Top 5 Careers: Work Year Round in Philadelphia

Looking for a long-term experience in your favorite city?  This week’s Top 5 Careers is full of year-round positions right here in Philadelphia!  Work in the marketing field at Publicis Health Media, gain first-hand experience at a law firm at KindtLaw LLC, help others find financial security through management work at Clarifi, immerse yourself in the Jewish community of Center City at Mekor Habracha, or intern right here with us at Campus Philly!

Publicis Healthcare Communications Group: Media Technology Associate – Publicis Health Media

Do you have a passion for technology?  Apply to be the Media Technology Associate at Publicis Health Media, a division of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group that develops breakthrough programs that help people make healthy decisions!  You will assist the Media Technology Manager at Publicis, bringing forward innovative solutions to the media team.  Some responsibilities include understanding internal departments and processes, demonstrating advanced knowledge of Office, providing progress reports, and attending presentations and conferences.  Join their team by checking out this opportunity today!

Campus Philly:  Graphic Design Internship

Blend your passions for Philadelphia and design! Here at Campus Philly we are looking for a college student or recent graduate to be our Graphic Design Intern!  Your work will be featured on Campus Philly online properties, as well as print work in support of programs and events.  You should be highly motivated to learn new skills, add to your  portfolio, and take advantage of the networking opportunities available at Campus Philly.  If you want to share your love of Philly with college students in the area (and work in our cool office where you can see Love Park outside your window), don’t hesitate – apply now!

KindtLaw LLC:  Legal Marketing Assistant 

So you want to be a lawyer?  Or maybe you just want to try out working in law?  Learn more about the field by checking out this position with KindtLaw – a solo practice firm that advises clients on employment, family, and business startup issues.  KindtLaw is looking for an intern to design , develop, and implement the firm’s first strategic marketing plan!  Through this experience you will gain a general understanding of day-to-day operations of a solo practice firm, learn first-hand about governing attorney advertising and marketing laws, and experience working in a fast paced and energetic environment!  Make your mark in this field at KindtLaw!

Clarifi:  Program Management and Coaching Fellow

Clarifi is a nonprofit community service organization that works to help people identify and secure the most important assets in their lives. Their next Program Management and Coaching Fellow will work closely with their financial coaching program, training volunteer coaches to help clients meet financial goals over a 6-month coaching relationship. You will support data, reporting, events, and volunteer management to help grow and operate this program.  They are looking for someone who is interested in working in a nonprofit setting with skills in relationship management, Microsoft Excel, composing presentations, and being flexible.  Get your start in the nonprofit industry by making a difference helping others find stability!

Mekor Habracha:  Administrative Intern

Mekor Habracha is looking for an Administrative Intern to help meet their mission of serving the spiritual, social, and educational needs of Center City’s diverse Jewish community.  In this position you will assist with administrative responsibilities including drafting emails, letters, announcements, and articles, planning and coordinating weekly events, posting social media updates, tracking progress of shul projects, and researching foundation grants.  They are looking for someone with excellent writing and oral communication skills, who has an attention to detail, and is flexible (especially around deadline times).  If you are interested in learning about a vibrant and young community, this could be the position for you!

Philly Love Note: Diana of the Tower

Art has always held a special place in my heart.  I’ve always been a science and math person, but I remember walking around the High Museum of Art (Atlanta’s – where I’m from – art museum) with my mom as she taught me to pay attention to the details as well as the whole piece.  I’m definitely not an art scholar and I’ll never be one – which I discovered when I took an art history class sophomore year – but I appreciate art and am a museum nerd.

The first time I headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art was the day before winter break.  I finished my exams early, my suitcases were packed, and I had a day to spare.  So I trudged through the snow to Bryn Mawr’s train station, stopping at my professor’s office to drop off my last paper, and walked down the Schylkill River Trail after arriving at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.  It was the first time I traveled somewhere new by myself.  It was also the first time I went to a museum without my mom or teachers or friends.  I entered through the “Rocky” steps on the east side and there she was in the Great Stair Hall, recently restored.  Shimmering and regal, the golden Diana statue rested on the ball of her foot, her strong arms pulling back the string to her bow.  I’m not sure what spoke to me – the focused eyes or the shimmery aura around her or if it was simply the feeling of satisfaction that I finished the semester alive – but I felt warm, happy, and as if I could do anything.

Two years later, I am still at Bryn Mawr College and an Economics major.  I’ve gone into Philly so many times by myself at all times.  Philly is the city where I’m growing up and learning how to be independent and strong.  I have great friends and a support system.  I’m really glad I decided to come up here (despite the snow and awful winters).  No matter where I end up later, Philly will always be the place I turned into an adult.

