Open Arts Philly | Weekend Picks

April showers bring May flowers…but no matter what the month is, Philly is always bringing you new chances to learn, explore, unwind, and relax. Here are some fun events this weekend that are guaranteed to leave you feeling cultured.

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Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science

Learn how modern technology is used to understand the mysterious past of ancient Egypt. Travel back in time and explore a recreated Egyptian tomb, become acquainted with a real mummy, and view a variety of authentic art and artifacts.

Where?: The Franklin Institute
When?: April 1-30
How Much?: Free for Open Arts Members

Francesca dePasquale and Meng-Chieh Liu

International prize-winning violinist Francesca dePasquale partners with versatile pianist Meng-Chieh Liu to perform a variety of different works, as presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

Where?: Philadelphia Museum of Art
When?: April 3
How Much?: Free for Open Arts Members

Bartók/Mendelssohn with Ignat Solzhenitsyn

Familiar with the dramatic music in the movies The Shining and Being John Malkovich? Watch as the scores come to life, and also enjoy an early Romantic favorite composed by Mendelssohn, as presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

Where?: The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
When?: April 3-4
How Much?: Free for Open Arts Members

Moore Women Artists Film Festival

For three days, indulge in 6 different films created by and about female artists. Admission is free for all films! For more information on the lineup, check out the Moore College website.

Where?: Moore College of Art and Design
When?: April 1-3
How Much?: Free


Free Time Frenzy | Healthy (and fast) Grub

Now that it’s officially spring in Philly, we can’t hide behind big sweaters and bulky jackets. It’s the perfect time to get a head start on eating healthy, since summer will be here before we know it. Philly offers many dining options that offer quick service and healthy choices. Dining hall food is relatively the same price, so why not explore the city and eat healthy in the process?
Check out some of the best healthy, quick-service restaurants in the city:

honeygrow began as a startup that now has 7 locations in the area and has plans to double within the next year. The restaurant has touch screen computers to personalize your stir-fry or salad order, made of organic, natural, and 100% fresh ingredients.

From burgers to salads to smoothies, HipCityVeg makes a delicious meal for people looking for an alternative to meat.

Hai Street Kitchen & Co
Have you ever wondered what a sushi burrito would taste like? Well, Hai Street Kitchen combines the best of both worlds. You can customize your order with your choice of a nori wrap burrito, rice bowl or salad of all locally, all-natural ingredients.

#LegitCPTips|Perfecting the Email

When you’re entering today’s professional world, you know that email is the main form of communication.  In the market for a job or internship? If your email etiquette is weak, you probably won’t be a top candidate for the position.

Start with the Subject Line: Make sure you have a strong subject line that summarizes what the email is about, not just having the receiver question what the email could be about.

Address them with their last name: Use their last name when you first email them: “Ms. Last Name”.

Introduction, Body and closing: Just like in elementary school, focus on keeping your email organized and clear, with an introduction to why you emailed them, a body of details and information, and a closing wrapping up the body and mentioning the next contact point of the relationship.

Proofread. Proofread.  Proofread.: We are so pressured and eager to answer emails in an almost immediate fashion. People appreciate when you are connected and are available to reply immediately, but please, proofread. Remind yourself that if you just take a couple extra minutes to make sure an email is professional and error-free, it will be worth the extra minutes you take on sending the email. When you have an error in an already sent email, it shows the recipient you don’t care to take time to proofread and you cant take that error back after they read it.

Your signature is key: Include all of your possible contact information in your signature, along with your title, organizations you might be involved in, social media (if it is professional) or any other websites or blogs you have. Make sure to match your mobile signature with youre signature you have attached to your desktop. In our day and age, it is acceptable to reply from your device if you are as thorough as replying from your desktop, but make sure you have a consistent signature.

Here is an example:

John Doe

Anywhere University, Class of 2020

Organizations you might be Apart OF


Remember to respond with emails in a timely manner. Use kind words and don’t forget to use “please” and “thank you.”

Weekend Arts & Culture Guide: Mind games, Egg hunts and more.

Looking to spice up your weekend? We’ve got you covered! As promised, here’s our weekly roundup on awesome events happening in Philly this weekend!

World renowned Mentalist Max Major is returning to Philadelphia after a series of sold out performances to continue the run of his popular show, THINK AGAIN. This show combines magic, psychology, hypnosis, suggestion, and more as Max Major shows the audience the true power of the mind…all while becoming a human lie detector.

Where?: The Franklin Institute
When?: March 25-26
How Much?: $25 for Open Arts Members

Opening Day for Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
Missed out on the Flower Show, or just can’t get enough of Mother Nature? Experience opening day and take a step outside the hustle and bustle of the city to learn and view plants with Japanese roots…pun intended.

