relax, and enjoy the concert. While there is common courtesy to abide by as not to disturb other audience members, the Free College Concert is meant to be fun! Believe it or not you can actually keep your phone out! The program will be LiveNote™–enabled, meaning students are encouraged to use the LiveNote app on their phone during the concert to learn more about the music performed in real time.

Big thanks to Jeremy Rothman for the insider look at The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Free College Concert. We are more excited than ever to attend! Whether you are an orchestra enthusiast or novice – this concert is for you. We can read about how spectacular The Philadelphia Orchestra is but the only way to truly understand is to hear for ourselves.


The Philadelphia Orchestra Free College Concert

October 20th, Festivities begin 7:00pm

Kimmel Center