Top 5 Events: Glory

John Legend and Common’s song, “Glory,” from the movie Selma brings up all sorts of powerful figures from history who stood up to fight for equality.  I’m a bit obsessed with this song, so be sure to look it up.  It’s wonderful.  And inspiring.  So this week we’re looking at inspiring people and the Civil Rights Movement.

Life Stories From Within

Where: The Art Sanctuary Cost: Free Gallery Hours

The Art Sanctuary’s Gallery Program provides a changing exhibit of local, national, and international artists within the black community, focusing on the historical significance of black art and culture as well as providing a space for artists to showcase and sell their work.  Richard J. Watson, an alumnus of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, is a well known Philadelphian artist – his works range from songwriting and performing, to murals seen all over the city.  His works will be on display until December 30.

Tides of Freedom:  African Presence on the Delaware River

When: Museum Hours Where: Independence Seaport Museum Cost: Included with Admission

Curated by University of Pennsylvania Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, Tukufu Zuberi, Tides of Freedom: African Presences on the Delaware River explores the concept of freedom “through the lense of the African experience along the Delaware.”  It features artifacts, first-person accounts, and interactive elements exploring the themes of enslavement, emancipation, Jim Crow, and civil rights as they pertain to trade along the Delaware River.

We Speak: Black Artists in Philadelphia, 1920s-1970s

When: Museum Hours Where: Woodmere Art Museum Cost: Free with Student ID

The Woodmere Art Museum’s We Speak: Black Artists in Philadelphia, 1920s-1970s exhibit features art from between 1925, when Philadelphian Alain Locke published “The Legacy of the Ancestral Arts” which called black American artists to use their African heritage to inspire their art, and 1970, which some people consider to be the end of the Civil Rights Movement.  The exhibit features 14 interviews with the artists, their friends and families, art dealers, scholars, and more to provide insight into the role of art institutions in black American artist’s lives.

Heroes of Liberty

When: Museum Hours Where: The National Liberty Museum  Cost:  Included with admission

The National Liberty Museum is full of exhibits featuring exceptional people from teachers, firefighters, and other “ordinary citizens who use their voices and talents to advocate for positive change” to the more famous names we hear every day such as Jackie Robinson and Malala Yousafzai.  Their current exhibits include Heroes From Around the World, featuring the achievements of 55 individuals from around the globe; Independence Starts Here: Exceptional People, which celebrates successful individuals who faced significant physical challenges; and Live Like a Hero, a gallery that honors the heroes that live among us.


Philly Love Note: Reading Terminal Market

I am: A college girl with a bottomless pit for a stomach, trying to emotionally eat her way through senior year.

Years in Philly: 3

Current Home:  Glenside, PA

My dear Reading Terminal Market,

I will never forget the day we first met.  I was young and naive, just embarking on my first trip into Philadelphia as a freshman in college.  I saw some pretty attractive sites:  Love Park, the flags of the Ben Franklin Parkway, City Hall.  After a long day in the brutal heat of August, I was hungry, tired, and ready for a nice, long nap.  Our last stop of the day was for dinner.  Little did I know my life was about to be changed forever.

As soon as I stepped inside, I knew it was love.  The overwhelming aroma of foods from cheesesteaks and gyros to cupcakes and ice cream filled me with a yearning to experience every bite, from sweet to savory, that you had to offer.  As I wandered your aisles I felt myself adjusting to the hustle and bustle atmosphere, trying to take in all chaos (I’m usually not into craziness, but you are my exception).  I was overwhelmed.  Where do I begin my journey?  How can one place be filled with so many diverse and delicious options?  Because it was my first trip into Philly, I decided to indulge in the quintessential cheesesteak.  The warm bread and the gooey cheese filled both my stomach and my heart.  I knew I would be back for more.

That initial moment of desire has since turned into a full blown love affair.  Each time I travel through Jefferson Station, I sneak in to grab a bite.  My new obsession is the glorious and comforting grilled cheese at Meltkraft.  Whether it is the traditional sandwich or the Valley Thunder with “brisket and mac and cheese,” I can’t get enough of it.  When it is paired with crispy chips and a soda in a glass bottle, my day is instantly brighter.  Because my stomach is constantly hungry, I always end my trip with the rich and creamy goodness that is Bassett’s Ice Cream.  You take me back to being a kid again and make my troubles seem to melt away.

As much as I want to keep you all to myself, I know I have to share you with the world.  Everyone deserves to experience a love like this at least once in their lifetime (and to have their stomach feel so happy and satisfied).  I just want to thank you.  Thank you for sparking my love of food in Philly.  Thank you for comforting me when no one else could.  And thank you for providing me with years of delicious and unique meals that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes us on our path of finding love through food.

