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6 Reasons Why You Should be an Open Arts Member


As a college student, being able to pay for books, groceries, rent, and still having enough money left over to do what you love on the weekends in the amazing city of Philadelphia seems like a pretty daunting task. If you’re like me, you have a passion for the arts, and want to see as many musicals, operas, art exhibits, and concerts as humanly possible, but don’t usually (never) have the funds to do it.

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s fair for college students to miss out on fun, cool experiences just because they have a tight budget, or may not know about all of the awesome events happening each day.

Luckily,  Open Arts agrees!

Open Arts connects students to the growing and changing arts and culture community in Philly, and also provides unique career-building opportunities to help college students prepare for the (**gulp**) real world!

If you’re not already an Open Arts Member…

1. It’s 100% Free to Sign Up. (Just use the code: social1516)
“Free” is any college student’s favorite word. To sign up for all of the Open Arts perks and email newsletters, just sign up with your email, and tell us what school you go to. Registering is easier and faster than posting an Instagram photo!

2. Discounted (and free) Tickets to Concerts, Museums, and More!
When you’re an Open Arts Member, you get VIP treatment. Open Arts partners with over 30 colleges and universities, and dozens of venues, programs, and companies to bring you the best of the best in Philly arts. With an Open Arts account, you are able to reserve tickets for the most popular (and #trending) events in the city, and get year-round discounts at theaters, museums, and other venues. Pretty sweet, right? 

3. Constantly being “In the Know” about What’s Happening in Philly.
As an Open Arts Member, you’ll be the first of your friends to know about incredible opportunities in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and you’ll never have to say, “No, I don’t have plans” ever again.

4. The Chance to Meet New Friends!
You can never have too many friends, because one day, those friends can become co-workers! Attending Open Arts events can connect you to tons of awesome students from your own school, and all across the city! Why not build up your LinkedIn connections?

5Hearing about Awesome Internships to Boost your Resume.
Ultimately, your objective of attending college is to eventually graduate and land your dream job, but before you do that, you have to earn your keep and get the experience necessary to rock interviews, and build an awesome resume. Open Arts understands this, and wants you to succeed! There are plenty of networking and career and internship fairs through Open Arts designed to help you become a confident future employee, and make your parents super proud.

6. The Opportunity to Try New Things.
All work and no play can make you a very dull college student. These are the best, most adventurous years of your life, why not try new things, hear new music, and explore parts of the city you never knew existed? Open Arts can take you there and help make it happen.


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