Where?: Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
When?: March 26
How Much?: $8 for adults

Drapetomanía: Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba
Explore this new exhibit that details the influence Afro-Cuban and African culture has had in Cuba, more specifically the Grupo Antillano Movement. This weekend is the final weekend to check out this exhibit, so don’t miss your chance to learn more about Cuba’s history.

Where?: African American Museum in Philadelphia
When?: Through March 27
How Much?: $10

March Madness at the Wells Fargo Center
If you’re a sports fan, this is for you. Keep up with your March Madness bracket as you watch the games this weekend with other bracket-winner hopefuls. Consider it watching the game…with hundreds of your closest friends.

Where?: Wells Fargo Center
When?: March 25-27
How Much?: Free

Nocturnal Egg-Celent Search
Embrace your inner child while hunting down Easter eggs with a special twist…they’re glow in the dark! This event is free for all ages, so don’t hold back and show off your egg-hunting skills!

Where?: Peace Valley Nature Center
When?: March 26 at 8:30 p.m.
How Much?: Free

Free Time Frenzy |Spruce Up Your Spring Style

As the weather begins to change, we all need to update our spring and summer style. Philly has some great vintage clothing shops that will have you looking dapper and ready to impress. The shops are currently looking for spring and summer fashion, so take some out of your spring cleaning! This could make some extra room for statement pieces from some of my favorite vintage clothing stores.

Retrospect Vintage
Retrospect offers a variety of furniture, clothing, and accessories. The shop has an Instagram account (@retrospectvintage) that you can purchase items directly from their account using PayPal. The store is owned and operated by the Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey. Each purchase will fund the Goodwill mission of “providing job training and career services that help local residents with disabilities and disadvantages get to work.”

Buffalo Exchange
The shop in Rittenhouse Square, located at 1713 Chestnut Street, is part of a US chain of new and recycled fashion retailers. You can buy, sell, or trade your clothes, to make a few bucks and to find something to spruce up your look. The Philly location is actively looking for new spring clothes to sell in their store, so now is a perfect time to clean out your closet. You can even order some of your favorite looks from their online platform!

Once Worn Consignment
Once Worn is a great, little vintage shop in Northern Liberties. The shop offers vintage styles in any price range, but make sure to check out the sale section before you leave. Past customers of the consignment shop have posted reviews on Yelp, proclaiming some pretty awesome deals they were able to score! Once Worn can be found at 906 North 2nd Street, you can even grab a bite from some nearby restaurants at the Piazza.

#LegitCPTips: Keep Up with Your Resume

I don’t think there is anything more important for your career than this piece of paper: your resume. Your college years should be utilized to not only get a degree, but just importantly, to get experience.

  • Get an internship. Yes, your grades are very important, but if that is all that you have to put on your resume, employers won’t be as impressed with a high GPA with no industry experience. Before you graduate, you should have at least two internships to put on your resume. Many universities offer internship credit, take advantage of this.
  • Get a job, show you can work. This shows you possess time management skills, and you can also put a job position on your resume. Try to look for a job similar to what you want your career to be, but if not, any job is a valuable experience.
  • Join clubs and organizations. These offer great opportunities to participate in something great, and also, offer great leadership experiences and positions that you should take advantage of.
  • Volunteer. Show you can give back to the community and care about those in need. Volunteering makes you feel good! It also looks awesome on a resume and will make you stick out from the rest.
  • Start learning skills that are critical to have in your industry. Are you in Marketing? Learn how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Software. Social Work or Travel? Go as far as learning a language on a free app. These skills will shine on your resume.
  • Start a Blog or Personal Website. Show off your interests and passions. Blogs expand your resume that much further, and shows a more personal side of you to the employer.

Continue to update your resume regularly. Motivate yourself to always be adding new experiences and skills to it. Even though it might not seem, each semester you are gaining valuable experiences and skills that are assets to your future career.






Weekend Arts Guide | Secrets, Throwback Jams & Free Water Ice

Now that last weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities have died down, it’s time to get back to Philadelphia’s regularly scheduled arts programming…and this weekend will not disappoint!

Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for a mesmerizing aerial act performed by a troupe of 10 women. The performance combines aerial tricks with storytelling and dance, and is sure to entertain audiences.

Where?: Christ Church Neighborhood House
When?: March 17-19
How Much?: $15 Student Ticket

PostSecret: The Show
Watch one of the world’s most famous blogs come to life before your eyes with a series of secrets about sex, love, and controversy told through three actors, assisted by a series of projected images and videos. The best part is? The story is told 100% by the public, designed to remind audiences that no matter what, they are not alone.

