February 1, 2016 |

#LegitCPtips:Be yourself when you start!

By Campus Philly

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When you begin a new internship or job, you are allowed to be timid, but don’t jeopardize your outgoing personality and mold yourself into a shy employer, this is someone you are not.

Try to avoid being silent. A good tip from money.usnews.org is “Frankly, it’s unnerving when a new employee doesn’t ask questions, because this signals you’re either too shy (bad—how will you get what you need?) or not paying enough attention to realize what questions you should have (really bad).”

When I first began interning in the beginning of my college career, I didn’t let my personality out early enough. I felt like I was trapped in the personality I created the first week on the job. The employer hired you for a reason; they liked the confident interviewer you were and saw you as an attribute to the company, stay that same person throughout your experience! #Don’tBeSomeoneYourNot #LegitCPTips



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