October 9, 2015 |

Top 5 Events: Breakfast in America


We’re heading back into the archives for this food themed Top 5.  This Supertramp song isn’t technically about food, but there’s “nothing better to do” than eat.

Subsidized Starvation

When: Tues, Thurs, and Sat. 12 – 6pm through October 17th Where: Paradigm Gallery + Studio 

Abby Elizabeth’s pieces in this exhibit explore the modern, subsidized agriculture industry and its effect on young children through images created from thousands of grains of rice, barley, wheat, corn kernals, and children’s toys.  In her words; “People eat food. The way that food gets to our plates is often neglected in our daily quest to eat it. When you consider the amount of people eating food on our planet, individual choices matter quite a bit. How we get food has a direct impact on the viability of our planet and what we eat dictates the market forces in play. These works mark my exploration into our convenient yet complicated and pernicious food system.”

Blind Pigs and Bathtub Gin

When: Tues, Oct. 13 3:30pm tour beginning at City Hall; 4:30pm pop up exhibit Where: The Heritage Center of The Union League of Philadelphia Cost: Free but registration required

Enjoy this prohibition themed walking tour held in honor of Archives Month Philly!  The annual event presents a month full of historical and archive themed events.  Check out the full list of events!

Afternoon Tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel

When: 2-5pm daily Where: Rittenhouse Hotel Cost:

If you’re a fan of tea, continue the age old tradition of drinking tea at the Mary Cassatt room in the Rittenhouse Hotel.  Put on your gloves and sip (not slurp) tea at the place to drink tea from all over the world.  Their Executive Chef, Jon Cichon, has created a masterful selection of sweets and savories to accompany the delectable tea.

Old City Fest

When: Sun, Oct. 11th 12-6pm  Where: 300 Arch St.

This DesignPhiladelphia event is a celebration of “art and design, fashion and food, creativity and culture” in Old City.  The event showcases local designers, creative firms, restaurants, theater, culture, and more.  There will be live music, a design showcase installation, pop-up street performances, and over 100 local vendors selling food, beverages, art, and more.  The Design Showcase will feature room setting by Margurite Rodgers Interior Design.

Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market

When: Tuesdays, 10-2pm Where: Rittenhouse Square

Farm to City, a Philadelphia-based program that unites communities, families, and farmers year-round through good, locally grown food, organizes this farmer’s market at Rittenhouse Square Park.  Don’t miss the fresh bread at Philly Bread or the seasonal cookies from Flour and Oats!


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