Where?: Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
When?: March 18-19
How Much?: $35

80s vs. 90s Featuring Biz Markie
Take #ThrowBackThursday to a whole new level, on a much larger scale than Instagram. Enjoy a “blast from the past” dance party featuring your favorite hits from the 80s and 90s, led by Biz Markie.

Where?: Theatre of the Living Arts
When?: March 18
How Much?: $15

Free Rita’s Water Ice
Stop the presses, did we just put “free” and “Rita’s” in the same sentence? Yes we did; this is not a drill. Visit any location in Philly for a free cup of cold, tasty deliciousness. You’re welcome.

Where?: Any Rita’s location
When?: March 20
How Much?: Free


ICYMI | Exploring America at the Flower Show

Every once in a while, it’s nice to escape the concrete jungle and hustle and bustle of the city to become one with nature again.

From March 5-13, and long before, the city was buzzing with talk about the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, which garnered visitors of all ages from all around the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond.

This year’s theme, “Explore America,” took visitors on a cross-country trip, displaying some of the most fragrant, aesthetically pleasing national parks and sights the country has to offer: some that you may have never heard of before. If you’re a frequent traveler, this year’s Flower Show may just as well have fueled your wanderlust, inspiring new and exciting adventures. 

For one, the Philly Flower Show was both fun to look at an experience, and learning new things about our environment was quite literally “a walk in the park.” Next to each exhibit, guests were given the opportunity to read about it, and also find out more about the plants featured.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, you’re in luck! We were there, fully awake and smelling the roses (literally) to bring you just a few of the highlights from the show. 

And can I just say…it was extremely “Insta-worthy.”

1. Animals Made from Plants
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society truly brought our nation’s native creatures to life using various flowers, grasses, and more. For example, this bull, that looks fluffy enough to reach out and touch.


2. Homage to the City of Brotherly Love
I think we can all agree that a Liberty Bell constructed from red, white, and blue flowers, placed conveniently in front of the Constitution made us all proud to be Philadelphians.


3. A Quick Hike, No Boots or Canteens Required
The University of Delaware created an exhibit designed to make you feel like you were actually adventuring up a mountain, selfie opportunities included.


4. The Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful made a guest appearance at the show, erupting every 94 minutes or so on the big screen via webcam.262251_10209322239797421_5748553287011437732_n

5. About a Million Different Color Tulips
Think Tulips only come in yellow, red, pink and white? Think again!


6. A Gift for Every Nature-Lover
Aside from the exhibits, the show had merchants selling everything a plant enthusiast could need: from vases, pots, air plants, succulents, herbs, floral-inspired jewelry, and more, including these adorable little potted plants made of clay.

7. Trendy Art Displays
The show offered quite the variety of arrangements put together by local artists and college students alike, proving that the Earth truly is the best canvas, and Mother Nature is the best artist.


8. Abe Lincoln’s Humble Abode
Visitors were able to see an inside look at “Honest Abe’s” childhood home, as well as his garden and backyard, recreated to represent the various vegetation grown by his family.


9. A Bed Fit for a Queen
Aside from being possibly the prettiest bed on the planet, this was by far the most difficult attraction to take a photo of, due to the large crowd blocking the view.


10. Your Backyard Goals, Come to Life
If anything can be taken away from the Philly Flower Show, it’s that nature is pretty incredible.

Logan Beck, Campus Philly intern, TU 2016



You Got the Interview…So Now What?

You did it. Your resume was checked three times over, you created the perfect profile at and you wrote a humorous yet informative cover letter that rivals Hemingway’s work. All of that hard work lead to this next step: the interview. So, what do you do now?

Don’t Fret. Campus Philly is here with a list that will help ensure that your interview turns into that coveted position.

To do:

  • Research, Research, Research
    • A company’s website is a great place to start learning everything an organization does. Social Media accounts can also be a great resource to learn facts that you slip into the discussion while you’re interviewing.
  • Create a List of Questions
    • Asking questions during an interview is an absolute must. Not only does it show your interest, it also allows you gain an inside look into your future industry. Come in with a prepared list or ask questions based on the conversation you have.
  • Choose the Right Outfit
    • That cat sweater may look great on you but it’s probably not the best option for your first impression. Wear something that is professional and clean. When in doubt, it’s better to overdress.
  • Write a Thank You Note
    • A Thank You note shows that you’ve appreciated the interviewer’s time. It doesn’t need to be long, a couple sentences showing gratitude and recounting points from the conversation will be enough. Want to really stand out? Send a Thank You card in the mail.