November 16, 2015 |

Philly Love Note: Reading Terminal Market


I am: A college girl with a bottomless pit for a stomach, trying to emotionally eat her way through senior year.

Years in Philly: 3

Current Home:  Glenside, PA

My dear Reading Terminal Market,

I will never forget the day we first met.  I was young and naive, just embarking on my first trip into Philadelphia as a freshman in college.  I saw some pretty attractive sites:  Love Park, the flags of the Ben Franklin Parkway, City Hall.  After a long day in the brutal heat of August, I was hungry, tired, and ready for a nice, long nap.  Our last stop of the day was for dinner.  Little did I know my life was about to be changed forever.

As soon as I stepped inside, I knew it was love.  The overwhelming aroma of foods from cheesesteaks and gyros to cupcakes and ice cream filled me with a yearning to experience every bite, from sweet to savory, that you had to offer.  As I wandered your aisles I felt myself adjusting to the hustle and bustle atmosphere, trying to take in all chaos (I’m usually not into craziness, but you are my exception).  I was overwhelmed.  Where do I begin my journey?  How can one place be filled with so many diverse and delicious options?  Because it was my first trip into Philly, I decided to indulge in the quintessential cheesesteak.  The warm bread and the gooey cheese filled both my stomach and my heart.  I knew I would be back for more.

That initial moment of desire has since turned into a full blown love affair.  Each time I travel through Jefferson Station, I sneak in to grab a bite.  My new obsession is the glorious and comforting grilled cheese at Meltkraft.  Whether it is the traditional sandwich or the Valley Thunder with “brisket and mac and cheese,” I can’t get enough of it.  When it is paired with crispy chips and a soda in a glass bottle, my day is instantly brighter.  Because my stomach is constantly hungry, I always end my trip with the rich and creamy goodness that is Bassett’s Ice Cream.  You take me back to being a kid again and make my troubles seem to melt away.

As much as I want to keep you all to myself, I know I have to share you with the world.  Everyone deserves to experience a love like this at least once in their lifetime (and to have their stomach feel so happy and satisfied).  I just want to thank you.  Thank you for sparking my love of food in Philly.  Thank you for comforting me when no one else could.  And thank you for providing me with years of delicious and unique meals that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes us on our path of finding love through food.


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