Top 5 Careers: Work in the City of Brotherly Love (and our neighbors)

The City of Brotherly Love has so many opportunities to take advantage of.  Are you looking for a permanent position?  need an internship this spring?  Employers in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities are looking for motivated, skilled people like you!  Use your talents in design and marketing at Digitas Health or put your software development skills to work at TherapyNotes.  If you are looking to help students, Ibrahim Youth Scholars could be the place for you.  And finally, we have two exciting opportunities to join our team here at Campus Philly this spring!

Publicis Healthcare Communications Group:  Freelance Designer – Digitas Health

Do you want to help transform healthcare marketing?  Digitas Health is looking for a Freelance Designer!  This agency brand of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, bioscience, and medical device companies to help their brands build lasting relationships with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.   In this positions you will be responsible for supporting the conception, design, and execution of innovative visual materials.  They are looking for someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design or a related discipline, knowledge of graphic design tools and the ability to apply this knowledge, and skills in communication.  Experience creating your own original designs for Digitas Health and apply today!

Ibrahim Youth Scholars:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Intern

Share your knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) with today’s youth and inspire excitement about these subjects.  Ibrahim Youth Scholars are looking for a S.T.E.M. Intern to lead youth workshops, someone who values creativity, flexibility, and variety while exhibiting skills in writing, presentation, and interpersonal relations.  Harness your enthusiasm in the maths and sciences to help students get excited about these subjects in a rewarding environment.  Prepare to mold young minds and apply now!

Campus Philly:  Editorial Intern

Join our office!  Campus Philly is looking for an Editorial Intern to keep a pulse on the latest and greatest happenings in Philadelphia for the region’s college students!  In this position you will publish blog and social media posts, help construct our Insider e-newsletter, and contribute to the 80,000 print “Insider Guide to Philadelphia.”  Through these responsibilities, you will help students (and yourself) make meaningful off-campus memories and encourage their prosperity in Philadelphia post-graduation.  Use your skills in writing, communications, interviewing, and multitasking and come join our team this spring!

Campus Philly:  Career Programs Intern

There’s not one, but TWO opportunities to intern at our office this spring!  Apply to be the Career Programs Intern at Campus Philly!  If you are interested in marketing, event-planning, and non-profit leadership than this is the internship for you!  You will assist in coordination for all career events, outreach to students, employers, and partners, represent Campus Philly at events, contribute to social media accounts, and much more.  Gain real life experience in event planning and marketing while creating relationships with professionals throughout the region; bring your positive energy and leadership skills and apply today!

Therapy Notes:  Software Developer Internship/Co-op

Therapy Notes, a software application that builds and provides the most intuitive, robust, web-based electronic record and practice management software for mental health professionals, is looking for a Software Developer Intern/Co-op to join their team!  They are looking for students who share their passion of delivering high-quality software and that want to work in a fast-paced environment with talented developers.  Your responsibilities will include full-stack development, web application development, code review, and working closely with stakeholders and other members of the team.  Put your abilities in programming, developing, and problem-solving to the test and check out this internship!

Mosaics and Prints and Glass, oh my!

Philly is a hotspot for all sorts of art.  A trip to Philly is not complete without running up the east steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art a la Rocky, or enjoying the post-impressionistic art nearby at what is considered one of the most unique collections in the world, the Barnes Foundation.  But the Philly art scene is more than the work of Picasso, Van Gogh, and Eakins on museum walls or the architecture that graces this old city.  Our city’s contemporary art scene is thriving in all sorts of mediums – read on below, and sign-up for a free membership to Campus Philly’s Open Arts to access free and discounted tickets to these and other venues, year-round.

The Magic Gardens is called magic for a reason.  Combining all sorts of everyday objects such as bicycle wheels and broken bottles, with colorful and mirrored tiles, Isaiah Zagar’s “mosaicked visionary art environment, gallery, and community arts center” has helped spur the revitalization of South Street by renovating – or beautifying – old, broken down buildings.  Zagar’s “visionary art environment” provides a space for folk and local artists to display their work.  Slightly off topic, it’s also a great place to take profile pictures or selfies.

The Philadelphia Art Alliance presents contemporary music, theater, painting, and sculpture all in one place.  Since 1915, the Alliance has presented exhibitions by artists such as Mary Cassat and Antonio Gaudi in addition to contemporary artists and designers.  If you’re interested, they offer artist talks and concerts as well as workshops.  InLiquid Art + Design also serves local artists by connecting art-producers and the public through online portfolios, partnerships with cultural organization, and community-based activities and exhibitions.

