March 2, 2016 |

#LegitCPTips | Create the Perfect Business Card

By Campus Philly

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A 3.5 X 2 inch card might not seem important, or might be viewed as an “old fashioned” way of communication, but think again, the business card is your sales piece. It’s a mini advertisement for you and your next opportunity. At the end of the day, business cards last longer than that handshake and conversation.

Make sure to include the basics on the card: Your first and last name, your preferred contact information (phone and professional email), and professional online presence.

To stand out among all the other cards: Use color that represents your personality. ( has amazing layouts for clean and modern business cards.)

Think about using an image: This could be your logo, a professional photo of yourself, or photos of your work.

Keep it fun!: Place a catchy or inspirational quote on the backside of your card; it makes the receiver remember you.

Print out business cards. Carry them everywhere, even places you are just going to for fun: there is always someone, anywhere you go, who can put you somewhere you want to be.




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