February 23, 2016 |

#LegitCPTips | How to Network the Right Way

By Campus Philly

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It is time to put your best self forward, and get that interview or potential job. Separate your true self–the one you are around your friends and family, and yourself as a product–a product you need to sell.

I know it’s exhausting to present yourself this way, but you will feel better putting your best foot forward for that time you need to. In the words of Susannah Breslin, “annoy others.”

Recently, I heard about a job opening. The situation gave me the opportunity to suggest anybody for the position. I suggested one person…It was the person who had annoyed me the most.

I’ve known her for about a year, and it was because she kept bugging me, kept sending me emails, kept reaching out to me — and, in doing so, selling herself to me — that she was the only person who came to mind and the only person I suggested.…because she was the only who was persistent, she was the only one I suggested. She is young. She is a millennial. She gets it.

Looking to put those networking skills to the test? Start with our Online Job and Internship Fair happening March 21st-25th. Once you have your interviews lined up, remember to be different in what you say, surprise the listener. This way you can keep a lasting impression and land the gig!



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