Philly also boasts a number of art galleries such as The Savery Gallery.  This gallery exhibits “serious work from emerging and mid-career contemporary and multi-disciplinary artists from across the globe.”  Right now on exhibit until Nov. 20, Pressure Points take a look at new approaches to printmaking and questions the definition of what makes up a print.   The Wexler Gallery also features contemporary art; however, they focus on merging design with fine and decorative art.  The pieces in this gallery feature talented craftspeople working with mixed media, ceramics, painting, photography, print, glass, and more.  Gregory Nangle’s Isomorphic Balance is on exhibition right now and features glass and bronze in “visually striking and unapologetically imperfect” pieces.  Arch Enemy Arts, another gallery, focuses on “lowbrow, representational, pop surrealism, photo-realism, decorative, figurative, urban, macabre, and illustrative style art in a wide range of mediums.”  This art gallery was voted “Best Art Gallery in Philadelphia” by Philly HotList in 2013.

UPENN’s Institute of Contemporary Art is free for everyone and strives to bring under-represented artists into the world’s attention.  The ICA organized Andy Warhol’s (yes, the Campbell Soup guy) first solo museum tour and helped him gain “superstardom.”  The Institute strongly believes in the ability of art to inform and inspire.  Right now, the exhibits span many mediums and subjects – one focuses on movement and brightly painted nails while another theatrically exaggerates every day routine.  Maybe when you’re there, you’ll see the next Andy!


Top 5 Events: Raspberry Beret

What I would give for a raspberry beret…Mmmm.  Sometimes I dream of fabulous cloche hats and silk scarves, a burnt orange mock dress and big, circular iridescent earrings, or big, flashy collars and flared pants.  Or maybe pairing an acid wash jacket with… right, focus. This week we’re focusing on on dresses and jewelry and hats and pretty blouses and… again, focus.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I love clothes, so that’s why I am particularly excited about this article.  We’ll be looking at some great places to shop (in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s getting cold and you can never have enough sweaters) and at the historical side of fashion.

Immortal Beauty

When: Tue-Sun 11 – 6 Where: Leonard Pearlstein Gallery Cost: Free

The first “large-scale, retrospective exhibition” from Drexel University’s Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection highlights over three centuries of Western, couture fashion history from one of the finest and oldest research collections in the US.  There will be garments by Gabrielle Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Charles James, and more.  There will also be garments worn by famous American figures such as Princess Grace of Monaco and American socialite Babe Paley.

Clover Market

When: Sunday, Nov 8 10-5  Where: Clover Market (right next to Bryn Mawr Regional Rail Station) Cost: Free admission, prices vary

This seasonal open-air market features over 100 vendors presenting vintage jewelry and clothing along with finely crafted handmaid items, antiques, and original art.  Hop on the Regional Rail (Paoli/Thorndale Line) to Bryn Mawr to enjoy food trucks, live music, and arts and crafts as well.  The market has been featured in many publications for its unique vendors and vintage selections. It has even earned numerous “Best of” awards.

Strength and Splendor

When: until Jan 4, 2016 Where: The Barnes Foundation Cost: Free with Admission

The Barnes Foundation is currently hosting a collection of wrought iron objects from the Musée le Secq des Tournelles.  In addition to jewelry, there will be door knockers, locks, strongboxes, signs, and more to accompany the Foundation’s old master and modern paintings.  The exhibition will explore the “fabrication, function and intricate ornamentation” of 150 pieces and the versatility of iron.  There’s a lock with spring-loaded manacles ready to catch a lock-pick and an early electrified bat-shaped night-light! Something to see during Open Arts College Night at the Barnes on November 13!

Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly

When: Museum Hours Where: The Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University Cost: free with admission

YES, I’m going there.  Reptiles!  What better way to show your animosity towards the cruel practices used by luxury brands such as Hermes than to learn how these cold blooded animals fit into the animal kingdom and their native habitats.  There will be around 20 live reptiles on display including a Monocled Cobra, a Gaboon Viper, and a Reticulated Python.  Reptiles are actually really cool, and every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11:45am, the reptile-keeper in charge of feeding all these beautiful animals, Clyde Peeling, will come out and talk about the reptiles.

Lapses in Thinking By the person i Am

When: Wed 11-8, Th-Fr 11-6, Sat-Sun 11-5 Where: Institute of Contemporary Art Cost: Free

In her first US museum exhibition, Josephine Pryde’s photos show a style and composition similar to fashion and portrait photography.  The work features hands with brightly colored nails completing every day tasks that require touch.  “A kind of loop develops in Pryde’s work, feeding back tropes and mutations in photographic traffic, and then presenting the results.”  The hands show movement as well as the interaction between objects and ourselves.  Check out her art either by walking or riding on the model train “defaced” with graffiti.