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Best of 2015 Articles


We looked into what articles you were looking at on the Campus Philly site, and based off our findings,  you all have great reading taste! If you haven’t checked them out yet, here are the top posts of 2015:

22 Reasons Philadelphia is the Best Place to Be a Student
I got 22 reasons and the food IS one. See the other 21 reasons here.

On the Job Prep: Prep for the Future Starting Wherever You Are
From getting involved in leadership roles to preparing for job interviews, there is more to making sure that you are ready to take on the real world then buying your first suit or sending out countless jobs applications. Find out what steps you can take during each phase of your time in undergrad, to make sure that you are ready to face post-college career prospects with confidence, and get some advice from one of the professionals.

Philly Leads Women in Tech 
Philly is on the forefront of working towards gender equality in the tech industry. The Philadelphia Business Journal featured a report in April called “Scoring Tech Talent” by the CBRE Group which analyzed the tech talent in 50 U.S. markets. Philadelphia placed first in the category of tech occupations being held by women with 31 percent, over 8 percent above the the national average.

Hit All the Right Notes Before and After Your Interview
Do you want to start your interview process with a bang?  Do you want to end your interview in perfect harmony?  It is crucial that you walk into your interview feeling confident and leave with a plan for your next steps.



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